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Precious Things In The Tradition Of Gloriously Absorbing, Lush And Moving Women S Fiction By Authors Such As Kate Morton, Lucinda Riley And Joanne Harris Comes PRECIOUS THINGSNormandy, France, A Young Woman Painstakingly Sews An Intricate Beaded Collar To Her Wedding Dress, The Night Before Her Marriage To Someone She Barely Knows Yet Aimee Longs For So Much Shanghai, Dancing Sensation And Wild Child Zephyr Spies What Looks Like A Beaded Headpiece Lying Carelessly Discarded On A Ballroom Floor She Takes It With Her To Malaya Where She Sets Her Sights On A Prize So Out Of Reach That, In Striving For It, She Will Jeopardise Everything She Holds Dear PRECIOUS THINGS Tells The Story Of A Collar A Wonderful, Glittering Beaded Piece And Its Journey Through The Decades It S Also The Story Of Maggie, An Auctioneer Living In Modern Day London, Who Comes Across The Crumpled, Neglected Collar In A Box Of Old Junk, And Sets Out On An Unexpected Mission To Discover About Its Secret And Elusive PastMaggie Has A Journey Of Her Own Too Juggling A Demanding Job, A Clingy Young Child And A Rebellious Stepdaughter, And With Her Once Solid Marriage Foundering Under The Pressure Of A Busy Life, Maggie Has To Find Out The Hard Way That You Can T Always Get What You Want But Sometimes, You Re Lucky Enough To Get Precisely What You NeedThis Is A Wonderful, Absorbing And Moving Novel About Desire, Marriage And Family, Telling The Story About How We So Often Reach Out For The Sparkly, Shiny Things And People We Desire, Only To Realise In The Nick Of Time That The Most Precious Things Are The Ones We Ve Had With Us All Along

Kelly Doust is the author of the novels Dressing the Dearloves and Precious Things A Life in Frocks a memoir vintage fashion bible Minxy Vintage how to customise wear vintage clothing and The Crafty Minx series of craft books With a background in book publishing and publicity, Kelly has worked in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia, and has freelanced for Vogue, Australian Women s

[BOOKS] ⚣ Precious Things  Author Kelly Doust –
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Precious Things
  • Kelly Doust
  • 07 January 2019
  • 9781460750971

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    A very enjoyable read My View This is a rather remarkable read It is subtle the individual sub stories chapters are personal and intimate and slowly draw you into to the overarching story of Maggie s life and her daily struggles juggling paid work, motherhood and relationships I found Kelly Doust s writing to be intelligent and her observations of relationships and family to be insightful and honest The I read of this novel the invested I was in Maggie s life, the I found myself agreeing with her observations This was not the story I thought I would be reading I admit to assuming that this would be a light and unassuming read it was the opposite intelligent, engaging, and brilliantly observational of women s lives and rights at various points in history all individual stories connected by their relationship to one piece of extraordinary cloth very well plotted and visually stunning, intelligently written, 5 stars from me

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this historical mystery with a difference.In present day London, Maggie an antiques valuer and auctioneer with a specialisation in textiles discovers an intricately beaded vintage item, which she thinks could be either a collar or a coronet crown of sorts She carefully cleans it and becomes so smitten with the piece that she takes it along with her as part of her show and tell on a daytime TV interview Later she is approached by Francesca, who saw the interview and thinks she recalls the coronet from her dim and distant childhood Maggie agrees to find out about the provenance of the coronet to help Francesca find the answers she is looking for.From there, the book alternates between Maggie s story and little vignettes about the previous owners of the coronet, including Aimee who made it by hand for her wedding in 1890 It journeys from France to Shanghai, to Malaysia, to Italy and finally to England.The only thing that bothered me about this book was that despite repeated descriptions of the item, I just couldn t really picture it in my mind It was made as a collar to be attached to a wedding dress, then used by a few owners as a head dress, and then at one point Maggie considered wearing it as a choker I just struggled to imagine what such a versatile item would look like But this is so minor I liked the writing, loved the story, and looked forward to picking it up every time I had a few minutes to read.

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    There are some excellent ideas and issues contained within this book, with its eye catching cover I have seen other GR readers rate this book very highly, which pricked my enthusiasm However, for me the story fell flat and I was rather underwhelmed I think the concept was great though not original and the plot lines worked well For me the writing style was not well polished, and downright clunky in parts It was like the author had enrolled at a university Creative Writing course, and had scored a B for Novel Writing 101I found it hard to warm to the characters of Maggie and her petulant daughter Pearl Maggie was constantly wracked with guilt about something or another, and I kept wanted to say Oh for God s sake, get over yourself Maggie The other thing that truly annoyed me was the elaborate appendices that appeared after the end of the novel Kelly Doust is a first time novelist, this being her debut foray into creative writing To my amazement, the end of the book contains a set of reading notes, like you d see for a book club discussion, a timeline for the precious thing, the coronet which, appallingly, contains the big spoiler for all to read, grrr and a list of the books which inspired Kelly OMG I thought, talk about a big head this is not Jodi Picoult or Di Morrissey The sheer presumption of this additional material got right up my nose Perhaps, if the book had been a real gem, I might have been forgiving It is, rather, a mediocre effort, which disappointed me because there was so much potential for a pearler of a book

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    Have you ever gone vintage shopping and wondered about the history of the precious things you find That s the main idea behind Precious Things by Kelly Doust The story is centred in the present day around Maggie who loves her job at an auction house She gets to spend her days finding precious things The only problem is she is finding it difficult to keep up with her job and her family life at the same time When she finds a gorgeous hand made beaded piece she winds up playing detective to try and trace the origins of her latest acquisition for a lady, Francesca, who is certain that it holds the key to finding the truth about her birth parents Maggie manages to trace the origins of the piece from its origins in Normandy, France, where it was made by Aimee to wear as a collar for her wedding dress The collar becomes a head piece when it finds its way to Lexi the trapeze artist in Paris, 1926 Zephyr the dancer takes ownership of it in Shanghai, 1926 only to have it stolen from her and taken to the family of artist, Christian Hunt where it falls into the hands of his ill treated muse, Isabella The final destination of the piece is with Ulrika the supermodel who wears it as an adornment on her dress in Istanbul, 1974 While the majority of the novel focuses on Maggie, her family and work life, and her quest to find out the mystery surrounding Francesca s heritage, each of the owners of the piece have their own chapters to tell their stories I really love a good time slip novel and this one had such a wide range of times and places included Originally posted at

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    Precious Things is the delicate tale of the history, lives and loves behind an exquisite antique dress collar Woven into this intricate novel is the story of a young woman in the present day, Maggie, who discovers the collar in an abandoned box in her job as an antiques auctioneer Upon her unearthing of the collar, Maggie feels inspired to find out the origins of the collar What follows is an absorbing journey that takes Maggie from modern day London, right across the globe to a range of colourful cities and forgotten eras in time.Precious Things contains an ambitious and far reaching narrative Through Maggie, who discovers the collar in present day, the reader discovers that the origins of the lace collar dates back to 1891, where a young woman in Normandy sews it to her wedding dress The collar then makes its journey across countries and time as it skips from Shanghai to Rome and Istanbul As Maggie unfurls the mystery of the many owners of the lace collar, she also deals with various life problems The reader learns that Maggie is struggling to cope with the demands of a troubled step daughter, repair her crumbling marriage and juggle her demanding young daughter with her career aspirations These are day to day troubles that many readers will find they can relate to As the history of the collar is revealed through Maggie s investigations, Maggie also learns about the importance of holding onto her own precious things.Precious Things is an earnest novel for a debut author Kelly Doust draws on a subject she is familiar with, her background in writing about craft and design gives her good standing to begin her first novel Doust shares her passion for uncovering the hidden histories of fashion pieces in an absorbing style through the process of writing her novel, Precious Things I absolutely loved the concept of this novel and the prologue on the conception of the collar had me hooked As a fan of op shop and vintage pieces, I am often left wondering about the hidden history behind these items Doust explores this idea well, offering a wide range of appealing storylines, locations and eras to the piece in question, a beaded collar These parts of the novel held me captive, I loved many of the stories so much that I wanted depth and a continuation of these aspects of the collar s story Maggie is an essential part of piecing together the story of the collar, but there were times I felt bogged down by her host of problems I longed to move away from Maggie s difficulties at times and return to one of the many interesting threads on the collar s owners On the whole, I was impressed by the novel and where it was able to transport its reader.Precious Things is a contemporary women s fiction novel that focuses on the areas central to our being love, family, marriage and career It also offers the reader by sewing a patchwork of histories together that are united by a fascinating fashion object, a beaded collar Precious Things is a multi layered and dazzling first novel by an author I am looking forward to reading from This review also appears in my blog

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    Um, so I possibly loved this way than I should have, and definitely way than expected.One thing about this book It is not boring.You may be wondering why I have the need to clarify that Well, you see, generally when I pick up book like this I am bored to death by the end of chapter one.Contemporary books, especially ones with a historical fiction aspect, can be so slowwwwww But not this one.Honestly, right from the beginning I was hooked I wanted to know what will happen to Maggie s job, her marriage and her relationship with her parents I wanted to know Stella s story and I wanted to know what happened to all the women into whose lives the coronet entered.This book was beautifully written and downright enchanting Every character had a story and each story connected and drew me in to the point that I couldn t put the book down until I found out all their endings.Precious Things intertwined contemporary and historical, and ordinary and mysterious, in a perfect balance Maggie s struggles to deal with her modern life as a working mother trying to find a balance between career and family serve as a sharp contrast with the struggles of Aimee in 1800 s France, where the story of the coronet all began.Despite what some reviewers seem to say, this book is not a light chick lit read It has depth and character, and touches upon deeper issues in a not so lighthearted way In fact, I would say that Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul was a lighter read than this book despite dealing with much serious issues than trying to juggle marriage and career.If you want to read a well written story about women and their realities during various periods of history, as well as their struggles during various different periods of their lives, then pick this one up You won t regret it.

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    Absolutely loved this novel read in eAudio book format, what a wonderful narration by Mel Hudson who carefully and cleverly brings to life the wonderful cast of characters Maggie, Tim, Stella and Pearl as well as the many stories that take us back to the start to where the thread is first woven and the intrigue begins There are so many layers as we look back at the path of a coronet a beady and sparkly little treasure which touches the lives of Aimee, Bella, Lily, Francesca and Ulricha it has so much to reveal, particularly to Maggie who comes across the coronet and who does her best to unveil its secrets and in doing so learns about herself and faces her own past Beautifully written and I seem drawn to this type of story after reading The Last Painting of Sara De Vos, The Naturalist s Daughter and now this love the intrigue, love the research and love the characters that are drawn into the picture to help put the pieces together Very clever and very enjoyable.

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    I won this book via a Goodreads giveaway.But before my copy arrived I had the opportunity to listen to an audio book version.For me, the narrator is the make or break of an audio book and I think this narrator did a great job.I really enjoyed delving into the different time lines and journey of the beaded coronet.As with most dual timeline stories, it is the modern day version I enjoyed the most I really felt for Maggie as she struggled with the complexities of her lifestyle, work and family.A great touch of escapism.

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    In the contemporary storyline we meet Maggie, an auctioneer trying to find balance between motherhood, marriage and her career When she buys a box of old items for herself from an auction, she thinks nothing further of its contents until one day when she is scrabbling around in it and comes across a beautifully crafted coronet.It is when someone sees a picture in the newspaper of the coronet and approaches Maggie about helping her with some research into the item s origins that the story begins to unfurl and Maggie s life begins to veer seductively off course as she is drawn into the history, mystery and seduction of the object as it casts its shadow over the already lacklustre clarity of her own life, leading her to question exactly what it is that is precious to her.Much like Kelly Doust, I have always been captivated by vintage items especially furniture and the stories they have to tell, often finding myself dreaming about where these precious pieces come from and what paths they have trodden on their passage through the generations.Although I was initially confused with the structure, jumping between the various people who have owned the collar through the decades, that confusion soon lifted once I figured out what Kelly was trying to convey through her story and I began to just enjoy the stories for what they were of the journey of a precious thing through love, heartbreak, grief, blood, sweat and tears, as it transformed from part of a wedding dress in 1890 s Normandy to a circus performer s coronet in 1920 s Shanghai, coming into the possession of an artist s muse in 1950 s Rome, until it found its way into Maggie s life.These shorter historical storylines are vibrantly rich, both in character and setting, contrasting strongly against the chilly air of the current day England and the life in which Maggie lives and I can only imagine how much research went into this book because the historical details feel so authentic.There is no doubt that Kelly is passionate about vintage items, after all she has already published a number of non fiction books on the subject, because this passion for beautiful objects bleeds through into the story with sumptuous detail as she brings her own vintage expertise and knowledge to this beguiling novel.Beautifully detailed and intricately layered, Kelly s writing has such a gentle cadence to it that it s not a book to be picked up lightly and read in one sitting it s one to read slowly and savour as she transports you back and forth in time to exotic destinations which are evocatively described and vividly painted.So, because it s getting to that time of year when the chilly, shorter days of winter are slowly creeping up on you, why don t you pour a glass of wine, curl up on your favourite armchair, drape a lovingly cherished vintage blanket over your feet and enjoy this escapist tale of duty, despair, desire, family, love and fashion.

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    Precious Things is one of my favourite adult fiction books of the year It s a slow burner, but it s beautifully written with wonderful characters and hidden historical gems.Kelly Doust has done a marvellous job of writing an adult fiction book that resembles historical fiction as well as contemporary fiction Precious Things follows many characters throughout the past few centuries, however the main character is Maggie, an auctioneer in modern day London She comes across a crumpled, neglected collar in a box of old junk, and sets out on an unexpected mission to discover about its secret and elusive past.Whilst this happens, Kelly has interwoven chapters in the book about who owned the collar in the past In Normandy, France in 1891, a young woman sews the beaded collar to her wedding dress the night before her marriage to someone she barely knows And then in Shanghai in 1926, we come across a dancing sensation Zephyr who finds that same collar discarded on a ballroom floor There are many other characters that are explored in this novel, all who have come across this collar at some point in their lives, holding special meaning for them and the reader The collar has passed through the hands of many talented young people, but not for long.It s hard not to fall in love with these characters They re kind hearted, devoted, passionate, and struggling The collar seems to come into their lives when they most need some kind of good luck charm And as quickly as it enters their lives, it departs, finding itself a new owner and a new life to latch onto.Kelly juggles all of the storylines extremely well Not once did I feel confused, and I read this book in two sittings It s not a complicated storyline, but it is full of emotional turmoil and heartbreak It forces the reader to become active when engaging with this book, and not passive It s impossible to not relate to these characters or feel anything for them They all have flaws and faults, but they re all driven and deserving of an easy life And tragedy seems to befall quite a few of them.This novel explores desire, marriage, relationships, friendships and family, and illustrates that the thing or things we most cherish or desire can be gone all too quickly Precious Things is an absorbing tale with fascinating characters and storylines, and I recommend this book to everyone.http

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