Duck!I could think of nothing above and beyond what I previously said about this book, so the unicorns got together to squeal about Ori It s possible only dogs and sea creatures could hear the squealing Luckily we had chatzy Read our collective squealing over a sweet lil fledgling HERE Sometimes a Swan is just a Big, White Duck Duckis about a hierarchical society of avian shifters Ducks are near the bottom, typically servants Ori has no real family so he has no idea what he ll shift into when he comes of age The leader of the nest said he would likely be an ugly little duckling thus he s been put to work in the kitchens where he s been hazed abused repeatedly by many, many higher ranking shifters Until Raynard comes to his rescue takes him home to be his servant Except Ori was all submission Raynard is a hawk, a dominant bird that mates for life Ori revels in pleasing being of service to his master Soon they fall into a D s relationship Raynard collars Ori It s plain to see they ve fallen in love to anyone who s paying attention Raynard becomes increasingly possessive of his submissive One night he takes Ori back to the nest to publicly claim his submissive in front of everyone The higher ranking birds try to harass him which doesn t go over to well You re stronger with your submission than you d be without it Eventually, the time comes for Ori to make his first shift into a swan Swans are the purest species of avian that exists They are good, and noble, and beautiful They have the most exquisite spirits, the finest temperaments And, by extension, are at the top of the hierarchy In other words, they have servants, they aren t servants or submissives SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT All hell breaks loose People start calling Ori Sire Raynard freaks out He reverts back to the hierarchical order of things rejects Ori, telling him he ll grow accustomed to his new station in the nest Ori withdraws withers without his Master s guidance Literally Ori s miserable Raynard s miserable The nest doesn t know what to do with Ori It s just a mess A hot mess If a swan truly wants to serve, no one has any right to try to stop him Sometimes you have to play dirty to get what you want And sometimes you find allies in the unlikeliest of places Raynard just needs a little reminder of how good a submissive Ori truly is The most valuable possession my master owns is his submissive I will take great care that no harm comes to my master s submissive whenever he is not there to watch over me himself. I have to be honest, I was skeptical of all the 5 star reviews Well, I can admit when I m wrong Duckis the best thing I ve read in awhile I loved it even when I hated it I still loved it It was beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking magical I loved Ori Raynard from the get go However, I do have a thing for sweet little slave boys erm ducklings, I mean. Spoiler alert I ve read quite a bit of BDSM, and I m even a pretty big fan of it But this novel just didn t sit well with me Don t get me wrong, the premise was superb An ugly duckling turns out to be a swan It s a great opportunity to utilize creative measure coupled with an old fairytale theme Unfortunately, the execution fell short Here are the things that irritated me 1 Where was Ori s personality Maybe I got lost between the numerous editing mistakes of course this is at the fault of the publisher , but I honestly couldn t find any notion of Ori s real person, beyond wanting to serve his master And yes, while BDSM certainly IS about the submissive serving the master, that doesn t mean the submissive has no life beyond sitting at his master s feet Beyond Ori s like for reading which took up all of two lines in the entire novel there was little else other than Ori scrubbing furniture or having sex with Raynard And while I understand that the circumstances of our upbringings can often dictate our outcomes, even Ori being an orphan didn t help the fact that he didn t seem to change over the novel at all He didn t accept his new position in the heirarchy at all Maybe I just didn t care for him as a character, but I suppose I prefer novels with character development The only development in this novel was his and Reynard s love, and even that came across a bit bland because of the lack of character development 2 For the record, I m all for the honorifics in BDSM Sir, Master, you name it But Ori over used the word sir in the way many people over use the word like After a while reading it began to drive me nuts It s one thing to be totally devoted to your master It s another to incessently end every sentence with sir.All in all, perhaps there are different types of BDSM novels as well Perhaps this is just another brand which I personally don t care for.If you don t mind two dimensional characters and like a stagnant sub dom relationship, this may be the novel for you. I can never get tired of reading this book I simply adore Ori and Raynard and their sweet, comforting relationship 5 Stars so beautiful, so tender, so enchanting wonderful to read the Ugly Duckling in its finest form Some days ago I cannot resist the temptation to start reading this tempting I impulse bought yesterday I have seen this novel highly ranked on favorite lists but the topic feels slightly odd and strange A duck Quack What an excellent decision This Ducknovel had everything I love in a great romance Tenderness, a new opportunity, grand love, empathy, heat, surprises, etc etc I read with devotion and you never know what you will get when you start a new novel. view spoiler hide spoiler I just reread this as part of the Group book thing and again found this book totally enchanting I wish Kim Dare was willing to writenovel length fiction because this book strikes so many interesting and sexy notes I enjoy Kim Dare s short fiction, but I often feel like she doesn t have take the room to givethan sketchy characterizations Duck gave her a chance to ahem spread her narrative wings For me what is most interesting is that she takes the original fairytale, which is constellated from notions of status and perception and power and then physicalizes the emotion and anxiety of that pitiful potent ugly duckling It is literaly a PERFECT fairytale to treat with BDSM and shifters Super smart storytelling Witty worldbuilding on many levels Challenging characters whose actions and growth drives a story that is paranormal for all the right reasons These shifters are not just windowdressing.The particulars of her avian society and their beastly behavior seem so muchcompelling than cookie cutter snuggly werewolf series I could name These are animals who, uhhhh, act like animals It s almost expressionistic in the way it lets the characters internal landscapes take physical form I love the relationship between the men and had not one second s pause with the vicious hazing that starts out the story It IS a fairytale and Dare is setting up her gameboard so she can play A total win for me, and a real step forward for Dare s craft and fiction Loved this book, can t wait to read the sequel. This was the first time in a long time when I felt warmth in the belly Like, for real.This is a fairytale but not because it s flowers and hearts and pink everywhere, but because it s magical As simple as that.The writing grabs you and doens t let go but it s not only that, it s not that it s a page turner, although it is It s not that it s BDSM, although it is It s not that it s PNR, although it is.It s the atmosphere that surrounds it all The feeling you are falling forever and diving into honey, slow, tender, sweet, delicious When I think about a book I liked I remember a few scenes, normally the scenes in which the MCs are finally together, or revel in being together It can be the first time, the second time, or the last time in a book It can be a sex scene, it can be a dialogue, it can be an action I died for and ended up in heaven for a little while.Sometimes I can t stand it any and pick the book and read that specific scene Or read those highlighted pages and die a littleevery time I do it.But it s really, really weird when I think about a book and need to experience it all again as a whole Because this book is a part all of its own If I read this again I wouldn t feel impatient to get to the parts I highlighted Because every page is highlighted Every moment in this book gives me what I need and what I ask for.That is amazing.This book inspires tenderness, beauty, kindness, softness, naughtiness and innocence All wrapped up in one story In one couple They complement each other in the most perfect of ways There is no way around it they are made for each other It s painfully obvious and I remark the pain part.I felt warmth in my belly, yes, but I don t mean only in a sexual sense I felt cocooned and safe and in peace with the world and myself in this book I can bluntly say this book shook me to the core, but with the gentleness of a warm embrace.If only I found books like this oneoften view spoiler hide spoiler I m a little nervous to review this because so many people to seem to like so much I think many people will enjoy it, depending on what they expect going in This is just my personal opinion, and I know a lot of people disagree It is well written, but here s what didn t work for me There s no characterization Ori is the sub, he wants to please his master, but he has no personality or motivations beyond that His entire characterization is he s a submissive Raynard is the same he s the dominant Period I need a littlethan this to care about a character.There s not much plot There s really no story beyond a bare minimum needed to string sex scenes together They take place against a backdrop of a kind of interesting avian shifter world, but it takes such a second place to the sex scenes it never felt fully realized To me the whole story line was them moving from one typical bdsm practice to the next, he makes him sit by his feet, he ties him up, he whips him, etc I like to read sex scenes but within some sort of a story Them being avian shifters hardly mattered, until the predictable end This is just sex scenes and housework If you want to read a series of well written, kinky scenes and plenty of them, you will probably like this I just needed a littleto keep my interest, especiallyin the way of character development beyond dominant and submissive Just my humble opinion Take it for what it s worth. 5 Intense, Sweet and Captivating starsNever doubt this is exactly where you belongA story about an ugly ducking and a hawk, who sees beyond appearance and rank, to the beautiful and gentle soul that lays underneath. I didn t think I could ever say I would love a BDSM readthey re just not for me, but I can say with all my heart, that I LOVED this book Ori, a sweet, soft spoken and miss judged shifter, has seen hardships in life at the hands of others, who see him below them Unsure of his rank in the Avian s world, his placed as a servant at the nest, until his full shift determines his place with the other shifters Ori s job is to clean and service the other shifters as they see fit That s until a hawk with a higher rank takes notice of him, and proceeds to change his way of living.Raynard sees that Ori is out of place, and detests to his mistreatment He doesn t understand his interest in the fledgling, or why he offered to take him away from the nest to become a servant at his own home But his desires for Ori run deeper than a master should feel for his servant For Raynard sees a submissive trait in Ori, he wishes to controlThe most valuable possession my master owns is his submissive I will take great care that no harm comes to my masters submissive whenever he is not there to watch over me himselfA relationship I didn t think could last or develop Turned into a beautiful love story that will stay with me for years to come This book amazed me Just when I thought I knew what was coming, it took me by complete surprise It opened my eyes to the possibility of never giving up on what or who you want, even when this is perceived as wrong It taught me that even the weak, should fight for what makes them happyIts not so unknown for a master to fall in love with his submissiveIf you enjoy paranormal in your MM romance and the intensity of BDSM, then this book is for you mates xxYour you, and your mine Nothing else matters Kim Dare M M BDSM shape shifters finally a longer book Loved this one And finally a good and LONG book by Kim Dare The story starts with Ori, a young, not fully formed shifter, being laughed at and treated horribly at the place he works There he meets Raynard, a hawk shifter who takes him under his wing Raynard is a natural dominant, both hawk and human, and he can t help but feel the need to protect Ori, and at the same time want to have him as his submissive Ori was raised without knowing his true form, the elders proclaimed him a duck, so he has served the righer ranks, in whatever way they wanted Poor guy, I just loved him from page one He goes to live with Raynard and work as his servant, later accepting to have a D s relationship with him I liked the way Raynard treated him, as most of KD s doms, he was just great Ori, did I mention I loved him Yes He s just that sweet There was one scene when Raynard came home and found blood all over his house Man, that one just cramped my stomack And later, after Ori s first full shift I just wanted to cry for him And I wanted to kick Raynard s ass Anyway, I m not a big fan of 24 7 dom sub relationships, although KD writes them so well I basically read this for the characters And here they were great BTW, all the while reading this, it was going to have 4 stars No doubt about it But then one perfect sentence thought by Raynard changed this to a 5 brilliant stars Just can t believe it happened, I ve read some bdsm books, but that scenario even in thought was not seen often if ever.Here s a spoiler, but if you haven t read the book I d recommend not to read it view spoiler Raynard knew Ori couldn t be his submissive any longer, it wasn t in the true nature of his kind, and he realised he loved him so much that he d do anything, even change himself to be able to be with him, and knowing that he and his animal would probably go crazy being a submissive, but he was willing to do it hide spoiler Raised Among Humans, Ori Jones Only Discovered He Was An Avian Shifter Six Months Ago Unable To Complete A Full Shift Until He Reaches His Avian Maturity, He Still Can T Be Sure Of His Exact Species But With Species Comes Rank, And Rank Is Everything To The Avians When A Partial Shift Allows The Elders To Announce That They Believe Ori To Be A Rather Ugly Little Duckling, He Drops Straight To The Bottom Rung Of Their Hierarchy Life Isn T Easy For Ori Until He Comes To The Attention Of A High Ranking Hawk Shifter Then The Only Question Is, Is Ori Really A Duck And What Will His New Master Think When The Truth Eventually Comes Out Please Note This Is The Second Edition Of This Book It Has Been Tweaked And Re Edited, But The Plot Has Not Changed

Kim is a thirty three year old bisexual submissive from Wales UK First published in 2008, she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels Having worked with a host of fantastic e publishers, she has just moved into self publishing.While she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings, Kim s first love is still, and probably alw

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