Cease and Desist (The IMA, #4)

Cease and Desist (The IMA, #4) Michael And Christina Are Back In The Explosive Conclusion To The IMA Series The IMA Is An International Group Of Mercenaries Who Deal In Blood The Way Other Businessmen Deal In Oil Or Diamonds There Is No Commodity They Will Not Provide And Now, Their Operations Have Expanded To Include Human Trafficking Public Enemies Of The IMA Are Disappearing, And When They Re Found Again They Re In Third World Brothelsor Dead AMI Was Created As A Foil To The IMA S Efforts Everything The IMA Stands For, AMI Is Against Everyone In The Group Has Something To Lose And The Only Goal That Unites Them Is The Desire For The Death Of The IMA S Leader Adrian Callaghan But When One Of AMI S Operatives Turns Up Dead, Both Christina And Michael Are Forced To Go Undercover To Infiltrate Adrian Callaghan S Seediest Venture Yet This Time, It S Personal

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  • Cease and Desist (The IMA, #4)
  • Nenia Campbell
  • English
  • 11 December 2017

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    I LOVED THIS.The fourth and final book in The IMA series delivered in spades We ve waited a long time for this, but don t worry, it picks up like it was yesterday and doesn t let up until the last page If you re not sure how things were left in book 3, then maybe refresh your memory But to give you a quick rundown Michael and Christina are heading up The AMI, an organization they spearheaded in response to the IMA s fall into depravity All thanks to the sociopathic Adrian Callaghan, now in charge of the IMA Michael and Christina are trying to stay under the radar after things come crashing down Pretty soon, they re running for their lives and are forced to enter the lions den Okay, so I don t want to say too much, since reading this was such a rush, butI will touch on what I absolutely loved Which was everything but stillMichael and ChristinaCan I say how much I love these two They re such an unlikely couple, but so suited for each other at the same time Michael is a hard and unyielding man He s done very bad things and has led a very dangerous life But with Christina, he sees everything differently She gives him hope and the ability to BE The thing I loved seeing was how Michael never faltered from his original characterization He didn t suddenly start spewing poetry and writing love songs He was exactly the same, but softer somehow I loved how NC kept his character true to form When he did express his feelings, I melted The things he said to Christina were devastatingly heartfelt.Christina was awesome She has grown so much over this series Once afraid and meek, she has become brave and willing to take risks Her life was turned upside down, but she thrived under the pressure and really blossomed Together, these two were on fire The sexy time between them was great and playful, especially one scene on a plane Adrian CallaghanWhat a sick FUCK No, really, he was one twisted MOFO His ability to send goose bumps up my arm just from reading what he did, is a testament to his utter and despicable nature He s the guy you love to hate and there s plenty of him to hate here The PlotSo intelligent, so fast paced and so intricate, I loved everything about this series and it s evolving story line Even the ending was completely in line with the plot Although I keep thinking an epilogue would have sent my heart a fluttering, I also see how it could have ruined the effect But that s the thing with this whole series, It has stayed true to form throughout all the books Things are so consistent, it s amazing how NC has kept everything in order When I look at it that way, how everything ended made sense Needless to say, I LOVED THE ENDING I just don t want to say goodbye Anyways, highly recommend this series It s smart, action packed and incredibly entertaining, loved it Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Holy Moley 4.5 stars Absolutely the best book of the series Every time I thought that Christina and Michael had the upper hand, Adrian seemed to be two steps ahead of them It made for some intense reading And I loved every minute of it Although I hated him, Adrian Callaghan was an insane genius mastermind.The way that Adrian met his end finally was at once satisfying and heartbreaking Why Nenia Why you do me like that So upset right now That ending though Any chance I could see what is in the message to Christina Can you write some on this series please, Nenia Campbell A novella perhaps wink XO

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    4 hope is the worst evil of all stars ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for a fair honest review Thank you, Nenia First let me start off by saying how much I absolutely LOVED this series Michael and Christina are one of my FAVORITE power couples My favorite part of this book, as with all of the other books in the series, is the seriously funny and often sexual banter that our hero and heroine partake in This book had it all love, sex, murder, action, torture, revengethe list is endless There were many times I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen to the characters I have grown to love And Adrian, omg Adrian Every book, we get to see and just how evil and demented that man is In this book, you truly get to see the full depravity that is Adrian Callaghan So it s obvious that I LOVED this book SO why the 4 stars well that s simple, THE ENDING view spoiler it s not one of those endings in which everything falls into place The reader is left guessing about the fate of the couple, and all I really wanted for the end of this series was an HEA and a teary emotional epilogue hide spoiler

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    This is book 4 in Nenia Campbell s IMA series I would advise reading books 1 3 before reading this one By doing so you will get a good idea of the character development, especially Michaels and Christina s.Cease and Desist picks up where Locked and Loaded left off.Michael and Christina have left IMA and are in the infancy of their own organization called The AMI If you read the previous books in the series you will know who Callaghan is, the head of the IMA , and why Michael and Christina s sole purpose is to take him down.Michael and ChristinaWhat can I say about these two except they have come so far Christina has matured so much from the innocent na ve girl she was in the first book I adored her character in this book She has accepted that her future is now with Michael and stands behind him They have been through so much together Together, we were like an island in the eye of a hundred year storm We were alive and full of the kind of fire that can light an entire sky up with brilliant streaks of neon flame even as civilization burns to a smoldering ash below The consequences would come later For now, we would wreak our own brand of chaos Michael, the mercenary assassin was just awesome Even though his character was still hard, he had a wonderful soft spot for Christina,which was so sweet I loved his character You rearranged my entire world, forced me to live by an entirely new set of rules You almost got me killed, but I survived, and then I got stronger And so, cher amour, did you Callaghan is the most evil of evils Again he is up to his old trick but this time he is into some , human trafficking He was Satan with a human face, and I wanted to put him back where he belonged In hell One of us would have to sell another One of us would have to be trafficked to Adrian Callaghan s men If you enjoy action, suspense and thrills with some wonderful romantic scenes and a thrilling and engaging plot I definitely suggest you read this series I loved every moment ARC kindly provided by author for an honest review

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    3.5 stars All lines are gray in the dark. The fourth and final book in the IMA series, Cease and Desist continues the story of Michael and Christina If you read the first in the series, you ll know that our couple had a bit of a dubious start Michael kidnapped Christina Through the books they have quite the journey, hate, love, death, violence, sacrifice, and turmoil While this book carries forward the action plot with Christina and Michael still battling against the IMA and namely a sadistic truly vile villain Adrian Callaghan, the purpose seemed to be addressing the themes presented throughout the series and Christina psychoanalyzing her own emotions and actions I loved Michael, and I wasn t quite sure why because he gave me so little recourse in this twisted excuse of a relationship Was it because I wanted to fix him, or because the sex was good Was it years of Catholic repression rearing its head, or was it because he had loved me first, and I loved the idea of being loved than I actually loved the man Chiefly, Christina explores how, why, should, and if she loves Michael The book almost felt sort of meta for me at times with it feeling like the author was searching through her characters why she wrote them the way she did As this is the last in the series, I didn t mind all the introspective insights and delving and as this series as a whole had me questioning the same things Christina did, I was able to analyze my own thoughts and feelings along with her It gave the book a different tone from the rest but still had the action Action that will not be for the average reader as it involves sex slaves, torture, and rape I said in my review from the first book that the author goes there way there in this story but not sure she should have Same feelings in this case, although, it felt less shock value this time and like, here s an unflinching story about the dregs of society The ending It s a cliffhanger and challenging happily ever after all rolled into one if you don t like ambiguity or open ended finishes, you re going to want to stay away My first response was to yell a NO and then oh come on, that can t be the ending After thinking about it though, it works for me My thought on the ending, seriously, don t read if you are going to read the series or book, it will ruin the ending for you view spoiler I think Michael is dead and it s a trap for Christina No way he survived, it seems too far fetched and I bet Angelica was the mole I guess I m not as romantic as I thought since I think this, lol hide spoiler

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    yeah i know there is no blurb or official details on this book but that doesn t stop my excitement i mean it s Michael and Christina for lords sake one of my FAVORITE couples of ALL TIME they are AMAZING together and i get MORE CAN T WAIT write as fast as you can, Nenia now i m gonna just share a piclike i always do D pdoesn t he just looks absolutely edible with that smile lol.

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    Nenia Cambell is a fantastic author She knows how to write a book which is impossible not to like Her writing, her characters, her quotes everything put together is the creation of a master piece.The IMA is one of my favourite series out there I think it is what initially got me in to reading romantic suspense, there s just something about the crazy action filled settings that really get me I am a sucker for some badass characters with a badass romance There is love even for the wicked right I have witnessed these characters grow and flourish in their journey throughout 4 books I remember when Christina was this timid, shy, wouldn t speak her mind type and then in the 4th book she seems like a completely different person She stands up for herself and refuses to back down from Michael, even when she is scared shitless I mean you kind of have to admire that, be it classed as bravery or stupidity Not everyone can stand up to Michael Boutilier.Michael is my number one If you read this book I promise he will become unforgettable He s still struggling to come to terms with himself, I mean a past of violence doesn t just go away You can never kill something like that within yourself I wouldn t know, but I would think you can t Having a different and normal life after being an agent would take time, just after Adrian Callaghan s demise of course.This part was a little serious for me than the others Everything became so much real Adrian s threat, it truly becomes a war on both sides, the IMA vs the AMI Is anyone strong enough to actually see to Adrian s end or will there be a lot suffering from Adrian s behalf I don t think I have ever met anyone horrible than Adrian Words cannot describe my hatred for him Oh how much I cringed at him in this part I probably was as much scared of him as Christina was, if there is evil it is Adrian Callaghan.Overall, a highly recommended read all of the books within this series I don t think it is something you ll regret Brilliantly written and an amazing cast Because I knew that even if he did if one day the two of us wised up and realised that parting ways was best my heart wouldn t let me I was his, and he was mine What we had was twisted, but inevitable like two broken magnets, we would come together again and again until separated

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    This ARC was generously provided by the author for an honest review Please fasten your seat belts and place your trays in the up right position, for this explosive, action packed, novel What comes to mind when I say espionage assassins mercenaries.sex.murder Nenia Campbell takes you on one hell of a thrill ride, you re literally clinging to the edge of your seat The name Michael Boutilier use to instill fear, causing fellow colleagues at IMA to tremble at the sound while others pissed themselves Out manned, out gunned, limited resources, wanted by just about everyone, especially that sick fuck Adrian Christina and I are on the run of our lives, when the chase of prey and predator begins Adrian You could have disappeared off the face of the earth, and instead you chose to stick around and bait me, and you got her to help you do it Well he smiled I ll bite.

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    2.5 Stars from me What the f k kind of ending was THAT Even worse than a cliffy AND, to make matters worse, the author says this is the last ever book What the hell There was absolutely no closure at all, good or bad Lots of unanswered questions It felt like the author just gave up and stopped writing Not very happy I wish I could have rated this book higher, but the start was sooo slow and it did tend to ramble on about nothing A LOT Random thoughts about Christina s past, where she would have liked to travel, things that weren t important to the story I got really bored and had to take a break Michael, even though he has some really amazing moments, is still really hard to connect with The storyline, once it finally got going about 50% in, was great But the last 30% is what made me add another star to my review It was action packed, although completely devastating in places I am really hoping that that wasn t the end of the series

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