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Never Binge Again If You Struggle With Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Stress Eating, Or If You Repeatedly Manage To Lose Weight Only To Gain It All Back, You May Be Approaching Things With The Wrong Mindset Most Contemporary Thought On Overeating And Bingeing Focuses On Healing And Self Love But People Who Ve Overcome Food Addiction And Weight Issues Often Report It Was Like Capturing And Caging A Rabid Dog Than Learning To Love Their Inner Child Open The Cage Even An Inch Or Show That Dog An Ounce Of Fear And It Ll Quickly Burst Out To Shred Your Healthy Eating Plans, Undoing All Your Progress In A Heartbeat From His Perspective As A Formerly Food Obsessed Psychologist And Previous Consultant To Major Food Manufacturers Dr Livingston Shares Specific Techniques For Isolating And Permanently Dis Empowering Your Fat Thinking Self He Reveals Much Of His Own Personal Journey In The Process If Despite Your Best Intentions You Find Yourself In One Or Of The Following Situations Then This Book Is For You You Ve Tried Diet After Diet With No Permanent Success You Constantly Think About Food And Or Your Weight You Feel Driven To Eat When You Re Not Hungry Emotional Overeating You Sometimes Feel You Can T Stop Eating Even Though You Re Full You Sometimes Feel Guilty Or Ashamed Of What You Ve Eaten You Behave Differently With Food In Private Than You Do When You Re With Other People You Feel The Need To Fast And Or Severely Restrict Your Food To Make Up For Serious Bouts Of Overeating Never Binge Again Can Help You Dramatically Improve Your Ability To Stick To ANY Healthy Food Plan So You Can Achieve Your Weight Loss And Or Fitness Goals Quickly Recover From Mistakes Without Self Judgement Or Unnecessary Guilt Free Yourself From The Prison Of Food Obsession So You Can Enjoy A Satisfying, Delicious, And Healthy Diet For The Rest Of Your Life What The Hades Is This It Can T Be This Simple But I M Closer To My Goal Weight Than I Ve Been In Decades Peter Borromeo A Powerful, Thought Provoking, And Very Un Ladylike Approach To The Problem Of Bingeing Stephanie King A Unique And Brilliant Way To Leverage Will Power Passionate, Convincing, Defiant And Inspiring All At The Same Time Richard Guy Never Binge Again Squelched That Awful Voice In The Back Of My Mind Which Says You Ll Backslide Eventually, No Matter What Thanks To This Book Failure Is No Longer An Option Warren Start I M Still Reeling With The Revelation I Have The Ability To Never Binge Again, Just Like My Ability To Never Rob A Bank, Never Push And Old Lady Into Traffic, Or Never Jump Off Of A Perfectly Good Cliff This Book Is THE TOOL I Need To Conquer Ever Attempting To Satisfy Emotional Feelings With Carbo Laden Calories Again Traci Rickards

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Never Binge Again book, this is one of the most wanted Glenn Livingston author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
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  • Never Binge Again
  • Glenn Livingston
  • English
  • 06 February 2017

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    Never Binge Again was just OK for me It wasn t super helpful, and will definitely not cure everyone s eating habits I feel food choices are most important in gaining control of the pig and unless you conquer that, the binge behavior may return.Still worth reading 3

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    There s a reason this book is free It s just an ad for the author s coaching services offered via his website I got through 67% of the book and just couldn t go any further My issues with the book 1 It isn t edited well The word PEDDLE is repeatedly using when PEDAL is what he means Unless you re selling your bike you are PEDALING it not PEDDLING it 2 The author states A binge even one bite and or swallow outside of your Food Plan This seems like a recipe for an eating disorder 3 The author denigrates 12 step programs and the concept of alcoholism as a disease for reasons that aren t well explained and have no research backing them up 4 He repeatedly says, just Never Binge Again and those letters need to be capitalized because he has trademarked that phrase 5 Almost every chapter ends with an admonition to check out his website because this book is just an ad for his coaching services.

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    I really thought I d cracked it when I read this book I thought I d found the one , the one that was going to finally help me get some of my bad eating habits under control But no.I ve only read a few self help books, on various topics, but I always find that they basically state the obvious, and tell you what you kind of already know And yet, quite a lot of the time, that s what you need you just need someone to say it, maybe in a slightly different way to how you ve thought of it before.This book pretty much states the obvious, and the author sort of admits that himself, at one point basically saying that you don t need to read the book His basic premise for never bingeing again is just never binge again.He uses the idea that you have a Pig inside you Not a cute little pink oinky pig, but a big ugly nasty grunting Pig with a capital P, and it s this Pig that has all the cravings, not you So the next time the Pig says ooh, lets eat a whole tube of Pringles you are supposed to say shut up Pig or words to that effect and lock it in it s cage and ignore it And don t eat the Pringles I didn t like the idea of being horrible to a pig, or even a Pig, so my internal craving voice belongs to a Troll Yeah, shut up Troll The thing is, this method did work for a while with me I stopped snacking during the day, and I didn t have anything else to eat after our evening meal I have a bad habit of having a bowl of cereal for supper at around 9pm, even when I m not hungry and I know I shouldn t eat that late I managed to avoid all these bad habits by shutting down my Troll, and telling myself that I didn t need the snacks etc.But, after a while, the ideas in the book just started to slip from my mind, and the snacking and eating when I didn t need to slowly crept back in Occasionally I still think about my Troll, and I ignore it s pleas, but sometimes it gets it s own way.So obviously it takes than just reading a self help book to change bad eating habits Personally, I need someone to follow me around, and slap my hand away from my mouth every time I m about to eat something unhealthy, I think that s the only thing that will work for me The book does make some good points though, and it did give me another way of thinking about my eating habits, and another method of dealing with them just because it didn t work out for me the first time, there s no reason I can t try it again.After all, you know what they say Don t feed the Trolls

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    The only reason this book gets 4 stars is because I gained some truly valuable insights from reading it The concept of pig and pig slop and the importance of a food plan has helped change the way I think about food I eat much better and feel like I am much disciplined after applying the principles taught in this book That said this book is repetitive and not all that well written If you struggle with over eating then this is worth reading Please note that he repetitively suggest you visit his website and the book ends with him suggesting you join his one on one coaching or mentoring program.

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    I will not recommend this bookI do not agree that our speech is all that separates us from monkeys So to me your book is pig slop.

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    I typically don t bother writing reviews for books I didn t like Heck, if I m being honest, I typically don t finish a book I don t like This is one of those instances I picked up this book of because of the promise embedded in its title, Never Binge Again As someone who has always struggled with maintaining a healthy diet, this book appealed to me In this book, Livingston spends a great many pages explaining that we need to change the way we look at our inner binge eater Rather than love the inner glutton that lives inside us, we need to develop an animosity toward it He recommends that we call this inner self the pig In a sense, he is recommending that we personify our inner binge eater in a way that allows us to see it for what it really is an enemy The author offers this solution as an alternative to a self love approach to healing Livingston s approach may work for some people but, if I m being honest, I thought it was all a little goofy Livingston continued to lose me when he began attributing our inner binge eater to evolution and our lizard brain which is only concerned with self satisfaction I m glad this book was free for my kindle because I didn t feel too bad when I quit reading it.

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    In my opinion this book is the only book that offers a solution to binge behaviors that is 100% effective, and that in and of itself makes it worth the read While I can see people having issues with the philosophy around the book that would make people who suffer from mental illnesses involving binge addictions very upset, for someone who doesn t have a substantial diagnosis but needs to get their eating habits in order, this book is the answer How do you never binge again You decide to never binge again So simple, yet such an important skill to learn in life I think there are so many people who feel like they have no control over food and binge addictions, and this book is helps you identify what is ultimately going on and provides a solution to get control back in your life I have in fact put the skills to use that are taught in this book and have found them to be life changing The only complaint I have is the quotes from the Pig which I found to be excessive and silly at times Other than that, definitely worth the read and the kindle edition is free

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    I wanted to edit my review, because people kept liking the review and probably buying the book based off of it Long term, this book did not work for me It didn t really offer long term solutions, just short term tricks.

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    Usually, if I don t have a good review for a book, or if I just don t like a book or it doesn t resonate personally with me, I just sort of leave it alone I wouldn t go out of my way to bash anything, because liking any literature is subjective and being a writer myself, I know the kind of effort that goes in writing anything, even a bad book But when someone is basically selling advertisement and a potentially dangerous thought which might influence several people disguised as a book, well then that is a different issue altogether and I do have a LOT to say about this goddamn 160 page shady af advertisement pamphlet First off, I swear it s taking me all the self restraint that possibly exists within me not to add this book in my unreliable narrator shelf which is obviously one of my favourite fiction genres but NOT the kind that should even exist in non fiction self improvement literature for the kind of sheer tone deaf and potentially damaging advice this author spews in this book.The reason I purchased did not actually purchase since it was free on Kindle this book was because the blurb sounded pretty promising and I have had a horrible and toxic relationship with food for as long as I can remember due to body dysmorphia Little did I know, this book not only contributed zilch in even remotely improving my relationship with food but instead was a huge trigger in fuelling toxicity in my existing shitty relationship with my own body and food in general My first red flag should have been the title itself any book that promises to reprogram by brain into thinking like a permanently thin person is a recipe for disaster MY BAD.The writer clearly himself has some unresolved issues with his own body and a screwed up relationship with food and this book is basically as bad as two teenage girls in a high school washroom throwing up their lunch in adjacent cubicles while discussing what diet a.k.a eating disorder works best for them He liberally sprinkles his fat shaming throughout the whole damn book starting with its very premise where he asks you to call your fat thinking self as a pig WAY to promote even body dysmorphia Throughout the book, he asks you to cage the Pig by talking down to it, asking it to shut up and basically screaming at it and insulting it, and what you re basically doing is basically hating and talking down a very real part of YOURSELF that has these cravings Am I the only one who thinks this is absolutely nuts, most likely only a temporary solution, and not to mention possibly very dangerous and damaging to your sense of self Identifying and caging your fat thinking alter ego is how YOU finally come to dominate all your food decisions and permanently reprogram yourself to think like a thin person What IS this An annorexia bootcamp As someone who struggles with serious body issues and self image issues, as someone who used to punish her self and her body by resorting to everything from avoiding food to purging food, and as someone who routinely talks down to herself ANYWAY and has sought therapy to recognise and correct these patterns, this book was highly triggering for me In a day and age when fitness and healthy should be promoted, the author instead categorises your mind into the fat thinking self who is a slop and wants to do nothing but eat junk and thin thinking self as the rational part of you who wants to remain fit and healthy BUT The problem with this is who is to decide WHAT constitutes fat and what constitutes thin Inside the head of someone with severe body dysmorphia, there IS NO SUCH filter that lets them consider themselves to be thin no matter how thin they are in reality THIN and FAT are a state of mind Obese would rather be the right medical term Secondly, has the author taken those people into account who binge and then punish themselves by starving, purging, or exercising heavily Their body may not be FAT as such, but they still have unhealthy coping mechanisms AND for goddamn s sake, insulting yourself and talking down to yourself is EQUALLY as bad as the coping mechanisms I have listed above Doing that will never let you have a peaceful and healthy relationship with yourself, your body, your mind or even food Also, here s another gem from the book Interrupting and disempowering the thoughts which sustain your bingeing and overeating is not a game of mercy, it s a game of unbreakable control and domination This guy clearly also has some repression issues I would have still appreciated this book if it used the words unhealthy instead of fat or fit healthy instead of thin No psychologist in his right mind should be reinforcing, let alone actively using words that will trigger unhealthy body standards in people No psychologist should be actively encouraging people to repress urges and then talk down to yourself by personifying the thoughts urges and picturing them as a pig Binge eating for most people with body dysmorphia or self harm issues is a way of punishing oneself punishing the body Binge eating also sometimes stems from severe starvation and repression of urges Calling these urges as a pig and asking it to shut up is neither a healthy nor a sustainable way of dealing with these urges I expected a lot from this book because the author is also psychologist, and everything that I have learnt about my body dysmorphia is from my therapist But I was so severely let down, it troubles me to my core the very idea that someone might be pushed into or revert back to unhealthy coping mechanisms after reading this book Coming to the book itself not only is the philosophy bullshit, the actual book is just as shitty There is zero formatting First off, the randomly changing font and font size is disorienting As a lot of other reviewers have mentioned which I sadly read AFTER the book there s a lot of random YELLING in the book which is highly annoying It is basically a guy screaming at you in a late night infomercial about something you need to BUY RIGHT NOW that s going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE But in book form He tags his website after every second sentence and adds a symbol every goddamn time he says Never Binge Again to make it even painfully obvious that this book is just a 160 page pamphlet for his business If you re someone who struggles with body dysmorphia or other issues and eating disorders, or if you re just someone who cannot stand a badly written and badly formatted book, just stay the hell away from this book.

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    John Owen repackaged, but I needed this I ll follow up in a few months to let you know how much it helped NotesPromises to teach you to trick yourself into not overeating Putting the possibility of failure out of your mind Even if you do failNaming your appetite the pig Its squeals are not your thoughts Aggressively separate yourself from this alter egoWrite down your diet planAnything outside your plan is pig squealingKeep your food plan privateFood in categories Always, never, sometimes, conditionalPerfectionism when setting your goals, not when you fail If you do binge, analyze what went wrong, then recommitIf you can t control a particular food, move it to the never categoryDon t count time connotes insecurity The better tasting and convenient a food is, the worse it probably is for you The pig is powerless, and you are its masterWillpower is only expended when there is a decision You don t have to strain and struggle to do something you ve sworn not to do Make a journal of your pig squeals It helps to recognize them as they come up.

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