The Vampire Who Loved Me (Cabot, #2)

The Vampire Who Loved Me (Cabot, #2) Julian Kane Is Back In TownOnce, As A Girl Of Seventeen, Beautiful, Headstrong Portia Cabot Saved The Cursed Life Of The Dashing Vampire Julian Kane Who Marked Her Forever, Then Left To Go In Search Of His Soul He Returns Five Years Later To Find The Enchanting Young Girl He Left Behind Grown Into A Bewitching Woman With A Woman S Heart And A Woman S DesiresPortia Quickly Discovers That Julian S Seductive And Forbidden Kiss Can Still Make Her Crave The Night And His Touch But The Julian Who Has Returned To London Is Not The Vampire She Remembers His Fruitless Pursuit Of His Stolen Mortality Has Reduced Him To Drunken Debauchery And A Recent Spate Of Murders Makes Portia Fear That The Man She Has Always Adored May Truly Be A MonsterJulian Knows He Must Drive Portia Away But His Passion And Hunger For Her Grow Irresistible Every Time They Touch For Years He Has Fought The Temptation To Embrace His Dark Gifts, Never Realizing That Portia S Love May Give Him The Most Dangerous Gift Of All A Reason To Live

New York Times bestseller Teresa Medeiros wrote her first novel at the age of twenty one and has since gone on to win the hearts of both readers and critics All of her books have been national bestsellers, featured on the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists She currently has over 10 million books in print She is a seven time Rita finalist, two time PRISM winner, and

[Read] ➶ The Vampire Who Loved Me (Cabot, #2) ➳ Teresa Medeiros –
  • Paperback
  • 373 pages
  • The Vampire Who Loved Me (Cabot, #2)
  • Teresa Medeiros
  • English
  • 02 September 2019
  • 9780060763039

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    There may be spoilers below.Well This could have been everything and ended up just meh Julian was AMAZING I have no issues with him He was sexy, rakisheverything I expect and want in an historical romance hero I thought adding vampires to HR would be awesome, and I enjoyed book 1, but this was disappointing.Portia Wow What a selfish cow Stick in the mud And everyone automatically assumed Julian was guilty of EVERYTHING just because he was a vampire He was FAMILY for crying out loud and they all expected the worst.Adrian and Caroline from book 1 were boring and one dimensional There were some really good scenes, but several issues kind of ruined this for me.The Big Bad was such a caricature and cheesy The female elder master vampire was just so obsessed with Julian she couldn t get over him and had to threaten the lives of everyone Julian loved out of jealousy Sigh I guess I just disagreed with some of the author s choices The vampires are bad in this world They lose their souls They are discriminated against and viewed as evil no matter what Unless they somehow get their souls back, they are husks And Julian was worthless until he got his soul back and could have babies with Portia and be regular So much potential, but the author played it very safe and predictable and very moralistic Also view spoiler I don t remember them having sex in book 1, but the way it is described here almost sounds like rape Julian was having bloodlust and starving and mostly out of his mind Portia goes to him so he can feed from her to survive, get strength But somewhere in there, he not only bites her, but thrusts himself into her with no preamble I don t remember that hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars review coming soon

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    I ve been curious about this book ever since I finished After Midnight There s something awfully romantic in a Vampire desperately trying to recuperate his soul and become a human again.Julian Kane is back in town Once, as a girl of seventeen, beautiful, headstrong Portia Cabot saved the cursed life of the dashing vampire Julian Kane who marked her forever, then left to go in search of his soul He returns five years later to find the enchanting young girl he left behind grown into a bewitching woman with a woman s heart and a woman s desires Portia quickly discovers that Julian s seductive and forbidden kiss can still make her crave the night and his touch But the Julian who has returned to London is not the vampire she remembers His fruitless pursuit of his stolen mortality has reduced him to drunken debauchery And a recent spate of murders makes Portia fear that the man she has always adored may truly be a monster Julian knows he must drive Portia away but his passion and hunger for her grow irresistible every time they touch For years he has fought the temptation to embrace his dark gifts, never realizing that Portia s love may give him the most dangerous gift of all a reason to live I did like Julian a lot than I liked Portia After hearing Julian is back in London and not believing he is behind the recent murders of young women by vampires, Portia goes looking for the love of her youth to warn him that Adrian, his brother, is looking for him She find a rake and a gambler who doesn t care about what may happen to him but agrees to protect her reputation and leave before they are found together He never tells her whether he is the one committing those awful murders or not.With Adrian Portia concocts a scheme to find the vampire responsible for those murders and serves as bait She fins a she vampire vampiress who is also Julian s lover and the holder of his immortal soul Now what I had problems with was that Portia kept changing her mind whether she loved him or not, if it was because he could be a murderer or because he had a lover, or because he hadn t killed the vampire to recover his soul she just sounded a bit childish to me Julian seemed a lot interesting and complex as a character who has been trying to stay away from the woman he loves because he feels he doesn t deserve and doesn t have the courage to kill the vampire who holds his soul because she has saved his life They spend much of the book without being honest with each other and that also helped create some misunderstandings regarding Julian s intentions Together they will have to face not only their family but also a group of vampires before Julian can get his soul back.This book is constantly referring to situations of After Midnight and it might not be an easy read if you haven t read the first book Grade B

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    The Vampire who Loved Me would have to rank as one of the most ridiculous book titles of all time I made sure when reading that the title was obscured, which is a pain in the butt Particularly given it is thankfully in no way indicative of the quality of this novel.Readers should note that The Vampire Who Loved Me will not work well as a stand alone You really should read After Midnight first.At the end of After Midnight, Julian Kane left 17 year old Portia and his devoted brother Adrian to search the world for the vampire who possesses his soul.Five years later, Julian is back, and young women are being found murdered and drained of their blood Coincidence Portia, now a woman but still infatuated with Julian, is determined to find out But Julian is not the man nor the vampire she remembers The Vampire Who Loved Me was true to the feel of After Midnight, part vampire romance, part Regency noir, and fully entertaining.Portia is a feisty heroine who than holds her own with sardonic Julian They make a great couple who never quite allow you to be comfortable given all the obstacles in their way We also get to spend time with Adrian, Caro, Vivienne, Larkin and the wonderful Wilbury The Vampire Who Loved Me was a very quick and action packed read How disappointing that there were only 2 books in this series.

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    Goodness gracious these two were so loveable and sweet swoons I was dying to read this and it did not disappoint Julian is just delicious as a dark brooding heartbroken vampire Very dashing charming witty lovable hero I fell in love with him in the previous book And of course he made me swoon in this And Portia is so adorable Witty sassy charming with an innocence that s really endearing Great couple their love story is very passionate forlorn and heartbreaking An amazing fun suspenseful read The dramatic conclusion did not disappoint You never know what to expect with Medeiros Of course you expect a happy ending but the way she goes about it in her books really grabs your attention and your heart, always full of surprises Forgive me for the cliche saying but it s true, I was at the edge of my seat while reading this Loved it

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    3.5 starsI set a low expectation for this book, just because I had a very hard time to finish another of Teresa Medeiros book, The Pleasure of Your Kiss.I was expecting this story to be in contemporary era, just because of the cover Imagine my surprise when I flipped open the book actually touching on my Nook , the story was set in 1826 And here, I was expecting some sort of Twilight devotion shudders in a bad way.I have never read the first book in the Cabot series, After Midnight However, I truly enjoyed this one It was written differently, with vampires in the Victorian Regency eras Most of the scenes were in the dark, with vampires only coming at night, hate garlic, cannot see their own reflection in mirrors, will die upon a stake or burn in fire, and turning into bats wow, everything classic about being a vampire.Portia has been in love with Julian for the rest of her life We had flashbacks when Portia saved Julian s life, when he already become a vampire I think I have to read the first book to understand how Julian turns to be a vampire in the first place And how he lost his soul to another vampire.As for Portia, she longed for Julian even though he had lost his soul The story started 5 years after Julian left his family, and returned back to London where strings of murders seemed to be connected to him Portia searched for him, to prove that he is not the murderer.Even though I do not seem to incline to like Portia s character much, I do love Julian s character He is the debauched brother, a vampire who live his life in drunken stupor and could not deem himself worthy for Portia Even though he is a vampire, he has the human like quality like just any other man He also miss the morning sun.And this book had a valiant, the character written is strong that even though I am disgusted with that anti hero, I feel that the author had invested a good time developing this anti hero character.Overall, it is a good read from Teresa Medeiros, with a different twist in the historical romance genre.

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    Fell a little flat for meThe heroine was kind of dumb and always got into these scrapes that could have easily been avoided and which I foresaw from miles away I thought her character in After Midnight was hilarious, but she was just annoying in this book.I wasn t a huge fan of the hero In the beginning of the book, he is to participate in a duel with a man who called him out for messing around with his fiancee The reason that he did so isn t really addressed in the book, so I have no idea why Further, he expresses zero remorse or regret for having done so Am I, as the reader, supposed to find him charmingly roguish and rakish for messing around with some guy s betrothed And why is the enraged nobleman cast as some sort of cookie cutter villain because of it He had every right to call Julian outCan someone esplain Am I missing something He just seemed like a sleazeball to me and not only because of thatBTW If you are looking for an interesting take or interpretation on the vampire mythology, you will not find it in this book I really enjoy when an author takes a cliched mythology as their foundation and does his her own world building around it to create something that is uniquely hers a la the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Sookie etc In this book, the vampire mythology is a plot device and it is all the cliched stuff we know by heart turn into bats, afraid of holy water and crucifix, stakes through the heart, garlic blah blah blah Both Portia and Julian cause their siblings Adrian and Caroline a ton of worry, distress and put their entire family at risks because of their bs, and I can t help but lose respect for them because of it They act like irresponsible children throughout most of the book, and this is supposed to entertain me Sorryno go.

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    Ohhhhhhh, this book is really wonderful First thing to say, you should read the book one of this serie or will not understand The Vampire Who Loved Me Cabot, 2 .Second thing to say, this one is much better really much better than the first.Why Simple, this book tell the wonderful story of Julian Adrian brother and Portia Caroline sister Now we are talking about vampire romance If you doubt me I can tell you how Julian call Portia Bright Eyes Yeah, he is so sweet So romantic And the first book didn t show a real vampire this book is only about one The first book didn t have my 5 stars for the lack of romantic scenes in my opinion but Teresa Medeiros with this one was perfect The Vampire Who Loved Me Cabot, 2 has the just measurement of romance, suspense and surprise Recommend it to all vampire suspense romantic fans.

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    4 stars Paranormal Vampire Historical Regency Romance

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    i luv this book.kasih 4,5 bintangbeware SPOILER abissss suka sama heroine nya yg berani dan gak cengengwalau besar di keluarga pembasmi vampire tapi dia gak takut mencintai seorang vampire.bermula 5 tahun yang laluportia yang waktu itu masih berumur 17 tahun sangat mengagumi julian kane, adik dari suami kakaknya menaing ipar ya sayangnya diketahui kalo julian ini ternyata vampire dan dikurung oleh kakaknya di suatu tempatdan portia di tangkap okeh vampir yang merubah julian, dia pengen julian menyerah dan menerima menjadi vampire sedangkan julian saat itu memilih buat matiportia dikurung bersama julian disana dan julian minta portia buat merantai dia ke tembok supaya julian gak bisa menyakiti portia..tapi portia yang gak mau melihat julian mati menyerahkan lehernya buat di gigit yang akhirnya dilakukan juga oleh julianafter that julian pergi.5 tahun kemuadian beredar kabar kalau julian kane kembali dari kontinentaltapi julian yang portia temui bukan julian yang dulu dia kenaljulian yang ini sinis dan gak pedulian..hobby berjudi dan womanizing..padahal portia dari dulu berangan2 kalo suatu hati nanti dia akan menikah dengan julianjulian sendiri sebenernya gak bisa melupakan portia tapi dia merasa gak pantas buat portia karena dia vampire dan banyak melakukan kekejaman..portia mengira julian pergi buat mencari vampire yang jadi sired nyadulu julian di rubah jadi vampire oleh duvalier yang kemudian di bunuh oleh adrian, kakak julian ada di buku pertama yg gw belom baca p setelah duvalier mati, seluruh kekuatannya kembali ke vampire yang sired dia dulu dan untuk mendapatkan soul dan kembali jadi manusiaand then terjadi pembunuhan perempuan2 yg di hisah darahnya sampe habisdan kejadiannya tepat pas kembalinya julian kane ke inggrisadrian kira julian yg membunuh para perempuan itu.portia berusaha menemukan julian sebelum adrian.awalnya julian bersifat sinis dan gak mengenali portia yang sudah dewasatapi begitu ketemu portia, yg dirasakan kembali lust.bagi julian portia bagai buah terlarang, gak boleh di sentuh tapi tetep aja dia mendekat..akhirnya ketauan kalo vampire pembunuh para wanita itu adalah valentindia mantan mistress nya julian yg gak terima di tinggalin juliandan ternyata pula si valentin ini sired matah bangetlah portia.di kira nya selama ini julian pergi buat mengembalikan soul nya tapi malah dia tidur dengan valentinyah sebenernya bukan salah julian juga..waktu itu portia masih kecil sih, dikira cuma cinta monyet dan julian juga merasa kalo dia gak bakal bisa memiliki portia.portia jadi sinis ke julian dan bahkan menerima tamu yg datang ke rumahnya buat bertemu dengan portiabikin julian cemburu setengah matiso julian mulai lah merayu2 portia setiap ada kesempatan portia salah sangka mengira julian gak membunuh valentin karena menyukai valentin..valentin pernah menyelamatkan julian dari pasak kayu makanya julian berhutang ke valentin..tapi julian sama sekali gak mencintai valentindan menunuh valenton juga susah karena valentin kuat sekali karena mewarisi kekuatan duvalier sebelumnyaso julain pergi meninggalkan valentin..womanizing yg selama ini itu di butuhkan karena vampire butuh makan dan cara yg paling gampang adalah mencari perempuan yang mau dan gak bisa dipisahkan antara lust dan minum darahbuat menangkap valentin portia setuju buat berpura2 jadi vampire dan jadi pasangan nya julianmereka pergi ke pesta para vampire berharap rumour beredar dan valentin tau kalo portia akhirnya memiliki julianso valentin yg cemburu bakal keluar dari persembunyian..dan saat itu adrian,larkin suami kakak portia yang lain, vivienne bakal siap dengan persenjataan buat membunuh valentinsayangnya ternyata valentin ada di pesta itu dan membuka penyamaran portia yg ternyata bukan seluruh vampire di sana mengejar portiatapi julian berhasil membawa portia kaburdalam pelarian dan persembunyian akhirnya mereka menemukan rumah kosongportia pas sadar ada di tempat tidur dengan hanya memakai pakaian dalam.julian terpaksa melepas baju portia karena baju nya basah karena disiram holly waterbisa di tebak adegan selanjut nya.portia yg kali ini mendekati dan merayu julian.apalagi setelah portia tau kalo selama ini julian mencinta dia dan berusaha lari karena merasa gak pantas buat portiasoooo akhirnya mereka uhuk2 juga adegan ini ehem udah gw tunggu2 p biasanya di buku HR lain adegan penting ini maksimal ada di halaman 200..tapi disini baru ada di halaman 250 an.tapiiiiii.sungguh tidak mengecewakankarena seperti yang diakui oleh julian..keuntungan di rubah menjadi vampire pada saat muda adalah. stamina pso bisa dibayangkan selanjutnyamalam itu sampe pagi mereka 6 kali uhuk2 emang bisa ya p setelah seharian sibuk.akhirnya waktunya untuk kembali ke rumah.begitu sampai di rumah yag mereka temukan rumah sudah hangus jadi abuvalentin menyuruh org untuk membakar rumah adrian dan menculik eloisa, anak adrian yg berarti keponakan portia dan julian adrian menyalahkan julianmenyebabkan julian harus pergibesoknya mereka berkumpulportia, adrian dan larkin serta buttler mereka akan mencari eloisamereka mencari valentin ke tempat para vampire berkumpul tapi menemukan rumah tersebut kosongsetelah yakin di dalam rumah gak ada penghuninya, adrian, larkin dan buttler pergi keluar.portia tetap di dalam buat berjaga2ternyata valentine memang ada di sanadisalah satu kamar yg gak mereka buka.valentin mengancam akan membunuh eloisatiba2 julian datang dari belakang portiapura2 kalau dia udah bosan dengan portia dan akan kembali ke valentin asal eloisa di kembalikanvalentin awalnya gak percaya valentin minta julian membunuh portia di depan matanya baru dia percayaso julian pura2 akan mengigit leher portia dan meminum habid darah nya tapi pas valentin lengah julian menggigit leher valentin dan meminum darahnya sampe dengan matinya valentin julian mendapatkan kembali soul nya dan menjadi manusia.tiba2 muncul lord apa gitu, musuh julian yg tau kalo julian vampiredia menembak julianpadahal saat itu julian udah kembali jadi manusiauntungnya nyawa julian berhasil di selamatkanendingnya very very lord yg nembak julian di tangkap dan di masukan ke bedlam rs jiwa zaman HR julian dan potia menikah.dan di hari pernikahan.julian yg gak sabar membopong portia di altar sebelom mereka sempat mengucapka i do hidup julian nb mo baca yg ttg adrian ah.kalo julian tipe co yg suka bercanda dan menggodasi adrian kebalikannya, tipe co serius banget.yummy p

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