Le Journal de Frankie Pratt

Le Journal de Frankie Pratt Frankie Pratt A Ans L Ve Prometteuse, Lectrice Avertie, La Jeune Fille R Ve De Devenir Crivain Avec Une Machine Crire Corona Et Une Fantaisie D Archiviste, Elle Se Lance Dans Le R Cit De Ses Aventures Sous Forme De Scrapbook Tour Tour Tudiante, Danseuse De Charleston Amateur, R Dactrice De Potins Grand Tirage, Amoureuse Perdue De Mauvais Gar Ons, Elle Nous Entra Ne Dans Son Sillage, Du New York De La Prohibition Au Paris Des Ann Es FollesUn D Lice, Ce Roman Graphique Marie ClaireIrr Sistible Frankie PrattGrazia The Three Reasons Review is a simple way to get your thoughts out there about a book The reasons are as follows complete with fancy button 1 Reasons you chose this bookI lost count as to how many great reviews I read of this title so I knew that I had to read it and soon 2 Reasons you liked or disliked this bookI loved this book It was so fun to look at the ephemera from days gone by I would love to actually hold a scrapbook from this time period in my hands today What a treasure it would be The pictures from the 1920 s are awesome I love the fashion and the hair I loved how the author set it up in chapters and allowed the scrapbook to really tell the story I m a scrapbooker too and this has helped get me back into the mood of recording the stories of my children and my story too 3 Reasons you are recommending this bookI read this one in a couple of hours and found it to be a wonderful way to spend the time I enjoyed looking at the styles of the day and the quirky slang My favorite part was when Frankie spent a year in France For those that love the roaring 20 s this book is wonderful For anyone who likes to journal or scrapbook, this is a sweet reminder of how it all started My thoughts upon beginning this book Why, oh why, didn t I write this book It has everything I love scrapbook diary format, 1920s, ambitious young writer heroine, and oodles of beautiful vintage ephemera Sigh.My thoughts upon completing this book Still sighing swooning over all the full color vintage memorabilia on every page that the cover so giddily promises Since one of my favorite relaxing pastimes is browsing vintage greeting cards and magazines on etsy.com and buying a few of my very favorites when they are affordable and I have the spare change , and since I am especially drawn to the 1920s, I really could not be happier with Frankie s scrapbook Frankie, herself, is another matter I really wish I could have found her a kindred spirit, but ultimately I don t think we would have been very chummy Of course, I appreciated her ambition, her tenacity, her desire to become a writer I was very happy she went to Paris so we could get some French ephemera into the scrapbook And of course she was awfully lucky to meet all of those famous writers But I m not sure I liked all the things she did along the way I ended up liking some of her friends than I liked her Not sure why, just something in her personality didn t click And not that Frankie is that different from many girls, even today, but I guess I am so I couldn t quite love her story as much as I d hoped to Guess I need to go back to hanging out with Anne Shirley, Emily Byrd Starr and Jo March Too, I felt the ending was all a bit too rushed, a bit too convenient, to be quite the stuff of genius some of Preston s fellow authors raved about in their reviews All in all, I did enjoy the story well enough but I just had this lingering sense of unease while I read it and I can t quite pinpoint why Vintage Ephemera 5 STARSStory 3 STARSTotal 4 STARS Book 5 of 52I was pleasantly shocked that something like this existed And than a little excited to see if the format would actually tell a fulfilling story The vintage memorabilia was simply breathtaking, I loved all the little touches, and the style was completely accurate It all felt very real At one point a newspaper clipping mentioned the little old lady in Dubuque Iowa which I got very excited about, since many moons ago I was a proud Iowan When I mentioned the clipping to my Dad he said he d heard that quote before and there s actually a statue somewhere based off that quote Who knew The characterization was especially interesting considering that there was hardly than half a dozen conversations recorded in the book I liked Frankie in a general way, but felt like giving her a good shake most of the time Talk about bad desicion making SPOILERS I can chalk up the first Jamie thing to innocence and youthful indiscretion But a second time really This man VIOLATED you Frankie How on earth do you justify trusting him My favorite character was her Spinster Adventuress boat friend I would actually be interested in a book about her than Frankie, she was too much fun The storyline wasn t anything new The standard writers must travel and do stupid things and have multiple love affairs at least one must be with someone who turns out to be gay to be a good writer storyline Thankfully the writer in this one smartened up a bit and managed to get a happy ending. I never really understood the scrapbook craze of the early 2000s you know, the factory produced, mass marketed hobby characterized by rubber stamps, paper stencils and tubes of glitter My wife and I have been scrapbooking since we first started dating If you go to our upstairs guest bedroom and pull down a large book with swollen pages, you ll find a pair of movie theater ticket stubs for Flashdance and a small bouquet of dried violets It s the artifact from a particular night of young, heady romance.That s why I could never wrap my brain around the new era of scrapbooking It s a mystery why otherwise perfectly sane women would want to collect scraps of made in China crap and paste them in large albums, each of them looking nearly identical to the ones made by a thousand other scrapbookers with glitter sparkles caught in their hair These aren t true scrapbooks, they re merely excuses for primarily women to gather, gossip and glue Lest you think I m spouting male chauvinism and petty disdain for all things frilly, please bear in mind that this is coming from a man who went through a serious cross stitching phase, circa 1987 1995, and who would still be needling long into the night if it weren t for my failing eyesight and ever dwindling hours for hobbies So, yes, I ve been a frequent Jo Ann s shopper This modern pre fab scrapbooking is nothing like the scrapbook of Jazz Age ingenue Frankie Pratt In a self same titled novel by Caroline Preston, Frankie s pages burst into life with postcards, sheet music, wine labels, playing cards, charm bracelets, gum wrappers, swatches of fabric, photographs and ads for freckle cream The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt is subtitled A Novel in Pictures, but it really should be called A Novel of Ephemera When we first meet her in 1920, the titular heroine is a spunky high school senior with worldly ambitions The first page of her scrapbook is headed with the paper label The Girl Who Wants to Write On the next page is a picture of her father s old portable Corona typewriter Mice had chewed the case but it still works And from there, we re off on a whirlwind tour of Frankie s life as a blossoming woman, all of it told completely through items in her scrapbook and the occasional typed comments.Preston, whose previous novel was Gatsby s Girl, does a remarkable job breathing life into Frankie through the material objects she collects We follow her as she heads off to Vassar, tries the bohemian life in Greenwich Village after graduation, finds work writing for True Story, travels to Paris aboard the S.S Mauritania where she meets some Russian princes and a spinster adventuress, and eventually rents a room above the famed Shakespeare Company bookstore run by Sylvia Beach Along the way, she falls in love twice, has her heart broken an equal number of times, and comes to learn what true love really is by the last page of the book It s less Fitzgerald and Faith Baldwin, but that shouldn t stop anyone from falling deeply in love with this book.Leafing through The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt is like opening a 90 year old time capsule from a cornerstone of Jazz Age culture For example, Frankie types The most congenial spot for the unemployed is the Automat in Times Square Search the want ads, read a novel, scribble on a story without any dirty looks from a waitress Sit undisturbed from 8 until 6 like going to an office All that s required is spending a nickel every few hours on a bowl of oatmeal, an egg salad sandwich, a slice of pie lemon meringue highly recommended , and yet another cup of coffee.As we turn the pages of Frankie s scrapbook, the artifacts accumulate The Charleston Vogue patterns Marcel waved hair Lillian Gish in Way Down East A Radiola It runs on batteries is totally portable It only weighs 39 pounds Cigarette holder to brandish like a rapier Josephine Baker at the Folies Bergere Lucky Lindy in the sky.Through this dizzying, dazzling array of bits and bobs of 1920s pop culture, Preston not only takes us on an authentic Time Machine odyssey, she so completely immerses us in one character s life that in all honesty, I d have to say Frankie Pratt was the most vivid and memorable of all the fictional population I encountered this year Preston does this with a minimal amount of words and almost entirely through magazine ads, movie tickets and matchbooks.And isn t this true of all of us In the end, aren t we merely the sum total of our possessions We may not be able to judge a person by the color of their skin, but surely we can know them through the contents of their scrapbook This review originally appeared at The Quivering Pen blog

As a girl growing up in Lake Forest, Illinois, Caroline Preston used to pore through her grandmother s and mother s scrapbooks and started collecting antique scrapbooks when she was in high school She attended Dartmouth College and received a master s in American Civilization from Brown University Inspired by her interest in manuscripts and ephemera, she worked as an archivist at the Peabody Ess

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  • Le Journal de Frankie Pratt
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  • 22 August 2018
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