Deviant (The Billionaire Voyeur, #1)

Deviant (The Billionaire Voyeur, #1) Billionaire Errol Jameson Is Bored Money Has Been Able To Buy Him Everything, And With Most Of His Work Outsourced And His Life Goals Met, Including Easy Access To Beautiful, Willing Women, He Needs New ChallengesHe Decides To Create His Own Reality Show To Appease His Voyeuristic Tendencies His First Unwitting Test Subjects And Show Stars Calla JasonJason Has Been In Love With His Friend S Girl For A While Now The Three Of Them Have Known Each Other Since Adolescence, But Scott Whisked Calla Away Before Jason Could Even Begin To Make Sense Of, And Act On, The Tender Feelings He Has For Calla Seeing The Two Of Them Together Has Tortured Him For Over Eight Years, And He Has Been Forced To Accept That He Ll Only Be Calla S FriendBut Life Has Thrown An Unexpected Curve Ball, And He Finds Himself Trapped In An Unfamiliar Place With Calla, Who Has Also Been Kidnapped A Disembodied Voice Tells Them That The Only Way They Ll Be Freed Is To Give In To Carnal Intimacy An Idea That Appalls And Disgusts The Faithful, Prim CallaWill They Find Another Way Out If Not, How Long Until They Give In To The Demands, And What Will Become Of Their Relationship After An Anti Hero Love Triangle Dark Erotic Romance With A Cliffhanger Only This Is Part One Of A Part Story

Rowena writes steamy friends to lovers romance and erotica with an element of reluctance She likes a bit of darkness involved as long as no one really gets hurt at least, only in good ways Forced proximity and kidnapping romances are her favorites.She enjoys making up circumstances in which two people are forced to confront their feelings sexual and otherwise to the object of their desire, fe

[Ebook] ➩ Deviant (The Billionaire Voyeur, #1)  By Rowena –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 35 pages
  • Deviant (The Billionaire Voyeur, #1)
  • Rowena
  • English
  • 19 September 2018

10 thoughts on “Deviant (The Billionaire Voyeur, #1)

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    This was a short quick read that I wanted Jason has been in love with his friend Scott s girlfriend Calla for eight years Before he could do anything about it Scott takes her away This was a short quick read that I felt it was too short and just when it starts to get good it ended The story was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading of this series.

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    This was really exciting Rowena really put the dark in here, literally and figuratively I liked the concept of the billionaire voyeur and that he could do whatever he wants, including use persons as his playthings and make them do what he wantswith resistance of course The sex scenes were really hot and the intensity made up for the frequency Calla is still conflicted and loyal to her boyfriend, but after having Jason, she couldn t resist.Jason on the other hand, is down with it all, having admired Calla for a long time now I liked what he did, there s a bit of mind games here and the pseudo ending was a cliffhanger Can t wait for the next

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    This book had me hooked For those who are adverse to twisted games then this book is not for you.Calla has a choice to make Try to wait out the game or simply comply and get it over with Jason is a nice guy and doesn t want to push and hurt Calla The only thing is, is that the obe thing he has wanted for years is now what he can get in order to get them set free from this twisted game.What decision will they maje and what will the consequences be at the end of it all

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    Arc review For honest review Cute but twisted This man the voice kidnapped Jason and calla an makes them do and admits things then throw in the best friend boyfriend and see what happens..

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