Chasing Lady Amelia (Keeping Up with the Cavendishes, #2)

Chasing Lady Amelia (Keeping Up with the Cavendishes, #2) This book manages to be anachronistic than its predecessor, Lady Bridget s Diary, and is one of the reasons why I did not enjoy this book I was busy checking off a list of things that could or couldn t have occurred during the regency era to focus on much else.Word UsageTelling one s sibling to shut up did they use that word back then Describing a debutante as popular does the author mean comparable however you spell that wordWell, I ll be damned Proper EtiquetteA dowager duchess, schooling her nieces in proper etiquette, throwing her hands in the air in frustration I doubt itA valet being informal and sarcastic to his employer no matter how long he s served the hero hmmThe other reason I didn t enjoy the book the heroine, Amelia age 22 , is too childish for me Maya Rodale probably wanted to portray Amelia as an independent woman who refused to conform to English society s expectations of her, but all I saw was a whiny, self centered adult, who did not even send home a note to let her worried family know that she was all right I don t like that she keeps reading her older sister Bridget s diary, an invasion of privacy, I have younger sisters, so, yeah and why doesn t Bridget do anything to prevent her from reading it in the future How is it possible that she is out and about town with our hero, Alistair, without a chaperone and no one but two or three servants takes notice view spoiler She practically grants Alistair permission to make love to her after being with him for ONE dayYou know, I ve been on my feet all day She gave a coy smile, a very pointed glance and said, I might like to lie downAlistair, who s been trying to hold back, gives in and takes her virginity not that great of a love scene btw and there was no pain and no blood from breaking her hymen hide spoiler I wholeheartedly enjoyed the fist book in this series and was looking forward to Chasing Lady Amelia as a fun and light continuation Although the style of Maya Rodale is entertaining and frothy, the plot was riddled with silliness and the characters lacked dept and failed to enchant I ll get the next one, because I would like to see Clair, Darcy, Josie and Bridget again, but this offering was a little disappointing. What we have here, my friends, is another crazy Regency romance by the very talented Maya Rodale I read the first book in this series, Lady Bridget s Diary, which introduced me to the shockingly unconventional American Cavendish siblings 3 sisters and 1 brother who unexpectedly find themselves part of British nobility and must take their place among the Bon Ton I freely admit that I m hooked Each book follows one Cavendish in particular during the same period of time, so even though each is stand alone, there is some overlap with hints dropped about what the other siblings are up to Historical purists will point out numerous inaccuracies, which are surely present, and dialogue sometimes sounds a little too modern, but these books are obviously intended as tongue in cheek entertainment and, goshdarnit, they re just plain fun to read This volume tells the youngest sister s story, which is heavily influenced by the classic 1950s film Roman Holiday It stars Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, and if you ve never watched it, you re missing a gem After having grown up on a horse farm in Maryland, Amelia chafes at all the limitations imposed by the Duchess her Aunt Josephine Cavendish and the stuffy London society she and her siblings now inhabit At age 19, Amelia is an impulsive, rebellious, stubborn ball of fire who doesn t understand why her brother and sisters are bothering to try to fit in among these snooty Brits with all their stupid rules of etiquette Having caused a scene and created a minor scandal at a ball by removing her excruciatingly painful shoes and later pretending to faint, exposing her bare feet and ankles gasp , she pitches a fit when she feels her own family s disapproval Her aunt s response is to have a servant bring Amelia something to drink that is spiked with laudanum, hoping this will calm her, eventually make her fall asleep, and perhaps be reasonable in the morning.It might have worked, too, but before she conks out she finds herself drawn outside when she hears a gentleman walking by singing She s not thinking clearly and appears drunk to Alistair Finlay Jones, the aforementioned singer, who s just a little tipsy himself He s not able to make much sense out of what Amelia tells him before she passes out, and he has no idea of her name or where she lives He has only recently returned to England after many years away and has no place appropriate to bring her, but they re not far from his flat so he takes her there to sleep it off By the time she awakens the next day, Alistair has figured out who she is on his own and has received orders from his uncle to whom he feels he owes a great debt to marry one of the Cavendish girls Now he has the perfect opportunity to distinguish himself from every other fortune hunter lining up for her generous dowry Meanwhile, Amelia wants to take full advantage of her escape from her ivory tower, and Alistair first watches over her and then bumps into her, pretending to believe the fictitious name and story she gives him and accommodating her wishes to see the town.I love these characters, who are endearingly flawed Amelia is spirited, funny, fearless, irreverent, and enthusiastic about living life to the fullest She s also naive, selfish and a bit of a spoiled brat Alistair is complex, because he s dealing with several issues One has to do with his parentage and his upbringing, and the other is a tragedy he feels responsible for, which is the reason he s been away from England for so long He feels like a misfit now rather than a gentleman Amelia reminds him of the way he used to be before he learned how serious the consequences of impulsive actions can be He s also feeling guilty about manipulating her to fall in love with him The reader spends a wonderful day with these two characters as they share simple London tourist experiences while eluding the bobbies and Row Street runners looking for the missing Lady Amelia Not surprisingly, Alistair and Amelia are in love before they are discovered and she returns home The romantic scenes are very touching and sweet.Naturally, her day out creates many repercussions The story progresses with a few twists some predictable than others before bringing the couple together for good at the end The HEA includes credible changes in the attitudes of both the main characters Be warned that contents include premarital sex, which is a significant factor in driving the story.The scenes where the Cavendishes interact always grab me, because they sound like a real family James, Claire, Bridget and Amelia each has a distinct personality, and their teasing, banter and baiting one another come across as very natural, as does their affection for each other Their formidable Aunt Josephine shows warmth here than in the previous book.The last two books in this series are yet to be published The next one features Claire, the eldest sister Based on the excerpt included here, it looks like it will be loosely based on Pygmalion My Fair Lady I can t wait 2.5 5I read Lady Bridget s Diary, the first book in this series and a loose PP retelling, and was very charmed by Maya Rodale s characters and writing As much as I adored Bridget, I was intrigued by the wild and rebellious sister, Amelia, so I was thrilled to dive into Chasing Lady Amelia Unfortunately, this book was off for me and I ended up not liking it as much as I expected to.As an American who grew up around horses and basically no rules, Amelia is struggling to fit into English society and she feels like she needs one chance to go wild and do her own thing She leaves her house one night drunk on laudanum, and stumbles upon Alistair, who takes her back to his own place because he doesn t want to leave a drunk girl on the streets What ensues is a day spent between Amelia and Alistair as they go around London, and by the end of the day, they ve fallen in love I liked that Amelia was so different from your typical historical romance heroine with her wildness, independence and ferociousness At the same time though, she frustrated me in this book because she deliberately chose not to send words to her family, who were worried sick about her well being Still though, I liked that she went after what she wanted and wasn t afraid to be different.I liked Alistair a lot though, maybe even better than Amelia He s been on quite the adventure and has only now returned home to England because of a summon from his uncle He was a genuinely sweet guy who has been tormented by an accident in his past that cost the life of his best friend I felt for the guy, but I did wish his emotions and feelings when it came to his past were explored it came across as quite flimsy to me I was a little wary when he set out on a path to seduce Amelia into marriage because he was being forced by his uncle, but he dealt with it with care and I liked watching him fall hopelessly for her.But here s the thing though, the romance was so so rushed Amelia and Alistair fall in love after that one day they spend together Listen, I m sure insta love exists in some cases in real life, but I just don t like reading about it in my books It s right up there with love triangles for me It pains me because they had so much chemistry and banter together and had the romance been over a couple of weeks or , I would have loved this book Also, the one and only sexy times scene was kind of a disappointment I wanted so much What I did like were the family dynamics in this book Amelia and her siblings shared a great relationship, and I loved the scenes between them teasing each other.Overall, Chasing Lady Amelia was a bit of a let down for me and wasn t the book for me I m really hoping the next book will be stronger. I ve given this a B at AAR, so that s 3.5 stars rounded up.Maya Rodale is one of the authors I turn to when I want brain candy a well written, frothy, light hearted read that doesn t get too bogged down in angst, has a fair bit of humour and attractive characters And she certainly delivers all that in Chasing Lady Amelia the second book in her Keeping Up With the Cavendishes series, featuring four American siblings who are thrust into the midst of English society when James Cavendish unexpectedly inherits a dukedom.James has three sisters bespectacled Claire, who is something of a bluestocking, Bridget, whose story is told in the previous book, Lady Bridget s Diary, and who is very, very keen to become a proper English Lady and Amelia Who isn t In fact, Amelia has no patience whatsoever with the restrictive s of English society or with the equally restrictive clothing she is forced to wear I admit here to heaving a big sigh at the prospect of reading about yet another stereotypically fresh American heroine who is so much lively and independent of mind and spirit than her stodgy, stuck up English counterparts.Fortunately, Ms Rodale is a good enough writer to be able to make Amelia a engaging character than she probably sounds from that description, but she still displays a degree of immaturity that is annoying rather than endearing Such as when, in the middle of a ball, she decides her shoes are pinching her feet so much that she must, she absolutely MUST take them off right this minute So she does And sticks them in a plant pot But that is just the start of her troubles, because the moment she s divested herself of her shoes, she is invited to dance Of course a young lady with no shoes on is nothing short of scandalous, so to avoid revealing it, she fakes a faint, which ends up having a domino effect involving her prospective dance partner, a buxom countess, a footman and a tray of champagne.Shortly after this, enter our hero, one Alastair Finlay Jones, despised nephew of and heir to Baron Wrotham Alastair is Anglo Indian, something which is mentioned but is never explored and seems to have no real purpose other than to show that, like Amelia, he can only ever exist on the fringes of good society and has recently returned to England following an absence of almost six and a half years Summoned by his uncle, he is told in no uncertain terms to marry one of the newly arrived American heiresses Alastair, who has no other family and longs for his uncle s approval, finds it difficult to say no because of the guilt he still feels over the death of his cousin so he doesn t, well, say no.As luck would have it, one of those very heiresses has almost literally fallen into Alastair s lap While wending his way home from an evening at his club the night before, he was accosted by a young lady who seemed to be somewhat the worse for wear As she was unable to tell him where she lived, Alastair took her to his flat after she passed out, and it s only after he sees the scandal sheets the next morning that he realises who the lady is Things could be worse she s pretty, she s young and she s got a hefty dowry, but Alastair knows a man of little fortune or reputation such as he isn t going to stand a chance with her once he is just one of a crowd of men seeking her hand But if he doesn t let on that he knows who she is, maybe he will have the chance to gain the advantage if they can spend some time together then when she meets him again in a ballroom, she will recognise him and, hopefully, they will have some happy, shared memories that will single him out from everyone else.The first half of the story takes place over roughly a twelve hour period as Amelia and Alastair embark on a once in a lifetime day out, which reminded me somewhat of the plot of Roman Holiday even down to the scandalous hair cut , in which Audrey Hepburn s princess spends a day out of time with handsome reporter, Gregory Peck Ms Rodale writes the evolving relationship between her protagonists very convincingly so that, in spite of the short time frame, the romance doesn t feel rushed, although I did have to give a sideways glance to the fact that things turn physical shortly before they part I know Amelia is supposed to be free spirited and reckless, but one would have thought, given her brother is a horse breeder and she s grown up around animals, she s have given a thought to possible consequences.Anyway, following that magical day, things start to fall apart Realising that Alastair had known who she was all along, Amelia feels hurt and betrayed and wants nothing to do with him Thus, it s down to our hero to do a bit of grovelling and to prove to Amelia that in spite of the lie, he s true of heart and that he has no intention of compromising her into marriage And then his brain thinks dumb things in a last minute attempt to inject some unnecessary angst and I could have smacked him.Apart from that, Alastair is the best thing about the book He s funny, charming and self deprecating his guilt at having caused his cousin s death which he didn t, really is perhaps rather overdone though, and his last minute volte face really is a switch too far He s said to be a reprobate, although I saw nothing in him that one doesn t find in all of the young gentleman heroes in historical romances he s not averse to the odd wager or card game, likes women and enjoys a drink with his mates all things which usually earn back slaps, not censure Amelia becomes likeable as the book progresses, but although I did understand her desire to get out from under the weight of expectation, she never really rises above your stock in trade rebellious heroine Perhaps it s not you, it s me she s not an unattractive character, but she never really took on a life of her own in my imagination and wasn t someone I found myself wanting to know about or spend time with.Chasing Lady Amelia is, as I said at the outset, exactly the sort of book I expect from this author, and it s the type of thing she does very, very well I m sure it will prove too insubstantial for some tastes and there s no doubt that she once again plays fast and loose with historical accuracy and social convention but fans of hers are sure to enjoy it and it s certainly worth consideration by anyone who is in the mood for an angst free mostly piece of well written fluff. Review posted on Got Fiction Original Review I know this author s style is modern, but I just don t think it always works with her historicals I had such a hard time with this story I liked the idea, the plot, the hero, but I really didn t like Amelia I enjoyed Bridget s book, but Amelia was so childish I just couldn t like her I look forward to Clare s, hopefully she ll be less childish Full review This is the second book in the Keeping Up With the Cavendishes series, and while I liked Lady Bridget s Diary, I had a very hard time with this one from the get go.This book runs concurrently with Lady Bridget, and that s cool because we get to see what happened when Amelia went missing during Bridget s story But then we find out about her and boy I just didn t like her I take that back, if I d been reading about a teenager, maybe I would ve liked her But she s not She s an adult.Series premise The Cavendishes father was brother to the late duke He married a commoner and ran off to America The duke died, with no heirs, so their brother is next in line The girls and their brother move to London This is a fun series idea full of wild American girls who don t know the rules, are crazy wealthy, and need to get married to fully secure the dukedom duchy But this one wasn t fun for me.I get where Amelia is coming from We ve all had a moment in our lives where we are forced to conform or change in some way It s natural to rebel against the change But you adapt You grow up You move on.I feel like with Amelia, the whole book I was reading a sullen teenager She acted out She threw tantrums She flaunted the fact that she didn t care about following the rules At no point did I feel as if I were reading about an adult.At first she takes off her shoes at a ball because they pinch her feet Okay fine, fairly innocent But it just snowballs from there And I think we re meant to find her funny, impulsive, and endearing Personally I found her immature, reckless, and not just impulsive, but almost mean Like she was being brash and careless on purpose I know she s headstrong and angry she s had to up and leave her life But I don t know, I guess I felt that at some point in the book we should have seen her realize how her actions affected her family And there were several scenes where that looked like it would happen, but her behavior stayed the same I liked the hero just fine Unfortunately what I m sure the author meant as a thirst for adventure in her heroine, came off as impulsive and immature to me So, I kind of wondered why he liked her.I really am looking forward to Lady Claire s book, though, because I like this author, and I like this series I will say that if you can look at Lady Amelia as being impulsive and adventurous rather than immature, I think you ll like this ARC courtesy of Avon Books Note to self This is an American heiress HR, a trope I passionately hate Also, MC takes her shoes off at a ball and sticks her feet in a plant pot see Caz s review.Bk 1, heroine is overweight.Avoid this author period Not for me. Oh man That book was soooo promising But I just couldn t get attached to the characters Stopped reading at 1 3 of the book The main male lead is just too deceiving Also, his behaviour is not realistic with that of a gentleman in Regency England I mean even rakes show some sort of regard to Society rules and how you re supposed to behave with a lady I don t believe for one second that he could have gotten away with having her spend the night at his place even though she had fainted and then spend the day with her unchaperoned Just not buying the story. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Chasing Lady Amelia by Maya RodaleBook Two of the Keeping Up with the Cavendishes seriesPublisher Avon BooksPublication Date June 28, 2016Rating 4 starsSource eARC from Edelweiss Warning this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers Summary from Goodreads Terribly ImproperLady Amelia is fed up with being a proper lady and wishes to explore London, so one night she escapes and finds herself in the company of one Alistair Finlay Jones He s been ordered by his uncle to wed one of the American girls How lucky then, that one of them stumbles right into his arms Totally ScandalousAlistair and Amelia have one perfect day to explore London, from Astley s Amphitheater to Vauxhall Gardens Inevitably they end up falling in love and making love If anyone finds out, she will be ruined, but he will win everything he s ever wanted.Very RomanticWhen Amelia finds out Alistair has been ordered to marry her, he must woo her and win back the angry American girl But with the threat of scandals, plural, looming will he ever catch up to the woman he loves What I Liked My true rating is 3.5 stars I liked this one enough to want to round up to 4 stars, but it wasn t quite a 4 star read I LOVED Lady Bridget s Diary it got a rare 5 stars from me , but I didn t love this second book quite as much You can read these books in the series as standalone novels, so if I had to skip one in the series so far , it might be this one Still, it was good This story is told concurrently with Lady Bridget s Diary meaning, we start this story with the same ball in which Amelia takes her shoes off if you read book one, you know the scene Basically, this story does NOT follow after the end of book one Rather, it is told simultaneously Which makes a lot of sense, if you have read book one and was wondering what Amelia had gotten up to, for those couple of days when she disappeared Well, this book goes into those few days, in detail.Amelia doesn t want to fit in to London s polite society She loves horses and horse riding, not stuffy balls and flouncy dresses After a disastrous night at a ball, her family spikes her water with laudanum so that she ll calm down Except that the laudanum has addled her brain, and she goes out in the middle of the night like a drunk And runs into Alistair Finlay Jones Alistair isn t going to leave a helpless and possibly drunk noblewoman outside in the middle of the night, so he takes her to his residence The next morning, he sees the paper with Amelia s shoe scandal at the ball that previous night , and realizes that the woman is Lady Amelia And thus begins the pair s adventures together But all good things must come to an end right Amelia can t go gallivanting around London unchaperoned forever, and Alistair was called back to London for a reason marry an heiress.Book one took place over weeks But the majority of this book took place over two days These two days were the ones in which Amelia disappeared causing another Cavendish scandal, if you recall in book one When Amelia wakes up in Alistair s house, he gives her money and sends her on her way but Amelia has no plans of going back home, not yet She and Alistair go to the market, the theater, back to his house anywhere but Durham House.So the time period was short, which was weird at first Amelia and Alistair have this instant connection that begins as friendly camaraderie and whatnot, but develops into hardcore lust, all in one day They know each other for two days, but it would seem that they fell for each other, in lust and in love But as improbably as this sounds, Rodale definitely sells the romance You can feel how much these two want to stay together.Amelia is so wild and uncouth, totally not fit for polite society, in my opinion She is the youngest Cavendish sibling, and she tries the least For the most part, I like her She has relapses and judgment every now and then, but I like her sense of adventure.Alistair has been touring the world for six years, and he s been called back by his uncle, who wants him to marry an heiress Alistair isn t a fortune hunter, but his uncle is, and because Alistair is his uncle s heir, Alistair will do as his uncle bids Tragedy struck the family years ago, and Alistair and his uncle do not get along any I feel for Alistair He feels like he is not good enough to be in society, for several reasons He is quite a nice gentleman, and very sweet and patient I like him So different from Lord Darcy from book one sweeter and less uptight I do prefer Darcy sorry, Alistair , but I like Alistair a lot.Their romance was fast, and not slowly progressing like I m used to experience in historical romance But the chemistry was there, as was the development of feelings and such There was a little angst associated with their relationship both hid things from each other But I liked how things worked out The ending surprised me a little, but somehow, subconsciously, I totally saw it coming A great HEA for sure Just a bit surprising I think it works for Amelia and Alistair very well I think this book was a good addition to the series, and I am definitely interested in reading Claire s book next.What I Did Not Like I thought the fact MOST of this book takes place over two days was a little two fast for me Meaning, Alistair and Amelia get to know each other and feelings of love and lust develop in those two days Rodale spends a ton of page time fleshing out these two days, so that the two days takes like, 50% of the book But logically, it felt too short And then the proposal and the scandal and the surprise it just seemed very fast to me This book took place over a shorter time than book one for the most part the last, hmmm, one fourth of this book takes place over a few weeks But the majority of Alistair and Amelia s interactions come from two days of interactions.More steamy scenes, please At this point, after reading many Rodale books, I ve come to expect less steamy scenes than usual But that doesn t stop me from wanting.Would I Recommend It So if you liked book one in this series, this book is worth the read At the same time, book one was a lot better and enjoyable You could skip this one and in general It s not entirely necessary to read in the series While it clears up a lot about what Amelia had been doing over the days she disappeared, and we learn all about Alistair s tragic past, I wouldn t necessarily fall over myself trying to read or recommend this book two someone.Rating 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars I think this series is hilarious Rodale has such a distinctive and creative writing style, in the series I much preferred Lady Bridget s Diary, but this book was satisfying in the series I can t wait to read Claire s book next In The Second Novel Of Maya Rodale S Enchanting Keeping Up With The Cavendishes Series, An American Heiress Finds Her Reputation And Heart In Danger When She Travels To London And Meets A Wickedly Tempting RakeTerribly ImproperLady Amelia Is Fed Up With Being A Proper Lady And Wishes To Explore London, So One Night She Escapes And Finds Herself In The Company Of One Alistair Finlay Jones He S Been Ordered By His Uncle To Wed One Of The American Girls How Lucky Then, That One Of Them Stumbles Right Into His Arms Totally ScandalousAlistair And Amelia Have One Perfect Day To Explore London, From Astley S Amphitheater To Vauxhall Gardens Inevitably They End Up Falling In Love And Making Love If Anyone Finds Out, She Will Be Ruined, But He Will Win Everything He S Ever WantedVery RomanticWhen Amelia Finds Out Alistair Has Been Ordered To Marry Her, He Must Woo Her And Win Back The Angry American Girl But With The Threat Of Scandals, Plural, Looming Will He Ever Catch Up To The Woman He Loves

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