Kamp Knox

Kamp KnoxOn The Reykjanes Peninsula In , A Body Is Found Floating In A Lagoon Created By A Geothermal Power Station The Deceased Seems To Be Linked With The Nearby American Military Base, But The Authorities There Have Little Interest In Working With The Icelandic Police While Erlendur And Marion Briem Pursue Their Leads, Erlendur Has His Mind On Something Else As Well, A Young Girl Who Disappeared Without A Trace Around One Of Reykjavik S Most Notorious Neighbourhoods, A Quarter Century Ago Blurb From Catalogue Of Icelandic Publisher Forlagi

Arnaldur Indri ason has the rare distinction of having won the Nordic Crime Novel Prize two years running He is also the winner of the highly respected and world famous CWA Gold Dagger Award for the top crime novel of the year in the English language, Silence of the Grave Arnaldur s novels have sold over twelve million copies worldwide, in 40 languages, and have won numerous well respected prize

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Kamp Knox
  • Arnaldur Indriðason
  • English
  • 09 September 2017
  • 9781846559808

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    Another amazing prequel showcasing Erlunder, this time not as patrol officer but as an Inspector working with his mentor and partner Marion Breem Two cases, one of special interest, the unofficial working of an unsolved disappearance of a young girl, twenty years in the past and the second involving the death of an Icelander soon traced back to the Army base.I loved following how these two cases were solved, the glimpses we are given into Erlunder s character showing how he becomes the man he is in his later career in later novels We also learn a bit of Iceland s history, their relationship and dislike for the Army base forced on them by their government Fast paced and a wonderful story.ARC from publisher

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    This latest of the Inspector Erlendur series in the order of English translation is another step in tracing Erlendur s development as a young policeman Here, in 1979, a few years after Reykjav k Nights Murder in Reykjav k, he is a detective He is already or perhaps better, is still the brooding man, seemingly often lonely and alone In this episode, the body of a man is found in one of the lagoons outside the city The condition of the body indicates a fall from a great height Secondarily, Erlendur has involved himself in a 25 year old cold case a teenage girl went missing one day while walking to school He has become somewhat obsessed with finding out what happened to her, especially as he realizes that gradually all who once knew her are dying of illness or age Soon no one will remember her Cases of missing people will be a lifelong obsession.These cases run concurrently in the novel and I enjoyed the playout of each I particularly liked the way Indri ason drew in contemporaneous historical events to flesh out and explain actions and feelings of his characters The novel is set during the the hostage crisis in Iran The United States held large military posts in Iceland which are prominent here There is at times distrust and sometimes dislike between the Icelandic people and the American military personnel This military presence or its remnants or memory crops up in other books in the series also.All in all I found this a very satisfying mystery that kept me wondering I did find myself speculating a bit on outcomes along with Erlendur and his associates but I m not giving any answers away.A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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    Erlendur returns for another episode of his pre quel adventures Great intro, straight into the story good to see Marion finally involved who was the older then retired detective so oft mentioned in the original series I think ive related that correctly The story is set in 1979 with the American Air Force based in Iceland as part of the cold war the main mystery revolves around this as per usual Erlendur does a little missing persons detective work in his spare time as he did in the original series reinvestigates a disappearance from 1953.Will both come to conclusions I enjoyed the first pre quel found that this tale is a step again in the right direction my take is that Indridason has found his mojo again with Erlendur after loosing his way a little in the later stages of his original series.Very good recommend for all Nordic Noir fans 4 stars

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    a tutti gli Indridasoniani Marion femmina Almeno, in questo libro DSarebbe carino decidersi, no Per il resto, niente da segnalare Il solito giallo alla Indridason anzi, gialli, sono due che corrono paralleli , i personaggi che sembra di conoscere personalmente da sempre e ai quali siamo tutti affezionati, la solita scrittura scabra, senza fronzoli, diretta Erlendur alle prime armi ma gi segnato dalla vita e propenso pi a pensare che ad agire Non si fa mattina per vedere come va a finire, non ci si rompe la testa per trovare il colpevole, si chiude il libro con un po di amarezza E anche vagamente indignati, a dirla tutta PS ma come cavolo si chiamano luoghi e persone in Islanda Come si fa a ricordarli D Marion non aveva sue notizie da un po , quando quella mattina aveva ricevuto una busta con francobollo danese Mittente la madre di Katr n.Teneva la lettera in tasca L aveva letta e riletta pi volte, finch le parole non le si erano incise nella mente.Ecco fatto

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    Iceland in the 70s Oblivion by Arnaldur Indridason Published 2015 Who s Marion I wasn t able to determine whether Marion was male or female All indications of gender are absent, and because of that, the developing relationship between Marion and Caroline became interesting than it might otherwise have been The dynamics of the two characters don t really shed light on it Do they bond as they do because both are women in a largely male society the time is the late 70s If one assumes Marion to be male, are we to see him as unusually devoid of the patronizing attitude toward women typical of the time There seems to be little flirting between them if Marion is male, but quite a bit if female It s all interesting enough to make me nostalgic at never having learned Icelandic You won t find car chases, hanky panky, and drunk detectives Sorry I know I shouldn t drop all these spoilers, but sometimes I can t help myself

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    Having seen Arnaldur Indridason give one of his rare interviews at Harrogate recently, I can say that his style of writing matches his personality considered, unrushed and low key None of these attributes are a criticism in my opinion as his writing style is typical of the Nordic Noir genre which I love those who want a fast paced crime thriller with lots of action, choose another book, but if you like your plot to unwind slowly and surely, as if in real time, then this is for you.The author cleverly interweaves two unrelated investigations undertaken by Erlendur, one the disappearance of a schoolgirl 29 years earlier, which he has never forgotten, the other a body found in a hot lagoon, which is strongly linked to the nearby American base The mutual tension between the American service personnel and the Icelanders, who feel invaded by a foreign force they have no jurisdiction over is well drawn, as the shutters come down when Erlendur and Marion come up against a brick wall when they want to investigate the victim s connection to the base Fortunately for them, one person is interested enough in the case to offer help, albeit reluctantly and while putting her job at risk.Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.My only real gripe with the novel is Marion there is no indication anywhere as to Marion s gender and Indridason himself claims not to know either I like to visualise characters, so I ended up at various points trying to assess Marion s reactions as a clue to his her gender Please, Arnaldur, put us out of our misery in a future novel This is the first book I have read by Arnaldur Indridason, and I will definitely read , although they need to be translated first His translator, Victoria Cribb, is only keeping up with his current writing, which allows no time for translation of his back catalogue Dilemma should he stop writing and allow his translator to catch up

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    Into Oblivion by Arnaldur Indridason.This was my 8th book in the Inspector Erlendur series This author is so very talented that his books never become boring or repetitive The investigation is done slowly and methodically with a relentless passion for truth The body of a man is found in the milky white lagoon far removed from the public His body severely battered appears to have been thrown or fallen from a great height Marion, Erlendur s mentor, has finally convinced him to accept the promotion as a detective The work together on this investigation into the identity of their victim and the circumstances leading up to his murder Newly appointed Detective Erlendur has a cold case on his mind and in his heart that he just can t shake It s about the disappearance of a young girl than 20 years ago Erlendur methodically goes about uncovering facts that were never brought to light during the original investigation.This is the only series and character that I can truthfully say has brought me as close to an attachment as I had with Inspector Morse Beyond excellent.

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    Love it I know the pattern enough to recognize the moment he mentions the girl that the decades old cold case is the mystery Erlendur will really go after It s even referenced in a later book that was written earlier , because Arnaldur Indri ason rolls like that writing the Erlendur books out of chronological order and it s awesome It means it may not yet be over for Erlendur perhaps the only fictional character I am over and over again, inexplicably madly in love with, as powerfully as any star crush And yes, it makes no sense, because he s not that likable a guy, and I probably couldn t enjoy a meal with him.

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    Note to self Avoid further Erlendur books and maybe try another Wartime Mystery instead Erlendur books are very, very, very slow with zero wit Sleepwalking comes to mind Maybe I highlighted a few halting passages If so, will make public.Never mind Funnily enough, all the highlights I made whilst reading this book are the lively bits I guess I have to say this character is just not for me then Example of something he did in course of one of the investigations He has been investigating a cold case of missing girl He manages to gain entry to her house and goes up to her bedroom He uses a match to check out a little hidden hole under the eaves and could have started a fire CID detective with no flashlight, that s Erlendur He does recover diary pages and this does lead to solution Wellno spoilers for others But he could have just as easily burned that house down AndI don t believe it is meant to be a comedy Dumb and Dumber This time up was a murdered mechanic plus Erlendur s hobby of finding the missing.

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    Sad ErlendurUn giallo che appartiene al passato giovanile di Erlendur, quando muoveva i primi passi nella polizia investigativa ma qui in Italia stato pubblicato nel 2016, dopo che abbiamo conosciuto il protagonista ormai in et avanzata e affermato commissario.Per me una conferma di quanto Erlendur e le atmosfere dell Islanda abbiano fatto presa su di me una trama piuttosto lineare, un buon intreccio, un finale che tutto sommato non stupisce, il mio giudizio in sintesi Se dovessi basarmi soltanto su questi elementi, pure essenziali in un giallo, dovrei inserire il libro nella categoria delle letture dignitose, ma non imperdibili.Quello che per , a mio avviso, fa la differenza, il carattere del protagonista, il suo senso di giustizia e la voglia di renderla a chi ne ancora assetato Chi meglio di lui pu capire il rimpianto, il dubbio e le domande senza risposta Avrei potuto fare qualcosa Avrei potuto indirizzare il destino su altre strade Quella voglia di capire, spiegare, anima lo stesso Erlendur, che sente il bisogno, non potendo fare altro, di dare almeno un perch e un come.Qualche volta il perch inconsistente, leggero come il caso, capace per di mutare in modo irresolubile la vita di qualcuno, di chi non torna e di chi resta.E questa malinconia, che permane nonostante il caso sia chiuso, la cifra pi importante dei gialli di Indridason e della personalit di Erlendur Spiegare non allevia la pena, serve solo a far quadrare i conti Ma la vita non mai un calcolo perfetto.

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