A Single Bead

A Single Bead On The Anniversary Of The Plane Crash That Took The Life Of Her Beloved Grandmother And Threw Her Own Mother Into A Deep Depression, Year Old Katelyn Marie Roberts Discovers A Single Bead From Her Grandmother S Rosary A Rosary Lost In The Crash A Chance Encounter With A Stranger, Who Tells Katelyn That A Similar Bead Saved Her Friend S Life, Launches Katelyn And Her Family On A Quest To Find The Other Missing Beads Their Mysterious Journey, Filled With Glimmers Of Hope, Mystical Events, And Unexplained Graces Takes Them Further Into The Unknown Katelyn Turns To The Rosary For Answers And Soon Finds That Family, Prayer, And The Help Of Others May Be The Key To Restoring What Was Lost

When she s not corralling her five children, cleaning house, or working to help her husband in his rehabilitation, Stephanie still enjoys a good book, and is very slowly working her way through all of the Catholic teen fiction she can get her hands on She also enjoys any excuse to get outside, especially gardening, hiking and biking, and is notorious for starting but rarely finishing projects around the house.

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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • A Single Bead
  • Stephanie Engelman
  • English
  • 08 September 2017
  • 9780819890542

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    This book took me completely by surprise It is a wonderfully written story I really did not know anything about the book other than that it was on a recommended list The list highlighted 30 Catholic YA books in 30 days I first say this list posted by Susan Peek, she posted a list of Catholic Teen Fiction a day for June, I believe that the list originally comes from Theresa Linden Of the 30 books in the list I have already read and reviewed over half And have picked up a few But to be honest I was drawn to this book All I had put together was that it was about a rosary in some way, shape or form This is a story that deals with faith, family, loss and mental health That is a lot to pack into 208 pages but Engelman does it and does it well I found that the writing especially around an extended family was very intriguing I also really appreciated the parts of the story when one parent is not Catholic, but supportive of the family s faith and traditions The book begins at a memorial service for the matriarch of the family She had passed away the year before in a plane crash, and the family had gathered on the anniversary in the field the plan went down in Katelyn Marie Roberts, who is 16, is struggling with the event, and the impact the last year has had on her family She wanders off to the edge of the woods when the family decides to pray the rosary She finds a small bead it is a rosary bead from her grandma s rosary She knows this because it has her initials on it And so begins the adventure Soon Kaitlyn and her cousin Evelyn are trying to track down the beads And that is where it gets really interesting They start hearing stories of miracles Each person who found a bead or the person who they gave it to has had a miracle happen A young girl healed from cancer, a man freed from addiction, a girl saved from a car accident In each case a woman came and helped the person But when Kaitlyn s mother finds out what they are doing and why, her depression gets worse, soon she needs to be hospitalised This makes Kaitlyn desperate to find the bead with her mother s initials on it so she can experience a miracle again But as in most of our lives things do not always go as planned.This book is very well written Before I had finished it I searched to see if the author had other books available Unfortunately not yet The weaving of faith, hope, hardships and family in this story makes the book hard to put down I look forward to reading it with my oldest soon and my youngest when she is a little older A wonderful faith filled Young Adult Story.Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More Note This book is part of a series of reviews 2017 Catholic Reading Plan

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    A Single Bead, by Stephanie Engelman, is not only well written it tells a good story and taps into the heart of the reader.It s good fiction that has Catholic themes If you re not Catholic, you ll still enjoy it If you are Catholic, you ll get it.The storyline explores death and prayer, but in a completely natural way It also considers how adults don t have it all together, how families, though imperfect, can pull together through hardship, and ways to pray and not be a total dork about it.This book, while being unabashedly Catholic and Christian, is not unabashedly boring It explores grief and depression and faces the burden of both It s also a perspective that feels very real the teens in this book aren t goody two shoes who pray all day, and there s even a scene where there s a speed rosary prayed That made me laugh The characters have their flaws and foibles, just like real people As someone who s been hanging around teens for the last few years though not living with them, tis true , it struck me as very spot on.

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    Every aspect of this book is beautiful cover, font choices, formatting, and writing This Catholic novel is marketed as young adult, and the main character is sixteen years old However, the clean content and easy to read text though expertly written might be appropriate for a good reader as young as ten years old or in fifth grade At the same time, it is a worthwhile read for adults.The story is powerful, filled with family drama and human emotion I love the young protagonist, Kate, and the growth she experiences The secondary characters are memorable as well This is not one of those fast paced YA novels but rather one that causes reflection in anyone with a spiritual nature It made me believe strongly in miracles miracles through the power of prayer The publisher provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    A summer read for the tween teen girl in your life It s smart and sassy with very real characters No perfect Catholic girls, here The storyline is great, and very moving at times I teared up on occasion I m taking two stars away because it still manages to get preachy at times in a few paragraphs that are easily skimmed.Oh I received a complimentary copy of this book in the hope that I would provide a complimentary review Free books aren t necessarily good books, though, and my opinions are my own.

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    This book is a wonderful testament to the power of prayer, the power of faith, and the power of family I would highly recommend this book to any Catholic teens or tweens It would make an excellent Confirmation present Pauline Books and Media provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    If I could give ten stars, I would Just saying A Single Bead, by Stephanie Engleman,A Single Bead is indeed a very powerful book Written with teen girls in mind, I feel it is appropriate for age 6th grade and up The story is about losing hope and faith, and finding a way back to the Church through a series of miraculous events.The death of a parent or grandparent is devastating, to say the least Kate, the leading character in the book, finds herself the target of her mother s anger and depression since a plane crash took her grandmother s life a year earlier While Kate is at the Memorial marking the First Anniversary of her grandmother s death, she feels the need to walk away from her family and, in her own words, I keep walking toward the trees, and it s almost like I m being drawn by some kind of invisible force Stooping down to push the flowers aside, I discover a small, silver bead, and my heart flutters I have to hold it, touch it feel the ridges of the letters imprinted on three sides, and run my nail along the cross on the fourth Everything I am zones into that tiny, little bead It s just a little fragment of a piece of jewelry, right But it s not It s a bead from Grandma s rosary And not just any bead My bead Through a series of miraculous events, Kate talks to and meets other people who find her grandmother s beads Through their stories, which are true miracles, not only Kate, but her father a non Catholic are growing closer to God One of my favorite devotions is praying the Rosary and I am thrilled that the power of the Rosary is woven into this story Kate realizes how blessed she is to have a faith filled family, and turns to the Rosary to calm and focus herself on the tasks ahead.I think what appealed to me most was the honesty in the story My mother suffered from mental illnesses and much of what this character feels, I have felt Honesty may seem like an odd word here, but it is so important to me that the book acknowledges that people fall away from the Church and that they come back that we question our faith, and get great answers from the history and Tradition of Catholicsm that people with mental illness can get help, and so can the people their illness affects That prayer REALLY comforts, inspires, and heals In short, PRAYER WORKS Additionally, I can not tell you what it meant to me when I came into the Catholic Church and acknowledged our Blessed Mother Mary as MY Mother I did not feel the loss I had for decades, and it was freeing This book touched my heart, and lifted me up For that I am so grateful.Bravo to Mrs Engleman She is clearly a fantastic story teller and I can not wait to read of her books.As always, thank you Cathy Pauline Books Media, for sending me this book so that I could write a review I can tell you all, I have not met a Pauline Book that I did not love I m so blessed.

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    The plot of this clever story is based on an ingenious idea The protagonist s grandmother dies in an airplane crash, and the beads of her rosary are scattered over a wide area of the crash site When some of the beads wind up in the hands of people who never knew the grandmother, miracles occur in their lives The idea gives me goose bumps The characters and their conflicts are believable, and you want to keep reading, in order to find out about the next stray bead, and to find out how the protagonist and her mom resolve the issue between them The story presents basic values, such as the importance of family, trust, forgiveness, perseverance, and, of course the value of prayer and faith I love the way the story reminds the reader that miracles still occur and that prayer is a powerful recourse This is a thoroughly Catholic book, but the plot is so intriguing, it should be a good read for non Catholics, as well.

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    A Single Bead by Stephanie Engelman, is a beautiful young adult novel that centers around a family in need and a special rosary that affects the lives around them.This engaging story touches on very real and difficult issues such as loss and depression while focusing on the power of prayer and the importance of family.I was intrigued with the main character, Katelyn, and how she was influenced not only by the crisis of faith in her own personal family but also the very strong beliefs held by her large extended family The journey that Katelyn is drawn into surrounding her grandmother s rosary is mysterious, thought provoking and moving What a joyful message for anyone that our prayers can be so powerful and life changing.

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    I am the publicist for this author This debut teen title deals with tragedy, grief and faith in varying stages When Kate s grandmother dies in a tragic plane crash, she finds a bead from her grandmother s rosary at the crash site during the memorial service one year later After a chance encounter with a stranger, Kate embarks on a journey to find the lost rosary beads As she and her large extended family family delve deeper into the mystery surrounding the beads, their travels take them on an adventure that is filled with faith, growth and mystical events Recommended for teen audiences.

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    In this new YA novel, a teenage girl finds faith in an unlikely way through the stories of others who have been touched by the prayers of her grandmother, killed in a plane crash a year ago This compelling story is appropriate for students in grades 5 and up and challenges the reader to lay aside the idea that a prayer or a sacramental can be a magical thing It is refreshing to read about an extended family whose life is centered on faith.My review is based on an advance reader copy of the novel, provided by the publisher I received no compensation for sharing my impressions of this book.

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