Marionette Paige Alexander Is Seventeen And Has Her Whole Life In Front Of Her One Day Her Girlfriend Comes Home To Discover That Paige Has Slit Her Wrists Paige Isn T Insane, But She Acts Like She Is Why After The Incident, Paige Agrees To Go To Therapy To Appease Her Girlfriend, Jess However, Paige Doesn T Believe That Therapy Will Help Her She Believes She S Beyond Help Paige Doesn T Want To Find Herself And She Doesn T Want To Relive Her Painful Past In Order To Come To Terms With It What Paige Wants Is Control Over Her Life, Which She Hasn T Had Since Her Birth During Her Childhood, Paige Is Blamed For A Family Tragedy, When In Fact, Her Twin Sister, Abbie Was Responsible Abbie Doesn T Come Forward And Paige Becomes The Pariah Of The Family To Add To Paige S Woes, While Attending A College In A Small Town In Colorado, The Residents Are In The Midst Of Debating Whether Or Not Gays And Lesbians Should Have Equal Rights Tension Is High And There S A Threat Of Violence She Isn T Out Of The Closet And Pretends To Be Straight At School Since She Fears What Will Happen If Her Parents Find Out She S A Lesbian Will She End Up Dead Like Her Best Friend, Alex

T B Markinson is an American writer, living in England When she isn t writing, she s traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in England, or taking the dog for a walk Not necessarily in that order.

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  • Paperback
  • 326 pages
  • Marionette
  • T.B. Markinson
  • English
  • 10 January 2017
  • 9781517764968

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    Marionette is a book about a very difficult subject and it is told with the utmost sensitivity and understanding T B Markinson does an amazing job of drawing the reader into Paige Alexander s world of self loathing, suicide and lesbian love Paige is a teenage girl about to commence college life as a fresher but who is also under going counselling On the face of things she appears to hate or belittle her own family and the new students with whom she must share her accommodation Although the above list of ingredients for this novel would normally make this reader shy away from it, plus the fact it is taking place in an American college where terms and language are unfamiliar to me, I was intrigued and hooked from page four The tale of Paige s gradual transformation into a caring young woman with a rewarding future and happy relationships through friends and Jess, her girlfriend, is told in such a non judgemental way by the author that I grew to care about her and We are not subjected to torrid descriptions of sexual behaviour between gay or straight couples, as you may typically expect, but the closeness between Paige and Jess is made very apparent in such a skilful way by T B Markinson that I hoped throughout the story that the pair would stay together.It is evident that Paige is not seeking the reader s sympathy or pity but does want to find a way out of her tangled and tragic past life There are humorous moments injected from time to time and the story builds to a satisfying conclusion, though I felt it was a little rushed near the end in clearing up some loose ends I would have liked to have known a lot about her sister, Abbie, for example.Marionette is a very well written book that I can heartily recommend to anyone who seeks a tale of relationships between family and friends, where serious difficulties are treated with respect and humility It is gratifying to find a young author, like T B Markinson, who is able to teach this very mature male reader something about life that would not normally be considered, and written in such a thought provoking fashion Well done, T B.

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    4.5 rounded to 5 I downloaded this book after reading a series by the author I then proceeded to avoid reading it for a few months because I thought it d be all dark and depressing and I hate that The main character has been through a shit ton that s a literary term don t you know D of heart ache and strife so she s cynical and bitter she s also funny as hell She thinks things in her head that are so true but probably shouldn t be said out loud It was so interesting to me to see how someone so bitter can start to heal and her character becomes softer as the book proceeds She starts to forgive herself and seems to learn how to be a friend The ending is completely unexpected but in hindsight it s not that surprising considering her family is completely whacked I have some childhood baggage don t we all but these parents made me grateful for my imperfect family I feel like I m rambling so I ll end by saying this is a great story Like, really good Y all should check it out Yep.

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    Reading always gave me comfort It was a way to get away from me, so says our main character, Paige Alexander, someone I have a feeling I d enjoy knowing in real life.I can t remember the last time I read a novel that set such a distinct mood and got under my skin, leaving me thinking long after I finished it This is something that takes a while to readbecause it s so good you don t want to rush it and there s so much to take in family issues, suicide, college life and even some mystery.As I do a lot when I read, I jotted down notes and quotes and found myself wishing I had had books like this to read when I was a teenager At one point our main character thinks with frustration and pain that her friend s boyfriend Wesley most appropriately nicknamed Weasel is always flirting with other women and treating them badly, yet society thinks she as a lesbian is the the freak, the outcast, the downfall of society Throughout the novel, T.B Markinson merges strong atmosphere with riveting plot and very likable characters you grow to care for deeply She also pulls off the rare feat of making observations about society, life and human beings without sounding preachy or taking away from the storyline I don t hate men I m just gay I can t explain why Marionette is painfully funny at times I wish idiots would recognize they re idiots and starkly sincere Paige is facing than any one person should have to face at her age and the interactions with her counselor Liddy are convincingly awkward, then, later, emotionally moving The way the author captures the young adult voice is simply amazing The secondary characters are not only important and complementary to all that happens, they become part of a group that proves that unrelated people can come together and form a family tighter than any blood ties.Marionette pleases in every way that you would want a book to please you and it takes a serious topic suicide and it gives it the care, attention and thoughtfulness it deserves I wasn t counting on there being a rather significant suspenseful element, which in less capable hands could have been a huge detractor from everything else.Another big plus for me is how Paige s relationship with her girlfriend Jess is presented So much fiction with lesbian themes places way too much emphasis on the physical aspects of romance Here, Markinson pretty much draws the curtains closed on that part of life What Paige and Jess share becomes all the sweeter and tender because so much of their relationship revolves around mutual love, understanding and compassion They are happy in the bedroom, but that s not what makes their connection work, that s secondary to how they are always there for each other and just connect.Marionette is something I will definitely be keeping on my Kindle and reading again It also makes me want to go back and read T.B Markinson s first book A Woman Lost I will be eagerly on the lookout for her next novel.

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    Seventeen year old Paige is found by her girlfriend, with wrists slit, in a failed suicide attempt She wants to control her life, not rehash it through therapy a key source of pain being blamed for a family tragedy as a child, when it was her twin sister Abbie, who kept quiet and let her take the blame Her small town in Colorado are debating the rights of gays and lesbians, and still being in the closet she wonders what will happen if her secret is found out will she end up dead like her best friend, Alex T.B Markinson doesn t shy away from difficult subject matter suicide, family history, college, sexuality and does so in a way that doesn t sound preachy, it just is what it is More so, she gives them proper attention in doing them justice, and giving them the appropriate gravitas.Even Paige s relationship doesn t fall foul to that typical clich of focussing on the physical sides of a lesbian couple, almost as if the physicality needs to be described to reinforce it as a literary relationship.It s not all as dark and serious as it might seem, though, as Markinson manages to douse some real humour throughout It s a gradual build up that sucks you in, and Paige bit by bit lets her defences down and others in Marionette is something different something difficult but it s presented brilliantly.

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    4.5 stars loved it

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    I recently got my hands on a copy of MARIONETTE.I was a bit hesitant about reading a book from someone I know ye Gods what if I hate it Especially when you are dealing with subject matter such as this book does attempted suicide, homosexuality, hiding who you are and dysfunctional family bonds.Suicide has touched my life and in every case every single one those left behind are broken and shattered and struggle to find their way past the moment that the person who took their life passed the burden on to them.I grew up trying to be the perfect daughter, wife, mother never trusting that the real me was good enough I hid behind a veneer of what I perceived was acceptable.As for dysfunctional family bonds I am writing a book on those From experience.Thus when I started reading Marionette I was like oh no Because the beginning of the book starts with a failed suicide attempt.Then wham bamm thank you ma am, you step right in to her crazy family where Paige hides everything important about herself.Three out of four boxes I know about Marionette was hitting close to home.Paige Alexander is a young woman who has lived her life with parents who frankly need shooting on sight Seriously These are the sort of people that were they dogs then they would be euthanized to protect the community.Paige loves Jessica Secretly Why you may ask Well, for that you need to read Marionette.What can be a problem with books such as this one, I have found at least, is making the characters believable Too many writers turn the people in their books in to cardboard cutouts that have no real dimension to them.As Paige goes off to college, and to counseling, piece by piece we get to travel within think Fantastic Voyage her until we finally end up completely in Paige s head, really knowing her.Along the way we also get to know Jess better Quite early on you wonder a bit about whether Jess is all she seems I am not going to give any spoilers here, so if you want to know the answer to that you know the drill get the book Why does this older, educated, confident, funny woman want to be with the younger, damaged Paige The other characters in the book, except for the completely hellish parents, are all well written complementary characters Not that the parents aren t well conceived, they are just downright evil people.Liddy, Paige s counselor, is one of my favourites in the book Slowly through Liddy, we the reader get to know Paige.Then there are the college friends Audrey the roommate , aptly nick named Minnie Mouse by Paige Jenna and Karen the suite mates Jewels, Emily, Tom, Ben and Aaron Paige s relationship with Tom provides a few nice twists.Then there are Mel and Wesley Talk about a couple who need a swift kick Alex Paige s childhood friend This was one of the saddest but most unexpected relationships in Marionette Abbie Paige s sister Abbie has than her share of demons too Julia Who runs a diner and through her food has become part of Jess s family and so therefore also Paige s.This is a book about relationships How they can grow and surprise you How you can survive the ugly ones and rejoice in the ones that lift your spirit It is also about secrets.I read Marionette in one sitting Then I went back to read it again for this review and was just as delighted the second time.Thank goodness it has also been edited and proofread Self published books that haven t are sadly too many to name these days They do little to serve the readers or the authors who can t be bothered to make sure that their finished book actually is that finished.I look forward to reading the next of T B Markinson s efforts after this.

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    The second novel by T.B Markinson starts out with a plan The plan is not one that is easy to read but I was drawn into this novel from the very first sentence With that first sentence the stage is set for the rest of this excellently written and often suspenseful novel as the reader is transported into the world of the main character, Paige, a young woman with secrets than she is admitting to.The plan involves a failed suicide attempt and while those details were so difficult to read I can only imagine the emotions and feelings that swirl around in the mind of someone like Paige who not only has current life issues to deal with but also carries with her secrets and baggage from her past T.B Markinson skillfully weaves a tale of real and raw emotions that the reader feels a part of while at the same time addressing social issues such as gay lesbian acceptance in society today as well as stigmas attached to seeking professional psychiatric care There is a lot packed into this book A bit of romance, a bit of suspense with a touch of social issues injected make this such a wonderful book to read that I have already gifted it to one friend and plan to give as gifts in the future The book is written in first person but all of the characters are so interesting that you feel you are a part of each and every person that is described on the pages I have had the privilege to read A Woman Lost , T.B Markinson s debut novel and loved it and just have to say that the second novel, Marionette is even better Please keep the books coming, T.B Markinson We can t wait to see what you come up with next

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    Curiosity pretty much sums up the emotion you feel as you read Marionette The book is a true page turner Paige Alexander is seventeen and although she has her whole life in front of her, she doesn t want to live it Her older girlfriend, Jess, comes home to find that Paige has slit her wrists.When Paige leaves for college she promises Jess that she will go to therapy, which she instantly regrets doing Paige doesn t believe there is help for her, nor does she want to relieve her painful past.But what is that painful past And why is Paige afraid of ending up murdered like her best friend, Alex If all this wasn t bad enough, Paige is afraid to let anyone know that she is a lesbian Tensions are already high at her small college, as the students debate if gays are entitled to equal rights As the debates turn violent, Paige begins to worry about a new person in Jess s life.I love the way that TB told this story It was incredibly realistic Little by little Paige allowed her therapist and her college roommates in But as the reader you couldn t help wonder if Paige was always being honest Was she telling the therapist the truth or was she just making stuff up to appease her Many times while reading I had my doubts These doubts made me read faster I had to find out what made Paige tick.All the characters were well developed Paige had a wicked sarcastic sense of humor that often had me laughing out loud And I loved the cast of characters that made up Paige s college life They were all so relatable

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    Markinson s in your face writing style really brings this story to life You can t help but become wholly immersed in the storyline As a reader you have a front seat to the action as you are completely in the main character s head becoming part of the story yourself The author melds reality with fiction so seamlessly that you can t help but be awed She also brings a great deal of harsh tough topics to the forefront, building her story around them and showing what can and will be That said, it left me with a smile on my face at the end The cast of characters in this tale were vivid without ever becoming larger than life Markinson plays up both the best and the worst in her characters, leaving you with a clear picture that gives you a look in to the deepest part of them She also doesn t just develop her characters as individuals but as part of a whole, both with the relationships that they are intimate parts of and those that they stand on the fringes of It lends an extra air of intimacy to the story.Overall this was quite the intriguing and captivating read It was my introduction to the author and would definitely spark me to read of her work I d also recommend it to those who want a novel that will make you think and fell.Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I actually don t like reading It s funny though, as an author, reading should be part of writing But that s not the case here in Marionette At the very first page, I know it s about suicide, which one of the topics that always interest me as I m also writing about psychological drama Once I started reading I honestly couldn t stop as I was sucked in by how realistic everything was From beginning to end I felt like I was right there with the main character, feeling what she felt, seeing what she saw because everything is so realistic I am drawn in by the prologue, thinking I might know what s going on, but I actually knew nothing.The author weaves a brilliant storyline that leads us to believe that there is a desperate soul lies inside each one of us there is always another face hidden behind a mask that even the wearer does not know anything about This novel also has lots and lots of humor in it I still remember at one part of the conversation I really laughed out loud cause I hit me in real life Overall, this reading was pretty psychological and taught me a lot of things I didn t know It gave me the feeling of wanting to read and , until I realized that I ve reached the end of the book.

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