Fragments of the Lost

Fragments of the Lost 3.75 starsFragments of the Lost follows Jessa as she cleans out the room of her dead ex boyfriend and all the emotional turmoil that follows It follows her as she remembers their past and tries to piece together the last days of his life to figure out where he was going when his car was driven off the road This book was so original Which is weird because it was about grief, which we ve all read about and relationships, which we all experience but the way Megan Miranda wrote these characters and their reactions to the situation made it unlike any YA book I had ever read or any book for that matter The characters in this novel are not particularly striking or original, but it hardly matters because what makes them interesting to read about is the way Miranda portrays their emotions She has such a deep rooted understanding of the way every one of them feels, and it s evident from every single word written, and because of this, the characters feel like real people The relationship drama and flashbacks of a once loving relationship were also super interesting to read about I don t like romance, but the deterioration of relationships fascinates me It is a reality not many authors acknowledge This isn t a book about a toxic relationship like you might expect but miscommunication and secrets and growing apart and facades and how no one truly knows anyone all things I love to read about This book made me think and not only about what happened to Caleb the boyfriend The themes explored were rich and thought provoking, and I had to stop so many times in the middle of listening to this audiobook to just sit there and think because it was that good I m 100% in support of reading for entertainment alone, but I can t help appreciate when a book takes it a step farther and makes you question things you thought you understood and this book does that perfectly.I did have some slight issues while in the middle of this that enabled me from giving this book a perfect rating, but those were personal things than actual flaws of the book For example, Jessa reminded me too much of a past version of myself that I don t like thinking about and the addition of a love triangle which if you ask me is always a cheap option.I did, however, enjoy the ending and the way all the plot points and underlying message wrapped up together The writing was smooth and effective It felt like the main character was speaking directly to you, the memories fade in and out seamlessly, and the title is perfect Despite my personal issues with this novel and the fact that it took me super long to read I would 100% recommend this book It s a highly underrated, wonderfully written YA thriller focusing on a brilliant and unique set of themes following a collection of the most real and relatable characters I ve ever read about I highly recommend. From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of All The Missing Girls And The Perfect Stranger Comes A Suspenseful Psychological Mystery About One Girl S Search To Uncover The Truth Behind Her Ex Boyfriend S Death Perfect For Fans Of We Were Liars And Reasons Why Jessa Whitworth Knew She Didn T Belong In Her Ex Boyfriend Caleb S Room But She Couldn T Deny That She Was Everywhere In His Photos, His Neatly Folded T Shirts, Even The Butterfly Necklace In His Jeans Pocket The One She Gave Him For Safe Keeping On That DayHis Mother Asked Her To Pack Up His Things, Even Though She Blames Jessa For His Accident How Could She Say No And Maybe, Just Maybe, It Will Help Her Work Through The Guilt She Feels About Their Final Moments TogetherBut As Jessa Begins To Box Up The Pieces Of Caleb S Life, They Trigger Memories That Make Jessa Realize Their Past Relationship May Not Be Exactly As She Remembered And She Starts To Question Whether She Really Knew Caleb At All Each Fragment Of His Life Reveals A New Clue That Propels Jessa To Search For The Truth About Caleb S Accident What Really Happened On The Storm Swept Bridge The room is full of you, Jessa, she explained, by which she means the pictures. What starts out as a YA contemporary about grief eventually becomes a mystery about what really happened to a girl s ex boyfriend.Jessa is given the task to go through pack up her ex boyfriend s room after his death His mother Eve asked her in what Jessa views as a punishment of sorts because the last place Caleb went before his car fell off the bridge was to her track meet And within Caleb s room are plenty of memories He was the type to hold on to everything, like tickets to movies, games, etc, little mementos The first half of the book is Jessa trying to come to terms with her grief and the things she still doesn t understand while connecting objects to memories and reminiscing This allows us to view their relationship as it was when they were together and eventually how it ended The issue feels like it s dragged on to allow for characterization.Then at a certain point, little mysteries begin to build that make you realize there s to the story And now a little genre change because we re clue hunting and finding answers Jessa begins to realize there is a lot about Caleb she never knew while going through his things Certain questions only lead to questions until eventually the mystery is resolved The book really picked up the pace once the mystery ball got rolling I swear..I was slumped in my seat when the first mysterious thing came up and I immediately sat up wide eyed like I d just woken up and it was a new day while I continued reading It sure woke me up, getting the book exciting Before that, I wasn t sure if I d finish It was just very slow moving I was in the mood for a mystery anyway.There is something I love about Megan Miranda s writing that makes up for the lack of mystery through the first half She captivates with words in this way that makes me want to call her a wordsmith But she doesn t get annoying about it so that things feel overwritten.Readers who enjoy YA contemporaries would enjoy this You don t particularly have to love mysteries as it feels contemporary It s just a bonus that the mystery is thrown in at a point. Could you imagine being in high school, your boyfriend dies, people blame you for the accident and his mother asks you to clean out his room Then you feel guilty so you can t say no Each piece you pick up, put away or trash brings a memory and you begin to question this person who claimed to love you How well do we REALLY know the people in our lives We all have secrets, don t we The book is told strictly through Jessa s perspective We get flashbacks as she remembers things while going through his room Considering the subject matter, I knew this wasn t going to be a happy read To be honest, I struggled at the beginning It was so depressing and I thought if I have to go through this grieving process with her til the very end, I just might drive off a bridge myself Horrible, I know But this is Megan Miranda, folks You keep going and I m SO happy that I did Everything at the beginning was just setting the rest of the book up What a doozy it became Phew I m in a royal book hangover here ladies and gentlemen Those who veer away from anything YA this really doesn t read like one Sure the main characters are young, but the way Miranda brings them to life and how the story comes together doesn t focus on any instalove or mean girl issues like we tend to see in regular YA novels This reads like a contemporary mystery where we are trying to figure out exactly what happened to Jessa s boyfriend, Caleb.Highly recommend Put this on your reading list My favorite by her to date. The carpet is beige The door will squeak as I push it open The air will be hotter or colder than the rest of the house, depending on the time of year All these things I know by heart None of this prepares me I love Megan Miranda s adult books Never does she forsake character development for ridiculous plot twists And that fact holds true for her YA novels, including her most recent Fragments of the Lost. Characters are fleshed out, relationships explored yet the mystery remains compelling Like most Megan Miranda books, Fragments of the Lost, has a unique hook Jessa, our teenaged protagonist, has been tasked with cleaning out her dead boyfriend, Caleb s, room As she wades through the detritus of his life, each object evokes a different memory of their year long relationship But as Jessa digs deeper, she uncovers pieces that just don t add up A bus ticket to another state A scrap of a love letter An email password that was changed two days after Caleb died These cryptic fragments hehe drive Jessa to uncover the truth behind Caleb s accident But that truth might place Jessa in danger than she could ever imagine Megan Miranda is a master of characterization As Jessa sorts through Caleb s belongings, the narrative shifts back and forth in time These seamless transitions reveal the story of first love with complete authenticity As I became immersed in their history, it was almost like their relationship became mine I was invested in their romance in a way that rarely happens to me Jessa and Caleb just felt realWhile the characterization is remarkable, the drawback to Fragments of the Lost, lies in its length Megan Miranda is usually fantastic at creating tense, taught mysteries Here, unfortunately, the reminiscing becomes too protracted Editing was needed Don t get me wrong, the gradual unveiling of Jessa and Caleb s past is necessary It just becomes too gradual By page 200, it s like can we get to the point, already The mystery really doesn t pick up until the last quarter of the book And with such a drawn out beginning, the narrative thread becomes lost Summary Despite its minor problems, Fragments of the Lost is still a worthwhile read Just know that it requires patience. When Jessa Whitworth s high school ex boyfriend dies suddenly, it s as if the world stops One moment Caleb is at her track meet, taking the butterfly necklace she handed to him, and the next, he s gone, his car washed over a flooded bridge on a stormy day Caleb s mom eventually asks Jessa to pack up his room she blames Jessa for the accident, since Caleb had gone to see her that day, and Jessa feels she cannot say no She s left to clean out his room and winds up piecing together bits of Caleb s life as she does Each photograph, article of clothing, and notebook reminds her of parts of her life with Caleb Even worse, she realizes there is so much she didn t know about him With that realization, Jessa wonders, what really happened the day Caleb went over the bridge This novel isn t really what I expected at all, though I should have realized that it would be less teen angst and teen angst and psychological mystery combined, as the two Megan Miranda novels I have read, The Perfect Stranger A Novel and All the Missing Girls, are in the suspense thriller category The biggest issue for me was that this one starts off really slow. It s hard to get into any kind of momentum as every forward plot movement is broken by Jessa finding something and immediately remembering back into her past with Caleb I was a little frustrated in the beginning, wanting to happen I really enjoyed the character of Jessa, though She was a little hard on herself in relation to Caleb s death, but she was also a teen dealing with both the death of a loved one and a recent breakup their split occurring not too long before his death She came across as pretty realistic The supporting cast was a little nebulous for me Caleb s mom was pretty harsh, and we didn t see too much of Jessa s family, though I liked her older brother, Julian Caleb s best friend and neighbor, Max, was probably the other character that was easiest to get to know and he was rather well fleshed out Caleb himself whom we learn about through Jessa s point of view and flashbacks is a hard one to figure out, but that only adds to the mystique of how he ended up at the bridge that day Overall, if you can bring a little patience, this book is one to enjoy. It eventually picks up and while the storyline is somewhat different this whole novel is rather hard to describe , I really did enjoy it I felt satisfied with the ending it was worth reading I enjoyed Miranda s two adult mysteries and while this is the first of her YA novels that I ve read, I will definitely investigate others 3.5 stars You can read my review of THE PERFECT STRANGER here Blog Twitter Facebook Google Instagram I can see I m in the minority here I honestly feel very sure in my three star rating because it perfectly describes my feelings for this book I didn t love it but I didn t hate itFirst, the characters The book opens in Jessa cleaning out Caleb s room Instantly, I was thinking Okay, why am I supposed to care about her since I know nothing about her or Caleb at all Even once, I got info on Caleb I honestly just hated him and He was selfish and dumb and imo didn t care about Jesse at all.I honestly think that Jessa should have been with Max.Like, seriously, Caleb left her so many times He snapped at her He kept secrets He was a complete jerk Max on the other hand was kind, helpful, honest and patient.Also, the mystery It literally spent half the book yada yada yada ing about Caleb and how much he was missed and how life is just unable to go one without him Blech Once, it finally got to the mystery, it was very weak and predictable I honestly felt like I was watching an episode of Dora view spoiler Book Where did Caleb go Blink Blink Me HE S HIDING BECAUSE HE KILLED SHAUN Book Blink Blink Can you help me find Caleb Me He s hiding in the woods somewhere, you idiot.Book Blink Blink hide spoiler I want to thank NetGalley and Random House Children s for providing me with this copy in exchange for an honest review This book is so good, it s my first experience with the author, but it sure will not be the last I ve had such a good time with this book, from the beginning you just want to keep reading, not only the story is very interesting but also really additive4.5 5 Stars You can find this one and of my reviews on my blog A Book A Thought.Fragments of the Lost is focused on Jessa, her ex boyfriend Caleb has just died in a car accident, and his mother asks Jessa if she would be able to order her son s room and pack his things Although she feels a bit out of place while being in Caleb s room again, she still decides to do so because she feels that maybe it s a good way to work through the guilt she feels for his accident Being in this place Jessa will be surrounded by memories and pieces of their relationship and this will make her begin to wonder if she actually knew Caleb at all I decided to request this book because it s described as ideal for We Were Liars fans, and since it s one of my favorite books, then I decided that why not give it a chance, right Well I wasn t wrong, this book is absolutely intriguing, has much suspense, mystery and is that kind of story that once you start it you can t stop until you know the whole truth I felt too hooked throughout the book and to be a book with so much mystery content is really easy and quick to read I m so happy to have chosen it, I really spent an excellent time reading it, trying to put all the pieces in place, was really funJessa is a great main character, she only goes for what she wants and is very determined in her decisions, I really liked her and this has been very influential for me, since the whole book is told in first person by her,there were moments in which I felt so bad for her and for all the situation in which she was involved, but she was so strong and I really admire that , I would have started to cry like a little girl lol I liked the secondary characters a lot, I also think that they all have very different personalities and this makes the plot complete and entertaining Max s character is great, he is really such a good person, I love it I don t want to specify who he is, or why I liked him because I want everyone to find out and get to know him I have several thoughts about Caleb too, not all of them are good so I don t want to express them too much because SPOILERS The book is divided into three parts Part 1 The Fragments , where we see Jessa trying to put together the puzzle to find out what was going on in Caleb s life before his accident and thus try to reveal his secrets This part is almost the majority of the book, I think it is 80% or even Part 2 The Puzzle , is where everything is revealed and the truth comes to light This was my favorite part OMG, the revelations are so good and like everything is handled it was great and out of the ordinary Part 3 The Future , which is the part where obviously we ll see the future of the characters and how their lives continue after the past events I really loved the book, but I m not giving it a complete 5 stars because I was interested in the present throughout the book and how it includes many jumps to the past this influenced, although it wasn t boring at all, I needed to know a little about the relationships of the characters in the present. Even so I think that the jumps to the past end up being key when it comes to knowing about the Caleb and Jessa s relationship and how it changes and leads to the situations that led to its separation and the accident itselfThe writing style is beautiful, I love how deep and almost poetic it ends up being, the meaning of the plot is much than discovering things about your ex lol, it s about trust, it s about family, secrets and also plays a lot with, how far you re able to get to uncover the truth and how this changes you as a person It presents situations where she feels that she gives too much when she wasn t receiving anything in return It s really interesting and it has touched me than I thought The story of Caleb and Jessa is much than a love story, it s about another kind of love and it is also about getting to know yourself, that was really nice The ending was great, I liked that wasn t the typical happy ending but it was a much real and enjoy that factI would recommend this book a lot for all those who enjoy a good YA reading, of course you ll find a mystery story, but even if this is not your cup of tea, it s much than that This book is about self discovery and it s about figuring out what you want to do with your life or what you re willing to do for those you love and for yourself, so I d say if you like the Contemporary YA in general, then you ll enjoy this one It doesn t have a heavy content in terms of romance either, so if you like the plot with little romance this would be a good option I would totally read another book with the same characters, it was a great journey 4 starsWhen reading mystery novels, I, for the most part, can sort of figure out what is going to happen Not in an I can predict what the ending will be but in a I have a feeling of where this is going and I still get surprised by what happened Unless it s a painfully obvious prediction then my enjoyment will go down It s not a bad thing for me because even if I know what might happen, I do love the rising action leading up to the mystery and how it plays out.Fragments of the Lost is one of those examples While I wouldn t put this as one of the best mystery novels out there, it did keep me invested in the plot and mystery And if a mystery manages to keep me invested in where it s going, I do like it even with its flaws.Fragments of the Lost is a mystery revolving around Jessa piecing together the fragments of what may have lead to figuring out the death of her ex boyfriend, Caleb She cleans out his room at the request of Caleb s mother and while doing so, Jessa begins to figure out that some things about their relationship didn t make sense as well as the events leading up to Caleb s death.What I got from this book was good enough mystery that kept me hooked into finding out just what the hell is going on with Caleb s death The lies, the deception, the struggling relationship between Jessa and Caleb Though this story isn t without its flaws, I did have a good enough time reading it.For the positives, the main selling point is the mystery surrounding Caleb s death Jessa is cleaning out his room and comes across many items that not only gives us a look into the past but also a look at Caleb and Jessa s relationship and the fallout of their break up This isn t a story with a huge focus on the romance, but rather gives the reader a look at what was going on in the relationship that would eventually lead up to Caleb s death Megan Mirada did a great job at giving us a look at the past while keeping in touch with the present There wasn t any disconnect between the two and I appreciate that It s often a hit or miss when an author goes back and forth between the past and the present, regardless if it s only by a few weeks to several years.The one major flaw that did set this book back would have to be the lack of characterization of Jessa and Caleb To an extent, they are decent enough characters that I liked but not have an overall attachment to them Jess could ve been than just a character who lost her boyfriend and Caleb could ve been than a guy with secrets in his past Not bad characters but should ve been fleshed out Verdict A pretty good mystery novel that kept me invested Not the ultimate best mystery novel, but I did enjoy my time reading it.Thanks for reading my review Cesar I have been a fan of Megan s words from the beginning and I was insanely excited to get my hands on this book I love love loved Jessa She s smart and a bit heartbroken and it was intriguing being in her head for this story There are a few other characters, but I m not going to say anything about them Plot wise, it was captivating The story is told by items Jessa finds in Caleb s room and the memory attached to them and the way it unfolds is the most delicious torture I couldn t get through the story fast enough Overall, it was mysterious and sweet and amusing and there was so much tension, it was glorious I know I m being vague, but I don t want to spoil one bit of it This is definitely a story I ll read again Huge thanks to Mysterious Galaxy for letting me take this out of the super sekrit back room

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