Murder Will Out (Agatha Christie Investigates #1)

Murder Will Out (Agatha Christie Investigates #1) The Great War Is Over, But The Ghosts Of The Dead Still Linger Agatha Christie Was One Of The Lucky Ones Her Husband Returned From The Conflict And For Her, And Her Local Neighbours, Life Has Resumed Agatha Is Beginning To Gain Some Notoriety For Her Crime Writing And She Is Busy Working On Her Latest Novel But Then Her Neighbour Tells Her There Has Been A Real Murder At The Vicarage A Young Man, Cecil Coates, Has Been Poisoned, And Due To Christie S Expertise In The Crime Genre, The Neighbourhood Wants Her To Investigate At First Agatha Is Reluctant To Get Involved After All, She Is A Writer, Not A Detective But Then Robert Sayer, Godson Of Her Neighbour, And One Of The Main Suspects In The Case, Appeals To Her Directly For Help, And She Finds Herself Being Drawn In What Secrets And Lies Are Lying Beneath The Village S Tranquil Exterior Can Agatha Christie Use Her Imagination To Draw The Murderer Out Murder Will Out Is The First In A New Series Of Murder Mysteries, In Which Famous Authoress Agatha Christie Takes Time Out From Writing To Investigate Real Crime

Alison Joseph was born and brought up in London She studied French and Philosophy at Leeds University, and then worked in local radio in Leeds as a producer and presenter She moved back to London in 1983 and worked for a Channel 4 production company, making short documentaries In 1985 she set up her own company, Works on Screen Productions included Through the Devil s Gateway, a series about w

➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Murder Will Out (Agatha Christie Investigates #1)  By Alison Joseph ➦ –
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Murder Will Out (Agatha Christie Investigates #1)
  • Alison Joseph
  • 17 October 2019
  • 9781505919882

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    As Agatha Christie is my favourite author of all time, I found this mystery, which features her as the sleuth, irresistible All Agatha wants to do is concentrate on writing her new novel, when neighbour Sylvia Ettridge calls to ask for her help Her godson, Robert Sayer, is curate at the vicarage and there has been a murder there Robert s friend, Cecil, who was staying at the vicarage has been found poisoned and Sylvia seems to think that Agatha can solve the crime Agatha is not a willing participant in this view of her as a detective However, once she begins to investigate, she finds that she is drawing conclusions which lead her to the killer There are lots of possible suspects, and a plot worthy of a Christie novel itself with mysterious graves, long lost legacies, links to a clinic in the East End of London and motives which include both love and greed If an author uses real people into their novels, it is important that they treat the subject they are writing about with respect Agatha here is one that lovers of her novels will recognise and there are lots of lovely bookish clues about future plots and characters, as well as hints about her life at the time from the beginning of her writing success to her husband s obsession with her royalties At times, I found the sheer amount of characters a little confusing to, but this was a fun read and I would certainly read the next in the series and hope there is one.

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    Agatha Christie as a detective is an interesting concept and definitely something different for Alison Joseph after her successful series of novels featuring Sister Agnes I enjoyed this well written village mystery in which Agatha becomes reluctantly involved in investigating a poisoning at the vicarage There is a complex web of old scandals, feuds and relationships and Agatha must unravel these before she finds the solution.This is a quick read but I think the author has caught the essence of Agatha Christie and created in her a delightful character If you enjoy Nicola Upson s recreation of Josephine Tey as an amateur detective then you may enjoy this story too.

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    Enjoyable mysteryThis book really reminded me of the old fashioned English village mystery Whatcha Christie is the amateur detective, who also happens to be an author of mystery novels I did find it a bit difficult to keep the children characters straight and although the conclusion was plausible, the author kept some clues to herself and didn t reveal them until the end Never the less it was an enjoyable, easy to read cozy mystery.

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    The conceit of this book is that a youngish Agatha Christie is drawn into a real life murder investigation, because her neighbors assume she will want to be involved because of what she writes She is reluctant, because she knows that her stories are a far different thing from real people But the real people and their personalities draw her in, and in true cozy fashion, she solves the mystery for the detectives What I didn t like I had a hunch about the culprit, but it was only a hunch, because Agatha figured things out based on documents she read that we weren t privy to and because of inter relationships I couldn t always keep straight Which leads to my second complaint I kept getting confused about characters because it would frequently switch between formal full names as would seem appropriate for the era and first names, often between a pair of characters on the same page Good thing this kindle edition was x ray enabled or I would have gotten lost Also, there is also some attempt at connecting the real life events to the plot Agatha is working out writing at the time, but it felt forced Maybe if I were familiar with the entire Christie canon it would be meaningful Does that mean the only good audience for the series is die hard Christie fans that are willing to let the author be a character

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    A real cozy village mystery which features Agatha Christie as a character Much against her will Agatha is drawn into investigating a murder at the local vicarage and despite quite a complicated plotline succeeds in unmasking the murderer My main criticism is that there were too many characters for such a short book and, apart from Agatha, didn t really get developed in any depth I got so confused at times that I had to reread previous chapters to find out who was who However it was pleasant easy read.

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    Death stalks the vicarage1923 The Great War is over, but the ghosts of the dead still linger Agatha Christie was one of the lucky ones her husband returned from the conflict and for her, and her local neighbours, life has resumed Agatha is beginning to gain some notoriety for her crime writing and she is busy working on her latest novel But then her neighbour tells her there has been a real murder at the vicarage a young man, Cecil Coates, has been poisoned, and due to Christie s expertise in the crime genre, the neighbourhood wants her to investigate At first Agatha is reluctant to get involved After all, she is a writer, not a detective But then Robert Sayer, godson of her neighbour, and one of the main suspects in the case, appeals to her directly for help, and she finds herself being drawn in What secrets and lies are lying beneath the village s tranquil exterior Can Agatha Christie use her imagination to draw the murderer out Murder Will Out is the first in a new series of murder mysteries, in which famous authoress Agatha Christie takes time out from writing to investigate real crimes.I enjoyed this nicely woven, well plotted and written mystery starring the Queen of Crime herself, Mrs Agatha Christie And delivered in the true style of a Christie mystery.This is the first of what I hope will be a continuing series of Mrs Christie murder mysteries.If you like the review and would like to read reviews on other books I have read, visit my blog at www.finalchapterreadersgroup.wordpres like, comment and follow.

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    I was a little leery of this book to start out with Agatha Christie as a detective She s one of my favorite authors, but a detective However, I had no reason to worry since this book was excellent Agatha is a reluctant investigator as she would rather be working on her latest manuscript and the book takes just the right tone The village setting and characters are very enjoyable and the mystery itself was first rate All in all, a great read and I m looking forward to continuing with the series.

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    A clever concept and some passages of nice writing Some of the characters, especially the women, are credibly portrayed and developed On the other hand, the narrative became convoluted in places and I share other readers confusion over the continual swapping between first and surnames in addressing characters It was difficult enough keeping the cast clearly in mind without that additional hurdle The cleverness of the concept, however, and the strength of the portrayal of Agatha leave me with no regrets in having read it,

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    The writing isn t bad and I like the premise of Christie the author herself being pulled into real life mysteries But the author has over complicated the plot Too many characters, too many disconnected, confusing threads, a jerky narrative Overall, it just doesn t work.

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    An interesting idea Agatha Christie is involved in solving a murder because her neighbours think that she should know all about detection, being a crime writer but it didn t really work for me I found it an easy read but I found it hard to suspend my disbelief.

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