The Twilight Of The Bums

The Twilight Of The BumsFiction Illustrated By Tom Motley Culminating His Life Long Engagement With The Work And Spectre Of Samuel Beckett, Raymond Federman Here Pairs With Fellow Fictionist George Chambers Null Set Other Stories To Create The Stories And Dialogues Of Two Vagabonds Musing In The Long Shadows Of Waiting For Godot Add Brilliant Drawings By Cartoonist Tom Motley And You Have A One Of A Kind Book, At Once Profound And Immersed In Trivia, Playful And Yet As Serious As Death Stan Oliver, Frog Toad, Bud Lou, The Sunshine Boys, Bill Ted, Bouvard Pecuchet But Most Of All Vladimir And Estragon Stand Behind This Book Like Defrocked Priests At An Inquest Old Men Rule , At Least In The Glimmer Of A Watery Eye And Inconstant Heart Charles Bernstein

Raymond Federman was a French American novelist and academic, known also for poetry, essays, translations, and criticism He held positions at the University at Buffalo from 1973 to 1999, when he was appointed Distinguished Emeritus Professor Federman was a writer in the experimental style, one that sought to deconstruct traditional prose This type of writing is quite prevalent in his book Doubl

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    Review of The Twilight of the Bums by Raymond Federman, George Chambers, T Motley Cartoon Accompaniment Shelf Buried Book Club, Read.Recommended for Folks who believe that laughter is the best medicine The story itself, as we say, was perhaps eminently forgettable, a tale of survival, of defeat and victory, a tale of heroism and villainy et tous les yeux turned away in shame, a tale of noble wanderings, of sadly proportioned departures and returns, mixed with grand scenes of powerful recognition and interruptions From the chapter A STORY ABOUT A STORY WITHIN A STORY Once upon a time ,with these well loved words,opens the magic portal to a crazy laugh fest, where,despite the absurdities meaninglessness of existence,friendship saves the day Hard to believe that in these cynical times but so it goes.Our Bums share the same birth date, shoe size ,even their shadow sometimes a woman too,both at the same time,such old pervs They often ponder, separately or in unison, this matter of friendship, sometimes in the form of sentences or statements, other times as maxims, adages, aphorisms, proverbs, pens es, or philosophical propositions, and at other times just words without any form The Twilight of the Bums comes with an impressive pedigree As the blurb mentions Stan Oliver, Frog Toad, The Sunshine Boys, Bill Ted, Bouvard Pecuchet but most of all Vladimir Estragon stand behind this book like defrocked priests at an inquest Old Men Rule , if I may add,Laurel Hardy too.I read Waiting for Godot as an undergrad as angst ridden young adults,it was always fashionable at that stage of life, with some Nietzsche,Camus, Sartre also thrown in for company We didn t always read them,just carried them in the crook of the arm with the jacket cover very visible , whenever something went wrong, it always did we would quote Nothing happens Nobody comes, nobody goes It s awful Unlike Godot,a lot happens here Though the giant shadow of Godot hangs over this book,both when it comes to content characterization,the bleak absurdity of that play is given here a Laughterature treatment.The writers constantly baffle your mind with deliberate ambiguities vagueness details are tossed out at random now they have wives kids houses mortgages debts careers all that jazz, now they have nothing then without warning all these accoutrements appendages suddenly reappear Geographical locales change at the drop of a hat so do their professions they become artists in France,professors in America, so on,sometimes rich enough to fly first class Wh en o ne a chi eves a cer tain a ge we don t spe ci fy one is en abl ed to act w ith true spon ta nei ty T wo ti ckets fi rst clas s to D O ne way And immediately after this scene,they can only window shop The temporal shifts are constant,so you wonder whether these are flashbacks flashforwards, or are these different people all those name changes,again Godot or all these things happening to the same people I think it s only In the chapter called The Pear,which takes place in occupied Japan, is there an allusion, to that event happening 40 yrs ago The book is a series of disjointed scenes microfictions with their internal links logic provided by the presence of the two lovable old geezers.The absurdist,fable like quality is hard to miss the experimental,meta elements are a major plus The book is a good illustration of Federman s concept of Surfiction The four propositions 1 The Reading of Fiction Federman s critique of the traditional mode of reading as boring and restrictive, advocates the Active Readership of a work and the visuality which can emerge from that consideration Paginal syntax as opposed to grammatical the typography and topology of the text Printed word as the medium.2 The Shape of Fiction The non linear plot and a new fictitious discourse, a constant redoubling on itself, becoming a metaphor of its own narrative progress.establish ing itself as it writes itself.3 The Material of Fiction That the act of writing is a process of inventing, on the spot, the material of fiction, and thus materializes renders concrete fiction into words And as such, there are no limits to the material of fiction Concept of word beings, having been materialized.4 The Meaning of Fiction To create chaos from which reader receptor and writer creator will work together as well as with the participation of characters and narrators in order to form and grasp meaning, not imitating a semblance of order but presenting itself for order and ordering Looking at the work only in relation to itself, certain allusions to Adorno s concept of autonomous art Reader will invent and extract meaning, the writer will intend to provide the necessary elements If I recall correctly,it was with the battle cry of Federman s Take It or Leave It that the Buried Book Club started NR is right Federman is a must read writer.Don t be fooled by this deceptively simple book there is enough food here for thought, enough sex here for the pervs enough humour for all of us.Written in short, parable like chapters,the writing is whiplash sharp,the wry wit humour a constant Some typical Federman stylistic quirks make their appearance breathless,rush on prose minus commas,completely hyphenated passages, this Theydemandtoseethedirectortheywanttobehiredasdummiesforthenewmodelcrashtests Federman s obsession with his Jewish heritage is well known the work gets self referential The visualisation of the trains that carried the victims to the gas chambers,the Holocaust Museum, the chapter OT TEA IN GLASSES WITH LEMON ,Federman s memory is seared with those horrors finally we come across this line to summarize my life began in a closet Still,not to worry,the horrors in this book come sugar coated, gift wrapped in seemingly innocuous lines,one would have to go looking for them otherwise it s a blithly frothy tale.There are astrology numerology chapters too only thing missing was a chapter on cookery,otherwise the writers have taken care of everything Recommended ANOTHER DOZEN BUMSAYINGS 1 Even when one has reached the end of the road, backtracking is out of the question 2.Soup is never the last course.3 Fame and money deserve each other The Bums lifted this one from Fran ois de La Rochefoucault.4 After the last mile there is still another step, or two 5.The falsity of terms does not necessarily bring the falsity of relations This is what the Bums believe and live by.6 The deaf tell us they hear better, but who is to believe them 7.The best sausage, the best beer, the best seat in the house, they always tell you 8.Do not use hygienic products that have been improved The label lies It s the same old shit with a different smell.9 Travel is the next best thing to going nowhere 10.When the going gets tough, give up 11.We are all born bums, only a few remain so.12 Bums may be assholes, but not all assholes can be bums THE AGING PROCESS As one ages one tends not to become richer or wiser or kinder, etc., no There tends, rather, simply to be of what one is We mean the character thing This, for example, Bum A is showing forth as a frustrated infant in perpetual rage, whereas Bum B is developing into a destructive fourteen year old This is as far as both of them got in the character development department THE BEAUTY OF LONELINESS Loneliness is a natural state, says Old Guy One, I believe in loneliness beyond life, when we feel lonely among our friends it is only a presentiment of our lonely future or an after taste of our lonely past Quite right, replies Old Guy Two, and I would add that since everything except loneliness is parenthetical, a passing perturbation, then loneliness is security I ll go further than that, says Old Guy One, hell is a nightmare without loneliness, without calm, without consistency, therefore loneliness is our dream of paradise Yes, concludes Old Guy Two, too much distance or too much closeness is loneliness, that is the beauty of loneliness, and that is why loneliness is a natural state.

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    had a hard time getting past the misogyny couple of old writers get together to write about themselves, as bums who share a shadow, in microfictions augmented by illustrations some interesting meta moments, a lot of charming bawdiness, but too much lady hate for this reader.

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