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Now That I've Found YouTitle Now That I ve Found YouAuthor Bella AndrePublisher Oak Press, LLCSeries New York Sullivans, Book 1 AudibleReviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5Review Now That I ve Found You by Bella AndreMy ThoughtsThis novel was right up there with all the other Sullivan novels by this authorand this one Now That I ve Found You was simply excellent And yes, I have read them all Truly Drake Sullivan sexy and intense and Rosa Bouchard sweet and passionate were definitely meant for each other a Reality TV Star and a Artist But getting there will not be a easy ride with each of these two characters who had some flaws to get over This was a beautifully well written story of just how that will happen Not wanting to spoil anything but only to say you must pick up the well written story and listen or read it for yourself The setting where this story takes place is simply the Montauk and the Adirondacks The characters..Drake, Rosa, with the New York Sullivans Suzanne, Harry, Alex and William were simply well developed, defined and oh so believable giving the reader one interesting read Now, we Sullivan fans will be waiting for the next novel about another NY Sullivan series. World Renowned Artist Drake Sullivan Doesn T Paint Women Ever Not When He Knows All Too Well Just How Destructive Painter Muse Relationships Can Be But On The Day Rosa Bouchard Walks Onto The Cliffs Outside His Montauk Cottage, Drake Is So Captivated That He Can T Stop Himself From Bringing Her Life On CanvasShocked And Horrified By The Nude Photos Of Her That Have Just Hit The Internet, Reality TV Star Rosa S Every Instinct Is To Run From Her Miami Home And Hide After Driving All Night, She Ends Up In Montauk, New York, Where She Doesn T Know A Soul And Plans To Lie Low Until She Can Figure Out How To Deal With The Media Firestorm And Her Own Mother, Who Seems All Too Happy To Sell Out Rosa S Happiness For Fame, Fans, And Money The Very Last Thing Rosa Expects Is To Find, And To Fall For, A Sinfully Sexy Man Like Drake SullivanDrake Has Never Felt This Way About Anything He S Paintedand He S Definitely Never Felt This Way About A Woman When They Kiss, Everything But Sweet, Breathless Desire Melts Away But Can He Convince Rosa To Trust And To Love Again After Such A Devastating Betrayal Really liked this first book in the new branch of the Sullivan series Drake is a fantastic character and Rosa and him together make for an awesome couple Fantastic series, and I can t wait for the next one The Sullivans are back I have loved getting to know this family over the years This was the first time that I was able to find an immediate kinship with the two characters before I had the chance to fulling be invested in their romance I loved watching Drake and Rosa fall This was not a copy of what has been done in the series This was an opening to a different beginning for two souls The reality star and an artist did not seem to make a connection but the path they were both on showed that we all can have someone to connect with.Narration from Eva Kaminsky has made me feel like I was coming home She has that voice the smooths the road and makes it all worth the wait for the next installment She makes it all come to life and gives you a deeper connection to the characters I love her smooth flow of diction and pacing I found the audio to be a perfect complement to Bella Andre s work. Kitty s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Ok, as I started this book, I was like OMG, is this going to be the first Bella Andre book that I don t absolutely love I wasn t sure where she was taking us with a Reality TV Star and an artist so I was a little skeptical Then, I really got into the meat of the story and was like OMG, I guess I should have known better than to think that Drake Sullivan is definitely living up to the Sullivan name, even though he is just a cousin He s handsome, loving, caring, talented and knows how to fall head over heels in love at first sight Something all of the Sullivan s seem to have in common His only drawback is that he was sometimes a little bit too protective and caring of Rosa There were times that I really wanted to shake him, tell him to lose his cool and rant and rave But, if he did, he wouldn t have been able to accomplish getting Rosa to trust and love him, let him paint her and believe in herself.It also took me a little time to warm up to Rosa I honestly wasn t sure how she was going to turn everything around I wanted her to stand up for herself and not wallow in self pity It actually took Smith stepping in, Drake confronting his father and the support of a small community to get her to see exactly what she was made of and realize that not everyone is going to criticize her for her choice in becoming a Reality TV Star It took her a while to understand that she could have a life other than letting TV cameras follow her around And, she had a talent that she didn t see as anything other than a hobby that could probably change her whole life and let her love, openly, Drake.Montauk and the Adirondacks two beautiful and amazing places Yes, I have been to both and they were described so perfectly by Ms Andre It s wonderful to have her on the East Coast and writing about some of my favorite places which hold so many memories for me She brought both to life and made us feel like we were walking along the rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean and through the beautiful mountains of New York When she wrote about San Francisco, I could hear the trolley s now I could feel the ocean breeze and hear the birds singing in the forest.The first book of a series, to me, is meant to set up the rest of the characters and get us ready to welcome them into our lives Bella Andre has a knack of doing just that Her supporting characters are just as interesting and compelling as her main ones are Even though this is actually a continuation of the Sullivan s, it is still the start of a new family of Sullivan s She has us wondering just where everyone is going to take their journey It looks as if Suzanne is the next Sullivan to fall in love It will be interesting to see how she is going to pull her from her computers Harry is definitely going to be a big challenge for Ms Andre and I have no idea what she is going to do or where she will take us with Alec, his anger and his infamy But, what really intrigued me was the little whisper in our ears that she just may bring William and Isobel together But, what we can always count on is Ms Andre giving us nothing but pure love between two people who are honestly meant to be together to give us characters that sizzle both in and out of the bedroom and a happy ending that will always bring a smile to our faces.So sit back and enjoy the New York Sullivan s They look to be an interesting and fun family that is just starting to overcome their problems and have a long road ahead of them I have no doubt that, as usual, Bella Andre will make it an interesting and fun journey for all of us.Review copy provided for an honest review. Drake is an artist in a cabin which seems to be situated in the middle of nowhere One day he sees a woman on his cliffs, he is immediately concerned that she could be hurt physically so he goes out to see her but he realises that she s hurt emotionally She s been affected by recent events in her life and he can see that she is troubled The one thing that I love about Drake is that regardless of the fact that its cold and raining, he goes out with the sole intention of making sure this woman who he has never met before is okay and well Rosa has insecurities and has been badly hurt by her mother although her mother thinks what she is doing is perfectly acceptable Rosa is cynical throughout this book and believes that her attempts to hide out will be revealed by the people in the small town that she has ended up in My heart goes out to her because she s in this headspace where she feels like Drake is against her but actually Drake s artistic inspiration has awoken since he saw her on the cliffs.Drake uses the inspiration to paint, and to discover himself again Rosa helps him but Drake also helps her to realise that she is worth than she thinks She has so much beauty inside and out but she doesn t see herself in the way that Drake does and when she realises that Drake does see herself that way, she almost in a way starts to panic because she is now exposed and open I love that she and Drake met and was the beacon of light for each other It is so apt and its pure Bella Andre genius Every time I read a Bella Andre novel, I smile because there is this infinite feel of family and community It has so many feels and you just wish that the Sullivan s were a real and true family I have loved every single Sullivan book to date Drake s book is no different I could read any of her books for hours and hours on end and not get bored She has this amazing way of evoking all the motion from you and you can t help but fall in love with each and every single word of hers.If you re a newbie to Bella Andre, you can read this one as each book is a standalone but if you want to fall in love with the Sullivan s, start from the beginning with The Look Of Love I love each and every one for different reasons I totally recommend this 5 stars 2.5 stars I wanted to like this than I did, but Rosa is constantly like I m trash, you deserve better, I won t drag you down with me, blah blah blah and I just couldn t fucking stand it She was a terribly weak person most of the time and I found myself thinking Yeah, Drake does deserve better like somebody with a god damn backbone I almost DNF d it a few times, but I really wanted to see what happened with the paintings Lo and behold, nothing happens sigh Loved Drake and Rosa s story Drakes s love and patience for Rosa and showing her what love can be makes the reader fall in love with both of them Looking forward to Suzy s story. FantasticFantastic start to the New York Sullivan s and after reading Drake and Rosa s story I can t wait for Recommended read. If you follow my blog, then it s no surprise to you that I love Bella Andre s Sullivan series Earlier in the year I caught up on all of the Sullivan books there are a lot of them and I was really excited to read the first in the New York Sullivan series, Now That I ve Found You However, I love listening to Bella Andre s book on audio I love the narrator, Eva Kaminsky and I had to wait an extra 4 months from the ebook release until the audio was released Luckily, it was worth it, as I loved Now That I ve Found You.The first in the New York Sullivan series, Now That I ve Found You focuses on famous artist Drake Sullivan Drake has been in a bit of an artist s block, and he hasn t been inspired to create anything in way too long So he s taking some personal time, where he first sees a very upset woman walking on his property And suddenly Drake s block is over and Drake just has to paint her This woman is Rosa, who has just had a horrible thing happen to her She s struggling dealing with it, and she runs into Drake.Drake and Rose were both characters that were so easy to root for, although I will also say that they aren t quite as memorable as other Bella Andre characters Drake was such a nice guy, and I ve been all about the nice guy heroes these days He s respectful and caring and kind, especially when it comes to Rosa, and he just made my heart swoon.Rosa was a wonderful woman, too, and my heart went out to her She s a reality TV star from an extremely popular show about her and her family She s gorgeous, and a very popular person on the show When nude photos taken without her permission show up in the media, she s heartbroken So goes to hide out, and finds herself in Montauk, where she meets Drake As with Drake, I just fell in love with Rosa I felt so bad for her, and I wanted to go give her a giant hug and a place to hide out But, luckily, Drake was there for her Rosa has some major insecurities that she struggles with, but Drake is there to help her.As is common in Bella Andre s books, Drake and Rosa fall for each other really quickly There is something with the way Bella Andre writes, though, because I always completely believe it I believe that they are just meant to be together Although, I will say that while I desperately wanted Drake and Rosa to be together, their connection wasn t as strong as other couples from the Sullivan series As I mentioned above, Now That I ve Found You isn t my favorite Sullivan novel, but I still loved it I can t wait for the next one This review was originally posted on Quinn s Book Nook

Bella Andre is the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of The Sullivans and The Morrisons series.Having sold than 8 million books, Bella Andre s novels have been 1 bestsellers around the world and have appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists 84 times She has been the 1 Ranked Author at on a top 10 list that included Nora Robe

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