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French TwistNot an art history fan, so aside from the two leads, I didn t really care for the other characters Like great, art thievery I m really excited to care about art history end sarcasm Pretty sure it d be interesting if you like art history and France, but I m too neutral for both things And I ve been skimming past sex scenes lately, soooo Ooooo la la Nick, or Luc, or Dave, or whatever he calls himself, and Janine and their story is amazing And here I thought vases were for flowers How little I know I loved this story from 14 years ago You ROCK Rocki Following Her White Hot Debut Novel, Tropical Getaway, Roxanne St Claire Captures The Passion And Intrigue Of France In A Dazzling Romantic Suspense AdventureJanine Coulter Has Just Gotten Her Big Chance To Prove Herself, Managing A Prestigious Exhibit At The Palace Of Versailles And Luc Tremont, The Security Specialist, Is Clearly Trouble He S Making Decisions Without Her, Under Cutting Her Authority He S Also Too Smooth, Too Virile, Too Dangerously Handsome, ToowellFrench And Janine Has The Uneasy Suspicion He S Not All That He SeemsLuc Resolutely Ignores The Powerful Sizzle Of Attraction He Feels When He Meets Janine The Quintessential California Girl With Her Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, And Legs That Seem To Go On Forever But When Thieves Steal Priceless Treasures From The Exhibit, And Luc And Janine Give Chase Across The Lush Burgundy Countryside, Their Forced Intimacy Ignites The Passion Both Have Tried To Ignore Luc Wonders What Will Happen When Janine Learns His True Identity But With Dangerous Men Pursuing Them, They May Not Live To Find Out I had a hard time getting into this book, but once I did I couldn t and didn t want to put it down It had a great love story, with a Liked some of her other books better Jeanine is managing an art exhibit and Luc is assigned as security to the exhibit However, Luc is an ex thief who now needs to capture a thief after Jeanine s art exhibit When the art is stolen Jeanine leaves with Luc to help locate the precious vases The part of this story that is weak is when Luc goes back to his old friend s house who he finds out was murdered His friend s wife acts suspicious but Jeanine never says anything to Luc and Luc never notices these odd occurrences Very weak plot. Okay then an American art expert managing her first major art exhibit around Madame Pompadour meets a French security expert in the Palace of Versailles What s not to love Add on a set of fake vases, that the security expert is an ex thief shades of certain other books I ve read and enjoyed , a mysterious death or two and they go to a vineyard a French vineyard to drink exquisite wine in a cellar I m sure I m not the only one to slip into fantasies about it.This reminded me of a classic Cary Grant movie the type you watch on a Sunday afternoon as the cat burglar wasn t that bad at heart and the romance all turned out well in the end.I don t know if I ll be revisiting this again but it s a perfect light read to indulge in with a glass of wine in hand naturally. an amazing adventure in paris.a travel of mind and soul inside the palace of versailes and the whole culture legasy uniqueness and fantasy of france.a true story of untold love and passion without limits secrets and fear.when nik risk everything he has his life his identity his freedom janine is still there taking risks of her own to prevent the loss of two things she love.a different book for those romantic adventurous people out there The best book by St Claire I ve ever read It was a captivating story filled with intrigue, suspense, crime, and romance set in France The book was captivating and the romance parts were riveting it was a book I couldn t put down until I finished reading it I recommend it for those who like romantic suspense 4 5 stars. I just love Paris and almost any book with the Eiffel Tower on the front, I ll read If the book is my favorite genre, romantic suspense, it s guaranteed My love of all things French and French history in particular makes this book a treasure Lots of moving pieces, characters who aren t who they are supposed to be and hard to deduce motives and just some of the elements that make this book a joy to read.Janine Coulter got the job of curator of a new exhibit at the Palace of Versailles after Dr Albert Farrow, her friend and mentor, dies She has a doctorate and a specialty in Sevres porcelain This exhibit is to showcase recently discovered pieces, the Plums, that no one but Dr Farrow and Janine believed existed Luc Tremont is a security consultant and very good at his job, maybe too good He appears to have other plans for the Plums and an instant attraction for Janine, which could put her life in danger Cross, double cross, political intrigue and backstabbing Sounds a awful lot like the Court of Louis XV in the Palace of Versailles. Mix together suspense, romance, smoking hot chemistry and the incomparable award winning author Roxanne St Claire and you re guaranteed a thrill ride that will keep you guessing to the very end, enough twists to make you buckle up, and so much heat you d better have the fans set on high Having just read French Twist for a second time, I can tell you without hesitation it was just as much fun the second time as the first St Claire takes us into the lush wine country of Burgundy and art history world in the Palace of Versailles I loved the imagery and authenticity mixed together with the passion and intrigue of the non stop adventure from beginning to end A definite 5 star in romantic suspense

I don t know about you, but when I check out an author s bio, it s usually because I ve read a book I liked and wondered about the person behind it Let s skip the formal bio and I ll give you the inside scoop on who Roxanne St Claire really is First of all, call me Rocki Everyone does Evidently, when my mother brought me home from the hospital I seemed too scrawny and small to pull off Roxan

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