Road To Shandara (The Safanarion Order, #1)

Road To Shandara (The Safanarion Order, #1) Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BFVXISWhen A Mythical World Threatens Everything, An Unlikely Hero Must Join The Battle College Senior Aaron Jace Is Ready To Start Life In The Real World After The Unexpected Death Of His Grandfather, Aaron Finds An Unbelievable Note That Will Change His World The Unknowing Descendent Of An Ancient And Powerful Family, Aaron Is Thrust Into A Struggle That Began Long Ago And Will Reach Across Worlds To Pull Him Into The Fight When He Learns Of The World Of Safanar, It Seems To Be The Stuff Of Legends Dragons, Castles, And Technologically Advanced Cities But It S As Much A Dream As It Is A Nightmare Danger Lurks In The Shadows, And A Demon Sentinel Named Tarimus Wants To Steal Aaron S Power Before He Can Learn His Full Potential With The Help Of An Imprisoned Safanarion Guardian, Two Mystical Swords, And A Puzzling Family Heirloom, Aaron Must Journey From Earth To Find The Fabled Land Of His Ancestors It May Be A Path That S Impossible To Survive

Ken Lozito is the author of multiple series in fantasy and science fiction Ken has always loved fantasy and science fiction in all forms, including books, movies Even the cheesy 80s B movies , and games Ken graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in English and Anthropology Being a computer hobbyist led to him working in the field of IT Security for almost 2

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  • Road To Shandara (The Safanarion Order, #1)
  • Ken Lozito
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  • 07 July 2018

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    To start with, three disclaimers 1 The author sent me a free copy of this book for review purposes2 I m sick and grumpy3 I couldn t make myself read than 10% of this book My Kindle said that there were another 6 hours and 27 minutes remaining until I finished it, and I was just not willing to do that.I feel a little betrayed When the author contacted me, I checked out the existing reviews on , noting in particular one which mentioned the appalling state of grammar etc I emailed KL warning him that I was willing to read it, but if the editing was that bad, then there s no way I d be able to give him a good review He assured me that this was a new edition which had been looked at by a professional editor As you may have gathered from my betrayed comment, this doesn t seem to have helped much.In saying that, I guess poor editing insofar as spelling grammar phrasing are we seriously not doing phrasing any isn t a total deal breaker I ve read plenty of indie books which could use the touch of an editor and spell check , but the story was so gripping and well done that I read them anyway This was not such a book I found it all terribly grey and unengaging, and I couldn t wait to reach the 10% mark so I could say I d at least tried I felt like the majority of sentences followed one set pattern, and they were so uniform that I actually started counting words per sentence around 16 They started with the , had a little rise then finished It was like the visual equivalent of a monotone.Am I saying the author has a bad idea By no means Am I saying that nobody will like it No, not at all I m sure it would serve the odd young adult as an introduction to fantasy Less critical readers may also enjoy it, and the sheer uniformity and simplicity of sentences might make it suitable for those whose first language isn t English I am not a young adult, I am a critical reader, and would you believe it English is my first language In a world full of so many amazing books that I can t possibly read them all in one life time, this particular novel wasn t going to make the cut.Now, because as a former English teacher I can t help myself, here are some of the most egregious errors I picked up in the first 10% Note that these are examples only there were many, many Note also that I only included punctuation errors when they got in the way of understanding the sentence.1 Most days in June were sunny and warm enough not to be hot, and this was no exception This is the first fricking sentence in the book, and it doesn t make any damn sense Warm enough not to be hot What Warm is a stage on the WAY to hot Not so warm as to be hot perhaps Not warm enough to be hot A pleasant goddamn temperature 2 Still growling and ears back, but not bearing any teeth, Zeus reluctantly took a step forward Poor toothless little thing Baring showing, bearing carrying having.3 He had fought wars, but would not speak of it His past, like his pain, was shrouded in mystery With the sun beginning to settle and his shoulders slumped, he started back to the house Subject confusion the he in these sentences is actually referring to two different people Who fought wars Whose past was shrouded in mystery Whose shoulders were slumped DIFFERENT PEOPLE The same thing happens later, with His massive hand reached toward him, and the white pearl in his medallion flared to life 4 Use of the past perfect tense is lacking When it s used, it s usually used correctly, but the author rarely bothers as a result, there s significant temporal confusion ooh, sounds like science A force that lay sleeping within him rose should be A force that had lain sleeping with him his grandfather nurtured in him should be his grandfather had nurtured with in him also, this made me think about gardening for some reason Like the protagonist s a little emo bonsai.5 Haha, this was one of my favourites The guy goes into this room where he trains in martial arts every day as you do , and after years of doing this, he wanders in to find that A gaping hole opened in the center of the room revealing stairs that led into darkness I don t know about you, but I d be surprised if there turned out to be a secret passage in a place I went every day Actually, you know, scratch that I d be excited out of my freaking mind As if that wouldn t be totally awesome And yet, as is often the case, there s no mention of the protagonist s emotional reaction he just tootles on down the secret staircase with nary a care in the world.6 So much painful awkwardness A calling came to Aaron in that moment Yup, this is where he takes on his superhero like mystical fantastical powers and heritage That sentence A calling came to him Do we know what the calling is Do we know what it means Do we know how it contributes to the story No, no, and no It s just a thing that happens No need to elucidate plot points though, amiright 7 Yodaisms Falcons, they are called, whispered his grandfather s voice Our emo bonsai is also Yoda s offspring Get in.8 The protag does a whole lot of stuff for no apparent reason He spontaneously probed about with his other senses, but he couldn t feel anything It s not like he s taking on some mindfulness based meditation, he s just hanging out probing stuff on the off chance.9 Slowly and with a certain amount of grace, he wielded the Falcons had no idea what he was talking about.10 Aaron became infused by his connection to everything around him.did somebody just make him into tea 11 AAAGH Adjective adverb confusion About as good as you did, he answered WELL It s WELL.12 Smirking There is so much smirking In fact, the random use of the verb to smirk was so prevalent that I started to question whether I d somehow misunderstood the meaning of the word my entire life But no, this is what smirk means according to the Oxford American dictionary, or whatever the inbuilt Kindle one is to smile in an irritatingly smug, conceited, or silly way Now, let us look at some of the uses a I see, she smirked the protag s mother, talking of how poorly he d slept, a few hours after the guy s grandfather has died Incidentally, I didn t know whether the grandfather was the mother or the father s dad there was no way of knowing, and as it turns out, it s a plot point b The corners of the professor s mouth rose in the slightest, forming a smirk, the protag told his teacher that his grandfather had died and he wouldn t be able to take his exam So the teacher smirks at him I don t know about you, but this would lead to some punching Incidentally, I m not sure what this professor actually teaches he says how he s setting a philosophy question for the exam, but that he hopes that the protag would major in his subject area of sociology Philosophy and sociology are not the same thing c Aaron smirked at the thought in response to his being scared d My favourite He gave a carnivorous smirk of knowing The least improper use of smirk, but this sentence just cracked me up.13 How could he face an enemy that he could neither see nor touch But he saw it when he mastered his fear and closed his eyes to see What the actual. Firstly, how handy that he so instantly resolves his problem Secondly, closed his eyes to see Thirdly, it then goes on to not describe seeing the enemy ie the subject of the paragraph , but rather something completely different.14 He felt the energy given off by the trees eagerly willing to share with all those around them, but the people who walked among them were gray and closed off, oblivious to the rich world around them Groan So much groan no back story, no reason, no explanation Just authorial intrusion.15 The idea about how absurd this whole funeral thing still whittled away at him He got up quickly followed the crowd For a few fleeting moments, he thought he felt the ground beneath his knees and taste the sweet air of the sacred grove once again 16 He loosened his necktie, tossing it into the center console when he heard her voice call his name from behind So perhaps he only threw it when he heard her Because he likes to throw stuff when people talk to him he s an angry yodic bonsai 17 The emotional roller coaster in a bad way of this paragraph How can I know if you won t make another mistake like this again I mean, you ve taken everything we had and tossed it away I thought what we had was special and enduring, and you ruined it You can t get that back The bitterness of his words cut him as he saw the pain in her eyes Goes from maybe we ll get back together to hells no, biatch It continues a couple of sentences later I don t think you deserve another chance, he sneered You stay away from me he screamed, earning them some worried looks from the departing funeral procession All that we had is dead Laughter ensued All I could imagine was this being acted out, Monty Python style, with random melodramatic screams and wails.18 What The truth may be presented, but if you are blind, there are consequences for your actions or in, his case, inaction 19 He felt the faint stirrings of a heart that was no longer there Well, this is down right impossible.20 He must guide Reymius s heir to transverse the crossroads between worlds transverse and traverse have very different meanings.There were many , but it s nap time, and I ve just written nearly 2000 words of outrage.1.5 stars.

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    I listened to this on audiobooks, so forgive me for weird spelling Vikas Adam did an amazing job with this narration so if you re into audiobooks you may way to give this one a shot.Bingo Self Published, Dragons, previous square protag that fliesPlot Given the cover of this book I was expecting to jump into swords and magic right away, so I was taken aback when the book started off as an urban fantasy This is the first portal fantasy I ve read in a good long while.The first 20% or so of the book is character and world intro and he s still in the real world up until then The main characters grandfather just died and he watched it happen, as he died he gave Aaron a pendant and told him to keep it safe The pendant starts giving him weird dreams, and eventually those nightmares become a reality when he s attacked by forces from another world As his grandfathers goodbye letter said, his life wasn t what he thought it was, and it turns out his mother and grandfather had fled from an alternative world to this one.He s forced to enter the world of Safarian because the evil entities are hell bent on killing him, and staying in his world near his family only endangers them.A trapped mage trapped in an inbetween realm as a disembodied entity named Collins has contacted Aaron and told him that he needs to find a prince that can help him on his quest to Shandara, the land his family is actually from The fall of Shandara is a big deal in this world, because whatever happened has let in vile monsters that prey on dragons and are ruthless killing machines Aaron has to find a way to fix what s happened while escaping assassination attempts There are many people who want him dead because he s the last of his families line, and they are the key holders between their world and the real world Aaron left behind.Characters Aaron as the main character, he s a college student in his early 20 s who s had his whole world ripped out from under him Given all of that he s handling himself well and adapting to his new life much better than I would have given the circumstances.He s determined to get revenge on those who hurt his family and brought him into this mess of a life where he s constantly adverting danger He s been trained his whole life in sword play and horse riding, but he never knew what his grandfather had planned for him down the line That training comes in handy in this world since he has to fight off would be killers frequently.He has a love interest who is the daughter of the enemy who s trying to kill him The high Kings daughter, Sara, has defected to Aarons side because they ve always treated her like crap Her half brothers tried to kill her on than one occasion trying to get her out of the way, she s extremely skilled and intelligent so those plans never worked but it didn t leave her with any ingratiating feelings towards her family.World Building The Hitharium people are an ancient race not of the Safarian realm, so there are at least 3 alternative worlds in this universe They are a mysterious race that has all but retracted from the world after the fall of Shandara They have a special connection with Aarons family line, and it s probably responsible for his families connection to dragons Aaron is able to talk to dragons and I m always down for a book with intelligent dragons rather than blood thirsty mindless monsters.Aaron can feel the life force of everything around him, especially when he s holding his two swords passed down to him by his grandfather It s not something everyone can do and it comes in handy for Aaron because it alerts him when danger is near.Aaron also has a wolf who was his grandfathers who works as an aide and protector to him through the book.You can fast travel with these purple crystals, but they are rare and only the rich are able to afford them.There are giant airships which are powered by magic which was cool to read about.Pacing Prose Tone Adventurous and mysterious There s a lot of action going on in the book, there s always someone looming around the corner trying to take down Aaron so the book read quickly There s also a lot of mystery and intrigue revolving around the fall of Shandara and you re not sure what s happened there for much of the book.The prose was straight forward which also lent to the book going by pretty fast.Audience lots of actionromanceadventuredragonslots of magiccharacter on a questportal fantasy

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    Have you ever read a fantasy book and wondered why the author spent 3 pages describing someones clothes or a random rug pattern Then this book is for you Non stop action from start to finish, with no pesky world building or character building in between Part of me wants to be disappointed at this book, page with no lengthy explanation or training.I really felt like this book was a movie script, written for a full length fantasy book which had to cut out alot to fit in the 2 hour time frame.If you like action without delay, magic without training, and characters who are immediately trustworthy after 5 words, this book is for you.

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    4.5 stars, actually Potential spoilers, but I don t think so Original review found at www.awesomebooknuts.blogspot.comLet me just say I love the fact that this is a great story without having a ton of unnecessary language thrown in It s really hard to find that nowadays, and that bothers me But I digress.Our story starts with Aaron Jace, a soon to be college graduate, driving to the stables near his home when he is greeted by the flashing lights of police cars He runs into the home to find his grandfather in a back room, lying on the ground He crouches down beside his grandfather, who hands him a medallion tells Aaron to keep it safe Aaron holds his grandfather as he takes his last breath Cue the destruction of Aaron s life as he knows it.We follow Aaron as he learns things about himself and a past and future that he never, in a million years, would have thought for himself The training that his grandfather has been giving him all his life is about to take on a whole new meaning Suddenly, Aaron finds himself hunted by Tarimus, a demon trapped between worlds and doing the bidding of a far sinister person And that s only the beginning While on his journey to his realm of Shandara, his true home, Aaron comes across the smooth talking Verona Ryder, sent by a guardian of Shandara to help Aaron on his journey Verona brings Aaron to his friends and after the initial suspicion, Aaron is accepted by them Later, Aaron meets a beautiful, cast aside princess, Sarah, and they fall for each other While I figured there would be some romance in this story, it seemed a little clich at times, but oh well It s not bad Sarah betrays her own to help Aaron and his band of friends to right the wrongs set in motion by forces unlike anything they can imagine At the same time, Sarah helps Aaron discover about himself and the powers that he has.I m not going to spoil it because I think that it is a truly wonderful read for fans of fantasy books, and definitely worth it I feel like this book should be popular than it is Quotes I liked What are we without our honor Nothing but bloodless barbarians and chaos driven at that Verona Anger clouds the mind even for those with the purest of intentions Aaron

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    This is a difficult book book for me to review As I am writing this, I have not decided on the rating, so, join with me as I go about this task.Every book has the potential to be a 5 star book, so I start from there I read quickly, but when I run into incorrect punctuation, my brain comes to a complete stop That happened than once while reading, so minus 1 2 star The same thing happens with spelling and grammar, and they also caused multiple interuptions minus 1 star I know that re formatting fro Word to Kindle poses some unique challanges, but Yogiisms isn t one of them When a word like dirisive is used in place of the meant divisive, or vice versa, both the editor if there was one and the beta readers should be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail I have to minus one Big star for this.Every character that has an affect on the storyline should have, at the very least, some back story or a fleshed out reason for being an integral part of the book Did not happen Minus 1 2 srar.The book may be formulaic, almost all are to one extent or the other, but it shouldn t be to the point where you can identify what is going to happen to specific characters in a book Again, I have to deduct 1 2 star.The result is a rating of 1 1 2 stars I have always rounded up on any half star rating, but in this case there were so many aggravations, I m forced to round down 1 star.

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    I won this book for free from the Goodreads Book giveaway contest and I could not be any happier I thought this book was fantastic, from page 1 on This book was full of adventure and intrigue, equally balanced, and I could not or would not put the book down I have already ordered the 2nd and 3rd parts from because this book is so totally awesome and I want to know what happens next I enjoyed the characters, especially Aaron, and how this poor, unsuspecting guy was about to find himself in a whole world of trouble Clearly unprepared for what lay ahead, in terms of his true lineage, Aaron sets off on a journey where bloodlust, vengeance, and rampaging are all necessary traits to survive the day Aaron luckily meets up with a band of misfits and they embark on quite the adventure with pure evil hunting them around every corner.

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    As I read the first few pages, it seemed I d read this book before A few pages convinced me I had many times.

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    Although I enjoyed the book I felt it was a story I had already read before Too similar which was a shame.

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    The Road to Shandara is excellent readingI really enjoyed this first book in the series and I am looking forward to the next one I recommend this to anyone who likes the Wheel of Time books.

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    InterestingIt captured my interest, I liked the characters, but am put off by the authors lack of good sentence structure, lack of basic punctuation, and passed is not equivalent to past for goodness sake Get an editor or an English teacher , something.

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