The Herald of Hell (The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan #15)

The Herald of Hell (The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan #15) I really like how the characters in these books are written They feel human as even the good guys have foibles.This isn t a standalone book you really need to read the entire series to feel the gradual menace building up over the series I won t say any in case its a spoiler as not everyone know 14th century English history What I can say is that the storyline does not seem terribly outlandish The characters act within character, especially given the political social backdrop of the period Can t wait to read the next one Search for the truth through the thick miasma of Medieval LondonThis book is the fifteenth in the very successful Brother Athelstan series, and the first I have had the pleasure of reading Doherty certainly knows his Medieval London and truly brings the stench and squalor alive on the page at times it almost had me scratching It is 1381 just before the Peasants Revolt over poll taxes and general grievances from all sectors of society The young King Richard II is on the throne and in the clutches of his uncle, John of Gaunt, who has appointed himself Regent but not all of the movers and shakers of the period are confident of the King s abilities and a threat is afoot to execute him, and his retinue, and then to sack and burn London.In the middle of all this plotting, Amaury Whitfield, clerk to Thibault, the Master of Secrets, is found hanging in a room locked and bolted from the inside The coroner, Sir John Cranston suspects foul play and calls upon his friend and fellow sceptic, Brother Athelstan a Dominican friar to assist in his investigations Whitfield s room is at the top of the Golden Oliphant, a notorious tavern cum brothel run by Elizabeth Cheyne Adding to the general climate of fear, The Herald of Hell is abroad at night seeking out victims who he marks out by blowing three blasts on his horn, reciting a damning verse and by leaving a bowl of blood containing small onions on stalks, the number representing the number of people in the house It is amongst this chaos that Athelstan and Cranston must learn the truth and unmask the murderer, and identify the Upright Men who are fomenting rebellion with the help of their own militia , the creatively named Earthworms.This is a real gem of a mystery thriller with so much detail that following Athelstan is a major undertaking requiring the reader to wipe the stench of corruption from his nose and to sniff out the perpetrators.Very well written and totally convincing, this is a great read Pashtpaws Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review At just over 200 pages, I found this a fun and quick read Set in the days immediately preceding Wat Tyler s Revolt in 1381, the author paints a grim picture of what life in London must have been like Paranoia is running rampant among the followers of the King, the descriptions of every day life are vivid and in some respects revolting The plot is a standard murder mystery, an important clerk in John of Gaunt s intel service in found hanging in his room in an upscale brothel Bro Athelstan is recruited to determine if the death was really a suicide view spoiler of course it s murder hide spoiler I am enjoying this newest progression of books revolving around the Peasant s Revolt during the reign of Richard and John of Gaunt Brother Athelson and Chief Coroner Cranston again investigate plots and murders around London in the atmosphere of dissatisfaction of the populous with the monarchy This author obviously knows the history well, but also has the remarkable ability to infuse his story with the sights you d see and the smells, sounds and ambience of this time in historical London I enjoy his use of vocabulary and his development of the two protagonists as the politics and populace change around them. I have read all of the Brother Athelstan books and have become addicted to them Other reviewers have detailed the plot, so I won t go there What I will say is that the series gets darker and contains less humour the nearer it gets to The Great Revolt Peasant s Revolt is not that accurate a description This book is quite dark and the plot very involved with the up coming Revolt Having ripped through this book I am about to start the next in the series, The Great Revolt I am very concerned for Athelstand, Sir John and their comrades and friends. The star rating I ve given this novel reflects on the quality of the writing and the really good mystery plot I have to say, though, that I m just about burned out on The Great Revolt of 1381 From a comment in the Author s Note following this story it would seem it will take at least one novel to, hopefully, finish up this particular set of events I know they were hugely important in the history of the nation, but I m up to my eyebrows in Earthworms, Upright Men, and John of Gaunt.Brother Athelstan of St Erconwald and Sir John Cranston, the High Coroner of London, are called to what is probably the most notorious brothel in Southwark, The Golden Oliphant, to investigate what seems to be a suicide by hanging Once at the brothel Brother Athelstan discovers that the chancery clerk of Thibault, Master of Secrets to Lord John of Gaunt, Amaury Whitfield, is hanging from a noose in his private room on the top floor of the brothel At first glance this must be a suicide since it presents the investigators with no possible way for anyone else to have entered Whitfield s room However, Brother Athelstan is adamant that a murder has occurred and he and Sir John set out to solve the mystery.This is a very enjoyable novel from the standpoint of the mysteries solved You will find than one secret uncovered, but pay close attention or you will miss the key clue which helps with the solution to the first death I just breezed right by it and had to let the author explain how it all happened.I received an e ARC of this novel through NetGalley. Eye catching cover Definitely.Smart underestimated monk detective Check.Plantagenet drama Of course Everything about this book supported the idea that I would like it, maybe even love it, but it never caught on There are some great descriptions of 14th century London but the characters all left me wanting something.Thank you to NetGalley for providing a review copy of this book Opinions are my own. Depuis que Paul Doherty a repris l criture des enqu tes du dominicain Athelstan avec La Pierre de sang en 2011, apr s une interruption de huit ans, les romans de cette s rie se sont consid rablement enrichis en d tails, en description.Ce nouveau volume paru en fran ais ne fait pas exception et le lecteur est pris par le suspens de l enqu te comme par le frisson procur par le contexte, l imminence de la Grande R volte 1381 dont la pr paration occupe d ailleurs une place importante dans les diff rents volumes.Deux volumes suivants sont d j parus en anglais dont La Grande r volte et je les attends avec impatience I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I have not read any of the other Brother Athelstan books, but I had no trouble figuring out what was going on and who was who While I like history, especially English history, I can sometimes have trouble with it all blending together The year 1381 was a very tumultuous one in England, and while I d learned about the Peasant s Revolt back in the day, one of the reason I like to read historical mystery is the chance to learn about events in an immersive, personal way This book definitely fit the bill, and reading about both daily life and the political currents driving the events of the day were the highlights of the book for me Doherty could sometimes be a little too microscopic in his descriptions of how people lived, but I found it believable, interesting, and he also managed to make it drive the mystery This is a closed room puzzle, including a door with leather hinges and a pigskin window I don t want to say too much about the solution, but some of the differences in what we as twenty first century readers would take for granted vs what people had as resources in 1381 will likely keep some readers from figuring things out For myself, I was pretty sure what was going on, general culprit but not all the details but the mystery itself wasn t the most important thing If I read the sequel, it will be to find out what happens when the Peasant s Revolt hits London and how it will affect the characters I ve grown fond of. A Medieval Mystery Featuring Sleuthing Monk Brother Athelstan May, The Great Revolt Draws Ever Nearer The Upright Men Openly Roam The Streets Of London, Waiting For The Violence To Begin Their Mysterious Envoy, The Herald Of Hell, Appears At Night All Over The City, Striking Terror Into The Hearts Of Those Who Oppose Them But Who Is He When His Chancery Clerk Is Found Hanged In A Notorious Southwark Brothel, The Ruthless Thibault, John Of Gaunt S Master Of Secrets, Summons Brother Athelstan To Investigate Did Amaury Whitfield Really Kill Himself Following A Visit From The Terrifying Herald Of Hell Athelstan Is Unconvinced In The Dead Man S Possession Was A Manuscript Containing A Great Secret Which He Had Been Striving To Decipher If He Could Only Unlock The Cipher And Interpret The Messages Being Carried To The So Called Herald Of Hell, Athelstan Would Be One Step Closer To Catching The Killer But Can He Crack The Code Before The Great Revolt Begins

See this thread for information.He has been published under several pseudonyms

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