The Time Travelers Wife

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❮Read❯ ➸ The Time Travelers Wife  ➻ Author C. Sean McGee –
  • ebook
  • 51 pages
  • The Time Travelers Wife
  • C. Sean McGee
  • English
  • 11 February 2017

10 thoughts on “The Time Travelers Wife

  1. says:

    Bleagh First off, I downloaded this because a friend said she d just gotten this book and we were talking of reading something together I said I d only heard it was good, knew nothing including, apparently, the fact that this isn t the book I thought it was Who uses a well known title I guess someone who wants to flood the internet with links to it to suckers people into reading his pretentious, depressing crap Yes, I said pretentious I read the bastard anyway and it deserves to have the word thrown back in its face Worst of all, it s not even a fucking book It s only 57 pages of self indulgent pretense, worthy of a high school comp assignment If it had at least had something redeeming to offer, I might have forgiven the hijack of someone else s title Pissing off readers is hardly the way to make a name for yourself as an author In looking at other reviews, I m willing to bet the enthusiastic few are friends and relatives as a good number of others said they bailed early I should have been one of them.

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    A man caught in a deadend job has a crippling midlife crisis in which he converses with his nipple and attempts to erase his wife from existence.First and foremost this is not that The Time Traveler s Wife This is a bizarre short story that wallows in absurdism without really going anywhere and features little to no time travel at all I have not heard the Nine Inch Nails song that this story is meant to be based off, so I don t know how much of this is the way it is because of that Things just sort of happen without rhyme or reason The few times things started getting interesting, nothing ever comes of it.The character of John is incredibly dully and uninteresting To the point where his talking nipple makes a better protagonist I d rather read the adventures of an anthropomorphic teet than the whiny ravings of a guy going through a midlife crisis I just felt no sympathy for him and kept checking how many pages were left until this book finally ended.Not a very interesting story all told The only reason I read this was because it was free and I d already downloaded it.

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    I must admit that I was a bit afraid to start reading this book, not being sure whether it could live up to my expectations after having already read several brilliant books of the hand and mind of Sean McGee But, no worries, he did it again A perfect portrail of the feelings everyone must be having after living together with the same person for years on end In retrospect, it is easy to say that the ending of the book is predictable, but I for one didn t see it coming The heart breaking click as the jig saw pieces fall in to place That s why I love reading his work It leaves me wrung out for a couple of days and afterwards makes me want to make the effort to rekindle my joi de vivre I wish people would discover what a great writer Sean McGee is.

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    NewA refreshing yet cliche expression of love for another The notion of loving someone so much you stick with them through illness and the notion that you intentionally forget in order to rediscover your loveinteresting.

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    Perhaps this book appeals to some people, but I couldn t go past 41%, I guess a whole chapter of dialog between the main character and his right nipple is not really for me.

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    Bought this by accident, but I m glad i read this short story It s well done and weird.

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    I need to be honest i accidently downloaded this book thinking it was the novel by Audrey Niffenegger I m not sure how i feel about it exactly but all i know is that i m blown away in both a good and bad way , and it s the type of writing that stays with you YOU MUST READ IT TO THE VERY END Because that s where it ll all come together It s a very intelligent story and makes one reflect about the repetitiveness of their own life It introduces a concept of love which is very profound I will definitely read it again.

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    Its book read fast, parts of it was confusing until the end where every thing fell into place By parts I mean I was confused a lot of the time, I stoped and had to think about what was going on which made the story really stick The ending was a surprise for sure.

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    Over rated by others.

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    This book is strange I took a philosophy class last year I had to write several papers and cite them thus I combed through for free philosophy books and came across this one There is a movie by the same name that I wanted to see, this is not the book that the movie is based on It is a stream of consciousness story at best It starts with John and his friend and early on is laced with profanity in what appears to me to be shock value Thankfully it slows to a trickle One lesson I have learned from my own poor writing is if you need a gun at the end of the story, you need to make sure that it is talked about at the beginning That is the weakest part of the book We are never really set up for the ending It goes from philosophical stream to an abrupt end I really cannot recommend this to anyone Even if it was free the e book is The cost of your time to read it is not worth it.

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