Waiting on Zapote Street

Waiting on Zapote Street This Book Is Based On A True Story It Is A Highly Rated Novel That Marked The Introduction To The Literary World Of Its Independent Author, Betty Viamontes, And Continues To Expand Its International Reach Rio And Laura, Two People From Opposite Backgrounds, Meet In Havana, Cuba In January,A Single, Unselfish Decision To Help A Stranger Shatters Their Lives The Revolution They Unwittingly Helped Solidify Creates A Powerful And Myopic Socialist Government That Tears Them Apart Neither One Of Them Is Prepared To Face The Roller Coaster Ride Their Lives Become Neither One Of Them Could Have Imagined How Much Their Love For Each Other Would Be Tested, Or For How Long, Or The Impact Their Choices Would Have On Their Families Also Check The Author S Second Book Candela S Secrets And Other Havana Stories, An Anthology Of Vivid And Engaging Stories That Is Captivating Readers In The United States And Abroad

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Waiting on Zapote Street book, this is one of the most wanted Betty Viamontes author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 258 pages
  • Waiting on Zapote Street
  • Betty Viamontes
  • English
  • 12 December 2019

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    Waiting on Zapote Street Love and Loss in Castro s Cuba is the best book ever Once I started reading the book I couldn t put it down I m an avid reader and enjoy historical fiction, even so with this book because the writing style flows so well when telling about life in Cuba from multiple family member s perspective The author s style of writing and content brings the characters to life I felt like I was in a movie with the characters instead of just reading a book I hope this story becomes a movie, it s so enjoyable, thought provoking, and emotional reading about this family s journey and it helps me understand what my Cuban friends have experienced Thank you Betty Viamontes for sharing this story I m looking forward to hearing from this wonderful author.

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    Great story, easy reading, very enlightening

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    I enjoy reading history This book not only details the story of a family separated by politics, but if takes readers through various historical periods, including the day that Castro came to power The author did an excellent job placing readers on the street of Havana Excellent read

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    A very good friend of mine recently completed this memoir style book about her and her family s life which I found to be an incredible and insightful story about life in Cuba My friend s name is Betty Viamontes and she is a Tampa resident who has lived in the area for approximately 35 years Betty and her mother, sister and brother arrived to Florida together during the Mariel boatlift emigration on April 28, 1980 Much of the book is about what happened to her family in the years before this very impactful day this April marks the 35th anniversary of the Mariel boatlifts.The majority of the book is based on Betty s memories of life in Cuba as well as her mother s journals that her mom kept over the years The journals that Betty s mom had written were kept in an old suitcase by her mom and were found by Betty and her siblings on the day their mother passed away, along with letters and notes to family members The book was initially started after her Mom s cancer diagnosis about 10 years before her mom passed away After Betty lost her mom, it was too difficult to continue writing, but after the needed time to heal, she again was inspired, especially after she was able to read the journals which she had not been able to touch for about two years Betty recently finished the book at the end of February and the reviews since completion have been nothing short of excellent In addition, with today s changing political relationship with Cuba, the book is a great read for those who have curiosity about Cuban life and culture or for those who one day would like to visit Cuba.

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    I thought this was a very interesting read The love story was heartfelt, but so, it is a very clear depiction of the struggles of the Cuban people having gone through such cruel separation of loved ones and the story of those who stayed behind in Havana In my opinion, Havana, the city itself, was this most critical character of the story going from what was a beautiful and thriving city to a stagnant and forgotten jewel Laura s story parallels so much with the actual city of Havana She is a young beautiful and happy woman, who endures the many years of suffering and struggle under Fidel s communism She slowly transforms into the aging woman who is consumed with hardship and survival Yet she is able to keep her inner beauty protected like a treasure in hopes that she will someday reunite with her husband In same way that the city of Havana has its beauty hidden like a treasure behind the years superficial decay It is a beautiful city waiting for that moment of freedom and reunification with its people This is a great story I now feel like know so much of the history of Cuba and that of its people without having yet visited the island.

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    I too came from a communist country of China when I was 16 Unlike the characters in the book, I was fortunate enough to have both of my parents love and support After reading this book, it really made me appreciate the normal things we take for granted, from a can of soda, ability to buy food we want from a store, to not have to be limited by food rationing I remember this from childhood , freedom of expression, religion, and a simple telephone call I will think twice before I complain about any first world problems, such as when the restaurant food isn t to my expectation or why my Apple Facetime picture quality is not 1080P perfect The main female character s love, courage, dedication and selfless sacrifice for her children and family future and freedom is a true amazing tale of the American Dream.

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    Betty Viamontes writes with such clarity and skill Absolutely loved this story It is heartbreaking to watch her struggle with life in Cuba, and away from her husband Loved their determination This book is a first person account of what life was like after Castro overtook the country Took away their land, their businesses, their freedom It is heartbreaking to learn about the true pain that was caused, and even so to know that it even continues all these many years later Just horrible to think entire lives are wasted in such bad conditions Wonderful, wonderful ending you just wanted to cheer for them This is a treasure of a story, and it will be one of those books I keep forever Thank you, Betty Viamontes

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    This novel is one by which every turn of the page invites the reader into the house on Zapote Street and into the heart of a woman who selflessly sacrifices everything for her family It is a novel that shows the strength, love, courage, and determination of a mother, during the harshest of times, to give her children, what is the right of all human beings, the chance for freedom and opportunity As a reader, you will route for Laura, and be behind her and her family every step of the way.

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    When hopes and dreams are dashed, only character and courage will see this desperate family through Set in the early days of Castro s Cuba, we get a fresh perspective and new insight into this tumultuous time A remarkable story of strength, determination, and the power of love Historical fiction with a strong tie to current events.

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    I was unaware of the hardships many families were subjected to living in Castro s Cuba I truly enjoyed reading this book and even had tears in my eyes especially when reading the last few chapters Thank you for letting us into your life and sharing your family s story.

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