Confessions of a Teenage Zombie Queen (Dead High, #0.5)

Confessions of a Teenage Zombie Queen (Dead High, #0.5) All In All, It Was A Good Day To Die If There Really Is Such A Thing You Hear Characters In Movies Say Things Like That Sometimes, But Does Anyone Really Believe The Words Good And Die Belong In The Same Sentence Still, It Could Have Been Worse It Could Have Been A Dark And Spooky Night Instead Of A Beautiful Georgia Evening In Late October, With A Light Wind Whipping Across The Peachtree High Football Field, Making Zombies Seem Like The Last Thing Anyone Needed To Worry AboutOne Second, Freshman Karen Vera S On Top Of The Most Fabulous Cheer Pyramid Ever The Next, She S Lying On The Pavement With Seriously Unflattering Cranial Damage Freakishly Alive Without A Pulse, Karen Learns That She S A Genetically Undead Zombie

Stacey Jay is a recovering workaholic or at least working hard at recovering with three pen names, two small children, and a passion for playing pretend for a living She s been a full time mom writer since 2005 and can t think of anything she d rather be doing Her former careers include theatre performer, professional dancer, poorly paid C movie actress, bartender, waiter, math tutor for real

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  • Confessions of a Teenage Zombie Queen (Dead High, #0.5)
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  • 15 September 2018

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    What would you do if you discovered that after your death you didn t completely die That you would become a Zombie and have to live the rest of your life in disguise as the world, you knew thought you were dead and buried For Cheerleader and Queen B Karen Vera, that s exactly what happened for her as one minute she was on top of a Cheerleading Pyramid and then the next minute she was on the ground with her head cracked open and brains starting to spill out However, Karen wasn t technically dead as turns out that she possesses a genetic mutation gene carried from her father s side, and now she has turned into a Zombie Yes, you heard right a brain eating Zombie Karen s life is about to get flipped upside down as she is visited by a Principal of a Zombie or as the PC call it Dead Challenged aka Dead High School Now Karen is being shipped off to Dead High School where she will learn the tricks and tips of how to be a Zombie Confessions of a Teenage Zombie Queen is the prequel novella to Stacey Jay s series My So Called Death which feature Karen attending Dead High with her Gothic roommate Now that I have read Confessions of a Teenage Zombie Queen, I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series This book is perfect for those who hopped on the cute Zombie YA bandwagon a few years ago and read Generation Dead series by Dan Walters, and I Kissed a Zombie, and I liked it by Adam Selzer.

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    Change in life statusA fun read that piqued your curiosity as to what happens next Great characters from the I AM heroine a bit to full of herself but this just makes her interesting to her father the ultimate professor figure who is intrigued by his daughter s new living status Being the youngest cheerleader in the squad, she is also the smallest and lightest making her the flyer When she went out onto the field that day she did not expect a remark from one of the footballers to result in her falling to her death Well actually not quite her death as even though her skull shattered she was still alive Returning home with her parents and her one year old triplet siblings they are met by an official of the Undead community She has to leave her old life behind, join a new school and board Will her parents agree Is the saying that zombies eat brains real What is going to happen to her now

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    3.5 stars for an entertaining take on zombies There is an absolute plethora of such books Zombies seem to be the new vampires So it takes a fair bit for yet another zombie book to stand out Confessions is too short to say definitively that the rest of the series will be good, but it was amusing enough that I ll be keeping an eye out for the next book in the series.

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    Fast prequel read Definatly made for teens Funny get to know how the drama queen 13 yo became a zombie I literally felt like i was reading the drama of my 13 yo.Nice read Stacey, I m sure my daughters will love it.

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    Think this entire novella were the opening chapters in the earlier version of My So Called Death.

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    This prequel was funny and entertaining enough that I d like to try reading the first actual book in the series Probably wouldn t recommend for younger readers because of talk of splattered brains and also mention of dark magic spells based in death.

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    Read October 2015Rating 3 5 starsThis is a free prequel short story to Stacey Jay s Dead High series It introduces the character of Karen, a fourteen year old cheerleader who is accidentally killed during a cheerleading display I liked the way zombie mythology is used in this story There are two types of zombies Karen s type which is a genetic mutation, and Black Magic zombies which are the Romero type of zombies.This was a good little introduction to a new YA paranormal series.

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    Super cute prequel with a few laughable momments Ill definitely check out the actual book

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    It s delightful to be in the main character s head she has such spunk, determination, and wit I m really looking forward to reading this series

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    Can t wait to readnthe next book This novella was so cute

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    I have read this book a couple times and I am going to start reading it again, soon.

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    3 starsGave 3 only because it could have been longer as soon as I got in to it, it pretty much cut me off

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    It didn t pull me in So not for me.

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