Passionate Promises (An Embracing Romance Anthology Book 1)

Passionate Promises (An Embracing Romance Anthology Book 1) Title Passionate PromisesAuthors Victoria Vane, Bronwen Evans, Ella Quinn, Collette Cameron, Maggi Anderson, Michelle McLean, Violetta Rand, Barbara Monajem Christy CarlylePublishers Vane Publishing LLCReviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReview Passionate Promises by Victoria Vane, Bronwen Evans, Ella Quinn, Collette Cameron, Maggi Anderson, Michelle McLean, Violetta Rand, Barbara Monajem Christy CaryleMy Thoughts.All nine of these anthologies were simply good reading From To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood by Bronwen EvansWill Henry St Giles marry for love A Promise of Love by Ella QuinnWill Genevieve McGowan find the husband she wants A Kiss for Miss Kingsley by Collette CameronHow will this story pan out for Allen Wimpleton and Olivia Kingsley Willthey get a second chance Stirring Passions by Maggi AndersenInteresting read about Laurie and Katwith lots of twist and turns and in the end will there be romance for these two A Pledge of Passion by Victoria VaneWhat will happen when Nicolas Needham falls for Lady Mariah Morehaven whenit seems like someone else may may be interested What will happen with this romanceas fate plays a helping hand Never Tempt a Rogue by Christy CarlyleWhat will happen when Alex and Felicity come together What a interesting ending Wanted by the Warrior by Violetta RandThis one has some paranormal in this romance part 1.A Highwayman s Honor by Michelle McLeanThis one is a good historical suspense romance with John and Elizabeth that will keep you on theedge of your seat toLord Quickthorn s Bargain by Barbara Monajem.This was a cute fairy tale story I found all of these stories well packed, well written and a fairly complete story leaving the reader wanting to read other stories written by these authors I found many of the stories were different and so well told Would I recommend Passionate Promises Yes, especially if you like historical romances that have a little bit of it all Truly they were all Passionate Promises Thank you to the author for a gift of the read and giving my honest my opinion of this novel. To Challenge The Earl of Cravenswood by Bronwen Evans A pure historical romance as only Ms Evans could pen This is book 3 of the Wicked Wages Trilogy.Henry St Giles, the Earl of Cravenwood, was far from prepared to become an Earl but upon the death of his older brother the title was bestowed on him Henry wanted to marry for love not like his parents loveless marriage In one of his drunken stoopers he finds himself in his garden As he falls to the ground a beautiful woman comes to his aid He makes improper advances on her and she reciprocates her mutual feelings He inexplicably says the name of his former mistress The mystery woman in his arms runs away However, she has lost an earring and Henry makes it his mission to find her.This book takes you on his journey for his mystery woman and for his love This short story was full with interesting and life like characters I would highly recommend this book Ms Evans is a great story teller and never disappoints her readers.A Kiss for Miss Kingsley written by Collette Cameron When Olivia Kingsley agrees to attend a ball at the Viscount and Viscountess Wimpleton s mansion her only thoughts are to be able to see Allen Wimpleton their son.Three years ago their budding romance was severed by her father insisting she travel with him to the Islands for a year Allen wanted Olivia to elope even though they only knew each other for a short time Olivia chose to leave with her father and asked Allen to wait for her He said they were finished which broke her heart.Although, one year became three Olivia pined for Allen This book is adorable the way it builds up to their remeeting and discovering their love is still as intense and true.A brief novella but fully packed with a complete story.A Highwayman s Honor written by Michelle McClean A group of Highway bandits wait for their unsuspecting prey The carriage carries Lord Harding s wealth as well as is wife and daughter Elizabet.During the robbery Elizabet is shot and her fathers carriage bolts away leaving her on the ground Lord John Ramsay, the leader of the masked gunmen, decides to care for her wound He brings her to a cottage and takes care of her for a week During her recovery period things heat up between but are never really addressed When she returns home she pines for her masked highwayman.Weeks later Elizabet attends a ball and recognizes him as Lord John Ramsay At this point, the story becomes a true give and take unrequited love tale This is a romance novel at its best Hats off to Ms McClean for her full satisfying story in a short novella.I have received this book for an honest review I have read 3 of the 9 stories they were terrific. I love anthologies because they give me a sample of authors I may never have read before I had only read 2 of these authors before I m so excited to have new authors to follow as well To Challenge The Earl by Bronwen EvansBronwen Evans is one of my favorites and this story is a great example of why Witty and sexy, it s the story of Amy Shipton and her neighbor Henry St Giles who she has adored since she was a girl After a drunken kiss in a dark garden, Henry realizes Amy is no longer the little girl he always thought of her as A Cinderella type hunt ensues and what follows is a funny, romantic story with two absolutely endearing characters A Promise of Love by Ella QuinnAmerican heiress Genevieve McGowan is looking for a husband who will love her enough to live in America and be her partner running her father s shipping business She really doesn t care where he is from as long as he s not English When she travels to England for her aunt s wedding, she meets Lord Francis Trevor Their attraction is instant Will he satisfy all her requirements I loved Frank and Jenny and how they were both willing to sacrifice for the one they loved.A Kiss for Miss Kingsley by Collette CameronA short but sweet story of second chances Allen Wimpleton proposed to Olivia Kingsley 3 years ago but Olivia turned him down Young and afraid to leave her father, she walked away from the love of her life to travel with her family to the Caribbean Now she has returned to see if it s too late or if love can have a second chance Stirring Passions by Maggi AndersenDouble your reading pleasure Two love stories overlap in this book Best friends since childhood, Laurie and Kat find themselves in a dangerous game of espionage Lots of twists and turns and romance will keep you reading well into the early hours of the morning A Pledge of Passion by Victoria VaneNicolas Needham has fallen in love with Lady Mariah Morehaven Nick, however, is a younger son and wants to improve his situation before proposing marriage Lord Rochford, Nick s employer, needs to marry and so sends Nick to arrange his marriage contract The bride he has selected Lady Mariah, of course This was a delightful story by new to me author Victoria Vane This story is filled with steamy passion and sweet romance I ll most definitely read from this author A Highwayman s Honor by Michelle McLeanLord John Ramsay Jack is a highwayman a Robin Hood of sorts who returns money to those who were wrongfully treated by the very people he robs When Elizabeth Harding s family carriage is robbed and Elizabeth left injured, John has no choice but to take her with him This romantic suspense will keep you reading and rooting for an HEA for this couple.Lord Quickthorn s Bargain by Barbara MonajemGwen Appleby goes to the fairy well hoping to find help in keeping her sister from setting her sights on the rake Lord Quickthorn Little does she know that the fairy she s dealing with is Lord Quickthorn himself who is filling in for his sister, Polyanthus A magical story of fairies, wishes, and romance.Wanted by the Warrior by Violetta RandLady Sophia Camerot s future has been planned since birth She yearns for freedom Knowing she s about to be betrothed, she decides to escape her prison home Victor, son of King Faste, resuces Sophia when her escape turns dangerous Though it defies her father and Victor is forbidden by law, the 2 lovers face their foes for the sake of true love Never Trust a Rogue by Christy CarlyleFelicity is chaperoning her cousin Amelia at a house party and wants to warn her away from Lord Lindsay, a man so scandalous he even penned The Rogue s Rulebook Felicity knows what it s like to be left heartbroken and wants to guard her cousin from such a fate Lord Lindsay Alex isn t happy about attending this house party knowing his family is scheming to see him wed But then he meets Felicity A delightful tale of true love I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I can t wait to read from these wonderful authors I will have to say this Anthology name fits this book well It sure is filled with passion and scoundrels which stir up a mess of trouble I have found this set to be a delightful entertaining read that is filled with wonderful stories of love, passion, betrayal, intrigue, and so much I couldn t wait to get to the next one each are better than the last The authors put a lot of time and thought into giving a wonderful passion filled read at times which is funny The ladies will not know what hit them as well as a few men will be left scratching their heads as to what just happened To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood by Bronwen EvansPoor Henry thought he would be able to pick the women of his dreams in his own time With his brother s death time is running out Everyone expects him to marry the lady his brother was suppose to but she leaves him cold He now has to find her a husband and his self a wife Just none out there really gets his attention His friends are about to give him a push that is going to leave him breathless.Lady Amy has her heart set on finding a love match but her father just wants her to marry anyone he just wants her gone so he can live his life the way he wants to Amy knows who she wants but always knew she couldn t have him until his brother dies but he is still out of reach I loved these characters Ms Evans pulls you in and takes you away to another place This story is well written as these two must work out the puzzle of love with no help from their friends They are about to go on a marry chase to find true love as tempers fly with lots of misunderstandings.A Promise of Love by Ella QuinnI totally loved this book it has a little bit of everything in it from a father who wants a son to help his daughter run the family business to a father who will do anything to control his children s life This may start out a little slow but sure doesn t take long for the pace to pick up giving you an outstanding read The world hasn t let the woman vote yet nor run a company Jenny needs to find a husband but none in America makes her heart beat fast She and her aunt move on to Paris with no luck than to England where she stops looking How can it be so hard to find one man she can love She isn t too fond of the British since they broke into her grandmother s home and she died of a heart attack What she finds is some over stuff English man and Frank whose father is controlling You will not believe what this couple goes through to even see if they like each other must less a HAE.This was well written with a wonderful plot The author tells a compelling story that makes you turn the page to see what is going to happen next She gives you wonderful character you will fall in love and laugh with There are a few you will not be fond of I am so looking forward to reading from this author. The Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood by Bronwen EvansHaving no love from her family seeing her mother suffer because her husband did not love her, all Lady Amy Shipton wants is someone to love her for her Not for what she can bring to the marriage bloodlines, connections, money but FOR HER Unfortunately, her father is pushing her to marry by the end of the season he doesn t care who it is toeven going as far as forcing Lord Chesteron So what s a girl to dowhy make her own list enlist the help of friends.Henry St Giles, the Earl of Cravenswood, never expected to inherit especially wasn t expecting to inherit his brother s fiancee although Henry has yet to make a formal proposal He had held out hope the ton would accept his mistress as his wife, who he felt he loved for many years Alas, she left him for none other that Lord Chesteron So what s a gentleman to do Until the fateful night falling Lady Skye s ball While completely drunk, Henry sits in his garden contemplating what to do about his deceased brother s fiancee, a worthless cousin who continues to pester him for money, missing his brother he hears a noise While trying to stand he falls hits his head When he comes to he s being tended to by a soft body In his stupor he starts making out with this body mentions his former mistresses name When he comes to he wonders if it was all in his imagination but no, this passionate woman leaves behind an earring Now to find out who this earring belongs to make her his wife.The Earl of Cravenswood has come to her rescue againinterrupting the odious Lord Chesterton trying to claim a dance Yes, Henry St Giles is a man that Amy could love She s already a little in love with him after he rescued her many years before after she fell off her horse Unable to sleep after Lady Skye s ball Amy slips into her neighbor s garden this neighbor juts happens to be the Earl of Cravenswood listens to Henry talking to his deceased brother She has done this many times since Henry s brother died feels she Henry have a lot in common.they want someone to love them for them She hears Henry fall rushes to make sure he is alright As she tends his head wound Henry kisses her starts making love to her She s lost in the moment until Henry mentions the name Millicent As she abruptly leaves she loses an earring.Come the next morning Amy is determined to find her earring keep Henry from finding out she was the lady in the garden or he will feel compelled to offer her marriage She d love nothing but she will not marry someone who is love with someone else Henry is determined to spend the day finding the lady to whom the earring belongs Hopefully with the help of his friends, the Marquess of Wolverstone the Duke of Dangerfield.What follows is an enchanting tale filled with humor, tears, misunderstanding the delightful Tinkles.A Cinderella story full of hope angst for both the hero heroine The 3rd book in Bronwen Evans Wicked Wagers series is every bit as good as the first 2 Even though they can all be read as stand alones I strongly encourage reading all 3you won t be disappointed A Promise of Love by Ella QuinnMiss Genevieve Jenny MacGowan wants a husband who 1 wants her for herself not her father s money or shipping business 2 will let her continue to be involved in the day to day business decisions 3 has to be willing to move to America 4 most importantly he must NOT be an Englishman Imagine her response when, while in London with her aunt, she meets an Englishman who is unlike any other she has met.Lord Francis Frank Trevor as the second son of a controlling Duke he knows he will always be under his father s thumb Doing what he says, marrying who he says, when he says It s a life he s come to expect Which makes his brief escape to London while his father is in Scotland a sweet relief Introduced to a beautiful woman at a ball, one who holds the English in disdain, sets into motion a whirlwind experience and makes Frank question his acceptance of the life his father expects him to live and the reveals a yearning to rebel.Will Frank be able to convince Jenny that he meets her requirements and that he s willing to give up the life he has for one in America Will Jenny be able to accept that Frank is not a typical Englishman let him into her heart Will an outside force ruin any chance they have for happiness A beautiful tale of a strong lady knowing what she wants and going after it without taking anything away from an equally strong man Looking forward to reading from this talented author.A Kiss for Miss Kingsley by Collette CameronMiss Olivia Kingsley has spent 3 years regretting the decision she made 3 years ago saying no to the only man she ll ever love Now back in England Olivia agrees to her aunt s addlepated scheme to show up uninvited to a ball where her love will be attending Unsure of her reception Olivia is full of nerves will he give her the cut direct or does he still love her.Allen Wimpleton had his heart broken 3 years ago Now deciding to do his duty he thinks he knows who he plans on making his bride until his long ago love shows up unannounced at the ball he s attending Has she come to rub it in that she refused him all those years ago or does she still love him Collette offers some very witty comments had me laughing Collette delivers as always Stirring Passions by Maggi AndersenA short story that will keep you guessing the outcome Maggi Andersen does a great job mixing up the hero heroines in a way that keeps you reading.Kate Kilgarth s best friend is Lord Laurence, Laurie, and insists to him and everyone else that he s only a friend When Lord Jason Broughton returns to the nearby Broughton Hall and intrigues Kate He is soon followed by his brother s French widow, Angelique.Kate travels to London to stay with her aunt for her season but quickly becomes bored with London society Until she overhears a sinister plot Feigning illness she returns home and quickly warns Lord Broughton about the plot He insists she stay out of it Returning to London she tells Laurie what she heard and against his his father s wishes she continues to investigate A kidnapping who is a spy and who isn t and an unlikely ally make for an entertaining story.A Pledge of Passion by Victoria VaneLady Mariah Morehaven will be a rich a Baroness in her own right after her father passes which means the fortune hunters will abound Something she s not happy about she wants to marry for love Until she meets the secretary of her cousin s former fianc e A promise made then broken has torn her heart in two.Mister Nicholas Needham wants to prove himself before he thinks of marrying Since his lineage is not of the aristocratic nature with no patron he s resigned to live a lonely life Until he meets the cousin of his best friend from school who happens to be his employer He makes a promise then breaks it, tearing his heart in half.The story starts with the break up letter then delves into the history leading up to the letter From there it picks up three years later where Mariah s father has passed and she finds she must marry to preserve her family s fortune Nicholas has been working out of the country when he finds himself sent back to England to negotiate the marriage of his current employer with the one lady he ll never forget Will he be able to go through with the negotiations or will he swallow his pride go after the love of his life Will Mariah be able to forgive the heartbreak he caused Victoria Vane does a beautiful job of filling in any back history without taking away from the current story only enhancing it And she provides a tale where the heroine is the stubborn one the hero will do anything to prove himself a great twist on the usual HEA.A Highwayman s Honor by Michelle McLeanOne thing Lord John Ramsey hates is a corrupt aristocrat has resolved to do something about it The one thing he doesn t count on is the daughter of one such aristocrat a daughter that fascinates him beyond reason.Elizabet Harding knows how to take care of herself something that comes in handy when her father s carriage is held up by none other than The Highland Highwayman A man that for some reason she trusts.When she is shot by a henchman of the Highwayman s her parent s horses carriage run off leaving her to die the Highwayman tends her in his hideaway An action that makes him wish things were different.Upon meeting at a ball Elizabet realizes who her Highwayman but it is a little late as someone else has figured it out Can John escape the hangman s noose Can Elizabet give up everything for the man she loves will he let her Michelle McLean writes an action packed tale that will keep you captivated until the very end.Lord Quickthorn s Bargain by Barbara MonajemGwen Appleby knows her sister loves the gentleman she just broke her engagement with She also knows the ludicrous plan she has to captivate marry Lord Quickthorn, the most devilish rake to have come from their little town of Whiffle Force, will only end with her ruination a broken heart In hopes of saving her sister from making this huge mistake Gwen turns to the fairies of Whiffle Force asks for a boon keep Lord Quickthorn from seducing her sister.Rex, Lord Quickthorn, has returned to his home in the village of Whiffle Force to rest overcome the aches pains of his body that have been increasing while his magic has been decreasing And to try to figure out what it is he really wants Though the townsfolk really do not want him there all too aware of his reputation Even so, he remains to allow his sister, Guardian of the Well, a short vacation.Intrigued by the lovely woman who approaches his sister s cottage surprised by the amount of knowledge she has about his sister fairies When he hears the boon she requests he can t help but have a little fun her boon for having Lord Quickthorn turn his charms on her Knowing nothing will come of it since he promised his sister no magic no seductions Willing to do anything to save her sister Gwen agrees reminding herself she will always remain a spinster remain in Whiffle Force for her own reasons.What follows in a sweet story proving to each character that there is someone out there for everyone there s only one all powerful magic This is the first book of Barbara Monajem s that I have read I love the way she writes Her story is full of humor, longing the occasional want to make you slap the character situations A totally entertaining tale.Wanted by the Warrior by Violetta RandLady Sophia Camerot, a Southlander mortal, wants nothing than to see the forbidden lands outside her father s kingdom before he announces her engagement to a man she s never met Escaping with her maid the night her betrothal is to be announced she is attacked by a group of drunks Saved by a man she s never seen knows he is different from her, she is returned to the castle in time to meet her betrothed which she ultimately refuses.Victor, a Northlander a warrior god is entranced by the lovely Southlander he saves from a group of drunks Knowing the dangers if he is caught he escorts her back to her father s castle witnesses the man who will become her husband Fighting jealousy he leaves before he hears Sophia s refusal Unable to get her out of his mind he crosses the border again sneaks into her room where he tries to determine if she feels the same as he does Leaving her sleeping he enters a clearing prays to Odin to bring her to him swearing to protect her always.Sophia suddenly finds herself in a clearing with the man who had saved her is confused on how she came to be there Demanding answers receiving none she flees only to be captured by other creatures Victor again saves her they return to his father s home where no one is happy to have a Southlander amongst them When a Guardsman attacks Sophia, Victor arrives in time slits the Guardsman s throat Even though she was attacked by this man Victor was saving her she cannot let him die touches him A touch that heals him a touch witnessed by many This healing changes things for Victor Sophia s circumstances.Though entertaining this story was a little hard to follow along especially not knowing for sure exactly what being Victor was.Never Tempt a Rogue by Christy CarlyleA past mistake broken heart have left Felicity Beckett no longer believing in happily ever afters They ve also left her with the realization that she ll forever be a spinster As such she agrees to chaperone her young cousin to her first house party in expectations of keeping her from being seduced by the one of the authors of The Rake s Handbook.Alexander Evering, Lord Lindsay, never expected to inherit the title Never wanted to inherit the title A fact he ponders on his way to his aunt uncles for a stupid house party A party where is sure to be lectured by his uncle about his new responsibilities Imagine his surprise when the house party has been set up to find him a bride Something he does not want Until he is approached by a fire spitting beauty warning him to stay away from her impressionable cousin Christy Carlyle writes a spirited dance between the gentleman who always made his own decisions the woman beneath him in station Will he convince her to take the chance on love Will those who disapprove in difference of station keep them apart LOVED this heartwarming tale This anthology has stories by some of my favorite historical romance authors like Victoria Vane, Bronwen Evans, Collette Cameron, and Christy Carlyle Today my review is for Christy Carlyle s Never Tempt a Rogue Felicity is a chaperone to her young cousin at a house party Little do they know that this party is part of a scheme to find a bride for Lord Lindsay, the man who wrote The Rogue s Rulebook.Such a delightful read Christy is a very talented author, I was completely sucked in by this story Not too long, not too short, the perfect length for the plot she wanted to unravel The dialogue between Felicity and Lord Lindsay was fantastic, and I couldn t help falling in love with him.I received this box set in exchange for an honest review. This is a great box set with well known Historical Romance authors some I have read from when they came out Here are a bit about the box set Bronwen Evens This is book 3 of the Wicked Wagers Gere is Historical Romance This is a short Novella.Hero is Henry who becomes an Earl and Heroinine is Ally daughter of a Duke About the story We have both Ally and Henry poking for true love in a marriage which is very unusual in the Ton Ally has loved Henry since she was very young and he saved her Meanwhile Henry lost his Mistress Millicent to another Lord Lord Henry is devastated and the Marquis and the Duke from book 1and 2 make a bet with him Either find a wife in a month or he has to pick one of the 2 ladies they name for him Henry every night goes to his garden and speaks to his deceased brother During a ball Henry dances with Ally When the ball finishes he goes to a brothel but nothing happens He can t do anything You have to get this to find out the name of the Brothel The name is brilliant Henry then goes home to his Garden and speaks to his deceased brother again He does fall and hits his head on a statue of Aphrodite With blood coming outLady Ally sees that and she tries to help his He then gropes her and kisses her She is then felling very excited but he calls her Millicent his former mistress Ally gets up and leaves But she losses an earring When Henry comes sees the earring he needs to find the owner The next day he sees Ally in his garden looking for something And low and behold his body is reacting to her They both are playing cat and mouse with each other for love Does Henry confront Ally They both have a few surprises for each other And Marcus and Sabline are playing matchmakerNever Tempt a Rogue by Christy CarlyeWe have Felicity as a chaperone Her uncle sent her to a house Party so her cousin may find a husband Lord Alex who is a viscount Lord Lindsay wrote a handbook with his friends And the book is Scandalous The group of lords are called Rogues Her cousin is infatuated with Lord Alex Felicity goes up to Lord Alex and tells him to stay away from her cousin Lord Alex doesn t want anything to do with Felicity cousin He wants felicity Lord Alex aunt who is having the party has other ideas Grab it and see Barbara Monajem is a great story that will have you laughing in some parts This is the 4th one that I have read from Barbara We have Lord Quickthorn that is part fai going back to the small village that he was from He meets his half sister that is custodian of the wishing well His sister wants a little break a holiday he agrees to take over We have the heroine Gwen going to the well for a boon She wants her prideful sister to say I m sorry to Sir Charles She and Sir Charles got into a fight and they both are to full of Pride to patch it up Lord Quickthorn eyeing Gwen Meanwhile Gwen s sister wants the Lord just for Spite Do the misunderstanding work themselves off Collette Cameron s A kiss for Miss Kingsley Hero is Allan Heroine is Olivia We have Olivia returning after 3 years in Barbados She was in love with Allan Allan now is a viscount that needs to do his duty and beget a hair They meet again at a ball that Viscount Allan parents are holding Olivia is heartbroken because she is still in Love with Allan and Allan feels betrayed Olivia had promised to return after a yr meanwhile it has been 3 Did Allan become Engaged or does Olivia stand a chance I loved Michelle McLean Scottish Highway man story during King Charles time The highway man is a Lord He steals some bags of gold from a very rich merchant and kidnaps the daughter Is he found out Violetta Rand one was so fantastic Part one to a new series We have Lady Sophia who was going to be engaged at midnight to someone She wants one night of freedom Sophia and her cousin go out from the castle walls They were told that the world ends near the castle walls but Lady Sophia is curious That is where she meets Prince Victor He has powers that he can t show He prays for Lady Sophia to Odin He prays for both of them to be together I loved Victoria Vane one How a young man made a promise to a lady who he wanted as a wife but not until he was financial secure He told her to give him 3 yrs but he wrote to her to break it off Why Ella Quinn s one is about an American that is going to France to look for a husband She needs her other half to help in the Company that her father started The Heroine doesn t want an English man and defently no Lord She goes to France with her aunt Then they both go to England Her aunt is reunited with a lord she has always loved Our Heroine is introduced to Lord Frank He is a dukes son So there is 2 strikes again him Only thing is Lord Frank s feeling is growing Does Lord Frank forget about his family and make a go of it as a mer Mister What does the Duke say Nine great historical romamces that range from by the book societal rules to a little bit of erotica all the way to paranormal All of these books will make you want to read the others written by the authors To challenge the Earl of Cravenwood by Brownwen Evans 5 stars.A new version of Cinderella in which Cinderella doesn t want to be found Holy crap this book gets to you to the point that you never want to put it down This was a great romance story I would definitely recommend this to all historical romance lovers A promise of love by Ella Quin 5 stars.A chance at love across the pond When an American goes on a trip abroad inorder to find a husband her requirements are simple, it must be love and he must not be an Englishman Now when she falls in love but its is with an Englishman what will she do When a meddlesome father, and a hopeful suitor and a kidnapping thrown into the mix will they get their HEA This is a suspensful historical romance with no cliffhanger.A kiss for miss Kingsley By Collette Cameron 4 stars.An extremely short romance story about second chances that makes everything worth it This is a romance that shows when you lose your chance at true love and you get it again never be afraid to take the risk and jump waltz for it A great historical short romance.Stirring Passion by Maggi Anderson 4 stars.Intrigue at its finest Two couples that have their paths entertwined, will they find what they seek and come out together Two childhood bestfriends, when one starts to want what is a girl to do but head to the ton and make her debut But when she stumbles against a plot to betray England she puts her life on the line, will she be able to stop the plot and keep her friendship or will things go from bad to worse Definitely a good romance with a little intrigue.A pledge of passion by Victoria Vane 4 starsAn agreement made in starlight, misplaced nobility, and a second chance at true happiness A romance that is all about fate playing a helping hand in romance.A highwaymans honor by Michelle McLean 4 stars.John is an aristocrat with a conscious Those who have betrayed those who rely on him are now going to be his victims Elizabeth is the daughter of one of his soon to be victims and when they finally meet they are both surprised of what is to come Now when they are both put at risk due to people finding on what happened will either survive the scandal This historical suspence romance makes you hold your breathe in hope of a happy ending This is one you won t forget anytime soon.Lord Quickthorns bargain by Barbara Monajem 5 stars.Gwen knows her duty to her community and as such has decided to never mary but when her little sister decides to set her sights on the notorious rake Lord Quickthorn Gwen does the one thing she know she should never do She asks for a boom from the fairies When a bargain is made who is the real winner in the end This is a HEA romance that will make you so happy that you read it.Wanted by the warrior by Violetta Rand 4 stars.A nice opening to a new series This is part one of a romance that has a.little paranormal thrown into the mix When a woman bound to another needs a bit of breething room what is she to do but leave the saftey of her home for a new adventure When Victor finds her all he can think about is her and now will do anything to have her including breaking the laws of his people.Never tempt a Rogue by Christy Carlyle 3 stars.Alex, a new viscount, Felicity a spinster with a difficult past When Felicity agreed to bring her cousin to a two week house party she never thought that she would have to fight the desires of her own heart But now when her present past and future collide what will happen next This one leaves you guessing at the end which depending on the style of books you like could be a good thing. A delightful box set full of magic, fantasy, and humor But most of all passion To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood by Bronwen Evans 5 starsA saucy Cinderella type story An interesting take on a classic theme and it did not disappoint The characters were charming and the sexual tension was all but melting my Kindle Henry was a great character and proved to be real with his feelings and emotions However, I did want to throttle him when his obsession with his mistress found him seeing similarities between her and Amy But it did add that extra hurtle that they had to overcome and once Amy understood his reasoning, she proved to be a very endearing and compassionate character The story had humorous parts and had me grinning from time to time My favorite being the search for Mr Tinkles This is book in the Wicked Wagers series It can be read as a standalone.A Promise of Love by Ella Quinn 4 StarsThis story had a strong heroine with aspirations of running her Father s business However, she finds out that being a female denies her that dream An American who loathes English men, she soon will realize that love does not discriminateThe very idea of an Englishman touching me is enough to make me feel ill She does come off as cold and little stern But that is who she is and that sets her apart from other heroines It is her directness that attracts Frank, a man who is also wanting to prove himself, but yet, also needs an excuse to marry For he wants to escape is overbearing Father It is with these two character agendas that make this story fun to read The only thing that I found not to my liking were Jenny s and Frank s romance It just did not seem overly romantic But I had to keep in mind that their personalities were not that of typical romance characters A Kiss for Miss Kingsley by Collette Cameron 5 stars I had already read this story and loved it, just copied my past review This was a lovely short story.Collette has a way of bringing to life each character It is hard to dislike anyone Except Miss Rossington She makes the reader feel as if they were right there witnessing the events unfolding.The story takes place at a ball, where the two main characters, Olivia and Allen, already know each other Three years prior, Allen had proposed to Olivia after a short acquaintance She declined his offer to elope and asked him to wait a year His response Like bloody hell I will There is plenty of hurt pride to be had between the two of them However, of course it ends happily ever after.Stirring Passions by Maggi Andersen 4 starsOne thing I can say about this story is that it made me say, Wow, that is not how I thought this would go It started off to make it seem that Kate was going to have a romance with Lord Broughton It had the makings of your typical romance but it really did not turn out that way It threw me for a loop and it was like there were two stories being told.On one hand there is Lord Broughton and his troubles and then there is Kate and Laurie, childhood friends and a one sided attraction on his end or so it would seem It was like reading Kate grow up She was headstrong and a little annoying, but she did not yet know her true feelings for Laurie I felt a little bad for him and was not mad when it seemed like he was bossing her around, she needed that Kate and Lord Broughton stories intermingle and I liked the aspect of spies But It did end a bit abruptly and I felt like it was unsolved A Pledge of Passion by Victoria Vane 4 starsTwo characters that were obviously meant to be with each other, find that fate has brought them together again Much to Mariah s chagrin I found this a very pleasant read, with dialogue that made me smile and secondary characters that were endearing I found Lady Russell to be a funny character with matchmaking agenda and her penchant for laudanum while traveling to conveniently leave our two characters alone in the carriage It is book 2 in the Rules of Engagement series and can be read as a standalone A Highwayman s Honor by Michelle McLean 5 starsI loved this story I have a soft spot for a romantic Highwaymen and this one fit the bill There is nothing like a thief for lack of a better word who is chivalrous and full of honor It reminded me of Robin Hood and it was hard to put down Swoon worthy writing and hero made this a very enjoyable readBecause you promised to protect me Always Jack kissed the top of her head and she shivered against him.Major swoon I did wonder if our two almost star crossed lovers made it safely to their destination and if they truly did have a HEA But I m glad that their troubles were resolved This was probably my favorite one in the whole box set Lord Quickthorn s Bargain by Barbara Monajem 5 starsA magical romance with mischievous fairy folk that make this a truly fun read.Lord Quickthorne finds himself beholden to a bargain to protect a woman whom one of the fairies is acquainted with With the reputation of a Rogue he sets off to redeem himself and in a way, to recharge his own abilities, for he is part Fae as well He meets Gwen and decides to grant the boon that she wants in exchange for satisfying his boredom.I liked Lord Quickthorne, he was an entertaining hero and I loved that he was Fae It was different than the other stories in the box set and it was refreshing and humorous.Lord Quickthorne and Gwen s romance was cute and magical Their dialogue was funny and lighthearted This story was the perfect balance of romance and magic.Wanted by the Warrior by Violetta Rand 4 starsCan t go wrong with a Viking romance Throw in some fantasy and it s the perfect blend Even if you do not know too much about Viking mythology, this story makes it easy to understand It was an interesting blend of fantasy and romance Victor and Sophia certainly had an attraction that even the Gods could not tear asunder.However, this story does not tie up loose ends and has a cliffhanger of sorts We learn that Sophia has powers as well, but does not go into further detail I definitely want to know what s in store for this two characters.Never Tempt a Rogue by Christy Carlyle 5 starsFelicity s is a character that has resigned herself to spinsterhood Acting as chaperon to her cousin Amy, she has decided that men are liars and can t be trusted When a famous Rogue starts making advances toward her, it takes all of her energy to not listen to her own body s attraction to him It was interesting to take the journey with Felicity to find her true love and figure out that not all men are scoundrels I liked the dialogue between Felicity and Lord Lindsay He seemed like the perfect hero He was witty and fun His teasing of Felicity made me smile and I knew that our heroine was done for the minute we were introduced to his character Felicity s advice to Amy not to tempt a rogue comes back to bite her in the hiney and we all can sit back and enjoy her journey to find her very own rogueI received this box set in exchange for an honest review Nine Promises To Stir Your Passions From Award Winning, Bestselling Authors Enter The Dazzling World Of Brawny Vikings, Regency Rogues, And Sexy Scoundrels As They Take You On One Romantic Journey After The Other In These Tantalizing Historical Romances Filled With Betrayal, Intrigue, And Passion Enjoy Passionate Promises Enthralling Romances For A Limited Time OnlyTo Challenge The Earl Of Cravenswood By Bronwen EvansA Promise Of Love By Ella QuinnA Kiss For Miss Kingsley By Collette CameronStirring Passions By Maggi AndersenA Pledge Of Passion By Victoria VaneNever Tempt A Rogue By Christy CarlyleWanted By The Warrior By Violetta RandA Highwayman S Honor By Michelle McLeanLord Quickthorn S Bargain By Barbara Monajem


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