All Falls Down (All Falls Down, #1)

All Falls Down (All Falls Down, #1) When Savannah Martin Walks In On Her Abusive Boyfriend And Her Best Friend In Bed Together, She Thinks Life Can T Possibly Get Any Worse And Then She Wakes Up In A Hospital In Italy, Scared And Alone With Nowhere Left To Go, Savannah Runs To The Family Who Took Her In When Her Mother Abandoned Her As A TeenagerBut Things Aren T As Simple As They Were ThenFor Starters, Two Years Of Constant Emotional Abuse Has Broken Savannah In Ways She S Not Sure Can Be Repaired And Patriarch Matthew Talbot Has Been Murdered, Leaving His Eldest Daughter, Lexi, In Charge Of A Global Non Profit And Her Younger SistersJared Corbit, Lexi S Gorgeous Boyfriend, Is The Only Thing Standing Between Her And Whoever Murdered Her Father That Doesn T Stop Savannah From Falling In Love With Him She Knows It S Wrong, But She Just Can T Stay Away From Him When He Makes He Feel Like No One Else Ever Has BeforeFinding Out His Relationship With Lexi Is A Ruse Should Make Things Easier, But When The Truth Is Finally Revealed, Savannah S Fragile World Threatens To Fall Apart There S A Murderer On The Loose, And He S Gunning For The Only Family She Has To Save Their Lives, She And Jared Will Be Forced To Make A Decision That Just Might Destroy Her CompletelyHow Is She Supposed To Let The Man She Loves Marry Another Woman

Ayden K Morgen is the Bestselling author of the Ragnar k Prophesies series She lives in the heart of Arkansas with her childhood sweetheart husband of fifteen years, and their furry minions When not writing, she spends her time hiking, reading, volunteering, causing mischief, and building a Spork army.She graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice a

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    Book All Falls Down All Falls Down 1 Author Ayden K MorgenPublication Date November 1, 2014Genre Romance SuspenseType Stand Alone Series Next book told in Jared s POV Cliffhanger Yes and NoRating 4 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review My Thoughts Story This book completely took me by surprise it was nothing like I thought it was going to be The author was able to take a story and weave so many other shoot off stories along the way Definitely a captivating book that had me baffled with what was going on.I did have a bit of trouble connecting with Savannah at first and at times got annoyed at her self pity and denial that she belonged.I also got pissed at Lexi a few times and thought that she treated her younger sister as a child when in fact she was in college and over eighteen.Just two little annoyances that didn t take away my enjoyment of the story.Re Cap Savannah is from an abusive relationship and with bad news from the States she takes off to be with her surrogate family.But things aren t how she left it so many years before there are threats on her friends lives and a new face has joined the estate.Lexi has her boyfriend living with the family who is there to protect them but things get a bit complicated when Savannah learns that Jared has feelings for her instead of Lexi Reason for Reading Blog TourStory Rating 4 out of 5 StarsSteam Rating 4 out of 5 StarsAngst Rating 4 out of 5 StarsWriting Rating 4 out of 5 StarsContent Flow Rating 4 out of 5 StarsWould Read More from Author YesFor Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    ARC given in exchange for an honest review All Falls Down is a love story about two very different people Savannah the abused, scared woman who so desperately longs to belong somewhere, yet has never felt like she was good enough.Jared the strong , confident man who wants to show her she belongs with him no matter what they have to overcome There are obstacles everywhere they turn People, situations, unforeseen dangers keep threatening the fleeting happiness Savannah is too scared to believe can truly be hers Her emotional well being is fragile at best,given the situation she has recently fled from, and once again, it is put to the test with Jared Jared is a man torn between duty and desire His wants to do the right thing, to follow through on his promises, yet in doing so, threaten the very thing that has come to mean to him than anything else in the world his beautiful girl his Savannah.Ayden K Morgen spins an emotional, heart gripping tale of love, mystery and deceit Her words flow like water beautiful and sustaining You feel the emotions of the characters the highest of highs and the lowest of lows as they fall in love and are forced into decisions that threaten to end them forever I loved the story from the start to the end, devouring her words as quickly as my finger could turn the page Ayden has a way of painting the scene and delivering the words so clearly, it s as if you were there with them Pain, fear, love, and tenderness live in these pages I am so glad she brought them to life A story I will read over and again, simply to soak up the beauty that lies within it.

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    This amazing, and emotional, story It s one that, in part, is lived every day by millions of women Abuse, whether physical or emotional, has long lasting scars that the victim will live with for the rest of their life The emotional scars are harder to understand, but I believe Ayden did a great job of showing what someone that s gotten out of an abusive relationship would act like, feel like Though it s never mentioned by name, it s obvious that Savannah suffers from PTSD, not only from her relationship with Toby, but also from being abandoned by her mother From when Savannah gets off the plane in San Francisco, she exhibits signs of it, by being jump about everything that comes near her and not making eye contact, but also by apologizing for everything, even when she s done nothing wrong This story shows the beginning of her recovery, of her finding real love and learning to believe in herself again I d recommend this to anyone that has known someone that has been abused and wants to better understand what they go through Also, anyone that likes New Adult romance stories.

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    This was a really entertaining, thought provoking read I have never read anything that so accurately depicts the emotional effects of abuse Savannah has been trapped in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship for two years, too terrified and ashamed to reach out to anyone else for help It takes being dumped in an Italian hospital with a life threatening injury, surrounded by strangers who don t speak her language, before she is finally able to break away from her abuser She returns to the only home she knew growing up, the guesthouse of the wealthy mansion where her mother had been a maid before she abandoned her there at fourteen The Talbots took her in and became her legal guardian Their three daughters Lexi, Kit, and Maddi accepted her like a sister, but she never felt like she truly belonged Already wounded from her mother s abandonment, she was incapable of feeling like anything but an outsider, which made her an easy target when her boyfriend Toby entered the scene and began telling her just that She didn t belong there She was a burden She belonged with him because nobody else cared about her After hearing those things long enough she began to agree with him, eventually letting him drag her all the way to Italy so that he could keep her under his thumb while he went to college When Savannah finally returns home it is to find her adoptive family in the middle of their own tragedy Matthew, the family patriarch, has recently died under suspicious causes, leading some to wonder if he was actually murdered Along with the strong emotions in the house, Savannah also has to make sense of the instant attraction she feels for Jared Corbit, Lexi s supposed boyfriend Even though he s been living in the house with the family for a while, people are starting to wonder why he and Lexi don t share a room and never seem to be affectionate with each other To make things confusing, Jared seems to be just as drawn to Savannah as she is to him He is full of mixed signals and she knows that there is definitely something going on I loved this story I loved that Ayden Morgen didn t shy away from all of the hard decisions and victim shaming that victims of abuse often suffer Savannah is an excellent example of just how broken someone can become when they get trapped in a situation they can t get themselves out of I also loved how this book shows that you don t have to be beaten to be a victim of abuse The sex scenes, when we finally get there, are sizzling and delicious The plot that develops around Savannah, Jared, and the rest of the Talbot family does lean towards the melodramatic at times, but it makes for an exciting page turner I don t want to give out any major spoilers because you should experience them for yourself I will say that I was really impressed with the way that so many of the characters were not afraid to call each other out on all of their bullshit Things would happen that made me so frustrated at one character or another, but none of them made it through the book without their actions being addressed Definitely refreshing If you like a little melodrama and a steamy hot romance, give All Falls Down a try

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    From the very first page, I was captivated while holding back tears I just had to know why Savannah entire world shattered into a million pieces This story had me sniffling like a baby, laughing out loud and saying You go Girl, and signing from the sweet romance Author Ayden K Morgen won my heart over with this book It is filled with mystery, love, hurt, and acceptance I absolutely loved the mystery that Ayden wove into this story as she let Jared and Savannah s story unfold She sprinkled in so many supporting characters to help this story play out Each one brought something new to help lead us along our way.We learn that Savannah Martin has been through absolute hell and back as she makes her journey back home under not so good circumstances This girl is one strong cookie even though she does not realize it for a very long time Savannah is escaping a controlling and verbally abusive boyfriend when she arrives home She thinks she can hide how bad it was from her friends She just had no idea how it had all really affected her.From the moment we are introduced to Jared Corbit I loved him He is sexy as hell But underneath all that sexy is an absolute dream guy His love for the people he cares for comes above everything This man is mysterious and holds the cards against his sleeve for a very long time.Poor Jared just cannot help it that the sweet girl who moves into the guesthouse has captivated his heart He is so SEXY when he goes all protective when someone upsets his girl I would hate to get in his way Oh And I forgot to mention he is ROMANTIC Seriously, I was swooning nonstop at this man Ayden can I have Jared Pretty please Ayden writes an all consuming love that these two embark on while Jared helps Savannah work through the ghosts that terrify her The fact that Ayden did not write her characters hoping into bed together on page two had me loving her even She let her characters story play out, even when I was growling at them to play nice and lovey dovey I cannot tell you enough how much I truly loved this story

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    All Falls Down had me from the prologue, although I have to admit the story went in a very different direction from where I expecting It s a complicated, forbidden love story featuring some traumatic and turbulent scenes, alongside some really sweet and romantic ones.Savannah is a scared young woman who is trying to move on from a horrible past She s looking for a way to live with past mistakes and rejoin her family Lexi, Kit and Madeline Be warned her story is traumatic and may contain potential abuse triggers When she returns home and meets a handsome stranger, she is instantly drawn to him Jared is strong, intense and guarded, he also happens to be Lexi s boyfriendThe story is extremely dramatic and takes several unexpected turns Every time I thought Sav was finally going to be able to escape from her past, something would happen she d be pulled under again She is really positive and I felt that she handles everything well and with grace I m undecided about Lexi, who I wanted to like, but found it difficult at times.I enjoyed the story although I did think they made things harder for themselves than they needed to be at times Don t get me wrong, there are MANY reasons why their situation is extremely complicated, but I would have liked them to have been honest with each other and themselves I liked Jared and how he cared for all the girls although I really wanted him to get another nickname for Sav The sneaky peek inside Jared s head made me smile and it helped me to appreciate why he does certain things so sweet Have the tissues ready for this one and be prepared to laugh and cry along with the characters There are some sexy scenes so be prepared to blush.3.5 4 Stars in my Sky I received a copy in exchange for an honest review More reviews on Zili in the Sky

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    I received this book for review from the author This in no way effects my thoughts expressed in this review Savannah has been through a lot in life, and it gets worse when she walks in on her piece of scum abusive boyfriend and her supposed best friend together Losing him may be no true loss, but it s kind of a principle thing, isn t it So, with nowhere else to go she heads back to one of the only homes she s ever known Things aren t actually the greatest there either though, and with a murderer on the loose they get just a tad bit interesting.I really enjoyed reading this book Ayden K Morgan certainly knows how to write a wonderful, thought provoking book with characters that you ll love and, well, characters that you ll hate in that one good way , all while keeping you tightly gripping your Kindle as you turn each page waiting for that next ball to drop.Not only does the author know how to tell a story, but she s an amazing person too, I found out 25% of the proceeds from All Falls Down will be donated to the National Domestic Violence Hotline in memory of Cassie Combs, a dear friend of hers who lost her life to her abuser at the age of eighteen.I feel so lucky to have read this book I am lucky to have never been in a situation like Savannah had been in, but I think it s a good thing for us to try and understand what so many women and men too go through It isn t easy, and Savannah, though she herself is a fictional character, has really inspired me with her bravery, and the way she pushed on even when she felt lost.To be honest, I could go on and on about this book, but I don t want to give it all away Let s just say, if you re in the market for a great book, give this one a try

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    I m a mess I m weak I m selfish Parts of me are broken beyond repair Savannah Martin Beautiful girl, he says Don t you know I d do just about anything to make you happy for the rest of your life To take care of you and love you like you deserve Jared Corbit Damn Where do I start I enjoyed this book, kept me on the edge of my seat and took me on one emotional roller coaster from the beginning to end This was a very complicating storyline Betrayal, heartbreak, mystery, romance, so many frickin secrets and suspense I m not a spoiler So, I can t say to much without giving the story away I will leave it at that But what I will say, I normally love my main male characters to be Dark, Damaged Psychopaths Lol Jared Corbit he was so loving, protective, and so damn romantic to Savannah Sigh He just wanted to break down her walls and show her, her worth I really enjoyed the ending with Jared s POV.Off to read book 2

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    ARC.Honest Review for an Advanced CopyAll Falls Down is a touching and heartbreaking story about one girl who faces the ultimate abandonment, death, an abusive relationship, and love, sadly at the most inappropriate time Throughout the story Savannah battles with guilt, her own self worth and longs for a place where she belongs Adyen did a remarkable job of showing how effortless and easy it was for Savannah to fall into an abusive relationship How easy it is for one boy to prey on a girl and use all of her insecurities to bend her will and fulfill his wishes We watch as the broken girl returns home only to see her fall in love with another and the timing could not have been worse You just want to scream No, don t do it You know in the end she is just going to be shattered once again Halfway through the story I was wondering if Savannah wasn t cursed She had already been through so much She found herself totally alone, weak, and unworthy I found her to be one of the bravest Most people would have already given up.There s a nice little twist in this story towards the end and Savannah finally does find her own acceptance and place in the world You know there will be emotional scars but there is also love Lots of love.

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    ARC received in exchange for honest review.I waited a few days after reading this remarkable story to review because I wanted to do it justice Oh, my, what an up and down ride this author takes you on Our poor heroine, Savannah, has been abandoned and then found so many times in her life, it s remarkable she can even function on a daily basis Then, when she unexpectedly finds someone she can trust and love, Savannah has to ask herself How is she supposed to let the man she loves be with another woman What heart fail for her She hopes and prays all is not as bleak as it seems, then she finds herself in a a fight for her life Jared falls hard for Savannah as soon as he sees her, but has admired her in photos for quite awhile He just can t help caring for her and is enraged when he finds out what she escaped when coming home for her guardian s funeral He tells her He took something that should have been beautiful for you and made it ugly Let me show you how you deserve to be loved GAH Just when they think they may have a future together everything crashes down around them and Jared goes nuts to get Savannah back This is a beautifully told love story and proves that love can conquer all

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