The Girl in the Tank (The Galactic Consortium Book 2)

The Girl in the Tank (The Galactic Consortium Book 2) The First Couple Days Onboard The Corelean And The American Crew Of The Cambridge Are Off To A Rocky Start What Will The Next Several Weeks Bring The Girl In The Tank Less Than Five Months Ago, Lights Appeared In The Sky Days Later The Ships Started To Arrive They Call Themselves The Consortium They Are Human, Or At Least Simian, Descending From The Same Genetic Line As Humans They Terraformed This Planet Centuries Ago, Sent Settlers A Mere Forty Thousand Years Ago Now They Are Back, Ready To Begin The Exploration Of This Galaxy For Cheyenne Walker, Chief Petty Officer Aboard The Cambridge, A USS Destroyer, The Arrival Of The Consortium Is Just One Obstacle To Finishing Her Final Tour Of Duty And Getting Home To Her Kids The Political Upheaval Forces The US Into An Uneasy Alliance With The Consortium Against China, And Puts The Cambridge On The Edge Of A Nuclear Blast Cheyenne Wakes To Find Herself Aboard The Corelean, A Consortium Medical Evacuation Ship Floating In A Medi Tank, She Wonders If They Really Can T Repair The Wreck Of Her Body, Whether These Newcomers Are Friends Or Foes And Most Importantly, Will She Ever Make It Back To Children

R J Eliason writes immersive science fiction and fantasy stories that feature diverse characters Her writing spans many sub genres from alien contact, apocalyptic stories and epic fantasy She also writes in a wide variety of formats, from full length novels to an ongoing serialized adventure Her writing can be found in digital and print formats anywhere online that books are sold Or check ou

❮EPUB❯ ✸ The Girl in the Tank (The Galactic Consortium Book 2)  Author R.J. Eliason –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 67 pages
  • The Girl in the Tank (The Galactic Consortium Book 2)
  • R.J. Eliason
  • English
  • 14 March 2019

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    This episode made the story feel a bit real I m enjoying this serial so far I would currently classify it as of a soft sci fi if that is the proper way of identifying it On to the next

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