A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born New Girl Kami Can T Wait To Join The Team At Stardust Stables, But She Soon Discovers That Life There Isn T All Glitz And Glamour There S Plenty Of Stall Cleaning To Do, Not To Mention The Hours Of Training When A Studio Comes Looking For A Stunt Girl To Do Horseback Riding For A Major New Movie, Kami Is Eager To Get The Job But Will She Have Enough Experience To Rise To The Challenge

Sable Hamilton is the pen name for Jenny Oldfield, author of a wide range of books for children and young adults including internationally successful mini series, Beautiful Dead and Dark Angel With Stardust Stables, she has returned to one of her favourite subjects the glamour, the thrills and the trials of working with horses

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  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • A Star Is Born
  • Sable Hamilton
  • 13 October 2018
  • 9781434297907

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    I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.A Star Is Born is a quick, enjoyable read that is written for young adults, but will be enjoyed by anyone who likes horses.Stardust Stables is a training facility for teenage stunt riders and horses to be used in the entertainment industry Stunt riding requires perseverance, patience, hours of training and skill Kami was recruited for her horse riding accomplishments, but is she up to the task She is the new girl and is required to do the grunt work which includes mucking stallsnot exactly glamorous work Kami has an audition to be a stunt double for a movie Has she mastered the techniques needed for the role Kami is a nice, young girl who loves horses and riding She is not afraid of hard work and is willing to help others I, as the reader, was able to see Kami go from nervous and homesick to confident and well trained What an interesting look at working stables, stunt riding and the movie industry I would definitely recommend it.

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    The first of a new series focusing on a group of teenaged equestrians that are learning their craft in a stable that provides horses and riders for the film industry Sable Hamilton managed to keep the horse and horse related elements honest and accurate while still providing readers with a story that is engaging and entertaining Kammi is a well regarded rider, and has been invited to join the team at Stardust Stables for a 6 week working student program She ll learn the ins and outs of trick and stunt riding also called vaulting and may even have the opportunity to audition for stunt riding in film Stardust is struggling, a rival has opened with a big splash down the road, and they are steadily losing bookings to it Kammi arrives and makes friends fairly easily with everyone, but there are rivalries, jealousies and a TON of hard work And, as this is Kammi s first time away from home, she also is battling with homesickness and missing her own horse and parents The dynamics between the students are wonderful, al feeling very honest and appropriate, with jealousies and snappy moments mixing in to add to the realism The relationships that are portrayed with students to horses, particularly Kammi and her chats with Magic are honest and real meet any rider with their horse and there are conversations, verbal and nonverbal that are constantly happening horses are not without personalities From learning new skills to discovering and overcoming difficulties with people you work with or compete with, there are wonderful moments here, all well detailed and described With action, friendship, film stars and plenty of horses to go round, the six weeks fly by for Kammi, and readers will enjoy the quick pacing and realistic characters If you like horses, or know some younger reader target ages 9 12 but easily enjoyed by older who is horse mad, this is a great book and start to a series I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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    This is written by Jenny Oldfield under a pen name She has written many young adult horse stories in the past such as the Horses of Half Moon Ranch, and Mustangs series, so I have to take it that she has switched publisher and is tied to the first publisher by a contract that stops her using her name or series for a new firm Authors, read your contracts carefully, or better yet, publish independently A keen rodeo competitor has been chosen to train as a stunt rider by a firm which supplies these riders to films They train her along with other young people on a ranch in Montana Kami is the girl s name and she is given a trained grey horse called Magic Each book in the series will follow a different rider s story, so although there is rivalry it is on a friendly basis The challenges come from learning the stunts, performing them under examination stress, and coping with homesickness and nerves Boys and girls equally come across as decent young people, and natural training methods are used, so no harm is done to any horses I enjoyed reading about the training and how stunt doubles are used in films This is a competitive world of course and another firm is quick to try to undercut prices to get a contract I liked all the horses, which are as realistic as we can expect from Jenny Oldfield All her fans are in for a treat with this series.

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    Thirteen year old Kami Cooper is staying at Stardust Stables for six weeks this summer She was invited to do so by Lizzie Jones, one of the owners, who had spotted her winning a barrel racing contest She s going there to learn how to do stunt riding and is initially in awe of the riders there and their abilities As she starts to makes new friends, learns how to do stunts sometimes falling off and eating dirt as she does so , Kami also has to overcome feelings of homesickness With auditions and filming, meeting young film stars, a saboteur and travelling to new movie sets, nothing will be the same for Kami This is another great story, with strong characters, realistic interactions and, of course, horses I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who loves stories involving horses, stunt riders and teens, complete with egos, misunderstandings, fears and jealousy The target audience is 9 to 12 years old but I know some younger and older readers who will relish immersing themselves in this story Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.P.S If you enjoy stories like this, you may also be interested in Riding for the Stars by Maggie Dana which I reviewed here in December

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    3.5 5 If you re looking for a fun, exciting horsey read, you ll certainly get that here Kami is 13 and spending her summer learning to be a stunt rider, and trying to get a part in a big upcoming film The story is quick, fun and enjoyable, and any horse mad girl from 8 upwards will no doubt love this story.For me, in my late 20 s and still totally horse mad, it was frustrating at times Like the ridiculousness of teaching stunts like standing on a horses back at canter, rather than halt as would actually happen And while mostly the characters do act like 13 year olds, there are times where the hint of a romantic sub plot seems better suited to 15 year olds But as I say, for a fun, fast paced story, this is a good one sure to have many a horse mad girl happy and craving .

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    It was interesting to read about the different horses in Stardust Stables and that each horse was better at different stunts than others For example, some were better at working near fire and explosions, while others specialized in playing dead or with water stunts I learned some horse tips here and there and found out that there are special equine aircrafts with stalls in them and everything It was a fun and easy read A Star is Born by Sable Hamilton is a sweet book Any young girl with an interest in books and horses would love to read this.

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    Kami is the newest rider at the Stardust Stables, a learning ranch for stunt riders She is in love with her horse, Magic, and is eager to prove herself, though terrified she ll fall on her face in the attempt When she lands a big stunt role in a movie, it seems like everything is going to be OK Now if only she could figure out her relationship dramaThis was a cute book for any girl who loves horses Recommended for ages 8 12.

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    I m a sucker for horse books And I m a sucker for good stories My guilty pleasure.This is one I enjoyed this so much that I had a great big grin on my face when the book ended I wish I could do any of the stunts these riders do, it sounds like so much fun Throw in some movie sets, teen crushes and egos and you got a great mix for a couple hours well spent reading this book.

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    Kami is going to spend her summer working at a horse ranch learning how to become a stunt girl In addition to learning stunts she has lots of chores to do around the ranch Making friends is easy but the drama starts once Hollywood comes looking for a stunt girl If you enjoy this book you will also enjoy the others in the Stardust Stables series.

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    Good book I give it 3 stars because the book has a kind of boring story line I like the trick riding in it I did not like how the mean girl turns nice in the end The mean girl was making the book better Not a book I will buy.

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