Outlier (Outlier, #2)

Outlier (Outlier, #2) I got to read Legacy early be jealous , aware that there could be some small changes since Daryl still had some tweaks to make When he asked for my feedback I had almost nothing to give him other than to say how amazing it was The flow and balance is near perfection It s fast paced, exciting, and the climb is intense I loved every second of this book, even the parts that had me screaming nooooooooo especially those parts There is literally never a dull moment, yet I never felt overwhelmed, and I could not put it down though I was forced to a couple times, doing so was torture I wish I could comment on parts of the actual story, and I ve tried a couple different ways, but even the smallest, seemingly un spoilery remarks felt like revealing too much So, I m just going to say READ IT If you ve read Rebellion you will get everything you wanted out of this book, and if you haven t then you need to go do that RIGHT NOW and then read this one Don t let the size intimidate you it goes by FAST, and when you turn the last page you re going to be begging for. You Don T Need ALL The Power In The World You Only Need ENOUGH In The Second Installment Of The OUTLIER Series, Rebels Armed With Unique And Fantastic Abilities Called Legacies Continue To Shake The Last City Of Atlas From Below, Rising Against The Majestic, High Tech Lifted City And Its Cruel Banshee King, Who Can Annihilate An Army With Just One Scream Friendships Are Made And Broken As Loyalties Change Love Is Ignited And Savagely Avenged Can Peace Ever Hope To Be Found Will Lost Loved Ones Reunite Unlikely Alliances Form And Incredible New Powers Are Discovered In The Wake Of The Coming War Between Slum And Sky Weapons Find Your Hand It Is Time To Discover Your Legacy THIS IS BOOK IN THE OUTLIER SERIES It Is Recommended To Read This Series In Order Some Portions Of The Book End In Cliffhangers OUTLIER REBELLION OUTLIER LEGACY OUTLIER REIGN OF MADNESS OUTLIER BEYOND OBLIVION OUTLIER WEAPONS OF ATLAS OUTLIER GIFTS OF THE GODDESS First off, as a disclaimer, I love everything Daryl writes But this is by far the best series I ve ever started The points of view are not super confusing, and even though there s a ton of characters, I find myself caring about and loving everyone This is the second book in this heart twisting story, and at the end of both I feltbroken I don t know what to do now, living my life is just too damn boring Please let the next book come soon. I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.In the second installment of the OUTLIER series, rebels armed with unique and fantastic abilities called Legacies continue to shake the Last City of Atlas from below, rising against the majestic, high tech Lifted City and its cruel Banshee King, who can annihilate an army with just one scream Friendships are made and broken as loyalties change Love is ignited and savagely avenged Can peace ever hope to be found Will lost loved ones reunite Unlikely alliances form and incredible new powers are discovered in the wake of the coming war between slum and sky Weapons find your hand It is time to discover your Legacy.So many things i need to say about this book and no idea where to start.First of all this book is an interactive book You know whn you watch a movie and you start screaming at the actors Well this happens in this book.I found myself many times screaming No no no this can t happen and don t go there or no no no you really don t want to do this.Then there is the mount of emotions you go through in this book.I have to say that for a couple of days i had to put the book down cause if i kept reading something bad would happen to my favorite character but if i didn t read it it wouldn t happen silly i know Then i had to face the music cause the agony was killing me and read the book to see what happens.I laughed and cried,i had my heart broken,i had tears and anguish.The anxiety was killing me and i spend sleepless nights thinking of what in the world would happen.I runned in the slums and visited the Lifted city.I was a Guardian and i was a slumboy and a Lifted Lady and a King.I was death and life and i was everything and nothing.It never stops amazing me how Daryl Banner twists and turns his stories.It never stops amazing me how Daryl Banner is a freaking magician in writing his stories.He has a unique talent in wrapping the reader in his storiestaking you out of your house and in his amazing universe.Every time i feel like i am switching bodies with every one og his characters5 stars are not enough for this book but since its all i have they are well deserved.Once i am amazed I can t wait for the next book. OMG, Daryl Banner did it again Amazing me with his creativity and imagination I loved it Mwah Legacy is book 2 in the fantastic Outlier Series It s fast paced, emotional, with lots of interesting discoveries, surprising twists and what the fuck turns We finally find out Anwick s legacy and Athan s I love those 2, they re adorable and their legacies are very, very promising in the wake of the coming war between slum and sky.What about the other characters I love them all, especially Link, Kid, Kendil, Ruena, Halvesand, Rone, Edrick, they re all gifted with very special skills and abilities And all characters means all characters, even the bad ones, because they re so, so good at being bad, like Mercy eh eh I really enjoyed reading Legacy And the epilogue Ugh, it left me begging for Very soon I hope so I can t wait for Reign Of Madness to be released.Bravo Bravissimo for this massive work. We finally found out what Anwick s legacy is and it is as powerful as I expected it to be D I also had my suspicions about itI was right I want book 3 now 3.5 starsFirst of all This is not a stand alone You will be completely lost if you don t know what happened in part one.And that s the crux of it for me I did read part one, but that was many years ago I remember the overall story arc, but no details and definitely not enough names I know I really liked part one, though, and I m sure I would have liked this one , if only I had remembered from part one As it is, I was quite lost, especially at the beginning There are so many POVs and characters, it s rather confusing Which is a real shame, because, as I said, I did really like the first installment of the series.It s my own fault and I shouldn t let so much time pass before continuing series I enjoy Absolutely mesmerizing Taking place in an amazing and very strange world, the story has many characters, but each and everyone is fully filled out However, you have to keep careful track because each of them tells his own first person story, each chapter changing the perspective The story keeps your attention by having many twists and turns and constant unexpected events The character of Wick is absolutely delightful The book stands alone, however it won t make any sense if you don t read Outlier Rebellion first.Very enjoyable Highly recommended.Of course, I m going to start on book three Outlier Reign of Madness right now. I loved this book It was easy to get right back into the book after reading the first one This one is even better I loved getting to know about each of the characters And discovering what their legacy is right along with them This book makes you think and keeps ya on the edge of your seat with its twists and turns I m always wondering what is going to happen next Its really hard to say the things I love about this book because they all include spoilers This is a book you defiantly don t want spoiled for you It is book 2 in the series and you must read book one first It leaves you wanting to know what happens next in book 3 Great job Daryl

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 582 pages
  • Outlier (Outlier, #2)
  • Daryl Banner
  • English
  • 16 April 2019

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