Silver Bastard (Silver Valley, #1)

Silver Bastard (Silver Valley, #1) First In The New Silver Valley Series From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Reapers Motorcycle Club Novels Fourteen Months For Fourteen Months, Puck Redhouse Sat In A Cell And Kept His Mouth Shut, Protecting The Silver Bastards MC From Their Enemies Then He Was Free And It Was Time For His Reward Full Membership In The Club, Along With A Party To Celebrate That S When He Saw Becca Jones For The First Time And Set Everything In Motion Before The Night Ended He D Violated His Parole And Stolen Her Away From Everything She Knew Five Years It Was Five Years Ago That Puck Destroyed Becca And Saved Her All In One Night She S Been Terrified Of Him Ever Since, But She S Even Terrified Of The Monsters He Still Protects Her From But Becca Refuses To Let Fear Control Her She S Living Her Life And Moving Forward, Until She Gets A Phone Call From The Past She Can T Ignore She Has To Go Back, And There S Only One Man She Can Trust To Go With Her The Ex Con Biker Who Rescued Her Once Before Puck Will Help Her Again, But This Time It Ll Be On His Terms No Lies, No Tears, And No Holding Back What He Really Wants

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    5 stars I ve been insanely excited to read Puck s book ever since I met him Even though this is the start of a new series, it spins off from the end of the last Joanna Wylde book I love MC books, but Joanna s MC books are special MC books They are consistently good They re the perfect amount of raw grittiness without going over the top They re sweet and sexy without being too soft And they always have great alpha heroes, strong heroines and a solid story Silver Bastard was no exception Puck is just out of jail and a full fledged Silver Bastard Life is good At a party to celebrate his release, he sees the young and beautiful Becca Jones Becca is the girl he has his eye on She s different from all the other girls there and he wants her They have an incredible night, only to wake up and realize that Becca s circumstances aren t what he thought Puck saves her and himself that day And Becca has always been grateful for that She decides to take this new start and make sure her life is different from the one she knew growing up Fast forward five years later Becca is living in the same town as Puck, but they haven t spoken much as the years have went by Becca s been safe, been in school and working Puck is doing what he does as a member of the SB s They ve never forgotten each other And they ve had some events happen that led them to reconnect Becca has always seen Puck as special As someone who s saved her Even though Puck doesn t feel deserving of a girl like Becca, Becca knows he s something else He did something he didn t have to do and it changed her life forever I thought Becca was such a strong heroine She was self sufficient Proud Strong I loved this chick She works hard, provides for herself and doesn t take crap from anyone Puck was your typical biker in some ways He was that bad ass biker who was alpha and domineering, but also had a soft spot for his woman Once he claimed Becca as his, it was over.The spark and the chemistry between these two is off the charts hot from the beginning No matter how hard they try to fight it, it s palpable And once they give in it s explosive Becca and Puck don t have an easy start to their story It s got a lot of bumps and bruises along the way It s complicated But Puck s loyalty to Becca makes all the difference There is, with every Wylde book, that moment towards the end where the shit hits the fan You know what I m talking about This book had it It broke my heart a little than normal I felt for Becca It hurts to think someone who is supposed to love you could do you that way But I was so glad that she had the closure she needed And I m glad she had Puck to support her and be there for her when she needed him Becca, than most, needs someone in her life that she can count on And for once, she has that Overall, this book was another fantastic addition to Joanna s MC books The ending was all kinds of perfect I love the Reaper s so much, and the Silver Bastard s are shaping up to be just as great Action packed, suspenseful, super steamy and completely enjoyable, Silver Bastard is one book you won t want to pass up It gets a full 5 stars from me

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    4 Stars The man was my personal North Atlantic iceberg, lurking under the cold waters, just waiting to shred me wide open.Fucking biker. Ladies and ovaries, prepare to meet the bane of your existence I ll explain and the object of your upcoming pervy dreams, Puck Redhouse So why bane of existence Because I honestly thought that my poor ovaries would die a slow and painful death by sexual frustration for a good 60% of this book But damn, what a way to go Joanna knows how to give good sexual tension OH MY GAWD, the sexual tension It burned with the fire of a thousand venereal diseases, I tells ya Not that I know what that feels like, but I d guess it would be like that Just saying Moving on Do not think for one minute that I m the kind of guy who does the right thing That s not my style I m the guy who does what he wants when he wants, and trust me when I say I didn t do nearly enough to you that night to get out out of my system Five years ago, Puck saved Becca Jones and destroyed her all at once It was the night that irrevocably changed everything for both Puck and Becca For Puck, it was a night that gave him an angel after months of hell inside a jail cell, only to turn into something that can put him right back into it And for Becca, it gave her a taste of something she never expected but with devastating consequences But it was also the night of her salvation.Now Becca is a different person five years later She s older, working on her career, has an amazing best friend But the memory of the rough biker still continues to equal terrify and tempt her Puck and Becca don t cross paths much and have barely seen each other over 5 years, but she s always known his there Beck s history makes her weary of bikers and the MC, and even though the Silver Bastards are nothing like what she grew up in, they still scare her Worst of all is the scowling man with the burning brown eyes that continues to have a visceral reaction to I m not your friend, Becca I ve never been your friend and I never will be I can be the man that fucks you and owns you, or I can be the man who keeps an eye on you Even though the chemistry between her Puck is so palpable it practically crackles with electricity, both Puck and Becca are determined to stay away from each other Puck out of atonement from the past and knowing that Becca is too good for the likes of him, and Becca because she s determined to stay as far away from the biker life as she can and not turn into her mother who is the worst kind of MC whore.Puck is definitely no sunshine and rainbows kind of biker He makes no apologies for who he is and what he does His life is all about his brothers and his MC He has no interest of allowing a woman into his life and screwing any of it up The relationships between him and Becca is definitely not an easy or smooth road Puck is certainly not celibate when they re not together, and he doesn t make an effort to hide that But when he sets his sights on Becca, he knows that he won t settle for anything less than everything.Becca is extremely stubborn and is determined to not get her heart involved She says some very vicious and unthoughtful things to Puck at times that had me wanting to slap her But as frustrating as they were at times, I found them to be a perfect balance for each other All I felt was him, all I wanted was him In me, on me, surrounding me. Even though this focuses on Silver Bastard s territory, we do get a peak at all our favorite characters from Joanna s other series There s Picnic, Horse and of course Painter Let me just tell you, if you were anxious for Painter s story before, this book will have you absolutely dying for it Puck and Painter formed an extremely tight bond while they served time together Painter is not the biker I remembered from The Reapers He s a little rough, a little hard, and all the tempting I m salivating, SALIVATING for his book dammit That little tease of him we get in this book was pure torture.There s a lot that happens in this book that made it for one entertaining read It was a steady pace full of action, a little suspense, and a whole lot of hot biker lovin Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she owned me and there wasn t a damned thing I could do about it. I also loved the inclusion of a secondary plot here The second Rourk first appeared on the scene, i was completely fascinated with him But then Joanna went and added that bonus epilogue and OH MY GAWD Worst sort of tease ever If Rourk and Shane don t get a book soon, I m pretty sure I d cut a bitch I m not even kidding Silver Bastard was definitely another winner from Miss Wylde, and I can t wait for of the Silver Bastards While this is a spin off series and can be read a standalone, The Reapers do make an appearance here If you haven t yet read Joanna s other series, I strongly recommend you do Especially if you want to get the back story before Painter s book will be released ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit

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    It had been a while since I was in the mood for a biker romance Then, I read a fabulous one and it lit a spark I had to read another oneand then another one Silver Bastard was just the story I needed to give me my biker fix It was gritty and raw I loved every minute This book tells the story of Puck and Becca They meet at a party that is being thrown for Puck after his release from prison One night together sets off a chain of events that will influence both of their lives for years to come It was intense and shocking After that night, nothing will be the same for either of them I had a lot of mixed emotions about what took place I was sad and angry I also had a great deal of sympathy for both of them As a heroine, Becca was strong and easy to admire This lady was a survivor At the same time, she was so vulnerable and damaged that you wanted to protect her It s no surprise that Puck was drawn to her.While Becca was easy to love, Puck was a little of a challenge He had the whole badass, alpha male biker thing going for him, but he also epitomized every negative biker stereotype around He flaunted the fact that he wasn t a good guy and made no apologies for his behavior Sometimes, I appreciated that Other times, I was put off by his piggy actions Together, these two worked They were smoking hot together, even when it was just wrong I only wish that they d hurried up and figured their stuff out.As a whole, I thought this was a great story It did get a little slow at times and had plenty of predictable twists However, it was still a wholly enjoyable reading experience With characters from the Reapers MC woven into the story, Ms Wilde did a fantastic job of introducing this new series, while still maintaining a connection for fans of the other series.

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    LIVE DIRTY BIKERS LIVES ON I love this book and the fact that we get dirty bikers with the Silver Bastard club The club has ties to Ms Wylde s other series, Reapers MC, but you don t need to read that series to read this book SILVER BASTARD has what I like in my mc reads gritty, dirty and all around clusterf ck Puck is The Dark Knight for Becca He s ever ready to rescue her Becca is soft and warm But don t let that softer side of her fool you because she has a temper and isn t afraid to show it She was raised in the mc lifestyle and grew up feeling like trailer trash.The prologue was EXCELLENT One big clusterf ck of events in the prologue left me eager to get into the meat of this story It takes place 5 years prior to the story and Puck and Painter have just been released from prison To celebrate their release a local mc holds a celebration party and at this party Puck meets Becca for the first time Let s just say, one thing leads to another and a shitstorm rains down on the party.When the book begins it is 5 years later with Puck and Becca knowing of each other but they aren t friends or even acquaintances Silver Bastard takes place in a small town where the feel of a close community creates intensity that is gripping I love me some drama and I was glad this book didn t hold back I was jumping out of my seat for the last 25% of the book I kept predicting what was going to happen I was right, I was wrong, I was all over the place At times I contemplated taking up smoking and drinking or maybe even a Xanax I wasn t sure I was going to make it through what I thought was going to happen I love that feeling when you re so into the book that real life takes a back seat Puck and Becca s love story doesn t start out in a bed of roses Their story is complicated with many facets working against them Puck s devotion to Becca was unwavering even from the first time he laid eyes on her I was rooting for this couple to get together and mostly for Becca to put her trust in him Becca s past and her current troubles left her jaded and not able to trust Puck s true intentions Ms Wylde does it again with a book that I could have kept reading and reading I dreaded knowing the story was almost done because I wasn t ready to be done with these characters I was excited for the epilogue because it gave me a future glimpse of this couple which made me smile And to my happiness there is a BONUS epilogue with a tease on one of the characters in this story Looking forward to of that character s story Key players in Silver Valley Boonie Silver Bastard President Darcy old ladyPuck Silver Bastard patch Becca old ladyDeep Silver Bastard patch Irish twin born 10 months apart with Demon.Demon Silver Bastard patch Irish twin born 10 months apart with Deep.Carlie club girlPainter Reaper patch served time in prison with Puck.Regina Earl Becca s surragonant parentsDanielle Becca s best friendBlake a friend to Becca and DanielleShane McDonogh dad was a contract killer for Irish mob Mob prince Family owns the town mine RELEASE DATE 4 7 2015Pre order order To find out when the next book will be released click here.This book stands alone, so don t worry if you haven t read the Reapers series first Unlike the Reapers books, the Silver Valley series won t be centered around motorcycle clubs, but a location from Joanna Wylde Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.5 stars There are very few biker romances I m willing to read these days simply because I can t take all the angst and conflict that comes with the club lifestyle, but Joanna Wylde is one author I won t hesitate to read because she combines just the right amount of grit and romance to make for one compelling story Usually I really like or love her books but I have to admitI wasn t too sure about this book for a while, and I even thought about putting it down for good What sets this book and probably series apart from her Reapers MC books is that they re not set around a club, but a location the Silver Valley region from where the series name is derived Thus, a lot of the grit and action I ve come to expect from her stories was absent in this book, and in my opinion is the cheesiest out of all her stories, but in the end I m glad I continued with it An author who can make me want to give up but then turn things around and make me enjoy the story by the end is a talented writer.If you ve read the Reapers MC books, you ll remember Puck as the guy who got thrown into jail with Painter on a weapons charge, and now after a year he s finally out Prior to his serving time, he was just a prospect for the Silver Bastards MC, but by keeping quiet and protecting the club even while he was in prison earned him respect and an official place in the club, and at the start of the book is out celebrating when he spies the heroine Becca He can tell that she s not like other club whores and immediately wants her What follows is one unforgettable night and total chaos the next day when the truth about Becca s circumstances comes out thus, Puck and the others take Becca with them and relocate her to a new place and keep tabs on her to make sure she s safe.At this point in the book around the 10% mark I was totally feeling the story Unfortunately the author threw in a plot device that I absolutely abhor time gap Unless it s for an epilogue, I just seriously can t stand time gaps You could even say time gaps are a hard limit of mine Either way, I felt like the 5 year time gap here was only inserted so Becca would be out of her teenage years because honestly It felt like no time passed at all The many chapters following the time gap consisted of Becca and Puck going on and on about how amazing their one night together was and everything else was virtually the same, so I didn t feel like 5 years had passed It got to a point where I wanted both of them to just shut up and move on or screw each other already, and THANK GOD there was some development in that area thanks to Puck.I also didn t really connect with either Puck or Becca individually and as a couple Their relationship was solely based on the fact that they had some history that night 5 years ago, and to see Puck suddenly want to claim Becca as his old lady made two words pop in my head insta love At this point in the book, I really wanted to throw in the towel and call it a day Puck didn t stand out as a Joanna Wylde hero and Becca was extremely childish.But I m glad I didn t give up.Somewhere after this first quarter of the book the story turned around for me There was still some character stupidity and bad choices made, but the characters owned it They matured the I read, and developed a level of mutual respect I couldn t help but have to acknowledge I also loved getting the details about club life member interactions, meeting the other old ladies, etc and there was a secondary subplot that added a suspenseful tone to the story which was great I think my main issue with the book would be the frustrating first 25% of the story along with the weak romantic connection While I ended up enjoying the story tons by the end, I still can t forget that it took me a long time to really get into the story in the beginning which is why I can t bring myself to give this book 4 stars or higher It s definitely not my favorite from this author, but is still a solid, intriguing first installment to this series and with the clever sneak peek at the end, I m just dying to get my hands on the next book I m sure it ll be a hit for readers who loved her Reapers MC series and as long as you don t mind insta love and time gaps like I do, you ll enjoy this book just fine Silver Bastard is the first book in the Silver Valley series and can be read as a standalone While a few characters from the Reapers MC series make an appearance you don t have to read those books beforehand ARC provided by Penguin Intermix via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    4 Bangin StarsSo I most assuredly have a fever for MC Club books and Joanna Wylde definitely knows how to bang my cowbell Whatever you expect to get from a Joanna Wylde book, Silver Bastards absolutely delivers The overall feel of the story is very similar to other Wylde books which can be a good or bad thing depending on your POV although this one most definitely has a twist at the start For those of you who have problems with view spoiler underage sexytimes hide spoiler

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    FOUR STARS BR with Mel, Sharon, Tiff, and Tera Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she owned me and there wasn t a damned thing I could do about it Puck Redhouse meets a beautiful girl the day he is released from prison at a party being thrown in his honor by another Motorcycle club that is friendly with the Reapers and Bastards From the moment he laid eyes on Becca Jones, he was a goner Things get pretty hot quick between these two and then take a turn for the worse the morning after Turns out Becca is underage and her disgusting step father pimped her out to Puck This was all unbeknownst to him He ends up rescuing her from her pretty messed up family life and brings her back home to live in Callup, Idaho I will just say that the first time Becca and Puck were together was not my favorite part of the story It was actually pretty disgusting, but this was the only part of the story that I had any issues with.Five years later, Becca has made a nice life for herself in Callup She has some really good friends and people who look out for her, including the Silver Bastards She has only run into Puck on a few occasions but he never tried to make any advances towards her in all that time Becca has a job as a waitress and she is going to school to get her license as a hair stylist She made a plan to do exactly the opposite of what her mother did in her life This means all bad boys like Puck are off limits to her But she will find it hard to resist Puck since he seems to be the only man that gets her heart racing.These two try to deny their attraction for each other but eventually it just becomes impossible to ignore I really enjoyed the slow build up to their reunion But mostly I felt like I was going to die if they took any longer to finally get together The whole plot line with the Irish mob kind of confused me at times and I know that was added for the elements of danger but there were so many names being thrown about that I had a hard time following that story line and I really wasn t too interested in it either Unfortunately it looks like these guys will be around in the next books or they are getting their own series.I loved how things ended for Becca and Puck and I am DYING for Painter s book I am praying the next book will be about Painter and Melanie because I believe we missed quite a bit of what went on between these two This wasn t the best in the series but I will say that I really did enjoy it

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    Some Mild Spoilers I m gonna keep it short sweet and to the point The story plot was good Puck I loved Becca I could not stand She almost completely ruined the book for me She treated Puck like shit Every time her mom Who is the worst mom ever treated her like crap she would rip into Puck She was a yo yo the whole book I want Puck, no I don t want Puck, I want Puck, nope I don t want him again , and I think she may have mental issues for real Oh and let s not forget she did the stupidest shit view spoiler OMG She tried to become a stripper while being puck old lady because that is so not trashy at all hide spoiler

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    LIVE on I absolutely love Ms Wlyde s MC books, they are perfection The perfect amount sexiness, thrill, grit I have a hard picking favorites, but this one is up there Silver Bastards is the first book in the spin off series from Reapers.The story begins with Puck finally getting out of prison The MC rides down to pick him up and while there they party with the local MC It has been a while since he has been with a girl, too long, so Puck is on a mission when he arrives at the party He quickly meets Becca and his completely entranced by her innocents in the rough clubhouse Becca doesn t look like she belongs, but is able to hold her own She is a complete contradiction Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, Puck Things were fucked up and wrong, but you saved my life Becca has had a rough life Her mother is a drug addict, always going from one loser to the next and Becca has been collateral damage She has grown accustomed to her lifestyle and while she knows it s wrong has accepted it Becca has no idea meeting the rugged biker will change her life forever.Becca and Puck develop a bond and it is like nothing you would ever expect It is real and beautiful I absolutely loved Puck I love how he is the opposite of what you would expect in the MC world In the same respect he is exactly what you would expect, because it is only with Becca that he is different Swear to fuck, Becca, if you were anyone else I d just take you and be done with it You re lodged in my brain like a bullet and it s poisoning me My favorite thing about Wlyde s MC books is that we get our fix on gritty MC world and a hot romance with a take what I want type of hero I absolutely loved reading the exciting plot and seeing where things were going with the club I love how Wlyde has intertwined these two worlds Reapers and Silver Bastards I cannot wait to see what comes next.So while Becca and Puck s relationship stole the show the MC world is what has me begging for and dying to see where things go next It s no secret I have read way than my fair share of MC books, so I can go on the record and say very few authors can write an MC story like Wylde She is one of my go to MC author, if she releases a book I am reading it I highly recommend this story It has everything an MC story should have heart, grit, excitement and hot sex Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she owned me and there wasn t a damned thing I could do about it ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

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    When Puck Redhouse met Becky Jones, he just got out of prison after serving a 14 month sentence and she was offered to him as a reward of sorts It was an unforgettable night for both of them, but the consequences of that night could very well sent Puck back into the lam Not wanting to violate his parole and to save the girl from her situation prompted Puck and the Silver Bastards to take Becky with them back to Calup, Idaho to protect her Fast forward five years later, Becky is making a life for herself in the Silver Valley She has a job and she s about to graduate from Beauty School She has friends that love her, an adoptive family that believes in her and most of all, she has the protection of the Silver Bastards and Puck Redhouse.Puck wanted Becky for a long time but what happened that night haunted him and when he sees Becky seemingly content with her life, he decided not to do anything about his feelings Becky for her part thought Puck hated her and his indifference added fuel to her assumptions But Puck of course is far from being indifferent We ve been in a relationship for five years now, Puck said, his voice hard It wasn t normal, it wasn t exclusiveHell, I don t know what the fuck it was, but we both know that s that truth Whatever s between us, it s been there since that first night we met One of the things that I really liked about this one was the way Joanna Wylde incorporated the areas around Silver Valley, Idaho into book The little snippets of history about the town and its inhabitants contributed to the overall atmosphere of the book I also liked that although the main character is part of a motorcycle club, the story and its characters extended beyond that Yes, biker culture is still present but it s now coupled with small town culture And I personally loved how Ms Wylde explained the complicated relationship of the MC with the town itself Becky, I wasn t sure of at first, but she grew on me She was the epitome of a survivor She had a lot of crap thrown her way but she was able to survive and start a life for herself Yes, her reluctance to let go of her toxic mother was frustrating but think about it She was her only living flesh and blood, and she wasn t always a bad mother to her So I understood Becky s reluctance to cut her out of her life despite being burned too many times Puck, like many of Ms Wylde s heroes, is the epitome of sexy biker Brash, foul mouthed, and loyal to his club and to his brothers I liked him Liked how different he was from the Puck we met on Reaper s Stand I wish I had seen the Puck and Painter bromance in action though Their friendship was alluded to throughout the book Puck even acknowledged that him and Painter are close I wish we had seen it instead of just being told about it though Other than that, I enjoyed the side characters Blake, Danielle, even Carlie Most of all, I enjoyed those little snippets of Shane and Rourke Rawr Yes, please, Joanna I want one book each for Shane and Rourke ARC courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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