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By Bear Bones This Book TakesCharacters From Earth And One From The Moon On A Journey To Discover Their Purpose In Life When Threatened By An Ever Increasing Amount Of Redundancy Of The Workforce In Their Respective Professions The Operational Efficiencies Offered By Machinery In The Future Has Forced Many People To Live A Relaxed Life Outside Of The Needed Workforce During A State Of Turmoil It Is Uncovered That The Enforced Recreational Facilities, JoyTime, Provides A Primate Experience That Is So Intense That Most Visits Cannot Be Remembered On A Mission To Reconnect With A Basic Component Of The Economy They Decide To Become Meteor Miners The Heroes Make An Attempt To Answer All Of The Most Important Questions Regarding Work Money Optimism Individuality

Only after publishing my first book did I learn that my grandfather and mother had always wanted to write their own book They never got the chance or did not put aside enough time to do so My grandfather wanted to write a book about administering prisons in Greece after the wars My mother about getting through the paperwork for disability support in the United States Funny that I fulfilled thi

❰PDF❯ ✅ By Bear Bones  Author Vasexandros –
  • Paperback
  • 484 pages
  • By Bear Bones
  • Vasexandros
  • 08 June 2017
  • 9781515156772

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, with its beautiful descriptions and interesting characters A unique scenario but also a timeless and universal story The end feels like a new beginning.

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    Awesome monkey madness read, got a feel for each of the characters.Brilliant

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    So I m not really sure if I liked this book TL DR Poor grammar, bad dialogue, good imagination, solid plot, annoylingly almost educational.The first thing you notice is that there is a lot of spelling and grammatical errors and I got the impression that the author isn t a native English speaker and didn t have an editor to fix these issues The fact that the book is published through probably backs this up, however the cost is the same as any other book so you d expect high quality On that note there were about 20 pages that didn t have a page number and there was a printing error on the back cover There also seems to be inconsistencies in style as the book progesses as well A lot of the book seems to be from the perspective of the main character Cosmo but some chapters near the beginning are in third person The latter part of the book seems to have these ironed out to some extent Now, I understand that Sherlock has been programmed to talk weird because all his senses are being filtered and I get that Jack James is meant to talk weird because he s from the moon and I guess I also get that even though the Martian s language is being translated to Cosmo s, they will also sound weird But why does Cosmo talk weird too The dialogue is just weird No matter who is talking, it does not flow naturally Or perhaps I missed something Though, I must admit it is sometimes poetic.You also often get Cosmo s thoughts to describe the rationale behind the dialogue and his interpretation as it goes, but maybe it s because I don t normally get this when I read books but I feel it is uneccesary to have this running commentary most of the way through There are also long discussions about various topics with what felt like a huge section dedicated to an analogy for capitalism involving beetles that I don t know if I really wanted to read but if you were into that sort of thing then thats great This book as it says on the blurb has tons of questions which get answered I m not sure if there are tons, but if you want to know why capitalism is great and then to some extent why it is not, then you ll find out if you read this book The author is definitely imaginative Some of the ideas that he comes out with are pretty interesting I don t read nearly as much sci fi as I do fantasy but I ve not read anything like this and I think it s great that the author keeps coming up with new things some of which I don t think are scientifically possible but hey thats fine The main plot is fairly okay, I m not 100% sure why Cosmo is so appalled by Joytime and why they ever thought going to Mars was a good idea but otherwise its fairly solid Even though the book is 460 odd pages long the text is pretty big and they go quite quickly And even though as I read it I was thinking Is the book itself bad or is it just poorly written I still wanted to keep reading it and did so over 3 evenings.At some points I thought the book was almost just an excuse for the authors ramblings on certain topics with a sci fi backdrop to distract you and the whole beetle economy saga went on much longer than I wanted.The ending chapter also starts off by ripping off Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy though at least this is referenced and I didn t really feel that it added anything to the story Overall I think I may have enjoyed the book, and there were a lot of interesting themes but the poor writing took away from that substantially.

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    A great science fiction novel that makes you think Vasexandros provides a wonderful universe for the mind to explore, the body to feel, and the heart to love Nothing needs to be said.

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