A Different Kind of Witch (Drachenburg School for the Supernaturals #1)

A Different Kind of Witch (Drachenburg School for the Supernaturals #1) Ages A Fledging Faery And A Vengeful Witch Meet At School And Become Friends, But Their Friendship Is Potent, And Must Remain Hidden It S Happened Before, And That Nearly Tore Apart The Supernatural Realm Sophie Leighton Has Just Discovered That She Is A Faery Like All Fledglings, She S Officially A Member Of The Supernatural Realm Finding Herself In A New World Of Mystery, Magic And Supernatural Beings, Sophie Has To Navigate Her Way In Her New Identity At Her New School Drachenburg School For The Supernaturals Boke Maiga Is A Powerful Witch From A Lineage Of One Of The Most Powerful And Revered Sorcerers Of All Time She Has Emerged From Years Of Hiding Intent On Avenging Her Mother S Death Someone Killed Her Mother, And The Young Witch Won T Stop Until She Knows Who Is Responsible And She Intends To Start By Recruiting The Help Of The Popular Freshman Faery, Sophie Sophie Must Now Make A Decision Fast, On Whether To Let Past Secrets Remain Buried, Or Tread The Dangerous Waters With Her New Friend To Unveil The Secrets Of The Past Secrets That Involve Her Parents, And Even Threaten Their Freedom

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 234 pages
  • A Different Kind of Witch (Drachenburg School for the Supernaturals #1)
  • Carol A. Robi
  • English
  • 23 March 2017

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    The stars are mainly for Nandi Sophie, I m sorry to say, I couldn t really relate to I wanted to hear from Namdi I wonder what will happen when Nandi finds out about Sophie s parents.This book was good and I enjoyed it for the most part The author is a very talented writer and story teller.This world she created is amazing I liked her take on the vampire Avalons I m glad they weren t the apsrkly fairy types Jacob Black all the way baby lolYeah, I m not an Edward fan That said, I was disapointed that this is another story where the girl of color takes a back seat to everyone else.I thought Nandi, the girl from Africa, and Sophie, the girl from Australia, would have a equal part in this story but it wasn t like that.The story seems to surrounding Sophie, she is the voice of the story We rarely if ever hear from Nandi, we learn about her through Sophie s words or through the very, very few times she is allowed to show up.I m very disapointed in that, once again the girl of color takes a back seat to the girl from australia, caucasion Sophie is the one telling Nandi s story her present and past We araely if ever hear from the girl of color.The way Sophie says Nandi is her best friend but always seems to be rediculing her or laughing at her, really irritated me In some ways she seem to be using the girl no matter what she says Sophie has to have things her way, yeah I can say mean things to you and you can t get mad or fight back just accept it and be my friend anyway.It was made to seem like the girl from australia was beautiful and perfect but the girl from Africa was anything but She was just a jungle animal Maybe I m wrong but that was my impression.I don t understand why Nandi couldn t tell us her story why did Sophie have to be the one to do it.I have to admit that if I knew this atory was centered around Sophie and that we d rarely hear from Nandi, I would not have bought these books.There is alot of books out there already with girls of different cultures as the stars but there is hardly any with a POC as the main character, I thought that s what this would be Yeah Sophie talks about Nandi a good amount but it s not the same I also have to admit that when I realized the we would only be hearing from Sophie, my heart wasn t in it any I have alot of books with the girls like Sophie in it, there is little to none with girls like Nandi, so when Nandi said anything I perked up.This story is good and would highly recommend it, but I wanted to hear from nandi, I wanted her to have equal billing but that s not what I got.My hunt still continues to find a YA or Sci Fi with a POC as an actual main character and not just background and someone else telling their story.I thank you for writing this story Miss Robi but I can t help but feel disapointed that I didn t hear from Nandi I just couldn t relate to Sophie.The background cast is multicultural but I wouldn t call this interracial Ah well.

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    Before I begin this review I d like to commend author Carol Robi for her professionalism in the face of honest constructive criticism We ve all heard or dealt with authors and or their minions who engage in immature flame wars with those who don t drink the OMG THIS WAS THE BEST BOOK EVAH AND YOU SUCK FOR NOT SEEING THAT AND WE RE GOING TO BEAT YOU UP kool aid Don t laugh, this really happens and not from scary teenage Twilight fans but from adult women who should know better Ms Robi was wonderful and understanding More than that, she behaved like a PROFESSIONAL who cares about her craft and who is willing to learn from her mistakes Because of this, she has become an auto buy author for me.As far as All s Well..at Drachenburg School for the Supernaturals it had a LOT of potential Granted, there are obvious similarities to Harry Potter and that s not a bad thing Magical boarding schools training academies are far from a new concept in fantasy As much as I enjoyed HP, I did have an issue with the lack of diversity which was of a problem of the films Robi s Drachtenburg School comes out of the box diverse which was cool The two heroines were diverse Nandi the young African witch on a mission, and Sophie who just discovered she s a faerie Considering how much genderfail has been going on in too many YA books, it was nice to read about girls not only doing things and having adventures, but not in some competition over some boy.Unfortunately, the execution just fell flat.

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    3.5 but rounding up as i want to continue on

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    I read the first three chapters before giving up Another Kindle freebie, I expected but was unimpressed The writing felt forced, and I didn t much care for the main character You also need to suspend disbelief rather a lot a girl grows up normal only to find on the morning of her fourteenth birthday she s a fairy and her parents never told her before now I ve seen the plot handled better and differently that felt believable While it was interesting to start I just found it boring 2.5

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    I was conflicted about this book One chapter I would be completely into the story, wanting to find out what happened next Then there would be a chapter where I would find my mind wandering The narrator, Sophie, is a 13 year only girl who attends the drachenburg school for the supernatural That s a great start right there I love this supernatural school genre that had become so popular The Drachenburg is home to faeries, witches, werewolves and vampire Tey must live and learn harmoniously while their elders deal with a past that is hard to forgive and impossible to forget The supernatural world is fraught with tension.When Sophie becomes friends with Nandi, a powerful witch and also a social perriah, her life will never be the same Nandi s family has a dark past I was fascinated with this story line I absolutely loved it and there were points when I couldn t stop reading Ms Robi has an excellent imagination Nandi is by far my favorite character Her developement and progress is fascinating I couldn t help but root for her and can t wait to see what she does in the second book As much as I loved the story, I will admit that the poor grammar tripped me up at times and made certain chapters a chore to get through The lack of contractions also slowed down many of the scenes Reading do not or I am is surprisingly harder than reading don t or I m My opinion though is that when a good edit is all a book needs, thats the easy part The hard part of writing a book is creating a story that your readers will become invested in will form emotional attachments to All s Well definitely accomplishes that.

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    This was a surprisingly good book 4.5 star ratingFaery Sophie just got her whole world turned around when she finds out that she is a supernatural a great start right there Vindictive super teen witch Nandi is out to make some vampire pay for killing her mother Now that is how great stories are written I was hooked from the moment I read the summary.Sophie was annoying at times, but thank goodness Nandi was there to save the day I love the two characters though, major kick asses I also love their friendship, almost like sisters Book 2 is already on my kindle, and I can hardly wait to read it too Love the book as much as I did, I cannot fail to point out the annoying tweaks in this book Maybe the author, or her editor, do not have english as their first language or something, because this book reads foreign english through and through Either way, these perks can be overlooked because this book is that interesting Ms Robi is a great author, and I look forward to reading the rest of the series

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    Full review TK soon ish I eventually loved the story told in this book, but review would be dishonest if I didn t acknowledge the problems I m still working out the best way to explain I will eventually be giving this book a three star rating, but the story alone deserves far Robi s feel for her characters emotional make up and maturity she was spot on in describing the the way many thirteen year old girls feel was genius, the world she built was complex, and the plot was intriguing And yet, if I hadn t promised her a review, I would have probably given up after the second or third page.But if I d given up, I would have missed out on something that is already good and, with a great deal of editing, can be great.

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    Entertaining YA Teen novel with supernatural beings set in a quest to help a friend find the truth about her mother s death Interesting concept and story line It has some minor editing issues with grammar and repetition The pace seemed to feel like a roller coaster for me at times, slow in parts yet faster in others It has interesting characters and I do feel it can stand on its own without being compared to other teen supernatural novels.Recommended to ages 14 and up or anyone who enjoys a nice story filled with various shape shifter vampire other worldly beings.

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    Review coming up

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    Intriguing Page Turner

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