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Amy snow Winner Of The UK S Richard Judy Search For A Bestseller Competition, This Page Turning Debut Novel Follows An Orphan Whose Late, Beloved Best Friend Bequeaths Her A Treasure Hunt That Leads Her All Over Victorian England And Finally To The One Secret Her Friend Never SharedIt Is When Eight Year Old Aurelia Vennaway Finds A Naked Baby Girl Abandoned In The Snow On The Grounds Of Her Aristocratic Family S Magnificent Mansion Her Parents Are Horrified That She Has Brought A Bastard Foundling Into The House, But Aurelia Convinces Them To Keep The Baby, Whom She Names Amy Snow Amy Is Brought Up As A Second Class Citizen, Despised By Vennaways, But She And Aurelia Are As Close As Sisters When Aurelia Dies At The Age Of Twenty Three, She Leaves Amy Ten Pounds, And The Vennaways Immediately Banish Amy From Their HomeBut Aurelia Left Her Much Amy Soon Receives A Packet That Contains A Rich Inheritance And A Letter From Aurelia Revealing She Had Kept Secrets From Amy, Secrets That She Wants Amy To Know From The Grave She Sends Amy On A Treasure Hunt From One End Of England To The Other A Treasure Hunt That Only Amy Can Follow Ultimately, A Life Changing Discovery Awaitsif Only Amy Can Unlock The Secret In The End, Amy Escapes The Vennaways, Finds True Love, And Learns Her Dearest Friend S Secret, A Secret That She Will Protect For The Rest Of Her LifeAn Abandoned Baby, A Treasure Hunt, A Secret As Amy Sets Forth On Her Quest, Readers Will Be Swept Away By This Engrossing Gem Of A Novel The Wonderful Debut By Newcomer Tracy Rees

Tracy Rees is a Cambridge graduate with a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages After an eight year career in nonfiction publishing, she worked as a counselor for people with cancer and their families Amy Snow is her first novel She lives in Swansea, Wales.

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  • 24 January 2018
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    Treasure Hunt Amy Snow is an adventure story with family relationships providing the intriguing dynamic The plot is very interesting and a lot of questions are raised that you hope will be addressed in an intelligent and believable way Amy Snow if found as a baby on the estate of Hatville Court and is rescued and grows up a companion soul mate , to the heiress Aurelia Amy isn t however held in any affection by Aurelia s parents, Lord and Lady Vennaway, but Aurelia is insistent on her remaining with her Everyone knows, including Aurelia and Amy that if Aurelia leaves, Amy would need to find somewhere else to live At a point, Aurelia takes an extended trip without Amy, and Amy has to remain in an unwanted house without her What she did when she was away will have repercussions that will affect Amy s life.Unfortunately for both, Aurelia dies as a young woman and leaves Amy alone, unwanted and with a series of letters and directions on how to establish a life away from Hatville Court The messages and directions are cryptic so only Amy can decipher them They lead Amy on a treasure hunt and an exploration of what she has been missing in life The story seems to then run out of steam and we get dragged into a strange paralysis for long periods while she contemplates her ambitions and values The love interests felt unrealistic and just filled me with indifference and her constant complaining about the task was very irritating.It is a very easy book to read, which started with great expectations, stumbled along for large parts, and ended with a very interesting revelation.

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    4 starsWow did this one surprise me It s a solidly good book Engaging, suspenseful I hoped for a decent light read with minimal fluff With a hope like that I can also dread being aggravated to the point of abandonment by melodrama, predictability, or general silliness, and that staccato hammering on all the feels, for which I can generally feel nothing better than disappointed Turns out this historical romance is at least as solid on the historical interest and story suspense, and light on romantic manipulation, as was the late Georgette Heyer It reminds me of the better Heyer novels, and even of the romantic classicists like the Brontes and Austen, than of the contemporary historical romances Oh, it had all the makings of a standard historical romantic melodrama It actually should have been eye rolling Not sure, actually, how it avoided that fate It took me quite a while to stop cringing in dread for what the story was about to become But the book persistently rose above what it might have been, to actually be a satisfying read This one was a light delight that didn t feel lightweight I look forward to the next one from this author.

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    It makes me laugh that women are permitted so few alternatives, and are then punished for resorting to the ones they have This is another one of those books that I ve been sitting on for well over a year, and now that I ve finally gotten around to reading it I could kick myself for not picking it up sooner.Part Jane Austen, part Charles Dickens, and part Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, this novel is about a baby Amy Snow abandoned on the estate of an aristocratic British family While the estate s owner s are aghast that an orphan would sully their home, their daughter, Aurelia, insists on raising the child, and thus begins a life long friendship.Rees writes lyrically and listening to the audio was a sheer pleasure I was transported to the English countryside and moors of York as Amy Snow traversed the land on a treasure hunt of Aurelia s design to uncover her friend s deepest secrets Thank you to NetGally and Simon Schuster for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I don t like writing negative reviews, but sometimes as in this case it s necessary If I save just one person from wasting their time on this book then it s all been worth it Truthfully this is a 1 but I gave it a 2 simply because I ve read worse This really should have been a DNF but I have an affliction I m an unadulterated optimist I keep hoping a book will turn itself around Amy Snow did not Two words of description TRITE and terribly BORING When a book centers around a mystery, the reader shouldn t be able to guess it out of the gate I guessed it straight off the bat If you think it s just me, and another reader might not guess the answer, think again Even Amy Snow herself guesses the secret halfway through the book Seriously So the big reveal is majorly anticlimactic, and as Amy says, it s merely confirmation of what she had surmised in the first place It s also a trite Victorian age romance Painfully sappy Amy Snow and her beau the very first man she meets are madly in love in the way a 5th grader might write about love She also thinks she may be in love with the second man she meets, but of course he turns about to be a scoundrel therefore making it easy for her to choose man 1 The characters are cloyingly one dimensional The cold hard aristocratic parents, the orphan with no confidence or means, the perfectly beautiful yet unconventional aristocratic daughter to create conflict with said cold parents , the Adonis of an aristocratic who courts her secretly debauched and merely after her fortune , the handsome good hearted bourgeois love interest, the elderly aristocratic woman who s barbed and cruel with a soft heart of course It was just too much To top it off, Amy seems pretty darn ungrateful towards her best friend who saved her life as a baby Once the friend dies and Amy is out on her own, she s ticked off that the friend has left her with her dearest secret to uncover when Amy would rather be off living her own life with the fortune bequeathed to her by her friend as otherwise she d be completely destitute with no options or means of any kind Amy Snow is equally unbearable as the overly needy girlfriend who reproaches herself repeatedly and whines after her fianc breaks off with her the first time he doesn t get his way her thinking is that after all she knew he was stubborn and it was her fault because she never should have gone against his wishes I wish I didn t waste time on this book and it is beyond me how it got these good reviews I am definitely the wrong audience I love historical fiction and I love a good love story A mystery added in the mix is also compelling in a book Amy Snow is none of the above No compelling characters, no compelling story, no real plot, definitely no climax and NO mystery I m not sure what Amy Snow actually is supposed to be Perhaps a book for a 7th grade girl Yes, that may be he audience It certainly wasn t for me No disrespect to those who loved this book We all have our own tastes and Amy Snow was not to mine.

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    I have to concur completely with a previous reviewer who said they had no idea why this book was getting such good ratings Don t get me wrong, it s not a bad book it s just not a good one It s like toast without butter dry without any flavor.I didn t think Amy Snow was a compelling heroine in any way She didn t interest me She whined, she was boring, she simpered and fell in love for no reason that I could fathom with two different men I was bored with her and done with her halfway through the book, but I pressed forward She was a loyal and caring person, qualities that are endearing if overused in a historical novel I thought the late Aurelia was so much alive even in death than Amy could ever hope to be Aurelia was perhaps a bit cliched, but engaging and fascinating, nonetheless Although she was completely anachronistic In fact, most of the book seemed full of anachronisms.The attitudes displayed in the book regarding sexual relationships and liaisons outside of marriage seemed too modern and lax for Victorian society It seemed half of the characters were engaging in sexual relationships outside of marriage and even if perhaps this did happen back then, it certainly wasn t discussed as freely or with such acceptance as was displayed in the book It was disappointing that the author seemed to be inserting modern attitudes in a historical setting Perhaps I tend to nitpick, but this was a major negative for me I thought the relationships were unbelievable Amy supposedly fell in love with a man at first sight, and he her, but I saw no evidence of this whatsoever I honestly saw nothing engaging about him, and their relationship was rushed and trite I just couldn t bring myself to care about their relationship In fact, I found myself dreading it whenever he would reappear Usually, the love story is my favorite part, but this one made me groan Oh, and they kept calling each other, my love every other sentence, which made me gag I found Mrs Riverthorpe to be a fun if unbelievable character, but other than that, the characters were lackluster, one dimensional, and unconvincing The book was packed with anachronisms, a silly and unsurprising plot, a mystery that was no mystery at all, and an odd ending that fell flat Sonot a win in my opinion Good premise, disappointing execution.

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    4.5 starsThis was such an entertaining novel I loved both Aurelia and Amy Even though, they weren t sisters by blood, they were sisters of the heart and it warmed my heart to see Aurelia do everything that she could to save Amy Aurelia s parents were awful I just wanted to punch Aurelia s mother They were so mean to Amy I was so happy when Amy set upon her treasure hunt that was set up by Aurelia Through this treasure hunt we were able to get to know Aurelia better through letters that she left behind for Amy It was refreshing to watch Amy mature through this time as well She was such a nice girl and after what she had been through, I was hoping for wonderful things to happen to her We also got to meet some interesting characters through this adventure My favorite Mrs Riverthorpe Now she was quite the character The only reason I didn t give this 5 stars was because of the mystery surrounding Aurelia I figured it out quite soon, as did Amy I was hoping at the end it wouldn t be that but something else So that was a little disappointing I was happy that there were some questions answered through the epilogue Otherwise, that would have disappointed me as well This was a very well written novel can t believe it was a debut , and I loved the characters I m so happy that I was able to read this one Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    I absolutely adore historical fiction, I love to imagine the rustling dresses, the wonderful clothes, corsets and curtseying and am always fascinated with the lives people led so many years ago The premise to Amy Snow promised not only this, but much, much , and let me tell you this is a debut novel by Tracy Rees, but I would never in million years guess it, as this book is so complete, so brilliant, so thought through It has wonderful characters, strong heroine, mystery, drama, and this humour that I always identify with those times It is also the winner of Richard and Judy s Search for a Bestseller competition, which is not a surprise for me, as this book has it all It s January 1831 The book follows the story of Amy Snow, starting when young Aurelia finds Amy as a new born baby, being left to death in the snow hence her name, Snow As Aurelia is the only Vennaway family s daughter, and she s very hard minded, Amy is allowed to stay in the kitchen, help to everyone For Aurelia she stays her best friend, and the girls share a lot of secrets, spent a lot of time together, even if Aurelia s parents neither want to hear about Amy nor see her.Aurelia dies young because of a heart defect and Amy is of course thrown out of the house right after the funeral Officially Aurelia has left her only 10 pounds in her will, but Amy soon learns that there is much namely, a treasure hunt , that the girls so liked to play with each other Aurelia leaves Amy a trail of secret letters, that Amy must find first, and all the letters direct her to different places, different people, and eventually, to Aurelia s secret Who is Amy going to meet on her adventure Is she able to find on her own what Aurelia left her Amy is one of the most incredible characters I have come across in the books that I d read No matter the circumstances, she has had her head held high A clever cookie, she didn t let other people intimidate her There were moments I had tears in my eyes at the way people especially Aurelia s parents treated her but Amy being Amy, just shook off and kept going And she develops in the book, oh my, how much she develops, and she knows how much she s worth You rule, girl You made me really proud at the way you coped with everything in your life.The journey that Tracy takes us on with her characters is one full of surprises, twists and turns, and well, to be honest, Amy must have been one hell of a brave girl to pluck up the courage and head out on this trip all by herself I guess I would be fretting and wondering, and she has just taken her things and went Of course, she has nothing to lose, but in those time, travelling alone must have been a real challenge for a young girl.Thanks to the letters that she left Amy, we also get to know the real Aurelia, Aurelia that so much valued Amy, that so much took care of her, preparing everything for her and making sure that she will have everything after her death Thanks to Amy s memories of her, and also the letters, there emerges a picture a young woman, who was probably too clever for the times that she lived in, woman who wanted to see and discover, and not follow the steps of her own mother, cousins, friends in doing this what was thought as the right thing to do settling down with a husband and several children It was obvious that Aurelia had something to hide, and she has hinted it in her letters as well there was a moment that I thought I guesses what this secret is, in fact it was the same moment that Amy started to guess, but still, I wasn t at all sure if I m right or wrong.The characters are so colourful and all so different There is a great number of them first we meet the Vennaway family and people working for them, and they are a fantastic, friendly bunch of persons, as Cook says, they must be, because not many would work for this family Then we always meet someone new together with Amy, when she starts her journey, and every single person adds a lot to the story, and my heart just grew a little bigger each time she met someone so friendly and willing to help her.I absolutely adored the banter between the characters, they lived in times where appearances were everything, and so it is always a great joy to see how they manage their conversations while trying not to hurt each other or to hide their real feelings, but also managing to slip here or there their true opinions, but they do this in such an elegant, clever way any Tracy has brilliantly grasped nature and atmosphere of this Victorian England, not only in the dialogues, but in descriptions and characters as well.This is a long book There are over 550 pages but believe me when I tell you that all the pages are filled to brims with fantastic, hooking, compelling story Yes, there were moments, especially in the second half of the book, when the narration felt a little too long and some of the scenes felt insignificant to me, I would do without them, but oh my, other than that I can t say one negative word about it And I don t want This book was a pure escapism, and I immensely enjoyed how Amy slowly found her place in this world, how much she developed, how she learnt so much about herself, started to know her boundaries and what she s able to do to fulfil Aurelia s last wish.Everything in this story is neatly tied up There was a moment that I feared so much that this one important thread about Amy won t be explained, but I needn t, of course, Tracy wouldn t leave us dangling like this It s a very complex story, so thought through, and my hats go off to Tracy and her talent to plot and hatch in this way Yes, I am jealous, as I was never any good in treasure hunts, sadly, but Amy here made me so proud This is this kind of a debut that make you gasp, do a double take and think What Debut novel You must be joking But yes, it is a debut novel, although yours truly can t believe it as well Tracy s wonderful descriptions of the places and her talent to bring the characters to life make this book such an outstanding read Amy Snow is written in a beautiful way, and it s both funny and heart wrenching I really didn t want to leave Amy and her life.A brilliant, compelling story that takes us on a journey through early Victorian England and gives us a bunch of strong female characters, some male characters that look so weak in comparison to our girls, but also some that are really worth to make acquaintance with, and of course give us a look at the society, with all its stereotypes, as well as intriguing mystery I am over the moon to have discovered Tracy Rees and can t wait to see what she has in store for us in the next time.Copy received from publisher in exchange for a review.

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    A promising description of mystery, treasure hunt, and self discovery turned into a slow and somewhat boring read.An abandoned newborn is found naked and blue in the snow on an English estate by an eight year old daughter of the house, Aurelia She insisted on keeping a baby against the wishes of her cold and heartless parents And so, begins the life of Amy Snow.After Aurelia s early death, seventeen year old Amy embarks on a treasure hunt all over England based on letters Aurelia left for her The hunt takes Amy from one clue to another, in a whirl of new acquaintances, friends and romances until it reaches the big secret of Aurelia s life.With 500 pages, the book is way too long and in a need of a visit to an editor for some page trimming and focus I m not sure what it was trying to be A mystery too predictable and solved by the heroine herself in the middle of the story A treasure hunt the clues are so far apart, and so bugged down by other events that I lost my interest.Love story way too sappy and unrealistic for my taste Plus, we get two leading men with not much to recommend one is creepy and another one is too pushy and needy with pronouncements like this

    Amy, it is lucky I am buttoned up inside this suit for I am coming all undone inside it.

    Self discovery yes, meek and abused heroine gains her strength and self respect as she overcomes obstacles, etc, etc We know the drill Amy is so very good and so very innocent that I found her annoying Her transformation felt forced and examples of where she found a backbone were few and far in between.I can see why the story would appeal to some readers The writing is good with vivid period descriptions but this novel was just not for me.

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    The prose for me was so lyrical, that I was completely immersed into Amy and Aurelia s story I loved how Aurelia helped Amy become her own woman through the treasure hunt After the way Aurelia s mother and father eventually treated Amy throughout her life, it was so nice to see Amy get the chance to show what a lady she really was and to finally have a happy ending.This was a wonderful historical book that has love and romance but no sex , great characters, and settings The way Amy had to discover the secret was well thought out, even though the secret is nothing notable for modern times I thought this was a very poignant story and look forward to by Ms Rees Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.

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