Starlight (The Dragonian #5)

Starlight (The Dragonian #5) a stunning heartbreaking conclusion WOODS IS ABSOLUTELY CREATIVE AND I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK One of the best authors out there.Update these newsletters make me go crazy of wanting the book already In The Fifth And Final Part Of The Dragonian Series, Eighteen Year Old Elena Watkins And Her Dragon, The Rubicon, Need To Find The Missing Ingredients In Order To Free Her Father From EtanBut What Could The Missing Ingredient Be And Will She Be Willing To Sacrifice Her Life If They Don T Find It Before Time Runs Out To quote Tweebs, Grabs mic Clears throat and begins to scream FUCK YOUFUCK MEFUCK THISFUCK THATFUCK EVERYTHINGI HATE YOU, ADRIENNE WOODS No rating No review No nothing.I hate you, Adrienne Woods And I don t mean the I love you so much I hate you hate you, I mean I really hate you.I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH Why couldn t you have left it alone The book was fine enough Not the best end to an otherwise brilliant series but it was well enough But no You just had to attach that bonus chapter along too, didn t you I couldn t even finish reading it, I only read a page of it and kept wishing I lived alone so that I could give into the ever increasing urge to start hysterically crying I m so pissed off right now and let me tell you something boys and girls, tears and fifteen hour fasts don t mix well, they don t mix well at all, nor do they mix well with depression.Something inside me died finishing this I swear I am mourning the loss of something and I don t even know what I am heart broken, you didn t just send me into a book slump, you sent me straight to the Book Graveyard without passing Go and without collecting my 200 I don t know how to go on but after the past couple hours I m clear headed enough to know my only two choices are to either Give up reading or go on a mind numbing reading spree the book equivalent of The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.Guess the coming days will show which path I take The Arrow Voice Adrienne Woods,You have failed this reader A small itsy bitsy part that Umaiya inherited entirely from her saintly mother realises how she might be overreacting and blowing it all out of proportions but the other larger part refuses to hear anything contrary to how she felt finishing the book and she felt betrayed your honour.All the same itsy bitsy chibi Umaiya would like to apologise for any hurt feelings and she assures the reader that her bigger sister will in fact someday see the light and regret the temper tantrum and finally leave an appropriate review. Chibi Umaiya was not seen after this act of betrayal for a very very long time. I was really dissapointed in the Starlight I loved this series and this book was highly anticipated but this book was probably my least favourite in this whole series While reading it, I had to take long breaks and I even skimmed most of it, just to finish it and even the ending wasn t the best The plot was all jumbled up and felt like it wasn t even connected to the previous books This whole book was based on the drama between Blake and Elena and Tabitha Most of the characters went downhill aswell Elena, was the biggest one She had improved a lot over the last few books, but in this book she was a annoying version of the first book Elena I hated how after the dent, Blake s character changed fully I miss the dark Blake sometimes with moments of niceness So, basically book 3 Blake Sammy was basically non existant in this book especially since I really like her Also Dean Beck had a bigger role, but I ve still yet to like her One character I really liked was Ariana I love how much she has devolped I was really excited to know about the dent, but I felt like the author hyped it up too much when realistically it was just confusing The war at the end was also very dissapointing I felt it could have been written and explained better I though the ending was kind of sweet and a good closure for Elena I know there is a prequel being made of this book, but after reading this, my chances of reading them are very low. Really Is this the turn this series had to take Why is there the pic of Elena in a warrior look, coz the book have everything else than the war Its all nonsense drama and nothing else It bored me to hell with all the drama going on,I skipped most of the conversations and was just hanging to know the final end But the misunderstanding part was the final blow and I can get on with this book any It was a great series but the last two books ruined it and how. My Review view spoiler 5 books I spent all this time waiting for the epic story of Elena and Blake to get the mess that was Starlight And if I didn t know any better, I would have quit this book I ll quickly brief why this book made me mad 1 The entire story dragged on, and on and on This was not the same page turner as the last four books.2 Elena and Blake are still fighting 40 60 percent of the book Ugh It s book 5, I think they deserve somehappiness.3 Things got confusing with some very prominent grammar and spelling errors Who even edits this Because it distracted me to no end.4 I still have 100 questions for the end of this book Elena s vision Can dents even have kids Where s Blake Where s the epilogue Where s my HEA ARRGGH I invested my love and time and recommendation and just general enthusiasm for Adrienne Woods It s like all of it got thrown back in my face Man it hurts To be honest, I don t know what to rate this book I don t even know if I should even recommend the series I m just so heart broken I really should have seen it coming from a mile away because the last book was weak I don t know guys, the series started off so strong What happened I will admit, the reason for the 2 stars was the sacrifice made on Blake s part It s not his fault It s the author s fault hide spoiler I expected of this book Especially since it was the last one The pace was slow and it made the book feel too long They re supposed to be planning things, they re at war after all, but she goes back to the academy like nothing is going on It also wastes time describing boring facts about her routine That plus the misunderstandings made want to pull my hair out It was such a let down until the very bitter end What a shame What just happened What did I read I m usually all over this series but this book and the one before it Na uh The story in its general being is amazing the world, the characters, amazing I mean dragons and dragon riders, hello What s not to love But it seems like in the past two books Woods might have lost her vision or I actually don t know I m not the writer here, I just love books It just seemed like a lot of extra drama and angst for no reason And it was an incredibly cheesing ending view spoiler Blake makes his big return by walking into her dad s wedding singing an incredibly cheesy song hide spoiler I thought this book was a whole lot of drama, and too little action I imagined this book would be filled with badass fighting scenes, kick ass dragons clearing all the evil out of Etan Instead, this novel is strife with a series of misunderstandings, and unnecessary drama, if you ask me Time after time, we get a SUPER annoying Elena, who honestly, acts like a five year old child As soon as she sees something she doesn t like, she runs away in the shower and hides away from everyone She ignores ANYONE trying to reason with her I am talking about Elena walking in on Blake and Tabithaand OF COURSE, Elena just has to assume the worst, and basically forbids Blake from talking to her for monthsI mean MONTHS She will not listen to anyone tell her what actually happens, and instead of talking to Blake about it, she just blocks him off This really bothers me, since I find this type of romance to be too immature.Also, I thought this series was trying too hard to be like Harry Potter We have Warbel Games instead of Quidditch We have Dragonia instead of Hogwarts We have a series of classes based on enhancing the skills of the students, Art of War, etc We have an evil wizard Goran, instead of the evil Voldemort And the list goes on from here Except in this book, the action is BARELY THERE GAHHHHH We do not even get to see Helmet take on Goran Instead, we hear about everything that happened to Elena in a summary paragraph And lastly, they said that Blake and Elena s love would be the greatest love to ever exist Why couldn t we get a taste of this Instead, we get a pretty abrupt ending, if you ask me And we never got to see the two kick ass together and their powers as true Dents utterly disappointed Overall, I would give this series a 3 Nothing special in my opinion I felt like the potential was SO MUCH, but the delivery was seriously lacking.

Adrienne Woods is a USA Today Bestselling author.She published her first novel, Firebolt, in 2013, followed by Thunderlight, Frostbite, Moonbreeze and Starlight.Her second series Dream Casters followed and Millue, the third and final part is scheduled to be released early 2019.She is currently working very hard in getting the Dragonian Series translated into many languages and hope to reach new go

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