Existentialism (Beginner's Guides)

Existentialism (Beginner's Guides)Existentialism Pervades Modern Culture, Yet If You Ask Most People What It Means, They Won T Be Able To Tell You In This Lively And Topical Introduction, Wartenberg Reveals A Vibrant Mode Of Philosophical Inquiry That Addresses Concerns At The Heart Of The Existence Of Every Human Being Wartenberg Uses Classic Films, Novels, And Plays To Present The Ideas Of Now Legendary Existentialist Thinkers From Nietzsche And Camus To Sartre And Heidegger And To Explore Central Concepts, Including Freedom, Anxiety, And The Absurd Special Attention Is Paid To The Views Of Simone De Beauvoir And Franz Fanon, Who Use The Theories Of Existentialism To Address Gender And Colonial Oppression Well written and clear good qualities considering it is an introduction to the philosophy of existentialism.The content itself, which I cannot give the author as much credit for since he is just relaying others ideas, was also very thought provoking Was particularly moved by the concept of utter freedom and being able to construct who you are and why you re here totally. What a name Existentialism Too long for most people They d fall asleep after the second syllable Ex ist zzzz That s most people s reaction The existentialists like to make a big hoo hah about some pretty obvious stuff, but then they spend a lot of chatter in ignoring some obvious stuff about the obvious stuff if you get my drift So they say that people are not rocks or animals This is a point they make Well any child knows this And they say like this, rocks don t know they re rocks, animals likewise, but we know we are people And, like a rock cannot but fall when part of an avalanche, and a dog cannot but chase at the cat or ball However, we people do not have to do these things because we can stop and think nah, not today man This means we are free And, there s we people don t like to be free, it s like this dreadful burden It s what I m like on holiday I don t like working but at least in the office I know what I m supposed to be doing.Okay, the obvious things to say about this obvious stuff is that in theory we people are free to do stuff you can jack your tiresome job today, tell your boss you never liked his manners or his flappy jowls and just mooch on out of there Just like in American Beauty and umpteen other male mid life crisis movies But see unless you just wrote a hit book or top tune, you just have to go and get another job So you ain t free People life is cram full of dire necessities See here Chocoholics beware Existentialists will not accept your addiction to chocolate as an excuse you could have refrained from eating that delicious piece of chocolate cake if you had chosen to Why Because, as Sartre would put it, there was nothing in your nature as a consciousness that required you to be a cake eater.I note that they used chocolate and not crack cocaine here as an example Does Sartre deny the addictive properties of crack We ll never know as he was dead before it hit the streets Sartre seems to think that we people are never feeling genuine emotion because we are conscious of the motion of the emotion as soon as we get it and therefore too self conscious to get into it 100% In this also he is somewhat idiotic as he did not notice that many people are overwhelmed by emotion all the time and never stop to light a Gauloise and think about being overwhelmed To prove this all you have to do is watch the news or live with a 17 year old daughter or play Stay with me Baby by Lorraine Ellison She was really into the moment, there No Gauloise Existentialists like Heidegger liked to jazz their philosophy with cute phrases like everyone is the other and no one is himself and a for itself conscious is a no thing and they like to describe human society as a bunch of alienated inauthentic daseins confronting the they Well, I can get behind all that Every in crowd has its cool expressions, so no different here Descartes was very skeptical and said all you could be sure of was that you could think but Heidegger said no man, that s too cold There is many other people that are called daseins out there It s just you stay in your room and you don t see that Heidegger did not feel Descartes Chapter 5 is called finitude so this is concerning fish, which was an early Christian sign for God, as you see on the back of some cars which never crash In this chapter Leibniz s philosophy comes gliding into view, a foul barquentine bearing a smiley face flag Wartenburg, named most appositely after Hamlet s university, says Given the amount of pain and suffering that exists in our world, it is hard to accept Leibniz s claim that this is the best of all possible worlds.For real The philosopher Leibniz was some potato head, coming up with trash like that If it wasn t that the Christians of the 18th century were wanting some fast food justifications of God I can imagine Leibniz being given a broom and told to sweep the best of all possible streets for the rest of his working life If this book is a fair representation of Leibniz then his disrespect of humanity was so monumental it should have been a theme park would have dwarfed the Grand Canyon.Existentialists liked to get rid of God because that s like obvious but they took a step further and got rid of rational though Nah, they said, rational thought is just Vanilla God Camus said One must imagine Sisyphus is happy You know, the boulder guy Well, Sisyphus was not on holiday, so I can see that One thing I do like about these thinkers is that they thought that the other guys were completely wrong It was like, cool philosophy, Camus, but totally wrong Couldn t be wronger That was Thomas Nagel He thought scorn was not the way Camus promoted being scornful He said the boulder guy was happy, but scornful of Zeus It seems these existentialists were very keen to get the right attitude to life When you buy your groceries you should realize the absurdity of this act, but take it seriously, and be scornful of Zeus, and not believe in God or rational thought, and that groceries are Kafkaesque I regret that none of these existential philosophers lived long enough to take part in a reality tv show That would have been a hoot The Sartres Thinking with the Stars Strictly Come Beckett I like that the existentialists think that you should live an authentic life by doing what you want to do and stuff everyone else This is good when it comes to Joe Strummer dropping out of Eton to form The Clash but not so good when it comes to Jeffrey Dahmer He was an authentic guy but the results were challenging Sometimes it seems that this school of philosophy boils down to saying well kid, there are no hard and fast rules to life, you just have to figure it out yourself But that doesn t make my dad an existentialist He wouldn t have known a dasein from an inauthentic They Like tonight, she was in despair about her maths revision, I mean like despair, but then I said my friend at work can download the new series of Glee, which you cannot see in Britain for some unknown reason, and that made her authentically happy It is an excellent introduction to existentialism and related philosophers A nice book to begin with if you are interested in existentialism.To me, it is than a school of philosophy As the author has put it, it stimulates us to reflect on our existence and take advantage of the freedom we possess to make a different for our life The book closes with the following the Existentialists hope is to provide us with the intellectual tools that afford us the possibility of constructing meaningful lives for ourselves not by fulfilling some pre ordained purpose, but by creating ourselves as beings who, in touch with the deepest possibilities of human existence, have realised those possibilities in our own unique and individual ways Nothing was important to the Existentialists than getting human beings to take advantage of the freedom they possess All too often, we tend to act as if our options for living are highly circumscribed And, of course, sometimes they really are But many times, we are our own worst enemies, at least in terms of accepting limitations on our hopes and aspirations that no one else has actually imposed on us The fundamental message that the Existentialists hoped to deliver to us is that we have many options for living our lives than we typically acknowledge, that we have the ability to be much than we typically choose to be In making their case, the Existentialists sought to us out of the ruts into which our lives so often fall, if for no other reason than the security those well worn paths appear to offer But the Existentialists ask us not to be satisfied with taking the easy route, urging us instead to confront our fears and opt for those less travelled paths we may have to hew for ourselves After all, this is the one shot you have at life Why not live it as an Existentialist While this is in no way a comprehensive survey into all things existential it is a solid and serviceable introduction into this dynamic and fresh branch of philosophy I was amazed by how much resonance I felt between the Buddhist concept of emptiness and the existential idea of nothingness or aphorism about existence preceding essence Recommended.

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