Gipsy Moth Circles the World

Gipsy Moth Circles the World When Year Old Francis Chichester Set Sail On His Solitary,eastward Journey Around The World In ,many Believed He Wouldn T Return Alive But When The Old Man Returned In His Foot Ketch Gypsy Moth IV Nine Months Later,he Had Made History S Fastest Circumnavigation Gipsy Moth Circles The World Was An International Best Seller When It Appeared In It Inspired The First Solo Around The World Race And Remains A Timeless Testament To The Spirit Of Adventure The Sailor S Classics Presents The Best Writing About The Sea As Observed From The Perspective Of A Small Boat Under Sail The Stories Range From Pensive Cruises In Sheltered Waters To Tales Of Endurance And High Adventure And Each One Features An Introduction From Jonathan Raban,whom The Guardian Has Called The Finest Writer Afloat Since Conrad The Delight In Stories Well Told Is As Intrinsic To Who We Are As A Species As Toolmaking Or Song And From Time Immemorial,few Narrative Genres Have Had The Power To So Stir The Emotions Or Captivate The Imagination As The True Account Of A Lone Adventurer S Triumph Over The Titanic Forces Of Nature Among The Handful Of Such Tales To Emerge In The Twentieth Century,one Of The Most Enduring Surely Must Be Sir Francis Chichester S Account Of His Solitary,nine Month Journey Around The World In His Foot Ketch Gipsy Moth IV The Story Of How The Sixty Five Year Old Navigator Single Handedly Circumnavigated The Globe,the Whole Way Battling Hostile Seas As Well As His Boat S Numerous Design Flaws,is A Tale Of Superhuman Tenacity And Endurance To Be Read And Reread By Sailors And Armchair Adventurers Alike This Handsome First Volume In The Sailor SClassics Series Restores In Its Entirety For A New Generation Of Readers Francis Chichester S Extraordinarily Candid Personal Account Of His Adventure First Published In ,just Months After The Completion Of Chichester S Historic Journey,Gipsy Moth Circles The World Was An Instant International Best Seller It Inspired The First Solo Around The World Race And Remains A Timeless Testament To The Spirit Of Adventure The Sailor S Classics Edition Features A New Introduction By Series Editor Jonathan Raban

Aviator and sailor, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Gipsy Moth Circles the World By Francis Chichester ✸ –
  • Hardcover
  • 269 pages
  • Gipsy Moth Circles the World
  • Francis Chichester
  • English
  • 05 November 2019
  • 9780340004845

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    This was my mother s book one of the ones I saved after she passed away My first attempt to read it ended in failure because the first chapter is all about building and testing Gipsy Moth IV, and it sort of lost me.Now, after reading all Patrick O Brian s Aubry Maturin series, Chichester s book was accessible and understandable, though there was still plenty of sailing vocabulary I didn t get.Francis Chichester set off from London Plymouth in September 1966 to sail singlehanded around the world in Gipsy Moth IV In May 1967 he finished the voyage in Plymouth, sailed on to London and was knighted by QEII with the sword QEI had given to Sir Francis Drake after he completed a circumnavigation.Gipsy Moth IV sits on Greenwich Pier in London today, right near the Cutty Sark I ve been there a couple of times It would be wonderful to see it again now that I know its life story.

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    Gritty, realistic telling of a remarkable feat Chichester does absolutely nothing to glamorize his experiences under an amazingly grueling set of circumstances A remarkable, curmudgeonly anti hero who stunned the world IN HIS SIXTIES A grumpy inspiration to all

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    A true mariner s classic Required reading for any sailor worth his salt and an important history for the field A bit slow at times, but this was particularly interesting as it was around the last time of sea exploration without use of autopilot, weather tracking devices, or any satellite monitoring capabilities, all of which make this endeavor infinitely less precarious Additionally Chichester s voyage marked the chief inspiration for the Golden Globe race the following year, which is in my own opinion an even better story especially as told in A Voyage For Madmen, which I highly recommend.

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    Chichester s story of his 1966 solo sailing voyage around the world, at age 65 He did the circumnavigation west to east The trip took 226 days with a single stop in Sydney, making it the fastest circumnavigation in a small vessel In 1898, Slocum took 3 years with numerous stops, but did the difficult east to west against the prevailing winds.The book largely covers Chichester s day to day activities It is interesting to see how busy he was with numerous sail changes, and numerous maintenance activities.The Gypsy Moth IV was custom built for Chichester but turned out to have a number of sailing faults, such as a tendency to broach Some of these were corrected in Sydney It also had many equipment issues such as leaks and hardware that did not stand up to corrosion The self steering gear gave him regular trouble Through much of the voyage, he seems to be fighting the ship.In spite of this, he managed to do a very fast circuit, showing him to be a most resourceful sailor.

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    This book, like Kon Tiki, exemplified real adventure for me and my siblings when we were growing up Loved it and want to reread

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    To think he undertook voyage at age 65 boggles the mind One of sailing s great men

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    I did enjoy this story but maybe I am a little spoiled with some of the other similar tales I have read It just seems the middle was a lot of sail changes I realize that s what was actually going on at the time but still boring all the same That being said it was made up for with some great stories of capsizing and huge storms you do have to respect anyone who can pull something like this off I am glad I read this story as it been on my list for quit some time.

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    An excellent read about and written by a 65 year old man who circumnavigates the world east to west throught the most dangerous and isolated seas including the conquest of the Horn On top of that, he does it singlehanded in record breaking time.

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    An outstanding accounting of one man s journey around the world alone Fascinating and exhilarating Sir Francis is a wonderful storyteller His several month trip was filled with tales of dolphins and storms, sail changes and determination An adventure for a lifetime.

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    Written by Sr Francis Chichester himself, his account of his solo circumnavigation at age 65 on Gipsy Moth IV.

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