Tommaso (Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. #2)

Tommaso (Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. #2) Sometimes the strangest things turn Charlotte on I also made a coop for your chickens, he added It has central heat since you said they re always cold You did He nodded God, I so want you I rushed toward him and threw my arms around his neck, our mouths colliding.I loved Tommy in the first book and I ve been eagerly awaiting his book, and that man, did not disappoint me, I loved this book. WARNING This book like all of Mimi Jean Pamfiloff s books will cause you to forget you had laundry in the dryer, forget that you had dinner in the oven and forget that you had a hair appointment Thank the gods for smoke alarms and forgiving hair dressers Mimi has done it once again and created another page turner in this world of immortals that we all know and love Some of our questions are answered, but questions are posed, leaving us panting for subsequent books in this incredible series Mimi s writing style is an absolute delight to read She s hilarious and she s sassy and she s a bit naughty which means her female characters say just exactly what we re thinking.If you re looking for a fun sexy read that will also delve a little further into why people act the way they do, look no further than Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Her books are absolute gems and Tommaso is no exception.Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Tommaso From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff TOMMASO, Book , Immortal Matchmakers, Inc SeriesSOMETIMES, HOT MEN CAN BE REAL MONSTERS Tommaso Fierro Is Used To The Finer Things In Life Nice Suits, Nice Car, Nice House Okay, His Past Isn T So Nice, But That S In The Past Or At Least It Was Until He Blacked Out After Meeting The Woman Of His DreamsAnnnd Possibly Capturing HerAnnnd Possibly Terrorizing Her Before She Got AwayAnnnd Discovering That He S Turning Into A Horrible Creature He Loathes With All His HeartLuckily, There S A Cure Unluckily, It Will Require Him To Track This Woman Down And Convince Her To Give Him A Second Chance But If He Finds Her, Will She Ever Believe That He S Really Not A Monster Yes, sometimes men can be monsters, but they are pussy cats compared to the machinations of our Cimil Get ready to re enter Mimi Jean Pamfiloff s crazy world of the gods, the demigods and the mere mortals who seem to be able to outplay, out last and pretty much bring these gods to their knees, lost in love Tomasso is the tale of these immortals, used to the finer things in life, okay, he expected he deserved the finer things in life and took advantage at any opportunity He had some bad times to make up for and all was terrific until THAT night the night he found his true mate and may have been less than impressive, suave or debonair In a word, he may have been a monster, so why should he get a second chance to impress You know what they say about first impressions Charlotte is in his sights, she s the one and if he cannot convince her of how awesome he is, Cimil has predicted that he will be one of the unlucky bachelors who go over to the dark side Charlotte, a golf pro has a mean 9 iron swing and vague childhood memories that terrify her, memories that keep her in fear, distrustful and a prisoner of her own life Let s just say that Tomasso comes on a little too strong, in his usual manner of doing things and hotness in the flesh or not, Charlotte is not convinced she should trust him, let alone marry him.And, as they say, let the fun begin Can Tomasso prove he is worthy of Charlotte or that he wants her for than saving his immortal hide Will going through hell and back finally convince her Talk about an about face, humility in a god or demigod Rational thinking from Cimil, too Whoa.scratch that, this is fantasy, but we re talking Cimil here.Mimi Jean Pamfiloff has unleashed her crazy imagination on us again in all of its glory Plan ahead for this one, because talking to your eReader or laughing at it may be cause for concern among your family, so kick em outta the house, this is your time with Ms Pamfiloff and her crazy and signature sense of writing style as we learn if a mortal woman can tame the monster in a god.I received an ARC edition from Mimi Jean Pamfiloff in exchange for my honest review.Series Immortal matchmakers, Inc Book 2Publisher Mimi Boutique PS, Inc May 24, 2016 Publication Date May 24, 2016Genre Paranormal Romance ComedyPrint Length 228 pagesAvailable from iTunes B N KoboFor Reviews More This book about the Gods, is a roller coaster of fun, nincompoops, and childish deities.If you are looking for a book that lets your imagination run wild, just as Minky would, then this book is your ticket to fun It is a book from a series, but can be read as a standalone.Mimi Jean delivers another great book, full of comedy, drama, and incredible characters that come to life granted, bigger than life characters but they are after all Gods that you just can t help but like She even described herself in the book The master of everything dark an unwholesome and cruel, including books that end in cliffhangers Lol Tommaso, is the extremely good guy, turned evil, turned good and turned evil again hero that has you rooting for him from the beginning or even before if you ve read the other books The decisions that he makes that shape the man he is today, and all the fears that he faces for himself and for his mate really endear him to you Charlotte is our heroine, our not so much girl next door kind of girl, even though because of her past, she tries very hard She is closed off to men and to people in general So how can a guy that is plagued by fears from his past and importantly for his future, win a girl that has no intention of ever committing to someone As with other of Mimi s books, other characters make their appearance, most of them we know, and actually love, and some show their other softer sides, all coming to form a unique story that you keep wanting to read.There are things left unresolved, and definitely keep you interested in the next book For me especially is Tula and Zach who are they Well you ll have to read to know Fantastic The second book in the Immortal Matchmaker s series Cimil the Goddess of the Underworld, who is bat shit crazy and Zac the God of Temptation, who is hot temptation on a stick, are tasked with finding mates to 100 immortals in order to get their godly powers back and fate decides to through in another twist Good immortals are turning evil, evil immortals are turning good unless they find their mates This is Tommaso s story Tommaso is turning evilagain He has found his mate, Char , and must convince her that they re destined to be together for eternity Problem is he thinks he attacked Char, bound her and locked her in a closethe s not sure..was it a dream This story is filled with lots of laughter, mystery, sexy God s in leather pants, crazy Cimil antics and her invisible unicorn Minky I highly recommend this book It can be read as a stand alone but I suggest you start with the first book in the series This series is a spin off from Mimi Jean Pamfiloff s Accidentally Yours series There you can learn all about the God s and Goddesses I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review Please don t let that turn you away If your a fan of paranormal, sexy sexy men, and love a book that makes you LOL you will love this story and other works by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. The motto for this book should be Once You Go Maaskab You ll Won t Go Back Mimi Jean prolific and consistent writer She does a wide variety of genres with an eye to romance This book centers in an universe much like our own except it s not only populated with humans but with gods, vampires, demigods and Maaskab the bad guys in this universe as well.Two of the Gods, Cimil and Zac had their god powers taken away from them and were required to setup shop as match makers for the gods and immortals If you want to know the backstory to this I highly suggest that you read the Accidentally Yours series and the first book in the Immortal Matchmakers series This is the second book in the series This is a fast fun read Expect to laugh out loud and roll yours at the antics of the Gods and their cohorts Tommaso and Charlotte are the protagonists in this book The primary characters are fleshed out and interesting The supporting characters are also fun and do their share of mayhem to the frustration of Tommaso but to be fair Tommaso does gets in his fair share of zingers and I don t mean those nasty cakes that were popular in the 60 s and 70 s.This is book will keep you on your toes and snorting with laughter drinking milk or soda is highly discouraged while reading. Tommaso Immortal Matchmakers, Inc 2 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff 5 Monsterous Hashtags Oh my, Mimi has done it again, woven that wonderful web of hilariously messed up paranormal matchmaking I m really not sure who I adore in these books, as all the characters are so brilliantly warped I m going to give very little away here this book follows the adventures of Tommaso and his mission to meet and claim his mate However Char doesn t react quite how he expects and their journey together is, as always, totally insane and addictive I simply can t wait for the next installment of crazy, what with the bald chickens, clowns, raw meat on the golf course, strawberry lube oh and not forgetting the wonderfully fucked up world of Cimil and her invisible unicorn If paranormal mixed with crazy ass humour is your thing then this series is definitely worth a one click Mimi however you pronounce her last name cracks me up She writes the craziest, most outrageous, silliest, funniest smut ever I m willing to move to wherever she lives and become her evil minion gofer in order to simply hang out in her funny bubble I m a sucker for the funny but, not clown funny Nobody wants that This is the second book in this series, but it also includes all of the characters from the Accidentally series that Mimi wrote previously If you haven t read any of them, I would start with the Accidentally series because they are hilarious and you will know what the hell is going on a lot better.So, in this one, we have Tommaso and Char He is a demi god and she is a golf instructor He is turning evil, and she is a golf instructor He is trying to save his soul by getting her to love him, and she is well, a golf instructor You know what they say about golfers They are boring as hell because golf is an obsession.So, Char isn t all that exciting, but she is also a little crazy The whole package Tommaso has to convince Char to love him before he turns evil and it s not going that well We get his POV for the first half of the book, and hers for the second I loved how differently they saw everything That was well done.For some reason, guys have a hard time understanding us Weird.Along with their story, we have another little drama going on with the god of temptation, Zac, and his human office assistant, Tula Tommaso looked up at Zac, seven feet of pure conceited asshole in leather pants And topless Why aren t you wearing a shirt Tommaso grumbled Casual Friday Zac shrugged.Tommaso s gaze gravitated toward the hazy figure of a petite blonde standing beside the god, wearing only a pair of enormous flowery granny panties and matching brassiere He recognized her to be Tula, the new assistant at Immortal Matchmakers, Inc., which was run by Zac and Zac s insane redheaded mess of a sister, Cimil the Goddess of the Underworld What s with Tula s outfit Tommaso mumbled, wondering if he wasn t dreaming Casual Friday, Zac answered for Tula Did I not just explain thatApparently Zac goes crazy for Tula s granny outfits and uptight attitude He digs her turtlenecks and mu mu s I love that she is driving him up the wall.And, on top of all of this is Cimil, the goddess of the underworld She has always been bat shit crazy and this is no different She keeps Tommasso in a cage in her basement for a while, and things are seen And heard That cannot be undone.This is universal truth.There was a smaller dose of smut in this book than the previous ones, but I was totally fine with that Although, Mimi has promised a lot of the dirty in the next one So I guess I ll be going to read that one now Not for the smut No, not at all Just, you know supporting the author and whatnot. Another hilariously wonderful addition to this series Author s pinterest board and Charlotte I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author The excerpts are from that copy More reviews Stalk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter Pinterest Board for Book Teasers

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