The Hardy Boys #1: The Ocean of Osyria (Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers)

The Hardy Boys #1: The Ocean of Osyria (Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers)Personaly I like the Hardy Boys comic better than the Nancy Drew one Just because the Hardy Boys is so much funnier. Read the real Hardy Boys books by Franklin W Dixon The graphic novel which I was required to read was a dry read nothing like the originals. OMG I LOVE THE GRAPHIC NOVEL VERSION Except that I never imagined the boys as boys I always think of them as grownup hot geeks LOL Yeah, I loved the story and their adventure to Osyria Such a nice short read I guess better than Batman Detective Trying to keep their friend Chet out of jail after he is taken in for stealing a priceless treasure, Joe and Frank head out to the Middle East to clear his name, even if it means facing down dangerous bandits and being chased across the desert Lobdell begins this exciting series with humour, heart and classic Hardy Boys action with this enjoyable debut Scott Lobdell was the main X Men writer for the 90 s So I basically grew up on his comics, since Marvel s mutants were my favorite characters.So I try not to miss any chance to sample any work that came after his X Men years Although, I almost missed his take on the Hardy Boys.I saw soft cover copies at my nearest National Bookstore but I was holding out for a hardback But chance came at the 2008 Comic Con International in San Diego I got to meet Scott Lobdell at the Papercutz booth I got to thank him for the great and not so great X Men memories and got a hardcover copy of the first volume of the Hardy Boys graphic novel I had it signed too.As for the book, I prefer the blue banded originals The story was fine but it could really use a better artist The art style is supposed to evoke manga but it s not as dynamic.I bet the originals would do better as graphic novels I know I d be interested. i think that this book is very good but it is not good for 4 years old After all this book has a lot of funny and cool words Collected From The First Three Hardy Boys Comics, Here S The Complete Saga Of Frank And Joe S Adventure In The War Torn Middle Eastern Land Of Osyria After Rescuing Jackpot, A Kidnapped Prize Winning Racehorse, Frank And Joe Are Stunned To Return To Bayport And Discover That The Department Of International Security Has Arrested Their Best Friend, Chet Morton, For Stealing A Priceless Art Treasure The Hardy Boys Decide The Only Way To Clear The Friend Is To Journey To The Middle East And Find The Ocean Of Osyria Themselves Ages To Papercutz Is The Exciting New Graphic Novel Publisher That S Building A Huge Following Among The Next Generation Of Comics Fans Even The Most Reluctant Readers Are Becoming Addicted To The Papercutz Approach Of Giving Classic Characters A Modern Makeover Each Papercutz Graphic Novel Features Comics Stories Drawn In The Style Of The Popular Japanese Comics Known As Manga, And Beautifully Rendered With State Of The Art Color While Educators Rave About The High Quality Of The Papercutz Writing And Artwork, Readers And Up Are Simply Enjoying The Great Adventures Found In Each Fun Filled Volume Be Sure To Check Out Other Papercutz Titles Such As Nancy Drew, Totally Spies, And Zorro The first story in the Hardy Boys graphic novel series finds the Hardy Boys beloved pal Chet Morton charged with trying to buy an expensive artifact off an online auction site In many ways, the book tries to strike a middle ground between the traditional Hardy Boys story We get a secret government agency and we also get traditional chapter breaks like it was an actual mystery novel The art is vibrant making for a fun read We also get to see Joe and Frank s girlfriends taking an active part in the adventure which is a nice change.The book did take a little longer than necessary to the main plot than I would have liked In such a short book, getting into the main plot soon should be a priority I also wish than the mystery plot had been a little better drawn out as this becomes much of an adventure Still, it s an enjoyable graphic novel that captures the Spirit of the Hardy Boys. The boy detectives are back, this time is full color Frank and Joe have a new set of adventures, from a runaway stolen horse to friends getting arrested to getting friendly withcomputer hackers Chet has been accused to stealing a valuable necklace through an online auction, and the Hardy Boys are determined to find out the story behind the whole scheme.Very technology savvy and loaded , this story is a page turner until the end The artwork is a bit sloppy and several pictures are lost in the gutter, making this a bitdisappointing as a GN It also is quite simplified compared to original Hardy Boys books, though it is easy to read and follow The relationships are not explained very well e.g.girlfriends , so readers not familiar with the storylines could be lost Overall, I didn t like the book. An enjoyable and accessible start to this Hardy Boys adaptation This one has been adapted for the 21st century with a modern storyline involving computer fraud and jewelry theft The novel also features a good deal of globetrotting, and the plot is intriguing if hardly believable The artwork is manga style but it still works fine for the story s brisk pace Of course, it has an agreeable amount of action, suspense, and innocent humor The updated setting works fine, but the author feels forced to make far too many references to new technology.Adventurous and mysterious But Department of International Security Seriously

Scott Lobdell born 1963 is an American comic book writer.He is mostly known for his work throughout the 1990s on Marvel Comics X Men related titles specifically Uncanny X Men, the main title itself, and the spin off series that he conceived with artist Chris Bachalo, Generation X Generation X focused on a number of young mutant students who attempted to become superheroes in their own right at

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  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • The Hardy Boys #1: The Ocean of Osyria (Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers)
  • Scott Lobdell
  • 13 April 2019
  • 9781597070010

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