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Swan Boy When Johnny Moves House And Starts A New School He Has To Deal With A Bully Who Can T Leave Him Alone But Help Comes From An Unexpected And Surprising Source And Johnny S Growing Power Soon Puts Him In A Very Special PlaceA Chance Encounter With A Swan Sparks A Series Of Events That Result In Johnny Playing The Lead In A School Ballet His Teacher Wants Him To Live The Role, And When Feathers Start Sprouting On His Chest, Johnny Begins To Understand His True Potential But Will He Be Strong Or Brave Enough To Beat His Bullies, Take Care Of His Brother, Support His Mother And Find A Place For Himself Among All The Chaos That Is Prevailing In His Life

Nikki Sheehan is the youngest daughter of a rocket scientist She went to a convent school in Cambridge where she was taught by real nuns in long black habits She studied linguistics and then psychology and worked as a subtitler for the Simpsons, followed by many years as a journalist She lives in Hove near the beach with her husband, three children, two dogs, one cat and definitely no hams

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Swan Boy
  • Nikki Sheehan
  • 13 May 2017
  • 9781780749242

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    I love this book so much It was a fast read filled with emotions I think that this book is for everyone, but especially for people who are bullied, feel like they don t fit in and for people who are bullies This book is very important because it has a very important message I loved the characters, especially Mojo, he is so adorable The writing was really nice I think that this fun, quirky book definitely deserves 5 stars

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you OneWorld Publications for the copy.This book took me by surprise I don t regularly seek out books about dance and I thought, when I requested for this, that it would be interesting to try and see how it goes Well, this book is about dance all right, yet it is about so much This is about bullying, fitting in, finding yourself, and being brave It is a wonderful piece of literature that will speak to everyone who feels like they don t belong The writing flows effortlessly to deliver a story that is partly realistic and partly fantastical I had to suspend my beliefs for a moment because the swan thing can be a bit creepy, lol The characters voices urge the reader to hear them out and empathize with them I think Johnny is such a strong central character He was realistic, you can t help but cheer him as you read about him Meanwhile, the swan is completely out of this world, and yet it was like a metaphor to rising above your present trouble so you can grow into this beautiful and strong creature that will conquer the world.Anyway, Swan Boy is definitely recommended to early YA readers who enjoy stories about growing up and facing your demons, with a touch of magical realism.

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    REVIEW BY BETHAn intriguing novel which has than a hint of Billy Elliot about it but this can never be a bad thing Sheehan has brought a story similar to Billy s into the 21st century and Johnny Emin and his family are every bit as endearing as that of Melvin Burgess cast of Elliots There are many differences between the two novels and it is mainly the ballet element that made me think so much of Billy Elliot, although the way Johnny feels as he dances and the power it gave him also made me think of Burgess work Anyway, onto Swan Boy and Sheehan s clever and magical way of giving a grieving teenager a chance to find his way in his new life.There are plenty of strange and quirky magic moments thrown into Swan Boy which make it stand out from your average contemporary trying to fit in novel Johnny is struggling in his new school and during his struggle he finds himself feeling and of an affinity with swans As he is relentlessly bullied and Swan Boy becomes a taunt, Johnny feels closer and closer to swans and less and less like the others around him This comes at a time where the school is also planning to put on a performance of Swan Lake and to avoid litter picking detention, Johnny takes on one of the lead roles.There is a traditional setup of Populars vs everybody else at school and there is a cast of characters who are impossible not to like, especially Mrs Cray, the dance teacher and another of the bullied pupils, Stefan, who was perhaps my favourite character As the novel expands it becomes clear that all of Johnny s family are grieving and as much as he is the man of the family it is a lot to handle for a young teenager and his mum soon realises the same As well as Johnny and his mum there is his little brother Mojo who exhibits strange behaviour, even for a five year old, and is obsessed with drawing on the kitchen table, another imaginative and wonderful feature of this novel which comes into its own in a truly bittersweet way as the novel progresses I was captivated from page one and needed to know if things would improve for all the characters as they try to adjust to their new life Sheehan deftly shows us grief at many different points in life, but it s not all sadness, there are plenty of funny moments too.

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    And he flew THIS IS SO AMAZING i like the family theme, the siblings vibes esp when johnny being a great brother to mojo and when the journey where he is becoming himself OH GOSH it s beautifully plotted craved and i liked the author s writing style i wish everyone would pick this up and have the feels as much as i had

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    It s only because I m feeling especially generous that this book is receiving a two star review.It may work for 12 year olds, but not for me, unfortunately.The first thing I noticed was that the story is written in both third person and past tense The story clearly belongs to Johnny and should be narrated by him, but the author uses the third person point of view as an excuse to randomly switch the focus onto another character for a couple of paragraphs, before switching back to Johnny This happens a few times throughout the novel and it s really off putting.This book is clearly aimed at a younger audience than myself, but reading this as a 20 year old, the language and dialogue was so basic and, in my opinion, not well written, that I was constantly bored and had no motivation to continue reading.The story was barely held together, and just about everything that happened within the school was completely unbelievable Yes, kids get bullied, I know that, but there are multiple points in this story where a 13 year old kid is being obviously bullied and harassed by a group of people, and not one teacher ever notices or cares, in fact some of them blatantly ignore it To the extent that the bullied child gets in trouble and the bullies get off scot free That might happen sometimes, but not every time Also I m 100% sure a dance teacher can t just pull kids out of lessons for entire days at a time to practice for an impromptu ballet They are at school to learn.This paragraph is likely to be mostly under a spoiler cut, but honestly this story doesn t know whether it s fantasy or reality, and neither do I view spoiler Does Johnny turn into a swan What Why Is his transformation complete or is he going to fully transform one day Again, why Is it all in his head A self confidence thing This is a question I ve asked myself, but kids at school comment on the hair, so it s clearly actually happening Can I have an explanation WHY THE FUCK IS HE TURNING INTO A SWAN THIS MAKES NO SENSE hide spoiler

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    I don t read many childrens or young adult books but I spotted this up and coming novel and something about the description appealed to me.Swan boy is obviously going to draw comparison with Billy Elliott with the young lad and dance connection, but Billy Elliott didn t captivate me as much as Young Johnny Emin did The lovely writing reminds me very much of David Almond David Almond of Skellig fame 13 year old Johnny doesn t have an enviable life, his Dad died recently, his Mum moved them to a tower block miles from all his mates, he has to look after his little brother Mojo, whose name I really don t like Mogjo s just a little kid, 5 years old and half the time pretending to be a dog, or is he a cat today He spends his free time drawing elaborately on the kitchen table and Johnny agrees to keep this hidden from Mum as at least it keeps Mojo occupied and helps with him missing his dad too much.To crown everything, Johnny had to change schools with the home move, and is now the new boy that everyone loves to pick on, at a rather rough school where he can t seem to fit in.Gosh I loved Johnny, I really wanted to make everything ok for him, but it isn t and it s going from bad to worse The gang of kids known as the populars have chosen Johnny as their pet project and making his life even miserable is the little gangs leader Liams ambition Liams a nasty little bully boy with a few hangers on who aren t any better than he is But one day as Liam has a massive go at Johnny a rescuer appears in the unlikely appearance of a Swan who scares off Liam and seems to be protecting Johnny Rather inevitably this marks him out even and he becomes known as Swan Boy and not in a nice way Johnny s not the only kid being bullied, there s the lonely overweight kid Stefan from whom the gang are extorting cash and both he and Johnny end up in the schools strict punishment regime of being made to pick litter after school as reparation for any misdemeanour a hated rule from which there no escaping Except that this time there is an alternative that is.The large group of youngsters on litter picking duties, which also includes Liam and his cronies are offered the chance to escape the litter crew by taking part instead in a dance group which quirky drama teacher Mrs Cray has formed It s Hobsons choice for Johnny, either he picks litter wearing a bright green uniform and become even noticeable and likely to be bullied, or learn to dance and get picked on for that But when he reluctantly goes to Mrs Crays class she offers him a starring role in the dance which just turns out to be ballet and it s based on Swan Lake Swans become an over riding influence to Johnny and he keeps coming across them in unusual places as he eschews litter picking to learn dancing and even a piece de resistance move which will be almost like flying Day by day he grows and develops and it really is a coming of age story in this respect.There are a few slightly intangible elements to the story, although many things fall into place very neatly a couple of things remain inexplicable The whole story is beautifully told, just the right balance of nastiness and a touch of niceness to counteract it and the everyday alongside the otherwordly Utterly charming and wonderfully readable I recommend this enchanting book to readers of all ages from 8 to 80.

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    Recently I read that magical realism was coming back into fashion Well, Nikki Sheehan is most definitely waving the flag for the new phase, with Swan Boy The magical realism in the story is so subtle and realistic that you question whether it is truly there It reminded me of The Girl With Glass Feet by Ali Shaw Nikki Sheehan makes magic seem like it is a natural part of every day life This book has a Billy Elliot feel to it As Johnny finds himself dancing in a modern version of Swan Lake, you watch him go from disbelief in himself to completely believing in his abilities I could easily imagine Johnny soaring through the sky as he leapt There are elements of this story that will stay with me forever Purely because they are so unusual I won t give anything away because I don t want to spoil it for you, but you will know when you reach these elements.The main characters are soulfully written, each burrowing into your heart Johnny showed such inner strength as he dealt with all the bullying that occurred Mojo completely stole my heart His drawings and how they meant so much to him it was like he was completely opening up his insecurities and worries and laying them out for everyone to see, they just had to open their eyes and look closely to really see We can only stand as spectators as the family work their way through the five stages of grieving as they deal with the sudden loss of their father I loved the inclusion of the swans, real and metaphorically throughout the book Such a majestic and mystical bird that added strength and determination to Jonny s character By the end of the book we see a transformation within Johnny I honestly believe he becomes the person he is supposed to come This is a true coming of age tale as Johnny transforms from the boy he once was to the man he will become Through his decisions and actions he faces the consequences of his choices to really be who he is supposed to be This book is beautifully written with a surprising element of quirkiness and smatterings of humour Truly an original.

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    Originally on Fable s Library I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This month is bullying awareness prevention month, and Swan Boy is the PERFECT read for not only this month, but every month I really did end up loving this book, so let me break it down NOTE I m having a hard time reviewing this book because I DID enjoy it that much I m going to do my best to explain my thoughts, but I m sorry if this ends up as a lot of rambling Swan Boy, as the title of this review says, was a roller coaster of feelings This book focuses on our main character Johnny, and his move to a new school I don t want to spoil anything, but the main focus is bullying, change, and what it means to grow up At least, that s how I interpreted it Swan Boy is highly impactful, and I really wanted to cry sometimes Nikki Sheehan is a really good writer I loved how we got into not only Johnny s head, but a few of the other characters too We were able to get an idea about Johnny s world, and the people around him which I really appreciated because it gives a better sense at what s going on Basically, the big thing about Swan Boy to ME was the fact that it did a great job portraying bullying and the impact it has on people What Johnny and his friend go through was realistic Actually, everything about his situation was realistic from his transition to a new school, to him having to deal with his little brother and a recent death You could feel the emotions on the page, you could see the situation and it was all just handled so well In short, I really think this book should be read Again, Swan Boy SHOWED what it s like to be bullied.

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    Swan Boy is eccentric author Nikki Sheehan s latest novel It depicts a boy, named Johnny, whose father has died He moves to London, just to find that his new flat isn t anything like what his mum said it would be At school, nobody likes Johnny to them, he s just the new boy One day, on a school trip to Regent s Park, the school bully puts a swan s poo in Johnny s sandwich Just as the the bully starts laughing at him, a swan comes out of the lake The swan looks at Johnny, like he s it s master, then attacks the bully At school the next day, people start to call Johnny Swan Boy , because of what had happened the day before Later on, Johnny gets bullied by the populars Somehow Johnny ends up in trouble He has to choose between litter picking duty and doing a men s version of Swan Lake In the meantime, Johnny has been growing feathers and turning into a swan The main characters in this book are Johnny, who has to leave his old life to start one without his dad Johnny s little brother, who likes to pretend to be different types of animals, and who wants to find out about their dad he also loves drawing Then there are the populars, the group of bullies who are feared throughout the school We also have Johnny s mum, a caring woman, who mourns the loss of her husband Lastly, we have Mrs Cray, the dance teacher librarian, who helps Johnny through, step by step Nikki sheehan has a beautiful sense of imagination, and this book brings out that quality creatively She s also known for her best selling novel, Who Framed Klaris Cliff Swan Boy will captivate it s readers I want to thank Nikki, for bringing another brilliant book into the world Keep them coming Review by Declan Miele Howell

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    I read Swan Boy in a couple of sittings and really enjoyed it The hero Johnny and his five year old brother Mojo are such likable characters, and their love for each other is awkward and touching Johnny is doing his best to look after Mojo and his mum and to muddle through at school, where he has become a particular target for school bully Liam Nikki Sheehan has written Johnny and Liam really well her characters display all the insecurities, posturing and gruffness of teenage boys, and their potential, too.Swan Boy contains echoes of About a Boy, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, and of course Billy Elliot But ballet is Billy Elliot s natural talent and passion, whereas for Johnny it is initially just a way to avoid litter picking in detention We do get a sense early on though that it could become than that perhaps even a route to to the freedom and self confidence that Johnny so desperately needs To call Swan Boy a coming of age story is too trite This is magical realism at its best, with the ordinary and the extraordinary deftly and inseparably interwoven Watch out for the swan in the lift so well written I wish I had read this book when I was fourteen I would have taken strange courage from it.

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