Just Her Luck

Just Her Luck Genevieve Ferguson Didn T Know What She Was Getting Herself Into When She Agreed To Fill In For Her Ailing Aunt At The Harrison S Ranch Seeing As To How This Is Aunt Ruthie, Though, And You Can T Ever Outguess The Spry, Quirky Old Woman, She Should Have Known Better The Smart Mouthed, Normally Prickly Miss Ferguson Gets Way Than She D Ever Bargained For When She Gets Sucked Into The Crazy, Kooky Family Madness That Is The Harrison MenReader Advisory This Story Contains Foul Language, Mild Violence, Menage Sex Scenes, A Quirky Gal With A Chip On Her Shoulder And A House Full Of Sexy Cowboys M F M No M M One of the best Stories built around s menage I ve ever read Ok, was gonna give this story 5 stars coz I really,really loved it that much but although it might sound niggly and or petty who the Hell uses Prison Bait as a term of endearment for someone they love Ok sure Reeve start out in a BAD place with each other and take , what til at least the last 70% of the book for him to finally pull his head out of his ass and make things right between them And while prison bait started off as part a general insult he loved to lob at her even she he started treated not her better he STILL USED IT WHO IS VER USES A TERM LIKE THAN AS AN ENDEARMENT Even in a Real prison that s the last thing you wanna be called Calling her that even on their wedding day which was another thing I wasn t thrilled with, married by committee Every one had a say in it just about but her I found the whole damn thing very unromantic and too overbearing and don t ev n get me started on those DAMN BETS I LOVED their family don t get me wrong ,but who makes bets on their children s love lives etc The SOB was still her that disgusting prison bait BS even after having 4 children with her and a 5 th on the way only maybe deciding maybe it s not a good thing when the youngest who sounds under the age of 2 starts repeating it Ephraim was my fave followed by Thatcher and Bowen and Sawyer tiring for third while Reeve was by no means a bad guy between his disgusting choices in people names and his tendency to be a bit of an overly controlling dominating jerk at times He wasn t bad but if this was my story , as in I could move the and live it and make it mine It would be without him, I think a week with him and I d kill him No seriously I d kill him Btw how you think it would go over with him if a guys pet name for one of his girls was Porn Princess I just know he d kill him but I loved it Great story To many menage stories especially the M F M ones I prefer can all to often be almost all sex and little to No story but this one has it all in balance a good and interesting story and characters,I really hope there are stories like this Thank you ,thank you Sooo much But pleas,pleas,please No disgusting nick names like prison bait Pretty please JUST HER LUCK BY JEANETTE LYNNGod was this hilariously funny and naughty I ve got to admit the uproariously funny musings she has while she s thinking or deciding the what,where,who or why while IN THE MOMENT of everything that is happening makes for continuous laugh out loud reading WOW Once they get through all the drama,mischievous goings on and misunderstandings everything Heats up to Hot and Heavenly Sizzling between all of themno CLIFFHANGERS.but A Lot of Loving Absolutely adored the characters You will be thoroughly pleased..I m recommending you read it too JEANETTE LYNN just Doesn t Disappoint with Her Writing Funny Yes But the heroine s too annoying Her reactions are always over the top Always exaggerating things Can t really connect with her personality. Pretty much every single character was deeply unlikeable and all of them also seemed to have an impulse control of a raging toddler I guess you could call it funny but it s Benny Hill funny pie in the face, kick in the butt, vulgarity and sexism and dubious content all the way.It s not my kind of humor and therefore I was a wrong person to read that book. I LOVE the RH Genre, so I enjoyed Just Her Luck However, it doesn t stand up to the new wave of RH which all have phenomenal stories to accompany the incredible men and woman featured in the love story This is a very traditional RH Genevieve is filling in for her dearest ailing Aunt Ruthie as housekeeper cook on the Harrison ranch She has no idea what she s getting into or how her life will change forever Suddenly surrounded by five gorgeous cowboy brothers, she finds herself falling for them all.I would have liked the book better with a few adjustments to Genevieve She was a bit too immature and volatile for my taste Every comment and incident escalated into a fight with her Too nasty, too snarky Too much I did enjoy her inner monologues I liked the cowboys for the most part I would have appreciated Bo, but that s me I wasn t a fan of Reeve and Genevieve I could not separate their nastiness towards each other and their initial sex By the end they won me over, but it was a long, hard road All in all this was a long, enjoyable read I would have rated it a 3.5 if possible due to my above issues, but the writing is good, the characters developed. So much fun reading that book Ooooh boy This story is all over the place Ott ridiculous at times but still entertaining. I ve been waiting for another full length book from this author for what feels like toooo long since I was absolutely blown away with her other 2 full lengths Of Another Dimension and Bridal Hunt both of which I gave 5 stars This one got 4 stars because of some writing quirks that bothered me throughout that I couldn t look past But still a really good polyamorous relationship erotica book Quick Rundown Super quirky, tattoo pierced Chick helps out her Aunt by temporarily taking over her housekeeper position for a set of 5 brothers on a ranch cleaning and cooking while her Aunt takes a health leave From the beginning, the 5 Brother Dudes are truly characters and the antics start from the beginning Connections are developed and love is foundwith Dude 1, Dude 2, Dude 3, Dude 4 and finally Dude 5 That s a tall order but everyone delivers Characterization This was great except for 2 of the 6 main characters Chick was really fleshed out and she made sense She was a little overly quirky snarky antagonistic but the latter is explained by her past so I can t fault her that Brothers Sawyer and Bo just didn t seem necessary to me I didn t feel like they were as fleshed out as the other 3 brothers were They often seemed to blend together into one individual and I think that would have been a better route to take That would have also cut some length off the novel as it does take time to really draw one into a relationship with each manand with all five Yeah, the author does this really well She makes this polyamorous relationship between 5 brothers and one chick make sense Secondary characters are done well enough with the Aunt being the most lovable Big Bad There really isn t one There are a couple nasty characters but they re dealt with quickly and swiftly and aren t really that bad so this is mostly a happy, happy erotica book.Plot Nothing terribly new here except maybe the number of brothers Really pleasing epilogue with HEA that is about 8 years in the future so that s satisfying Steam factor is very high and there s lots of great sex as there should be with 5 sexual partners A couple of threesomes but no M M they re brothers after all I did have issue with her always forgetting to use condoms though she always demands them afterwards That got old as she did it often.Writing Editing issues Just a couple small editing errors and completely passable A couple writing ticks that were somewhat frustrating throughout 1 Chick has a lot of snarky inner dialogue lines but they are grouped together in sets of up to 5 when 1 or 2 would have been plenty and each one is on a separate line which also added to the length of the book 2 Lack of Spatial Directions what I mean by this is that one moment someone is sitting across the room but then they are right next to her or right behind her without ever getting up and moving across the room As I read, the scenes are visualized in my head like I am watching a movie so with characters popping up out of the blue, it s quite distracting It didn t happen all the time but several per chapter so it was noticeable Overall Another win from this novel and I ll be checking her page often for new full length novels She also has a lot of short stories but I can t stand short stories I need at least 180 pages IF you like short stories, check out all her books Spuffed loved this book,had me in stitches through most of the book.Was glad to see she wasnt a pushover and was even willing to wrestle with the guys if they gave her any crap.There was a few sad moments but the book was awesome.I was glad that they all stayed together loving each other and having kids and still laugh and joke around all the time.

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  • 19 January 2019

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