Sorens Bondmate (Zarronian Warriors, #3)

Sorens Bondmate (Zarronian Warriors, #3) Soren Valanson S Mating Fever Has Reached Its Limits And His Death Is Eminent As A Zarronian Warrior He S Determined To Die In Battle He Searches The Universe For A War And Finds One On The Planet Of Krystali Skye Is A Krystali Enchantress She Can Conjure The Most Deadly Substance In The Universe But She Can T Use It To Defend Herself For That She Needs A Worthy Mate What Are The Odds That Two People With The Same Problem Will Meet On A Small Frozen Planet In The Middle Of Nowhere

Mardi Maxwell has a quirky sense of humor, a never ending need to solve the what ifs in life, and a love of friends, family, and road trips She writes steamy sci fi and paranormal novels, as well as an erotic romance series In her books you ll find bad boy alpha heroes, sassy women who bend the rules, laughter, tears, suspense, and always happy ever after endings.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 255 pages
  • Sorens Bondmate (Zarronian Warriors, #3)
  • Mardi Maxwell
  • English
  • 20 January 2019

10 thoughts on “Sorens Bondmate (Zarronian Warriors, #3)

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    5 starsI strongly suggest you read the series so you will get a full understanding of why Soren is in the condition he is in at the beginning of this book In his world he is a level 6 warrior and it would take a rare type of woman who could mate with him and save him Without that woman he will surely die, which is the fate he has accepted Taking on dangerous missions in hopes that he can die before the fever kills him, he crashes into a place that is frozen and appears isolated Skye, who is also in need of a mate to live, has been placed in that location for her own protection so when she comes across the wounded Soren, she knew she needed to use her healing powers to save him What neither of them could have expected was they were perfect for each other and would not only save each other s lives, they would share their powers Unfortunately, Skye didn t go through the proper rules to mate with Soren which will later come back and haunt them I wish I could go on and on about what they experience but you need to read it for yourself so you can feel the emotions that come with their journey Grab some tissues, get a stiff drink and be prepared to sit on the edge of your seat.As they take on the mission of battling the enemy that wants to control Skye s planet, Soren will need to learn about the culture and how to manage his new powers that he shares with Skye Their journey will be full of danger, risky missions, adventure, happiness, betrayal and love I felt the story was well balanced and engaging new characters that will play an important role to the plot We also get to reconnect with the characters we have grown to love such as Thorn and Valan along with the other warriors You will witness the combination of two teams of galaxy warriors having to train each other and learn to compromise powers all for the common good of the people and family I love this series but I loved Soren s story the most Mardi took a slightly different writing style with this book due to the new adventure Soren was going on This story isn t a duplicate of the first two, it is fresh and full of drama and suspense and I highly recommend it.

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    Wanted to love this but.Story was great but the ending left no real resolution Seems to be missing an epilogue chapter Hopefully this story will continue in the next book and let us know what happened to the villains.

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    3rd book and I loved itThis is the third book in the series and of them this story is very unique and has alot of heart and soul in it What happens when the matting fever makes you want a warrior s death but fate has a way of interrupting you plans that s this book That s this book has it in spades Congratulations Miss Maxwell.

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    Cliffhanger ending as far as most of the major happenings of the story Some resolution for the H and h.

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    I didn t like it as the other books in this series I thought Soren s story would be strong as his brother but unfortunately it wasn t I wish the next book will be better.

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    EverythingThis story has a big of everything , ove ,hot sex , betrayal and survival against the odds I loved every word of it

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    This book in the series was a little different then the ones before it, most likely because it took place in another world Also there were a lot of unexpected twists and turns and it did end up with a cliffhanger which I can t wait to read Soren the main male character is dying and wants to die in battle, so he becomes involved In a space battle with enemies and fights wildly and his shuttle gets hits knocking him near a wormhole where he gets sucked in and ends up on a strange frozen world, unconscious and dying He s found by Skye, warrior, enchantress and healer who is also dying The only way she can save them both is to take him as mate Two people with the same problem find each other on a frozen planet through some quirk of fate There s a lot of action, magic and surprises definitely worth the read

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    Better Much betterReading book one and two I confess to not wanting to ever re read them The heroes of both books pissed me the hell off Thankfully in this book I didn t want to stab anyone but the villain This time the hero has a good heart and trusts quickly I really enjoyed this relationship this book.

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    No chemistry I really liked the premise but there wasn t a lot of chemistry between the two Most of the book was about fighting and not their relationship The solutions and problems seems a little off, particularly with the punishments for all of the characters For such a powerful sorceress she was easily overcome.

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    I didn t even finish this one I had high hopes for Soren, I loved his character in Thorn s book Hated his story.

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