Ship of Dreams (Dreams Come True, #2)

Ship of Dreams (Dreams Come True, #2) Advertising Diva Laura Armstrong Is After Imperial Cruise Lines, The Biggest Account Of Her Career And The One That Will Lead To The Next Step In Her Life Plan Of Becoming One Of The Most Powerful Women In Advertising That Winning The Account Will Also Prove Her Father Wrong Is A Bonus Sexy Southern Gentleman Nathan Maxwell Is After That Very Same Account, But For Completely Different Reasons Landing The Account Means A Sizeable Bonus Just In Time To Save His Family S Farm, And The Only Stable Home His Sister S Ever Known, From Foreclosure When The Two End Up On The Same Ship In The Middle Of The Mediterranean For A Clandestine Reconnaissance Mission, Mt Vesuvius Isn T The Only Thing That Could Erupt Will Nathan Sink Her Ship Of Dreams Before It Ever Leaves Port, Or Will The Way To Love Be Smooth Sailing

Rebecca Heflin is a bestselling, award winning author who has dreamed of writing romantic fiction since she was fifteen and her older sister sneaked a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss Shanna to her and told her to read it Rebecca writes women s fiction and contemporary romance When not passionately pursuing her dream, Rebecca is busy with her day job at a major state university Rebecca is a member o

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  • Ship of Dreams (Dreams Come True, #2)
  • Rebecca Heflin
  • 28 April 2017
  • 9781619359697

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    The dog eat dog world of advertising takes to the high seas with a battle for one of the biggest money making accounts on the line Self admitted trust fund baby and business savvy Laura Armstong is out to get that account, to prove to her bosses and especially her powerful and wealthy father that she is than just a pretty faced socialite princess with fluff for brains Meanwhile her biggest competitor, Nathan Maxwell wants that same account, but his reasons involve his hearth, home and heart Undercover they both go, sizing up the prize and what they need to do to bring a revered cruise liner into the twenty first century.Ten days on a romantic Mediterranean cruise, single and alone, they meet, which is part of a cute smallworld story itself and the sparks fly Laura has rules to follow for this brief shipboard affair, and one of them is no discussing their lives and you KNOW that is going to backfire on them When will they discover who the other one is What will it do to their budding romance Will the winner of the account take all and walk away Let the games begin by Rebecca Heflin is a fun and light hearted voyage filled with great dialogue, nasty secrets and some good old fashioned charm Ms Heflin has a delightful slant to her writing that makes you laugh, raise your eyebrows and crave the point where the rest of the story is told Her characters Can you say polar opposites Laura has had a comfortable life financially, been gifted with looks, the best of everything and can handle herself at any social gathering with ease There were times that her nose was so high in the air I feared she would trip over her perfectly chosen stilettos Nathan is down to earth, has clawed his way up from a poor southern upbringing, but he was taught to care about others, and had the art of giving down to a natural art Did either one rub off on the other Guess you ll have to read Ship of Dreams to find out This one belongs in your beach bag for sure I received this copy from Rebecca Heflin in exchange for my honest review.Series Dreams Come True Book 2Publication Date February 11, 2015Publisher Soul Mate PublishingGenre Contemporary RomancePrint Length 254 pagesAvailable from Reviewed for

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    All s Fair in Love and CompetitionThis was my first romance from Rebecca Heflin, who writes a fun and sweet romance with SHIP OF DREAMS The characters of Laura and Nathan were a definite opposites attract romance in the makingand I enjoyed getting to watch them fall in lovewith a few obstacles in the way Heflin s writing flows smooth and I love how descriptive she gets without being overly descriptiveI felt as if I was watching a movie instead of reading a book I look forward to see where she takes the series Fans of Julie James will certainly enjoy SHIP OF DREAMS

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    The second instalment in The Dreams Come True Series, Ship of Dreams by Rebecca Heflin is a romance novel full of passion, fine dining, conflict, travelling, conflict and eventually love and happiness.The story is about Laura Armstrong and Nathan Maxwell Those who have read, Dreams of Perfection, will recognise Laura and already have an idea about her character Those who haven t will get to know her from the first chapter She s always chic, loves to wear high heels and short skirts and has a different boyfriend every month.In the novel, Laura and Nathan work for competing advertising companies and both are after the same account Imperial Cruises The two characters have a chance meeting on the street and end up meeting on the same ship, owned by Imperial, named Nave dei Sogni Ship of Dreams.They start what they lay down as a temporary love affair on the boat but a chance text results in the discovery that they are one another s competition This, however, comes almost mid way in the book.Narrated in the third person, Ship of Dreams jumps between the different lives, problems and viewpoints of Laura and Nathan, while portraying the emotions and showing their contrasting but not so contrasting lifestyles as well as their different reasons to want to win the Imperial account While Laura seeks to win the account to show her father her worth and get a promotion, Nathan wants the account in order to save his grandmother s farm from the banks, after his grandmother has mortgaged the farm to give her grandchildren a proper education.I enjoyed Heflin s narration It was simple and with meticulous details to Laura, Nathan, the ship, their emotions, the food everything The novel cruise also takes you briefly to France and Italy.However, regarding this same detailed description, I felt that some parts, especially those on the ship and those related to fine dining were too long I didn t want to keep on reading about every restaurant they went to and what they ordered The novel might be interesting to someone who is a fan of fine dining and would consider trying out the places mentioned in the novel, but I felt it was too much especially, since this resulted in moving the confrontation between Laura and Nathan to nearly the middle of the book.From the beginning of the novel, we are introduced to Laura s family issues Her father does not think much of her When word comes out that Imperial wants a new advertising agency, Laura s father gives the info to his daughter s competitors He is later shocked to learn that his daughter is going after the same account Thanks to Milt telling Hawk Media about the account What do you mean Are you going after Imperial Her father s mulish face took on a purple hue Yes, and I m going to get it too She winced at the petulant sound of her own voice So much like a little girl s voice A little girl who had craved her father s attention but had never gotten it.We also get several comparisons between Laura and her younger brother, Neil, who is described as failing every job he tries, until his father creates a title for him in the Armstrong empire.I liked the humour between Laura and Josh, Darcy s husband from the first book in the series They are constantly teasing each other Laura turned and greeted Josh in her usual manner, Voldemort Bellatrix Laura is hard headed, stubborn, competitive and with a strong personality And despite there being character development for her, there were some instances in the novel that I felt were contradictory to her character When she discovers that she is on the same cruise as Nathan and that they are attracted to each other, she offers herself up for a temporary physical relationship with him, twice, which in my opinion makes her look cheap I felt this part did not fit her character.At one point, she tells Nathan Let me make it easy for you I don t need seducing I m a sure thing He answers May be I m not That for me was embarrassing and spoiled the whole moment for me It also made me dislike Laura and think less of her.I m a fan of strong, independent women But this was low and degrading in my opinion It also doesn t seem to fit her character She took a deep breath and stepped onto the polished marble floor with all the determination of a gladiator stepping into the Roman Colosseum In the first chapter we are introduced to Nathan as wearing a Cartier watch Later, we see him spending a lot of money, while dining out with Laura At the same time, he feels bad for the money he s spending because he wants to save up and rescue the farm These contradictions stuck out with me throughout the novel I thought it was strange that someone looking to save money and win an account to save his home would spend all this money on appearances He doesn t have to look like a beggar or a miser, but there is a middle ground.On another note, Nathan is able to see certain aspects of Laura s character, aspects she tries to hide There is also a strong comparison between the relationship Nathan and his sister had with their grandmother, and Laura s with both her parents It is sad for Laura and my heart ached for her I also got the urge to smack her father.Towards the end of the novel, Nathan encounters Laura s father He is both surprised and shocked by their relationship and how much Milton Armstrong thinks little of his daughter, who is known to be a shark in the advertising business She relished a challenge Like facing a well skilled opponent in a chess match, it only made the victory that much sweeter I also liked the use of Ship of Dreams as both the title of the novel and the place the two characters meet and eventually have a happy ending I felt it was an interesting pun.The description in the adult scenes was beautifully done with excellent word choice This is after all a romance novel and I liked the imagery used in these scenes, which were sensual and sultry I also liked that there was no profanity in the novel.Overall I have been delaying this review for a while because I felt the book was not as amazing as the first Sadly, I did do a lot of comparisons between the two, even if the protagonists were best friends but very different from one another.There were a lot of beautiful images in the novel, some of which I ve quoted, some I ll leave for the reader My overall rating is 2.5 stars There were parts that I liked, parts that were long and boring for me There were parts that were necessary in the character building, especially Laura s But in the end, I felt I could have enjoyed the novel if the time spent on the ship was cut shorter.Note I received a free copy of Ship of Dreams in exchange for an honest review.

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    This adult romance mixes a few themes around the contest to land an advertising contract with a cruise ship line Our expensively dressed heroine Laura works as hard as she can, ever ambitious, hoping to please her father who considers her an underachiever because she is not a boy The foolish man Laura is an intelligent young woman, plays a great game of golf and could have brightened his old age If she lands the contract she ll be made a Vice President of her New York agency I felt we got too much backstory delivered to us at various points, a lot of it early on as Laura thinks about her agency and how high tech it is This should better have been demonstrated.Nathan was dragged up tough and after his mother s death he and his sister went to live with their Southern grandmother who raised them as farm kids Now he s in a New York setting for the first time for meetings as the agency he works for also wants this contract This provides a nice contrast between the principals and gives a reason why they have not met, so the author clearly put a great deal of thought into the work Research for each of the pair means an incognito cruise on a ship around the Mediterranean and as they have each already told their boards most of the passengers are older people, so they can t help finding something in common After a few days they are attracted enough to start a fling which the workaholic girl insists is not to get romantic, and they are not to swap personal details Trouble ahead.This is actually a story about two grandmothers Laura s grandmother is a matriarch, we are early told, but she s actually an unloving control freak, passing down her attitudes While Nathan s late grandmother not only raised two parentless kids to be good people, she secretly mortgaged her home to get them well educated, claiming she d stashed money away when in reality the siblings look set to lose the farm if they can t pay off the mortgage This kind of detail and the attention to setting detail make Ship Of Dreams far than another standard romance About a third of the adult story is set on board ship or in the scenic locations visited, with Laura s busy mind inventing apps for tours while Nathan for the first time wants to buy a girl a gift of jewellery A copy was sent to me for an unbiased review.

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    Laura Armstrong, daughter of a callous but wealthy business mogul, finds herself in a complicated love affair with the handsome Southern gentleman Nathan Maxwell while on a 10 day Mediterranean cruise Laura has a few rules for her casual flings, one of which is not disclosing personal information By the end of their cruise on the Ship of Dreams, Laura and Nathan discover they re both advertising executives fighting for the same account with a major cruise line, abruptly ending their short relationship.That s just a glimpse into Rebecca Heflin s latest novel, Ship of Dreams, book two in her Dreams Come True series and one of her greatest novels to date I immediately fell in love with the characters because they re all so relatable and entertaining to read about The storyline is flawless and keeps you hooked from the very beginning.As in every other romance novel, the hero and heroine end up together But it s the adventure that leads up to their reunion and the troubles they face as a couple that distinguish Heflin s latest novel from others of the romance genre These characters deal with very real issues like troubled upbringings, family turmoil and conflicts at work that define the everyday individual.I m looking forward to Heflin s final installment in this captivating series, Dreams of Her Own If the first two Dreams novels are any indication, it definitely will not disappoint

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    great romance book I loved the characters Laura and Nathan she s mouthy , brazen while he s laid back, honerable and family oriented their romance seems very real instead of a book they have real problems couples encounter and get through them this is a opposites attract kinda love story very well written and players out in your mind like a movie string female character very worth the time it takes to read enjoyable I was given this bok for a honest re view.

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    Laura Armstrong is extremely good at her job What is her job She s in advertising The biggest account her company has ever seen is available She s determined to land that account Nathan Maxwell works for a rival ad agency He is also determined to land this account He knows his company can do the best work for the company The bonus that will come with landing the account is exactly what Nathan needs Laura wan t prepared for the competition to be so charming and handsome Well written with characters you can relate to makes this book one to buy I enjoyed the banter back and forth between Laura and Nathan It s humorous, loving and fast paced This author gave us all a chance to dream in this book Get your copy today I didn t find any issues I gave this one 5 out of 5 cheers because it s a joy to read Copy of book provided by author and I voluntarily reviewed it.

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    When I first started reading this story, I thought I had it all figured out already and it honestly took me a little bit to get into it Boy was I wrong I love how Rebecca put her own touch to this story and made it to where I could not put it down once it got really good and past the point that I thought I knew how it was all going to end.Laura is well know for the role that her father plays in ship making and being a very wealthy man What people really don t know is how that Laura and her family do not get along and really never have It is sad to see such a nice young woman that has never really been shown what Love is Laura is looking to land a major account with her firm when she goes for the account of the Cruise line that her father builds ships for With the family connection, her father s involvement with the ship industry and all other things considered, everyone thinks that Laura s team will have no competition Laura decides to take a trip on the Ship of Dreams to see how things are handled and what could be improved before she does her sales pitch to bring in the big account to her company Little does she know that her competition has decided to do the same thing, on the same cruise as she takes Never in her wildest dreams does Laura think that the spy will be her knight in shining amour that saved her from the cracks of New York just days before Nathan is a southern gentleman in all ways, but Laura does not think that it is coincidence that they ended up on the same cruise.Nathan has recently moved to New York and is looking to land the Cruise line account, like Laura He never intended to meet someone like Laura that would sweep him off his feet in the seconds of a chance encounter Nathan has no one left in his family but his sister and that is who he is looking to help with the bonus that he will receive once landing the Cruise line account He needs to help Amanda pay of the farm Their grandmother had taken out loans against the farm to pay for Nathan s college and now he wants to find a way to pay off the mortgage and help his sister start new Amanda could then focus on bringing in a profit from the farm instead of just making ends meet Nathan is a southern gentleman to the tee and always treats the ladies in his life with the utmost respect Nathan does have a side to him that will make you turn to mush, but he is also an Alpha male that likes to take charge and show Laura how to have a good time and how that someone can love her, just as she is.Nathan and Laura have very many dreamy escapades while on the cruise and soon you can tell that the rules and lines that they had a first drawn into the fling are begining to diminish The back and forth of these two really gets you into the story and you just want to know how things are going to end up for this couple I was rooting for them but when someone in a relationship is so injured from their past, it makes you wonder if there is a chance of a lasting relationship Although Laura tries to push Nathan away several different times, he persists and finally begins to break down the wall that Laura has build for so long against a loving relationship of any kind This story has a HEA and I was so glad that I could not read fast enough to see how it all ended for them Thanks Rebecca for a great read I am looking forward to in this series

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    It s a rare treat to find a book that has impeccable humor along with a good storyline and hot sex, but Ms Heflin does all three and does them well in SHIP OF DREAMS Nathan Maxwell can t stand to see a beautiful woman in distress, and the shapely Cinderella whose Louboutin s are stuck in a crack in an NYC sidewalk definitely qualifies Laura Armstrong usually likes her men rugged than the suit wearing sweetie who saves her shoe, but even she can appreciate a damn gorgeous man when she sees one, especially when that man has the sexiest southern accent she s ever heard Unfortunately, when they meet again, it s because they re both on the cruise ship Nave dei Sogni Ship of Dreams competing for a huge advertising contract Fortunately, they don t find out the other s occupation right away and get 9 steamy days of a gorgeously erotic affair in Once the truth is revealed, will either of them be able to deny the bond they ve formed Ooh, I LOVED this book SHIP OF DREAMS is the second offering in the Dreams Come True Series and it was so so good I could relate to the creative industry setting, as well as Laura s unapologetic shoe fetish Her sense of humor was freakin hysterical, witty and snarky, self deprecating yet haughty She was just fabulous And Nathan, wooohhhmama he s DELISH All that southern charm wasn t lost on this reader, I ll tell you that I liked the dichotomy of the rough background and the current polished hottie, and even though that character isn t new, it felt fresh with the humor that Ms Heflin infused into both him and Laura Their chemistry was absolutely crazy hot, and even though the sex scenes were implied than described, I was shocked about just how hot and sexy that could be I did feel as if the ending was a bit rushed, though I approved of the outcome Bottom Line SHIP OF DREAMS was a fabulous book and I can t wait to pick up books by this talented author See at See at

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    Nathan and Laura, two people who know what want, know what they need, and they pursue it with every fiber of their being Their common goal is an advertising contract for a cruise line that s hoping to draw in a younger demographic Winning the contract would mean a huge pay raise, prestige and recognition.But while Laura s approach is aggressive and wants the account to gain her father s approval, Nathan is reserved, approaching the deal calmly and coolly, knowing that landing the deal would help save his sister s home.Laura was, at times, extremely cold, distant, and business minded Other times, she was playful, flirty, and the ultimate siren In those moments, I adored her because the warmth she projected seemed to resonate from her soul The other times left me wondering where this woman was and why she was trying so hard to win someone s affection who never seemed to care one bit for her.While I conflicted over Laura, I was rock steady about Nathan He was any woman s dream come true A Southern gentleman through and through, he played by Laura s rules, broke his one, and showed her the passionate man beneath his refined man facade He also showed through actions than words that she was worth caring for, that she was worthy of affection, that she deserved to be loved, that she didn t have anything to prove to anyone least of all her dad.The competitiveness of their business brought out the ugly side of both Nathan and Laura Jealousy was not a good color on either of them and I couldn t wait for them to squash that green tinted monster and move on.Hot and sexy, sweet and sensual, Nathan and Laura s journey into forever started on the streets of New York with what seemed like a chance encounterbut really wasn t Don t ask me to explain that last bit You ll have to read the story to find out the unexpected twist about their initial meeting Received from Tasty Book Tours for an honest review

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