Elisabeth: Passage of Promise

Elisabeth: Passage of PromiseThis story brought out the low status of women in the 1850 s, especially in England The main character had to flee from a wicked husband and all during the book she tried to get an annulment, which of course she couldn t It did have a sudden, good ending Everything went her way at the end. 2 9 11 I just read this book again and it has been a couple years Once again I really liked this book It made me feel spoiled in a way because I was born into this religion and haven t had to give up anything to be able to live it freely Elisabeth learns so much in this book, and along the way reminded me of the patience, faith, and love that I want to strive for This was a very uplifting book and I m glad I bought it so I can read it again in a few years to remind myself how blessed I really am. Within Hours Of Her Marriage To Lord Claverley, Elisabeth Ashcroft Knows She Has Made A Dreadful Mistake Unfortunately, In Mid Nineteenth Century England, Dissolving Their Less Than Sacred Union Seems All But Impossible Even If Her New Husband Is Only After Elisabeth S Inheritance But Soon The Strong Willed Vicar S Daughter Has A Chance At A New Life Far Away From Her Sterile Existence In The Shadow Of Claverly Hall A Chance To Be With People Who Believe As She Does A Chance To Go To America, To A Place Called ZionBut One S Future Is Not Always Easy To Predict, And Elisabeth Finds She Must Create Her Own Journey One That Will Lead Her Away From The Center Of The Church In Salt Lake City But Closer To The Gospel And The Man Who Could Forever Be Hers I bought this book at a used book store Then I forgot I had it for awhile It was an okay read, but a little slow The story was interesting and not completely predictable I do enjoy trying to imagine what it would have been like for the early Mormon pioneers When Elisabeth arrived in Utah, she wondered if she had made the wrong decision as she was completely alone I am sure it must have been like that for some of the pioneers, even though they came because they had been converted of the truthfulness of the gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After reading three or four books I always like to read an LDS fiction book It feels good to immerse myself in the lives of people who are trying to live according to principles that I relate to and strive to meet This book did that for me and I also learned a few things along the way I like the characters, the settings, and the authors courage to touch on polygamy. The historical aspects of the book were interesting, which made me want to learn about early LDS women in the medical field However, I thought the story was just okay It never felt as if I got to know the characters that well, and the ending was a little cheesy It was a quick read, though, and I will still give his other books a try. Just hours after Elizabeth is married, she finds out that her new husband is a class 1 jerk Blessed with intelligence and independence, she manages to escape, but is always in terror of being forced to go back to England Her strong will and testimony of the true Gospel help her make the very best of things in surprising ways. This is historical fiction, which made the events realistic Elisabeth is quite the heroine Joining the Church helps in her resolve to annul her marriage But, that isn t going to be easy She ll leave her home in England to travel to Salt Lake She will meet Gren which will make it doubly hard to wait for her marriage to be annuled Elisabeth is very likeable and courageous. Elisabeth is the vicar s daughter that gets fooled into a marriage with the local nobility who needs her inheritance She eventually leaves him to escape to America to join the Saints in Utah Of course, she fell for the man who baptized her and hopes for something, even though she shouldn t The book was all right, but I found a few things bothersome, especially the easiness of the ending the book felt almost chopped off One other thing I didn t like was Elisabeth s tendency to jump to erroneous conclusions it felt like a man was writing what he thought a woman would be like and got it wrong Roulstone did a good job of documenting some of the independent spirit of women in early LDS history, and I suppose that was what I liked If anything the historical aspects were the most interesting. This was a cute story Definitely religious fiction, but not too preachy in places that feel odd I listened to the book on tape and the reader does all the voices That was enjoyable odd at first but then I grew to like it The story is of this English women who escapes England because her husband is evil, and she can t just up and marry anyone because annulments weren t granted easily in the 1850 s You get a little idea of what the early saints must have been living in those who weren t in Utah already She ends up going to school in Pennsylvania and has to avoid an evil character, but does a lot of good in people s lives on her way to become a doctor I d recommend it if you just want another novel to read, but not if you don t have time.

Tom Roulstone was born in Donegal, Ireland and lived for a time in Glasgow, Scotland With his parents and two brothers he immigrated to Canada, landing at Halifax on his thirteenth birthday He joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in Toronto, Ontario when he was eighteen and served a mission in western Canada He has a BA in history from Brigham Young University and MA in histor

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  • Paperback
  • 275 pages
  • Elisabeth: Passage of Promise
  • Tom Roulstone
  • English
  • 11 November 2019
  • 9781591565314

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