Twilight at Blueberry Barrens (Sunset Cove #3)

Twilight at Blueberry Barrens (Sunset Cove #3) USA TODAY Bestseller I Need You To Keep These Girls Safe Kate Mason Has Devoted Herself To Caring For Her Family S Blueberry Barrens But After Her Fields Stop Producing Fruit, She S Forced To Come Up With Alternative Ways To Make A LivingRenting Out The Small Cottage On Her Property Seems An Obvious Choice, But It Won T Be Enough When Entrepreneur Drake Newham Shows Up Looking Not Only For A Place To Rent But Also For A Nanny For His Two Nieces, It S Almost Too Good To Be True And Maybe It Is Because Drake Brings With Him Dangerous Questions About Who Might Be Out To Kill His FamilyThe Time Kate Spends With Drake And The Girls, The Difficult It Becomes To Hide Her Attraction To Him But A Family Crisis Isn T Exactly The Ideal Time To Pursue A RomanceMeanwhile, Kate Learns That Her Uncle In Prison For Murder Has Escaped Add To That A Local Stalker Who Won T Leave Her Alone, And Kate Is Looking Over Her Shoulder At Every Turn With Threats Swirling From Multiple Directions, She Wonders If Her Blueberry Fields Will Ever Flourish Again Or If This Twilight Is Her LastSet On The Beautiful Coast Of Maine, Twilight At Blueberry Barrens Brings Together Suspense, Romance, And The Hope That One Day New Life Will Come Again

USAToday bestselling author Colleen Coble lives with her husband, Dave, in Indiana She is the author of dozens of novels including the Rock Harbor Series, the Aloha Reef Series, the Mercy Falls Series, the Hope Beach Series, the Lonestar Series and two Women of Faith fiction selections, Alaska Twilight and Midnight Sea She has than 2 million books in print.

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Twilight at Blueberry Barrens (Sunset Cove #3)
  • Colleen Coble
  • English
  • 10 August 2018
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    4.5 starsThis is one of Coble s best books to date and a great end to the seriesexcept I want of this series I hope in some way we ll get to have a glimpse of these characters in other stories.It was great to have Claire and Luke be large characters in this book, but I will caution readers that their story needs to come first At least read book two before book three, or you will be pretty at sea on some of the backstory.I loved getting the end of Kate s story, and it s always great when both main characters are already committed Christians I also loved the dog Jackson and the two girls, Drake s nieces and the children of the couple whose bodies Kate had discovered.

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    Another exciting romantic suspense tale set on the beautiful coast of Maine Full of plot twists, multiple suspects and red herrings, this one kept me guessing until the characters literally came out into the open in the action filled ending The vivid descriptions of the colorful, wild landscape and incorporation of landmarks, showed the attention to detail and careful research done to make the story and its characters feel so realistic It was easy to picture the scenes and get a real sense of the danger playing out The themes of loneliness, being a people pleaser, trying to gain approval from others and God, and playing it safe to avoid being hurt, were some that many can relate to Also poignant was the conflict that families can be a source of love and pain, blaming ourselves when people don t treat us well, but overcoming that with the truth of how God sees us There were some inspirational messages throughout, giving a hopeful balance to it.Book three in the series carries along parts of the previous books, but is easily read as a standalone with the recaps provided there s a bit of a spoiler in them, so if you can, read the other two first Recommend for fans of Christian romantic suspense 4.5 Book provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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    As always, Colleen Coble s suspense romance fiction s hit the spot I have especially enjoyed the Sunset Cove series set in Maine Partially because she aligned it quite cleverly with Denise Hunter, one of my favourite author s, with her Summer Harbor series Located in the same area of Maine, their characters do overlap, in particularly Sheriff Colton Oh the poor Sheriff has had a rough time of it His failed romance attempts in Hunter s series, and the abundance of murders in a seemingly idyllic spot in Coble s But, I love it anyway you approach it tongue in cheek because after all, they are just stories The descriptive writing by Colleen is spot on, and no matter whether she is delving into the romance chemistry of the two main characters, or adding suspense to a very anxious scene or just passing a comment about the beauty of the location, she nails it every single time Her stories are not meant for the light hearted They can be quite graphic, though in a toned down way If you are looking for an easy romance, this really isn t the author for you If you are looking for a good meaty story, that keeps you turning the pages and wondering about all the twists and turns that come and love that she writes in series and you get to come back again to these wonderful blend of characters then you should read Twilight at Blueberry Farms This is book 3 in her Sunset Cove series, set near Bar Harbor, Maine Most of the novel takes place on the Island of Folly Shoals, and the community that thrives here You are able to fully picture this place in your mind, as she describes everything in fine detail In this book, Kate, who is the twin sister of Claire, who we met in Mermaid Moon , gets to take her turn in the world of danger and love She has suffered an illness that meant she needed Chemo treatment, she can no longer have children She feels that she is defined by her illness and has convinced herself that no man would really be interested in a long term relationship So, with that, she has decided to not even step out and try She wants to further her life, but is stuck in the Blueberry barrens that she inherited from her Mother, who is now in jail also a follow on from Mermaid Moon Enter, Drake who has brought his newly inherited nieces with him to Folly Shoals, to investigate the murder of his brother sister in law, who incidentally Kate discovered the bodies of on the rocks I enjoyed the development of the relationship between these two Sometimes, the holding back of a character in these types of genre s can be tiresome Here however, there is a certain amount of understanding for Kate, given all that she has experienced and the knowledge that often it is our experiences that lead to the way we perceive ourselves She s had a lot to contend with, and the fact that she is half way together says a lot A fantastic return to Folly Shoals, and fully enjoyed Thank you to Thomas Nelson Netgalley for the ARC in return for my honest review.

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    I really enjoyed returning to the characters and setting of the Sunset Cove novels Twilight at Blueberry Barrens is book three in the series The relationship between the sisters, Kate and Claire, will be easily understood if book one is read first, however, I thought the author did a good job of summing up past events, so it could be possible to read this novel as a stand alone if desired.This story does a great job of combining some very disturbing suspense involving murder and a stalker, while also providing a very heartfelt love story Intense hurt from the past and worry about the future tends to weigh Kate down Feelings of not being worthy also pull at her It was wonderful to watch her budding relationship with Drake and the girls Kate grew so much in this novel and learned to value herself as the person the Lord created her to be.The suspense was nicely threaded throughout the story and provided enough tension to keep me on edge and cringe as events unfurled I definitely recommend this entire series to fans of romantic suspense.I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.You can read this review on my blog at

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    This was a great ending to the series The book was full of suspense and twists and I did not see that coming moments I also had no idea who the stalker was or what really happened with Heath and Melissa I liked that we could read parts from the stalker s POV it made the book creepy and added to the suspense.I loved the relationship between Drake and Kate and the girls I think Emma and Phoebe added to the sweetness of the relationship And I enjoyed seeing Kate grow and learning her worth.This book can be read as a standalone, however, if you want to read the series, it is best to start with book 1, otherwise the mystery suspense in book 1 would fall away by starting with book 3 The characters history and story also builds from book 1 It won t take away from book 3, but I found I loved Kate and Claire in this story by knowing their past which was revealed in book 1.I really enjoyed this series and hope there will be a novella in the future so that we can catch up with Claire and Kate.Recommended to fans of romantic suspense, especially fans of Irene Hannon, Lynette Eason and Dani Pettrey.

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    My thoughts First, the disclaimer I was provided a free paperback copy of this book All opinions are my own That done, TWILIGHT AT BLUEBERRY BARRENS is the third book in Ms Coble s Sunset Cove series, and while it does have some continuing characters and story lines readers should be able to read this as a stand alone without being lost I have read all the books in this series and Ms Coble is one of my favorite romantic suspense stories I love how the Coast Guard is a character in this story my son is in the Coast Guard and I can see him at work in Ms Coble s books Kate is a character introduced in the previous books but this time she gets a story of her own Drake is in town investigating his brother s and sister in law s deaths because the sheriff has declared it a murder suicide and Drake is convinced his brother wouldn t murder his wife nor himself Someone is also stalking Kate and there is the ongoing renegade uncle story so at the beginning of the book there seemed like three different suspense mystery stories going You ll have to read the book to see if there are or not And I was curious how it would all tie together I adored Ms Coble s books and am sorry to see this series come to an end and am anxious to see what is coming next from this author If you like romantic suspense cozy mysteries, then check out Colleen Coble s Sunset Cove series or any of her previous series You won t be disappointed 5 stars.

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    Colleen Coble, the queen of Christian romantic mysteries, is back with her best book yet Filled with familiar characters, plot twists, and a confusion of antagonists, I couldn t keep the pages of this novel set in Maine turning fast enough I reconnected with characters I love while taking a journey filled with murder, suspense, and the prospect of love This truly is her best book to date, and perfect for readers who adore a page turner laced with romance.

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    I can t stop staring at this cover It is stunning Colleen always has lovely covers but this one really grabs me Anyway, cover aside, this story was great I am loving Colleen s suspense and this book captured my attention right away You have a crazy stalker, an evil man, an escapee from prison, and of course murder Not to mention two children and the sweetest lady who has no problem telling people her opinion Now Drake wasn t my favorite at first, I had to warm up to him and get to know him better throughout the book Of course there is a marvelous setting, and good secondary characters that tie this novel together Solid ending and good story telling make this a five star book I received this book from BookLook Bloggers for free in exchange for an honest review.

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    I have read a majority of Colleen Coble s romantic suspense and have enjoyed plenty of hours spent reading these treasures I have read both books in the A Sunset Cove series, The Inn at Ocean sEdge and Mermaid Moon While I enjoyed the second book than the first one, I really couldn t wait to get around and read Twilight at Blueberry Barren s Coble knows exactly what a romantic suspense should have and she does exactly that.A writer knows how to dig deep into the prose and dialogue to make the characters jump off the page Coble does a good job at that By listening to the numerous conversations, I felt like I was sitting in the cottages watching all the action and relationships develop.My favorite aspect of Twilight at Blueberry Barrens was Coble s ability to show of the budding relationship between Claire, the heroine from The Inn at Ocean s Edge, and Kate, the heroine I couldn t wait to see tell her story While the mystery kept popping up in the background, it wasn t the main focus of this story The growing relationship between the twin sisters sparked my interest While reading The Inn at Ocean s Edge, I really didn t like the character of Claire, but in this book, Coble redeemed her character and made her someone that I could relate to I really enjoyed seeing Kate and learning about her.Kate Mason is a strong woman who loves and pays attention to others, but she has been seriously sick in the past and not have a good family life Maybe this is why Drake, the hero, is instantly drawn to Kate Kate takes care of his two nieces and helps mold their family together Drake is a busy man who is working on his own company, making drones while trying to find his brother and brother s wife s killer, and learning how to raise two little girls I understand how it is to struggle with so much on my plate that I feel overwhelmed at times, so I believe this will make Drake s character relatable.The romance and the plot are intertwine nicely The romance between Drake and Kate doesn t happen until about fifty six percent into the book, so it was nice not to see them falling over each other on the first page I enjoyed seeing Kate and Claire interact in between the mystery and the romance While the romance and the girl s relationship was nicely written, I had a hard time with the mystery It seemed almost forced at a number of times Everything was going along nicely, then Coble would drop in something like a stalker raiding Kate s house again It just seemed too convenient for me I didn t feel like I needed to put the book down I enjoyed the story I even figured out who the bad guy was the moment he she was introduced Totally predictable and not really original.As a side note, fans of Carrie Stuart Parks Gwen Marcey and Denise Hunter s Summer Harbor series will enjoy seeing some of those characters jump into this story I liked seeing them I enjoyed both of these other side projects.Filled with romance and a little bit of mystery, Colleen Coble s latest romantic suspense Twilight at Blueberry Barren s felt like a contemporary romance with a little bit of suspense thrown in I enjoyed seeing the characters return, but the mystery wasn t the greatest.I received a complimentary copy of Twilight at Blueberry Barren s from Thomas Nelson Publishing and the opinions stated are all my own.

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    If you re looking for a romance novel this is not the book for you If you re looking for a book so full of suspense and moments that make you want to get up and close all the curtains in your house, then this IS the book for you Colleen Coble has written, in my opinion, her best book yet Twilight at Blueberry Barrens will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages as quickly as you can and closing those aforementioned curtains.While this book grabbed me from the beginning it took me a few pages to get everyone straightened out It had been a minute since I read the second book in the series and I just needed to reacquaint myself with everyone I will admit I haven t read the first book in the series, and so, at times, felt like I was missing out on Kate and Claire s backstory The first book is definitely on my tbr list The characters in the book are so well developed I soon forgot they were fictional They had such a realness about them that added to the authenticity of the story I thought Kate was very brave Had I been in her shoes I would have skedaddled right on out of there at the first sign of trouble Drake was the perfect balance to Kate s character and I really enjoyed the interactions between the two Their relationship developed in a natural way and didn t seem forced or contrived Colleen Coble is a wonderful storyteller and the timing of events in this book was perfect There was just the right amount of suspense and buildup to the climax I have to say I was completely shocked to find out who the antagonist was I didn t see any clues to make me think I even had an inkling of who it was and I loved the total element of surprise there I also liked the romantic thread that was woven into the suspense filled story It was just a natural part of the story and didn t seem out of place.I have had the honor of meeting Collen Coble at a book signing and found her to be such a sweet lady But oh boy can she write a book that makes your heart beat a little faster, makes you want to get up and make sure the doors are locked and maybe, just maybe, scares you some, but in a good way I like to think of her as the Mary Higgins Clark of the Christian fiction world and I can t wait to read her next book I received a free copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given.

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