Zocopalypse The Last Time Alexandra Sees Her Scientist Father He Tells Her To Wait Two Weeks For Him To Return If He Doesn T, She And Her Mother Must Find Her Sister, Over Three Hundred Miles Away, In One Of The States Under QuarantineA Virus Is Infecting The Healthy, Turning Them Into Raging, Cannibalistic Versions Of Their Former Selves Dr Ramsey Has Spent Months Studying The E TR Virus, Including Alex In His Trials Before He Leaves He Hands Alexandra What May Be The Most Valuable Information In Existence Information That Than One Powerful Group Would Go To Great Lengths To PossessAlexandra Is No Match For This World One Where Men And Women Crave The Taste Of Flesh And The Weak Are A Liability, But She Made Her Father A Promise One She Intends To Keep No Matter How Many Lives Are Lost On The Way

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Zocopalypse book, this is one of the most wanted Angel Lawson author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 276 pages
  • Zocopalypse
  • Angel Lawson
  • English
  • 11 October 2019

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    The problem is that with so much time is that there is nothing to shut off these thoughts No new things to focus on The only new things are terrifying things that I don t want to think about either Eaters The military Crazy post apocalyptic crazy people My dad My sister What to do next Where to go It s easier to think about before, when things were better even if it does make me sad After finishing up the most wonderful contemporary romance, I needed a little gore to balance me out I m like that I need romance, then zombies, contemporary, and then back to rotting flesh I like to think it keeps me grounded But here I am, only 60% done with this book, and I felt the need start the review up just so I could gush for a second Lawson is a genius when it comes to writing a zombie read One that feels like it could very well play out in real life and come off believable the way she wrote it I have ranted and raved with her a few times about The Walking Dead and this lady knows what she is talking about She has done her research, watched zombie related shows, and keeps up with current events So I guess I shouldn t be so surprised with this being such an amazing read.Ok, now I am 100% done and I gotta say this book was fabulous So much so And so much happens in the story We are taken back and forth from the present to the past right before everything went to hell Before people became infected and started munching down on their friends and family And I actually loved that about the book I loved seeing how it all went down, unlike some shows and books that leave you always questioning the how s and why s to the start of the end And the different array of characters was definitely a good mix for the story as well I enjoyed the roles that each one played and what they brought to the story I love Cole and will be keeping my fingers crossed there The start roped me in quickly The whole plot had me reading, reading, reading until I quickly devoured the whole book The ending was such a surprise and one that has me eager to read the next in line All in all, this book is registering up there as one of my favorites 5 Freakin Stars

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    Death Fields series has kept me wanting All five books just starting the last book 6 have kept me wanting Can t stop reading

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    I loved this book I wanted to simultaneously reread this book after I read it and read the second in the series I ve already ordered all the available books in this series before starting the second, that s how confident I am in this series Aside from a few typos, the writing was good The plot was captivating, fast paced, and original Not only did it suck me in and keep me intensely focused, it managed to surprise me with the direction the author took the plot I m not the best at always predicting future outcomes in books, but I can hold my own against the normal reader There were ideas in this book that I hadn t even started to predict Maybe it was because I was so caught up in the moment of the scene that I didn t think too far ahead, or maybe it was just that well written Either way this is definitely worth a read If it s not well known, it should be By far the best survivalist post apocalyptic story I ve read in a very long time The characters are real and sparked an interest in me that I find harder and harder to find with books, at least the ones I ve read recently The main character is strong but not in the in your face way where you roll your eyes because she can do everything She s real, and her voice was very enjoyable for me to read If you re having second thoughts about starting this series, don t Take a chance and you might find yourself as addicted as me.

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    Oddly enough, I didn t pick up this series first I picked up Angel Lawson s book FanGirl It was a cute romance about a girl obsessed with a zombie comic book getting to meet the comic book s author and their falling in love Angel published the romance in 2012, with lots of little scenes from the zombie comic book interspersed in the story Then the fans must have cried out Because in 2016, Angel published The Girl Who Shot First It IS the zombie comic book story, in novel form I thoroughly enjoyed FanGirl, and give it a 5 5 stars It doesn t matter whether or not you read FanGirl with the Death Fields series But any spoilers in FanGirl all appear in the first book, so don t worry about knowing too much about later books.Although I am not typically a zombie fan, I did enjoy The Girl Who Shot First I enjoyed the plot which I had roughly known from reading FanGirl and the descriptions and the characters I was thoroughly satisfied when I got to the end of the book, but I debated picking up the others I really, really enjoyed The Girl Who Shot First But I was ambivalent about continuing the series This rarely happens with me, but to be fair, it usually happens in a genre I don t read often, like zombie apocalypse While I can heartily recommend The Girl Who Shot First, I cannot tell you about any of the other books in the series I thought, Well, I ll go read something else, and if my curiosity kills me, I ll come back to this series It never killed me, so I never went back Like I said, I was thoroughly satisfied at the end of The Girl Who Shot First However, if you really love zombie apocalypse books, you ll most likely enjoy the entire series because the first one really was very good 5 5 stars for The Girl Who Shot First.

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    My friend loaned me this book, telling me that it s a really great read, even though the grammar is bad I m not great with grammar myself, so I didn t mind it because it s fairly easy to read I pretty much read it all in one day and it kept me interested.I love that the romance wasn t the main plot in this story, it just kinda helped it along The story and the action was believable to a point I mean there were a few plot holes, but I m sure they will work themselves out in the next books The only thing that didn t make sense to me was view spoiler Wyatt following her from the beginning I mean he seemed pretty shocked when she jumped into the truck the night her mom died And if he was working for her sister, why not just take her and her mom to their family hide spoiler

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    This was a great read with tons of action Alex is brave, smart, witty and strangely street smart She s gone through a lot since the start of the virus spread, being experimented on by her father, having to get her mother through the country to find her sister, and all the horror in between Just when she thought she s lost everything that mattered to her, she makes an unlikely friend in Wyatt When they find themselves in tight spot and needing help they get a leg up from a brother and sister duo, Cole and Chloe But sticking together doesn t help as much as they hoped it would, when Alex and Cole get captured They bond while in captivity and Alex learns some unsettling truths about Cole, but in the end it brings them closer together The Zombie Apocalypse is difficult than just dodging the eaters Can t wait to read what happens next, in book two After all the crud poor Alex has gone through in book one, the hardships, family and new found friends, finding danger in every circumstance she gets into I hope she at least finds an ally maybe even some romance while helping to find the cure.

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    Overall, I enjoyed this story It was exactly what I was in the mood for and for the most part I felt a good connection with the characters, and thought the world building was decent I liked that everything didn t fall apart in the blink of an eye, it drives me nuts when that happens, and that there was a slow build Having said that, I agree with reviewers who said it needs editing While there weren t a lot of typos, the author constantly flips back and forth between past and present tense and seems to have no real understanding of when she should use commas It s very obvious it wasn t professionally edited, which is disappointing because overall it is a good story It just desperately needs someone who can edit to give it a once over I noticed that she updated the cover and title of the book since it was first released, and it s just a shame she didn t take the time to have an editor look it over I definitely would have given it stars if I hadn t felt like I was editing the entire time I read it.

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    Zocopalypse death fields 1 Read February 26th 2019Rating 4 Stars Well, this was way exciting than I thought and with a LOT of twists and turns, some that came completely out of left field and some that were glaringly obvious What I liked The way the zombies are written Good amount of action and suspense That Alex is pretty damn kickass and doesn t hesitate to do what needs to be done but still has her humanity Cole, awsome, I like him so I really hope he doesn t get killed in one of the next books What I didn t like That people easily found each other, in a country of massive size that is almost unbelievable than a zombie apocalypse The big bad army dude who feels like a pretty cart board cutout version of the typical badguy and a plot device to get Alex where the author wants her.

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    Took me a while to read this book, I got bored and read a book in between But when I returned, I was shocked I left, it was pretty good The grammar and storytelling, I personally think is a little relaxed, but I think it works with this book Mostly because of the main character, I think she helps carry the utter random ness that happens in between But I loved the girl power vibe Just a normal girl, no special power, or random fighting know how knowledge Kicking ass, but also being human, I find a look of books give a girl loads of powers and then she s not human This kept it real and I really liked that Slight love tringle thing going off, but it was just an extra part of the overall story, not the main story line.

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    90% of the time I read romance or mystery books but every once in awhile I enjoy a good apocalyptic zombie story and I ve definitely found one here I love that the main character is just an 18 yearold nerdy girl She has no special powers or training and has than a couple of justifiable breakdowns but through it all, she steps up and handles stuff She is an amazing character This one kept me up late and now that I ve finished book one, I m not hesitating to dive into the rest of the series

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