Tabitha (Stone Magic #2)

Tabitha (Stone Magic #2) Please Note This Book Is Now Out Of PrintWhen Tabitha Stone Volunteers To Teach Music At A Children S Summer Camp, She Has No Idea That Within Days Her Life, As Well As Those Of Her Friend Gil, And The Children In Their Care, Will Be Placed In Mortal Danger Convinced A Camp Teacher Is Using Questionable Methods, They Investigate Only To Discover He Is Not Who He Claims, And Their Snooping Ends With Tabitha In The Hospital With The Help Of Her Sister And Partner, Tabitha And Gil Delve Further Into The Investigation, Only To Have Their Plan Derail, When The Reliability Of Tabitha S Magic Is Thrown Into Question, And They Discover An Old Enemy Is Hot On Their Trail With Danger Around Every Corner, And Time Running Out, Will They Be Captured By The Witch Hunters Or Against All The Odds, Will They Win This Battle, Save The Children And Get Out Alive Books In The Series Sophia Tabitha In Stone Magic Book One, we were introduced to the first of five sisters, namely Sophia Now with the second book in the series, we get to know about Tabitha.And what a ride it is.First off, I have to mention the beautiful cover, which is as appealing as Sophia Stone Magic Book One.It was always going to be an ambitious feat of storytelling to intricately weave the lives of five sibling witches, but Tabitha Stone Magic Book Two is certainly a huge step in the right direction.Despite its breeziness, Sophia tried to introduce too many characters at once In Tabitha, I believe this has been resolved, there are fewer characters, and this makes the story all the engaging.The principal characters are Doctor Reed, Gil, and of course Tabitha Doctor Reed has than something of the night about him could he be the sinister head of the La Divinitas, as mentioned in the first book What seems clear is that he is Bad Guy Number One, and he means our Tabitha who possesses such terrific skills like time travel and dream walking a lot of harm.Gil, however, is a good guy who is looking out for her, though he has a questionable past of his own This is what I mean the characters are well drawn and clearly defined here I am still having problems with the character of Fritz, who seems as blank to me as in book one Perhaps that the author s intention, so that Fritz will play a larger, significant role as the series powers up.Another example of the author s clear defining of her main characters is the subtle inclusion of the other sisters, without taking the focus off Tabitha who I have to say is much cooler than Sophia.Elissa, for example, appears mainly in a phone conversation with Gil, who is at pains to explain exactly where Tabitha has gone to It s a funny, clever, subtle scene that makes me want to know about Elissa It is really well done.The key for the story appears to be Tabitha s yearning for growth as a witch whilst not being harmed She s also feisty, but not in a whiny way she gives her sisters as good as she gets There appears to be some needle between Sophia and herself, but a middling respect for Elissa.Then we will move onto book three Ophelia This was a name I used in a book of mine I totally love this name, and wellwe don t know too much about her at this juncture.One thing is for sure, author J New improves with each book she pens.I loved this book. Tabitha is the second book in the Stone Magic series, and I enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed the first book, Sophia Tabitha is one of five sisters that make up the formidable Stone Family and their initials, hilariously, spell S T O N E , and they are all witches.Unlike her sister Sophia, however Tabitha is a lot gregarious, foregoing her powers to teach young children at a musical camp But her destiny as a powerful time witch is thrust back upon her when she learns that the camp s director, Doctor Reed, may be using magic to victimize his students.With the help of her friend and fellow counselor Gil, a young man with a mysterious past of his own, the two must find a way to determine not only how to stop Reed from fulfilling his plan, but whether or not he is linked to La Divinita, a secret organization of witch hunters that may lurk right around the corner As with the first book, Tabitha Stone Magic was a quick and easy read, very entertaining and with well developed characters and a great plot I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series

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❰BOOKS❯ ✫ Tabitha (Stone Magic #2)  Author J. New –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 130 pages
  • Tabitha (Stone Magic #2)
  • J. New
  • English
  • 14 May 2018

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