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Here and NowReading them all There were so many things I like about this book Lucky, first and foremost , but I just could not bring myself to like Rachel I wanted to, having grown up in a poor and struggling household myself But this chick is so selfish First, she hits Lucky with her truck and tries to blame him Then their relationship is all about her, her, her She dates a man who treats him, her best friend, like shit on a daily basis, even when he tells her it hurts him After he chooses not to have sex with her when she s drunk because that would be wrong, she has sex with him when he s drunk and grieving because she needs it and seriously, he absolutely made the right choice not to have sex with her, and it s just as important for women to respect the boundaries of consent as it is for men Then she freaks out and leaves him all alone because his first words after he drunkenly and impulsively had sex with her in the throes of grief weren t wisely chosen Later, she s all shocked and surprised when she realizes that she was wrong to have sex with him in that situation, but only after she finds out she s pregnant in other words, only after there are consequences for HER Then, while he s enduring grueling Ranger training, she sends him only one message thanking him for the couch he bought her No words of support or love Just, no.Not every decision Lucky makes is good or right, but hell if that man doesn t put her before himself 90% of the time He deserves better. The Rangers Of The St Th Fight Hard, Train Hard And Play Hard They Are Physically Strong And Mentally Tough, Disciplined And Courageous But All Their Military Training Hasn T Prepared Them For Falling In LoveFormer Ranger Medic Lucky James Feels Right At Home Working Long Night Shifts In The ER, But Less So During The Day, When His College Classes Are Filled With Flirtatious Co Eds When His Year Old Chem Lab Partner Shows Up At His Work With Dinner For Her Lucky, He Quickly Enlists The Help Of Rachel Dellinger, A Nurse And Fellow Third Shift VampireRachel Is A People Pleaser At Heart, But She S Finally Decided Enough Is Enough When It Comes To Her On Again, Off Again Boyfriend When Lucky Begs Rachel To Help Him Ward Off The Advances Of His Teenager Pursuer, She Blackmails Him Into Helping Move Her Things Out Of The Apartment She Shared With Her Ex Into A Place All Her OwnFrom There A Friendship Is Born Between Two People Just Trying To Make It Through The Night Neither Are Living In The Past Or Planning For The Future Until One Day Changes Everything Maybe 3.5 I don t like when people actually get it together because of an accidental pregnancy, but that s just me. Was rather slow moving and predictable I freaking LOVE this series, and Here and Now was SO good I originally skipped over this book in order to get to Michael s story From the Start , who is the older brother from the first book in the seriesOnce and For All I ll just confess that for whatever reason, I really wasn t that interested in reading Lucky s story WHAT WAS I THINKING Lucky and Rachel may be my favorite couple of the series so far Ms Etchison, please, please tell me there will be from this series Having known each other growing up, there is a bit of sad history between the two But six years have passed since they last saw each other, and so much has changed for them After struggling to get through nursing school, Rachel Dellinger has now worked her way into her dream job in the ER But since she s low woman on the totem pole, she s stuck with the night shift Add to that a cheating boyfriend and an extremely strained relationship with her parents, life has sorta beaten her down But she s determined to make things better, no matter how long it takes Lucky James has left the army and his job as a special ops medic, and is pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor Starting college at the age of 30 has unique challenges, not the least of which is dealing with silly college age kids After ten years in the military, he just has a different perspective on life He takes classes during the day, but also works in the ER As a tech It s a position that s way beneath his skills, but it keeps him in the hospital and helps him pay the bills As you can imagine, Lucky and Rachel forge a bond working together at the hospital Soon they re spending time together outside work, and even though they ve been adults for many years now, they re both still trying to figure things out And watching them do it together is delightful Watching them fall in love was even better.Cheryl Etchison is a masterful writer I love the characters she creates, and the realistic way she deals with issues the characters are going through There s realistic conflict, and adults managing it in adult ways, without over the top angst Her stories are heartfelt, but also entertaining I can t wait to read by this author Gah I m loving this series so much. I enjoyed reading this story. What a diamond in the rough I found On a whim, I picked up Cheryl Etchison s Here and Now, the second book in her American Valor series I didn t read the first book, but from reading the synopsis, it appeared to me that I didn t have to read the first book to understand what was going on in the second book It certainly didn t hinder my entertainment Rachel Dellinger has gotten herself into a rut of a life By happenstance, she s ended up living with her boyfriends, one right after the other, and hasn t really lived on her own since leaving home It s time for Rachel to be independent But old habits of taking care of mean and nasty parents are holding her back and keeping her in her small town.What appealed to me about this story is the military aspect I love a man or woman, I m equal opportunity who is brave and has served his or her country as part of the armed forces After serving his country for about 10 years, Lucky James finally takes time from the military to get the education he s always wanted to become a doctor But he s finding that the civilian life, with it s young, mindless co eds and hospitals with strict rules, are harder than he d thought they be But if he wants to be a doctor, he has to pay his dues.Lucky and Rachel have a past that includes Rachel s younger brother who used to idolize Lucky So ten years later, when Rachel accidentally runs Lucky over in the Hospital parking lot where she also works, they aren t exactly glad to see each other But what started as a cantankerous reunion ends up worming its way into a great friendship.But this is a romance, where s the romance Ahhh, it s a slow build type of romance But being a quick read, we don t waste a long time on the slow burn And THAT S what I loved about this book It got down to the nitty gritty of the romance do you take a chance on risking your heart on a guy who may not stick around Do you risk your friendship The writing is good, the story moves fantastic, the characters are well fleshed out This is just a well done romance all around Like I said, a total gem I m so stupid glad that I took a chance on this I will be continuing with this series I just like what Ms Etchison does with a military romance.Military AND small town romance lovers Review appears on I am enjoying this American Valor series about former Army Rangers coming home and trying to find their way after years serving their country Lucky was a medic with the Ranger battalion for twelve years and decided to leave the army to enroll in college classes in preparation for med school at the age of 30 Rachel is a nurse and was the sister of a good friend of Lucky s, who joined the military right out of high school, and within months, died in combat Rachel blamed Lucky for his death.Lucky and Rachel eventually become good friends working the same weekend night shifts in the hospital ER Lucky also feels very protective of Rachel, who just left a really bad relationship She is in no hurry to rush back into another one, although she longs to find the love of her life.They find themselves spending all their free time together and their attraction to each other becomes combustible Unfortunately, the timing is all wrong.Really good story 4.5 Stars CherylEtchisonBooks

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