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The WaveL Histoire Est Un Ternel Recommencement L Histoire Vraie D Une Exp Rience Inou E Tent E En Dans Un Lyc E CalifornienPour Faire Comprendre Les M Canismes Du Nazisme Ses L Ves, Ben Ross, Professeur D Histoire, Cr E Un Mouvement Exp Rimental Au Slogan Fort La Force Par La Discipline, La Force Par La Communaut , La Force Par L Action En L Espace De Quelques Jours, L Atmosph Re Du Paisible Lyc E Californien Se Transforme En Microcosme Totalitaire Avec Une Docilit Effrayante, Les L Ves Abandonnent Leur Libre Arbitre Pour R Pondre Aux Ordres De Leur Nouveau Leader Quel Choc Pourra Tre Assez Violent Pour R Veiller Leurs Consciences Et Mettre Fin La D Monstration Ce Best Seller, Qui Est Devenu Un Manuel D Histoire En Allemagne Et Un Film, Souligne Qu Il Est Facile De Se Transformer En Petit Fasciste Du Jour Au Lendemain Philippe Vallet France Info . I read this book while on a family trip to Washington, D.C., shortly after visiting the Holocaust museum which is, in fact, where my mom bought it in the gift shop and is it weird that the Holocaust museum has a gift shop Even if the proceeds go to the museum.Perhaps that wasn t the best time to pick up a book that seeks to grossly oversimplify how fascism can slowly creep up and overtake a society of otherwise well meaning people, but what with the blatant metaphors and bad, bad dialogue, I could never shake the impression that I was reading an after school special.Then I read the back and discovered it WAS a novelization of an after school special, and all was made clear, but I still thought it was a pretty annoying book More something to read to introduce the concept to children than enjoy as an adult good ideas, but terrible, terrible writing, characterization, everything. This book, written under the pen name of Morton Rhue in the United States, is a novelisation of the telemovie of the same name, which was based on a short story by Ron Jones about a real event.In 1969 a high school history teacher, Ben Ross, was working in a small all American town teaching his class of grade 12 students about the second World War After showing them a film on Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and concentration camps, his students couldn t understand why the German people hadn t realised what was happening and done something to stop it How could they not have known The Nazis were a minority why didn t they overthrow them Ben s answers weren t satisfactory, and in an effort to help them understand, the next day he begins a classroom experiment He began by teaching them discipline strength through discipline and by the end of the lesson had them all sitting with perfect posture, rising and shouting out answers to his questions with perfect obedience The experiment continued, incorporating a name for the group The Wave as well as a salute and two mottos Strength through community and strength through action Next he gave them membership cards and sent them out to recruit His class swelled as kids started skipping their own lessons to be part of his history class The Wave was introduced to the school s football team and at first, teachers noticed all the improvements better discipline, punctuality etc Ben also noticed that, while they were now handing in their homework on time, there was no thought going into their answers, no questioning.The only student in his original class who resisted was Laurie, editor of the school s paper, but even she didn t believe at first that it was than a game that was being taken too seriously Not until one student is beaten up because he s Jewish, and others are threatened for not joining The Wave The Wave had taken over the school and was acting on orders given by Ben orders he d never given them the movement had a life of its own.After just over a week pressure from parents and the school principal, as well as his own wife, Christy, a music teacher at the school, forced Ben to end the experiment and question his own involvement The power trip may have got to him, and he worried that he still had control He told the Wave members that there was going to be a special meeting in the auditorium only for Wave members, where they would meet their national youth Wave leader When they had all assembled the projector showed an image of Adolf Hitler.This is the story I mentioned a while back, that had come up in the workshop I went to on teaching genocide in schools someone had watched the film at school At the time I had no idea that there was a novel based on the film, but the grade 8s at my Practicum school are starting an independent reading unit with two books Animal Farm and The Wave I was quite excited to read it, since the telemovie isn t so easy to get hold of I think you have to order it from the States.The story is fiction, but it s based on a real event The teacher was Ron Jones, and there is some controversy around how much of his account is bullshit Some ex students were who involved have said that it didn t happen like that, that it never took over the school and so on I found a website collecting debunking stories but I don t have the link sorry.Personally, I can understand why some would want to downplay the experiment and its effect on them No one likes to be made a fool of, and no one would want people to think they had it in them to be a little Nazi, a follower, an obedient servant of power hungry dictators No one would want to admit that they were not only taken in by it all but got caught up in it to the point of believing it was wonderful, good, fostered equality and that people who were against it should be stopped.There are ex students of the school who fully support Ron Jones account of the experiment, and there are articles from the school s paper about it as well It happened a long time ago and no one s memory of it is going to be perfect, but I don t doubt that it happened The movie is of course a dramatisation of the real event and, for effect, probably embellished at times But to fixate on how real or truthful The Wave is is to totally miss the point.The experiment was highly successful, and those who had said it could never happen now like it was a product of its times and that we had all learnt out lesson from Nazi Germany The big shock was that it could happen so easily, and happen amongst middle class, normal people It s a great peek into human nature As one character, David, says to Laurie while trying to convince her to shut up about The Wave Some guys just used The Wave as an excuse for beating that kid up Don t you see The Wave is still for the good of the whole Why can t you see that, Laurie It could be a whole new system We could make it work p113 At the beginning, the similarities to the military are very apparent and disturbing But when a group of kids or anyone takes on a single mind, you can really see how impossible it becomes to resist, to speak out, to decline Ben Ross final speech to the students under the picture of Adolf Hitler neatly sums it upYou thought you were so special Ross told them Better than everyone outside of this room You traded your freedom for what you said was equality But you turned your equality into superiority over non Wave members You accepted the group s will over your own convictions, no matter who you had to hurt to do it Oh, some of you thought you were just going along for the ride, that you could walk away at any moment But did you Did any of you try it Yes, you all would have made good Nazis, Ben told them You would have put on the uniform, turned your heads, and allowed your friends and neighbors to be persecuted and destroyed You say it could never happen again, but look how close you came Threatening those who wouldn t join you, preventing non Wave members from sitting with you at football games Fascism isn t something those other people did, it is right here, in all of us You ask how could the German people do nothing as millions of innocent human beings were murdered How could they claim they weren t involved What causes people to deny their own histories Ben moved closer to the front of the stage and spoke in a low voice If history repeats itself, you will all want to deny what happened to you in The Wave But, if our experiment has been successful and I think you can see that it has you will have learned that we are all responsible for our own actions, and that you must always question what you do rather than blindly follow a leader, and that for the rest of your lives, you will never, ever allow a group s will to usurp your individual rightsp134 5 A new movement is coursing through High Schooldiscipline and strength must be maintained and enforced This novel dramatizes an incident that took place in California Ellwood P Cubberley High School history class in Palo Alto, California in 1969 As the experiment exits the class there many positive features that start to take placebut what is to be done with the individuals who do not fit in Chilling glimpse into how Nazism was able to spread. A compelling story about how Nazi Germany could have been created how the minority controlled the majority, and how the majority allowed themselves to be controlled It s based on the true story of The Third Wave experiment, which demonstrated fascism as a part of teaching about WWII But the writing of this book Oh, the writing It hurts It should be noted that in tiny print on the copyright page, it does note that this is a novelization of a teleplay that was an adaptation of the original teacher s essay about the experiment Once you re that far removed, I m not sure it s possible to write a good book, but oh, the writing is just bad And I can also make some allowances for it being 1981 when he wrote it The second sentence of the book is She was a pretty girl with short light brown hair and an almost perpetual smile that only disappeared when she was upset or chewing on Bic pens Sentence 1 established that she was, in fact, chewing on a Bic pen And the whole book sounds like that.It s a valuable book for a curriculum, but I do wish we could have students read the original essay instead, just as a matter of literary quality. mi sono venuti in mente i tanti fenomeni di massa passatimi sotto gli occhi nella mia quasi lunga vita supportata da una robusta memoria Nessuno, per , che si fosse sviluppato nel giro di pochi giorni se non la bitolsmania scoppiata subito dopo il loro passaggio in sordina in Italia nel giugno del 65 che accomun teanagers e matusa Mia madre, cinquantenne, rimase incantata da quei ragazzini con il caschetto francescano e abbottonatissimi fino al mento L esperimento, della serie Come si diventa nazisti , di Ben Ross prof di storia in un college di Palo Alto, ha l aria di un kit preconfezionato che ti puoi montare a casa in pochi minuti.Certo, l obiettivo pedagogico centrato se il librino sembra venga letto nelle scuole tedesche dei pi ambiziosi dimostrare che ci che non pu pi accadere pu , invece, risorgere in qualsiasi tempo e in qualsiasi luogo Pochi gli ingredienti tre parole d ordine Forza, Comunit , Azione conditi con abbondanti dosi di Disciplina e il nazismo servito.Chiss perch la Arendt sia risalita fino al 1870 per cercarne le origini , senza peraltro poterne dare una ricetta definitiva o Canetti abbia impiegato trent anni per riflettere col suo Massa e Potere sui due fenomeni E su tutti il n 174.517, Primo Levi, che dell abisso della disumanizzazione non pot capirne appieno la vera origine.Comunque tre stelle per la buona volont di trasformare il genere college in qualcosa di pi utile.P.S 23 FebbraioLa madre dei cretini sempre incinta Il razzista maestro di Foligno ha avuto il lampo di genio di giustificare il suo inqualificabile esperimento come un esperimeto sull onda dell Onda. I read this book as an assigned book report and wasnt quite sure if I would like it or not To be completely honest, I picked it because of its title The Wave It sounded relaxing to me However, when I actually read the book, I realized it wasnt about the waves in the ocean at all It was a pleasant suprise to read something different When you finish reading the book, you have that feeling like wow That ACTUALLY happened Its very sad that this happened, but we have to learn from people s mistakes Not just our own, but others as well After reading this book I realized that this stuff DID happen, and it could easily happen again if we re not careful We shouldnt allow a group s will to overpower our own judgement It is not good to follow someone blindly We should always question what we are doing If we think that it is wrong, we should make the decision not to do it, even if many others are not as smart or as brave The Wave really makes you think It makes you question yourself Which in many cases is a good thing Have you been making good choices Do you have good judgement Or have you been following another s decisions This book helps you figure out what you should do and also what NOT to do I love this book, and I would definitely reccomend it to people who are trying to mature and understand the world s issues If we understand them better, we can figure out ways to make sure that things like this dont continue to happen in the future. This book is scary Honestly.It s not a horror story, it s not the kind of novel where monsters come jumping out the closet or at least not the green googley eyed kind This is a true story which I was told not to read because the subject matter was too old for me.When I first read The Wave, I had no comprehension of why it was scary Bad things happened, but it was or less ok in the end It wasn t until I was older, and had a better grasp of world history, social psychology, and a true ability to understand parallels that this book scared me.What happens in this novel has been proven time and again in psychological labs across not only America, but the world There is nothing superficially frightening about the events of this novel, but the sub text of the story is This novel helped me to see how good people can do bad things, without realizing how terrible they were really being It doesn t justify, rationalize, or apologize for these actions, but it does show how naturally horrific events can come about. Kitapl kta g r nce buraya da ta mak istedim Benim i in k lt kitaplardand r Filmi de bir o kadar g zeldir G c arayan insanl n sembollerinden kanl g zya lar akmaya devam ediyor Y netilmeye ihtiyac oldu una yle ikna edilmi ki alk lar do as ndan geliyor art k Ac n n etraf na toplanan insanlar olmaktan utan yorum.

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