How to Howl at the Moon

How to Howl at the MoonSheriff Lance Beaufort Is Not Going To Let Trouble Into His Town, No Sir Tucked Away In The California Mountains, Mad Creek Has Secrets To Keep, Like The Fact That Half The Town Consists Of Quickened Dogs Who Have Gained The Ability To Become Human Descended On Both Sides From Border Collies, Lance Is As Alert A Guardian As They Come Tim Weston Is Looking For A Safe Haven After Learning That His Boss Patented All Of Tim S Work On Vegetable Hybrids In His Own Name, Tim Quit His Old Job A Client Offers Him Use Of Her Cabin In Mad Creek, And Tim Sees A Chance For A New Start But The Shy Gardener Has A Way Of Fumbling And Sounding Like A Liar Around Strangers, Particularly Gorgeous Alpha Men Like Sheriff Beaufort Lance S Hackles Are Definitely Raised By The Lanky Young Stranger He S Concerned About Marijuana Growers Moving Into Mad Creek, And He S Not Satisfied With The Boy S Story Lance Decides A Bit Of Undercover Work Is Called For When Tim Hits A Beautiful Black Collie With His Car And Adopts The Dog, Its Love At First Sight For Both Tim And Lance S Inner Dog Pretending To Be A Pet Is About To Get Sheriff Beaufort In Very Hot Water You can email her at eli elieaston.comCOMING SOON See what s in the pipeline here

❮Reading❯ ➷ How to Howl at the Moon ➯ Author Eli Easton –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 323 pages
  • How to Howl at the Moon
  • Eli Easton
  • English
  • 09 March 2018

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    4.5 I could not stop reading this book This story is so much fun fresh, original, funny And AWESOME Let s not forget awesome Tim Weston just wants to grow his produce in peace, but Sheriff Lance won t leave him be Tim is not some cannabis grower he s just a young, penniless guy screwed over by his former boss.Then Chance, a sleek, intelligent border collie, shows up, and it s love at first howl for Tim I m a huge dog person I prefer them to people, honestly So I loved watching Tim and Chance bond, even as Lance the man remains awkward and aloof But not for long This is a slow burn, feel good story about a man and his dog, who also happens to be his mate I didn t blame Tim for being angry with Lance Lance messed up But he also cleaned up and brought chicken dinner Features a meddling border collie mama a German shepherd who needs to be needed puppy cuddles and one very sexy moment under the moon I m already impatient for Roman s story

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    Re read October 2015 I m ready for the sequel ROMAN 5 fucking overly emotional, super happy, waggy tail STARS OK, let s just call it like it is I am officially Eli Easton s bitch Her books just fill me with glitter and sparkles and rainbows and How to Howl at the Moon is a perfect example.A book about dog shifters How weird is that But, oh how Ms Easton makes it work so well This is outrageously original I ve never read anything like this, and the emotions had me so captivated that I view spoiler didn t even care that the sex happened at the end of the book. hide spoiler

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    This is the first book in a new series of m m romantic comedies featuring dog shifters It s a novel at 60K words My husband and I have three dogs and I had so much fun writing this, especially Sheriff Lance Beaufort who is a hell of a man AND a hell of a dog I hope you enjoy reading it There is a 30 page pdf preview of the book first 2 chapters available with read book on goodreads.Here is my traditional desktop post with images that inspired this story

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    Price drop to 0.99 at US, 5 10 17 Another bathtub book, baby Okay, It s killing me to admit this, but this was one of my least favorite Eli Easton books But think about the scale here Eli Easton sits on the tippy top of this enormous pedestal, so a book that isn t great for her is like the best book I ve read from some other authors Though this book was cuuuuuttteeee, it was also a pretty clumsy GFY and Eli Easton writes KILLER GFY so I know she has it in her , and just a messy overall story I m not saying the bones weren t good, but it just didn t feel as well conceived as her other stuff I did like her inspiration for this story Molly Harper s How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf series , which I totally got, but I wasn t in love with this one I do, however, have VERY high hopes for the next in the series Don t let me down, Eli Easton

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    BR with Mishy, Chase and Catherine It s Eli Easton, so of course I loved it The fact that I loved a shifter book is something I never thought I d say, but this was just so sweet and fun I don t see any need for a long review I ll just say that, for the past two days, this book made me HAPPY.Enjoy another puppy gif

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    Maybe it s just me being overly emotional lately but this hit the spot so I m bumping it up to 5 stars.That scene where Lance Chance starts mournfully howling when Tim is trying to throw him outI also forgot how hot that last sex scene was You know the one Where Lance is all animalistic and possessive and whatnot One wordMatthew Shaw did an excellent job narrating this shifter fluff, emoting well and differentiating the characters.

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    4.5 Stars This book was darn near as cute as this dog gifthe perfect Sunday read I loved Tim the plant guy and Sheriff Lance Tim was insecure and lonely and Lance was over the top and alpha It was very paranormal light Lance is quickened and it s in his dog form that he really bonds with Tim Lance s mom, bless her heart She was such a meddler But she meant well I really fell in love with the town of Mad Creek I smiled the whole time reading this one It had some great funny moments Not a lot of sexy times but enough Looking forward to Roman s story.

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    Written March 15, 20153 1 2 Stars Fun with a new kind of shifters and I was dog charmed Dog shifters Really This was my first experience with this shifter species and Eli Easton has written a lovely tale I ll be looking a little puzzled at all wise dogs for a while A bit undercover work is called for..There is a stranger in town and the local sheriff of Mad Creek, who is concerned about feared marijuana growers, isn t satisfied with this strangers diffuse story What is it he started to grow in the greenhouse Lance Beaufort a dog Border Collie shifter, is the alpha and also the sheriff in this small California mountains town A place with secrets as the odd fact that half the town consists of quickened dogs who have gained the ability to become human Tim Weston is a gardener from Florida with a big admiration and love for his roses, and tiny plants, who is looking for a safe haven Tim was thoroughly deceived and cheated by his last dodgy boss, and is now or less on the run With some of his flower hybrids gets he the chance when an old client offers him use of her cabin in far away Mad Creek Lance had stopped even trying to fight his dog Chance wanted to be with Tim wanted it full on with all his dog s instinctual joy, focus, and anxious sense of duty So Lance let him When a friendly big black dog, Chance, visits the cabin finds Tim a buddy Pretty soon does he love his cuddly new friend For this How to Howl at the Moon read to be fun, never questioning the credibility, any realism or how quickly a very unusual surprise, about an interesting hot man, actually is accepted without too much questioning I must admit that this was on the line to be too cute, fluffy and easy to digest I rolled my eyes and sighed now and then, but in between I had my ridiculous I like romantic nonsense smile across my face Super sweet, moderately long, adorable freaking cutest ever. lovebirds, fun second characters, and earnestly heartwarming Will you will you f ck me and bite me in the neck And will that mean we re mated forever Tim asked It sounded like begging, but he didn t much care Lance laughed and raised his head We don t do that Oh That was disappointing Lance cocked his head and studied Tim s face for a moment Unless you want me to More, Tim said More of everything Except your clothes Less of those I will throw myself over the next book in this new dog shifter series as soon as it is here view spoiler The author end this book with a promise of the German shepherd Roman s story already in November Yay I want some grand romantic love for him hide spoiler

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    As I m really late in the game reading this one and there are already tons of good, accurate reviews available for this book, I ll keep my review brief.This was a fun read, with the MC s having a slight age difference 23 and 31 Lance doesn t really fight his first time attraction to a man, but as the sheriff and his pack s leader, he s overly serious most of the time and needs to learn to allow his inner dog to run free often.Tim has a history of past abuse, first physical abuse from his father, then verbal abuse from his former employer, but his never again policy against opening up is steadily chipped away by his new border collie, Chance, who is actually Lance in his canine form.Lance is initially interested in Tim as a potential marijuana grower who s moved into pack territory Those fears are short lived, but by that point Lance Chance simply crave being around the quiet and caring Tim, as if Tim were their own drug of choice.Lance s pushy mother, Lily, is a well intentioned, pain in the ass, match making busybody, but not in your face to the point that I found her character a distraction from the main story line.There were a couple of fairly steamy sexy scenes and the book ends with an HEA, including an epilogue from 4 or 5 months into their relationship.It was a solid 4 star read for me, with some decent feels, so I d recommend it This was my own copy of the book and not provided by the publisher.

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    This book got me really hooked from the get go I love how it was written my senses in hyper aware mode Everything is detailed, as if the events are set in slow motion, giving me the chance to notice even the minute of things.Although I am not a big fan of shifter books a book has yet to change my life but this was such a unique take on the trope I love dogs but after reading this, I want to adopt ten A collie with piercing blue eyes, particularly.I liked Lance His intensity was endearing But time and time again, I am putty in the hands of characters with self deprecating nature Tim just gave life to this book He enad me Hands down.I also quite enjoyed the humor in this one The mixed signals, childlike innocence, and little misunderstandings All these were given a funny undertone It made the story quite enjoyable to follow.And I just discovered a new kink Who knew lots of sniffing and licking in sex were huge turn ons Overall, I m giving this 4 furry stars.

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