Candlelight & Cobwebs (Avyon Book of Secrets Vol. I 1)

Candlelight & Cobwebs (Avyon Book of Secrets Vol. I 1) Curses Are Real Rosalind Never Thought About Ancestral Curses Until She Inherited An Estate Called Wynterhaven In The Mountains Of Colorado, From A Family She Never Knew She Had Upon Entering This Sprawling Estate, She Is Hit With Visions, D J Vu, And Plenty Of Bumps In The Night She Soon Finds Her New Home Is Inhabited By A Gift Bearing Raven, An Extremely Large Black Cat, And A Talking Skull Through The Candlelight And Cobwebs, She Finds Her Great Grandmother S Diary, A Book Of Shadows That Takes Her Back To And A Time Of Heightened Interest In Archaeology, Spiritualism, And Secret Societies Learning Of Her Great Grandmother S Previous Life As An Oracle Of Delphi, Rosalind Takes Yet Another Step Back In Time To The Ancient Greece Of Alexander The Great, Finding A Time Of Misogyny, Sexual Freedom, And The Continual Political Binding And Dissolution Of Goddess Worship Follow Along With Rosalind As She Is Taken Through The Forbidden History Of Her Lost Past And Discovers Curses, The Occult, Mystery, And A Love Story That Transcends Time And Mortality

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  • 334 pages
  • Candlelight & Cobwebs (Avyon Book of Secrets Vol. I 1)
  • Denice Garrou
  • English
  • 23 June 2017

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    When Rosalind inherited her family estate, decided it was time for a change in her life, and moved to the mountains of Colorado she had no idea that Wynterhaven, as it was called, would so profoundly affect her life On her arrival, she begins to have strange dreams and then discovers some mysterious animals who are like eternal guardians of the estate As she makes local friends and becomes acquainted with her new residence, she finds a diary that was painstakingly written by her great grandmother, another Rosalind, in 1918 during the heyday of the estate It s no ordinary diary In a way, it s like a time travel device that opens a window into Rosalind s and former Rosalind s lives.Very quickly, Roz and her companion Baylor, who intends to write a best seller from the diary, go deeper and deeper into the mystery of great grandmother, the estate, secret societies, the occult and the former Rosalind s earlier life as an Oracle at Delphi where she made predictions for Alexander The Great There is star crossed romance, mystery, drama, rivalry, magic, spirituality, a great old haunted mansion, Medieval reenactment, jousting, a talking skull, a blue eyed cat, a raven, beautiful countryside, moonlit rides, shape changing and some enchanting horses.Denice Garrou s Candlelight Cobwebs Avyon Book of Secrets Vol I revs up with careful world building and characters are skillfully built At the conclusion, the mood is excellently set for Volume 2 I will be waiting patiently.

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    CandlelightCobwebs was a treat Wow, is what first comes to mind regarding Ms Garrou s book 1 in Avyon Book of Secrets Vol 1 The story drew me in with the entertaining banter of the talking skull and the one who haunts Rosalind s future home I love gothic tales set in dark and twisty manors that are full of secrets Rosalind after the death of her mother moves across country to go and live in her inheritance Wynterhaven estate.There, she was drawn into the lives of those who previously resided there Plus she endured recurring dreams of those who had come before her, some quite disturbing which Rosalind uses to piece together her past, as she grows stronger in power.My favorite characters were Leo and Sage I loved their banter when together bringing humor to the story The book takes surprising turns that wraps up in a truly unexpected ending Very well written the characters are real and causes the reader to invest in them, rooting them on The world building and historical references were incredible, the author appeared to have taken time to thoroughly research the topics of the occult and historical references.Well developed characters, setting and interesting and entertaining plot, makes this a must read Recommend for those that enjoys fantasy or paranormal with a touch of mystery and suspense would love book 1

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    First I have to say this is a gorgeous cover and fits it so well..Gulp looks like I m the 1st reviewer I have this as a paperback and it s gorgeous.Curses are real.In this story they come right at you Rosalind is a interesting character for sure You just dive in to read her story or curse depends on how you look at it I simply love the animal charactersMy favorite has to be the raven This is just awesome to have animals as secondary characters You don t see that in many books at all.The historical details is impressive It brings you back to a time long long ago even various places The story line is a tad complex but once you really get into it you just breeze through this book Would recommend for 18 to fully comprehend this fantastic novel.Since this story has everything from curses, to animals, and many other mystical things you ll have to read it for yourself to learn There s even a touch of romance which I think Denice Garrou did quite tastefully.Bravo Can t wait for the second installment 3

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    Delicious storytellingThis multi level romance mystery is beautifully written and for the adults in the room, yes The writer does not skimp on servings Denice Garrou is a master of description and knows how to paint the setting for her stories The characters and worlds there are active players in past lives are alive in costume and action The story is, at the center, kind hearted and full of promise amidst the chaos I enjoyed this journey immensely And there is to the story.

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    Where do I begin This books covered so much ground and captivated me so very deeply that it is hard to summarize my overall feelings for it.First of all, the title is just fantastic That alone caught my interest, and then the cover is just lovely But within the pages, that s where the magic happens And not just magic by spells and witchcraft, yes, that is part of it But the magic of nature a moonlit meadow on an autumn night, thunder roaring across the heavens, and rain drenching the cooling face of the Colorado earth I have never read a story that better brought the natural world to life, and that sets a divine backdrop for the rest of this enchanting tale Then there is the house that Rosalind inherits from her mysterious mother, connecting her to her estranged family from a forgotten past Wynterhaven Not only was I mesmerized by the decor and the layout of this gorgeous estate, but it all felt so very alive Maybe it was the ghosts, or the memories within the paintings, walls, and mysterious antiques, but every creak in the floorboards and each rapping at the windows, rattled my soul and bewildered my heart Now, the story itself This book riddled with ghosts, old journals, skeleton keys, and family secrets seamlessly blends the tales of three lifetimes, taking the reader on a historically accurate adventure through the centuries In each era, there is love, heartbreak, and turmoil, all of which bound in and out of the endearing character s grasps, and left me longing to know what was next, and craving to uncover the mysteries that bind them all together Throughout, I found myself shocked and surprised, I laughed out loud and shrieked in suspense, and best of all, I fell deeply in love over and over again I am an author, an artist, and an all around daydreamer, and I have never before read a story that has enchanted me so Candlelight Cobwebs, by Denice Garrou, shook the cobwebs from my soul and led me by candlelight to magical places that will forever remain a part of my heart.

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    This is a copy of my review poster 11 27 2015Very engaging set of characters in this book There are people, and interesting, there are animals with context and believability.The author has done her homework on historical background and witchcraft While reading, you will feel as if the curse cast by out leading Lady and her grandmother are real You will feel the sadness, the longing to attain happiness, and the trouble one causes when messing with mind of fellow humans and animals.This is a story you must really pay attention to as you read Don t make assumptions and read too much into the actions of the characters because you will e wrong Some of the subject matter is a little intense but all readers should be able to cope And the author will take you back in time to re live past lives, good or bad.I enjoyed this book and I look forward to getting the next one This is a book I wish I had in paperback or hardcopy to add to my shelf here at home.

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