Until Tomorrow (Flirting With Trouble, #2)

Until Tomorrow (Flirting With Trouble, #2) Until Tomorrow was the first book by Annie Kelly I read Even if it is the second book in the Flirting With Trouble with trouble series it can be easy read as standalone BUT you can be sure that I will pick up not the first book as well The author created interesting characters that both struggle through different issues of their life Still they are able to point out not only what seems to be broken with the other one but they are also able to see their own problems as well In certain moments I felt like they were both growing with each others help Like this one intense moment when Wyatt reaches for Carson s hands to stand up that was such a tiny gesture but if there had been a soundtrack I would have expected a drumroll pun intended when looking at the drummer in this story The actual surrounding story took a backseat for me as I found myself focusing only on the developing relationship between the two leads They were well written and I really loved Wyatt he was so strong that even his minor cracks in the amour as Carson called them only added up to his character 5 WOW stars for a strong character development This one had a lot going on and honestly it was all good It is a wonderfully crafted story with flawed but very likable characters that kept me turning page after page Carson is a person who s life is in chaos She should be in school finishing her master s degree program instead she s spending days tutoring and nights partying Drugs, sex, and alcohol are controlling her life Until she decides they won t But will she be able to put her life together without addressing the issues that sent her spiraling in the first place Wyatt was living a great life doing exactly what he wanted playing drums in a band with his buds Until one night an accident takes it all away along with the life of his friend Now he fills his days with physical therapy and getting back to school.After a brief encounter the night of Wyatt s accident, these two are brought back together when Wyatt needs her tutoring help with his classes Will they be able to stay focused or will the attraction between them flare out of control You definitely want to read this one and find out I highly recommend it. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Can a recovering drug addict and a former bad boy drummer escape from their past and learn that tomorrow is filled with endless possibilities In Annie Kelly s latest novel, Until Tomorrow, Ms Kelly creates a story that is built on the backbone of two flawed characters finding their way I may have been the tutor, but he was the teacher In every way In the best possible ways, he taught me all about how I can be exactly who I need to be exactly when I need to be it No excuses No regrets Six months ago, two strangers met at a bar at different points in their lives One was living the musician life while the other was struggling to get by her ongoing drug addictions But within their passing, they shared a moment A moment of tomorrow A moment of maybe Fast forward to the present, now both are yet again at a stage in their life that is at a standstill.Carson Tucker is a recovering drug addict She hopes to take back control of her life and fulfill her dreams of becoming of a teacher As she tries to regain control of her life, she must come face to face with her past, her fears, her addiction, and anxiety Wyatt Sands had the life He was living in the moment until everything was taken away from him One tragic accident destroyed his life and left him wheelchair bound and also took away the life of his best friend As Wyatt tries to regain control of his life and finish his schooling, he hires a tutor Six months ago Carson met Wyatt and now they meet again and this time she is his hired tutor Carson was supposed to teach Wyatt but soon she finds herself learning from Wyatt Will Carson and Wyatt discover that the heart does not need to be taught because it already knows the answer Because the truth was simple so simple it was fucking complicated I was in love with Wyatt He made me the best possible version of myself I could be he managed to get me to face my anxiety, to go see my counselor, to work on my school shit, to move forward with my student teaching He forced my hand and made me better made me stronger And that s what I want for him I want to be able to inspire him to move forward into greatness the same way he inspired me Until Tomorrow is a story that is built upon layers of friendship, trust, redemption, hope, second chances and love Though this story may have been centered on the relationship of Carson and Wyatt and the love that they have for each other but this book was so much than that It was a story that weaved the importance that the past does not define you and that tomorrow is a gift that we are given Second chances are called second chances for a reason and so Ms Kelly really incorporates this important message as she weaved it into her story line So if you are looking for a story that was raw, emotional and touching then I would recommend this novel It was a beautiful and heartfelt story that left me smiling Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages I fell a little bit in love with Wyatt Sands in After Tonight, and Until Tomorrow just finished the job If you ve read my past reviews, you ll know that I have a thing a huge thing for flawed heroes Wheelchair bound and bearing the emotional and physical scars from the tragic accident that killed his best friend, Wyatt is the definition of flawed hero He s beautifully broken, sweet, sensitive, and stronger than he could ever know He s basically impossible not to love, and so I loved him dearly.Carson Tucker is equally damaged she s picking up the pieces of the life she s been hell bent on derailing, and she s doing a damn fine job of it Tutoring Wyatt is a way to keep her on track with her teaching career, and it helps give her a purpose and keep her grounded Her attraction to him is inconvenient But also irresistible There s a whole mountain of baggage between them and all the growing and healing the two of them have to do will either pull them together or push them apart.This really was a lovely story the chemistry between Carson and Wyatt is intense, steamy, and as irresistible to read as it was for them to experience I was completely sucked into this book both of these characters were fascinating to me, and the struggles that they faced felt authentic and heartbreaking I loved the support they offered each other theirs wasn t just a physical chemistry though there was plenty of that , there s a foundation of friendship underneath all of their interactions and it s sweet and heartwarming and fun to read I felt like things wrapped up a little quickly and maybe a little too neatly in the end The major conflict probably deserved a little of a detailed resolution However, I walked away with a giant smile on my face I loved the time I got to spend with Carson and Wyatt, and my heart was happy for them This was a quick, easy read filled with a wonderful balance of humor, angst, and steam I didn t want to put it down, and I was a little sad to see it end I m loving this series so far and I loved the little tease we got for Rainey s story YES More, please Shelly, 4 stars You can see this full review and at Book Briefs Until Tomorrow is a new adult contemporary romance by Annie Kelly It is the second book in the Flirting With Trouble series each of the books can be read as standalones Until Tomorrow is the first book that I have read by Annie Kelly, but it will not be the last I loved how emotional and inspirational Until Tomorrow was the characters were far from perfect, but their story was all about facing their fears, growing as a person and they all showed such strength that I had nothing but admiration for them Until tomorrow is told entirely from Carson s point of view.Carson and Wyatt first met each other when they were very different people I really liked that the book started out with their initial meeting, and then it jumps ahead 6 months and shows their second meeting Of course, by this meeting each of their lives has changed significantly I really enjoyed watching the two of them grow and struggle with who they are, who they were and who they want to be It was a beautiful story I wish that we could have seen some of Wyatt s point of view, but then again, I always wish that Dual narrative is my favorite, but I still feel like we got to know Wyatt pretty well through Carson s eyes.My only gripe with Until Tomorrow is that I would have liked to have seen the book be a little bit longer I thought the pacing was great throughout the first 75% of the story, but the ending felt a little rushed I thought we could have stretched it out another 50 pages or so However, I will admit, I might feel this way because I was really enjoying Carson and Wyatt and wasn t ready to say goodbye to them yet.Bottom line this is a solid new adult romance Check out the Flirting with Trouble series, if you like your romance with a little grit, drama and a whole lot of troubled characters This is a great book for character driven readers that like their reads on the edgier side This review was originally posted on Book Briefs Originally posted at Smexy Books C Carson Tucker is a recovering addict Currently working as a tutor, she is only nine credits shy from getting her masters degree in teaching Frequent anxiety attacks caused her to self medicate She dropped out of graduate school and floated along in a drug induced haze until her friends stepped in and forced her to take a look at where she was heading Now six months clean, Carson is attempting to get her life back on track When she agrees to tutor a friend of a friend, she is shocked to learn it is the drummer from her favorite band.Wyatt Sands, a hot as hell, bad boy drummer in an up and coming band, was going places until he is involved in a car accident that kills his best friend and the lead singer of his band and landed him in a wheelchair Having cast aside everything from his life before the accident, Wyatt just wants is to finish his degree.Carson and Wyatt s relationship gradually moves from tutor student to lovers though Carson isn t sure that what they feel for one another is enough for either of them to let go of their fears and move towards a future together.Until Tomorrow is a low angst contemporary romance that offers readers self deprecating dialogue, introspective insight, and a slow, sweet, sexy romance that builds from an unintended friendship Told completely from Carson s point of view, her narrative indulges us with a personalized look at the issues that led her down the dark path she walked and the consequences she deals with as she struggles to find even ground on which to rebuild herself Smooth pacing and engaging characterization appeals as Kelly builds her story with a lack of overly emotional drama and predictable plot conveniences.Carson and Wyatt meet when she is hired to tutor him towards his degree Like her, he only has nine credits to finish It s only after they have been together awhile that Wyatt informs Carson that they have met before During one of her self medicated periods, she and Wyatt hooked up near the bathroom of a dive bar where he was playing Embarrassment doesn t even begin to cover Carson s reaction to this news which highlights the precarious position Carson is in Learning all the embarrassing and potentially dangerous situations she placed herself in while high on drugs spikes her anxiety to dangerous levels but she is working very hard on finding alternative healthy ways to deal with it.Carson is a strong, likable heroine Her wit, intelligence, and vulnerability was an easy sell She doesn t make excuses for the things she has done She readily admits that no matter the reasons behind her drug use, the bottom line is she took the drugs and the blame lies squarely on her She speaks honestly of her anxiety and fears with no attempts to sugar coat or claims of instant success in her healing She says what she means when she means it.Wyatt was a little harder to grasp an understanding of as we only see him through Carson s eyes His issues seem to stem from his fear of failure The car accident caused some brain damage which required him to relearn the everyday motions that we all take for granted He also suffers residual effects of his injuries such as hand tremors Rather than risk trying and failing at something he loves, Wyatt chooses to rearrange his life in order to take the easiest risk free available route Lucky for him, he has some fierce fighters in his corner that refuse to allow him to sit back and let the past rule his future He s easy going manner is the perfect foil of Carson s insecure nature though at times it felt that he wasn t always on the same page as her.Carson and Wyatt meshed well together There is the usual first meeting awkwardness that comes across natural and humorous The attraction is instant on both ends though they choose to go slow, building a solid friendship along the way They are a lot alike which helps as they explore their attraction while encouraging each other to face their fears I liked that Carson was upfront with Wyatt with her addiction and the issues that facilitated it and that neither of them played mind games Steamy foreplay and sex scenes only reinforces this couple s string chemistry.Most of my issues with this story were reserved for Wyatt I really wish we could have gotten some of his POV or narrative if only to understand where his mindset was and some explanations for his actions He did some questionable things that made me doubt his feelings towards Carson at times His omission of an important detail were not easy to overlook in my opinion.The ending wraps up the storyline tout suite, using a misunderstanding that effectively pushes these lovers into taking that final jump Until Tomorrow gives what it promises a sweet romance that deals with family, expectations, and second chances A few minor issues don t distract from the story though it did leave me feeling a little unsettled. Until Tomorrow is very much a story of healing It s about two people with drastically different demons haunting them, each broken in very different ways, struggling to find a way to face the past and move forward I fell in love with this author s writing style, with her gritty storytelling and captivating characters in After Tonight I was reminded of all those reasons with Until Tomorrow This second installment in the series follows Wyatt, a wheelchair bound drummer, and Carson, a tutor with a history of drug addiction These characters are magnetic and flawed and smart and I couldn t get enough of them.This book is sexy, emotional, and undeniably romantic all at once It s painful and hopeful and unputdownable Both books I ve now read from this author are on the short side, easily read in 2 or 3 hours I both love and hate that I love the instant gratification of seeing exactly where the storyline will go but I love these characters so much that I m sad to see them go so quickly.I really liked this book I love a story where the push and pull never really let s up, but it never feels like drama for the sake of drama It feels fluid and believable and tumultuous in the best ways This is a roller coaster ride of a book, as was the first in the series, and I couldn t put it down. I received a copy of this for free through NetGalleyI should say that I read this as a standalone I liked a lot of things about this book The characters were well developed and unlike other books in this genre where the bad boy meets the nice girl, everyone had the flaws The story flowed nicely and the romance was sexy and sweet Also loved that this was short so I was able to read this in one sitting. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.This was a decent little romance It is rather short at just under 200 pages and I was able to read it is a single evening which was nice This was a nice story overall but much darker than I had expected based on the pink tinted cover This book is listed as being the second book in the Flirting with Trouble series but I read it as a stand alone without any difficulty Carson is a recovering drug addict who is also dealing with an anxiety disorder She actually turned to drugs as a way to help her deal with her anxiety She is very close to finishing her degree but she can t figure out how to get through the student teaching due to her anxiety She is currently working as a tutor as much as she can while she tries to figure things out.Wyatt suffered a head injury in an automobile accident that killed his friend He is in a wheelchair until he is able to walk again He was a drummer in a local band but since his accident he has decided to focus on finishing his degree He needs some help to get through his classes so he hires Carson as his tutor to help him coordinate everything I like Carson and Wyatt together They are both dealing with issues and are living very different lives than they were just a few month earlier They seemed really good for each other The prologue of the story has them meeting before the changes in their life and the chemistry was exciting then The attraction that they have for each other hasn t stopped since their initial meeting The story wasn t perfect One of my main issues with the book was the fact that if Carson just stopped taking drugs a few months ago she probably should be hanging out at the bars she used to go to Drinking alcohol is probably not a great idea either I cringed when she declared she needed a drink after a rather intense moment since it is sometimes very common for an addict to replace one addition with another There really wasn t a lot of talk about how she stopped using either which I would have really liked to have seen I would recommend this book to others I liked the chemistry between the characters and I thought that their emotions seemed completely genuine I also like the fact that the main characters were a little different and I think they actually made each other a bit stronger I would definitely pick up another book by Annie Kelly I received an advance reader edition of this book from Berkley Publishing Group Intermix via NetGalley.Initial ThoughtsThis book was okay It had some problems but it also had some good moments. She S Trying The Straight And Narrow Carson Tucker Only Has One Thing On Her Mind Getting Her Life Back On Track And Pursuing Her Teaching Career She Can T Afford To Be Distracted, Yet No Amount Of Good Sense Can Compel Her Keep Her Mind Or Eyes Off The Brooding And Mysterious Wyatt Sands She Agreed To Be His Tutor And Help Him Finish His Degree, But Now She S Wishing She Could Inspire Him In Ways Than One He Makes Her Want To Break All The Rules Still Reeling From The Tragic Accident That Took His Best Friend S Life And Left Him Wheelchair Bound, All Wyatt Sands Wants To Do Is Forge Ahead Without Any Attachments His Solitary Lifestyle Works Well Until The After Hours Sessions Between Him And His Tutor Turn Hot And Steamy As The Chemistry Between Them Fuels A Passion That Is Too Electrifying To Be Denied, Will Carson Be Able To Break Down The Barriers That Wyatt Has Erected Around Himself Or Will Their Fiery Passion Burn Them Both

Annie Kelly writes loves stories that will teach you a thing or two The FLIRTING WITH DISASTER series forthcoming from Penguin is based around a group of young women who are dedicated to education student teaching, tutoring, and running an after school program are just three of their passions Of course, their passions certainly extend beyond the school day and where the school day ends, t

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