Her Masters Teacher (Masters #2)

Her Masters Teacher (Masters #2) She Caught My Attention The First Day I Was Seated In Her ClassHer Dark Red Hair Fell In Waves Down Her Back And Her Alabaster Skin Appeared To Sparkle Under The Lights Of The Lecture HallI D Admired Her From A Distance, Never Speaking Or Doing Anything To Draw Attention To MyselfEach Day That I Spent Watching Her In This Room, I Noticed How Her Eyes Would Flick Up To Me She Was Wary Of Me Frightened And She Had Reason To BeAllow Me To Introduce Myself My Name Is Holland Strong And At Years Old, I M The Youngest Master Within A Society Of Wealthy And Influential MenClaire Elliot Is My Psychology Professor In College That Is, At Least, Until I Make Her My First CourtesanShe Believes She Knows Everything About How The Mind Works And I Believe I Can Prove Her WrongDisclaimer This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences Only Due To Language And Sexual Situations This Book Contains Explicit Descriptions Of Violence


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  • Her Masters Teacher (Masters #2)
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  • 10 September 2019

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    Now available on 5 stars Nothing makes my little dark and twisted heart go pitter patter than reading a Lily White book Her Master s Teacher is a stunning combination of a student teacher premise with taboo and captivity themes that lends itself to some serious introspection for all readers As much as I loved the chilling and brutal mindfuck this book had to offer, sadly it is not a book that everyone is suited to read so my warning those looking for a progressive romance within this dark read are going to be disappointed Level headed thirty five year old Claire Elliot is a psychology professor She maintains professional boundaries with all her students and colleagues but can t deny that one particular student twenty one year old Holland Strong piques her curiosity with his dangerously good looks and pensive stares Unknown to her, Holland is the youngest Master in training within an influential society of men and targets her as his next Courtesan to be trained her beauty only adds to her appeal But most importantly, it is Claire s intellect and wisdom that intrigues Holland and as a lover of challenges, he sees Claire as the greatest challenge of all.As his plan unfolds without a hitch, Holland soon realizes that Claire is every much of a player in his game of seduction, domination, and control as he is, and with unforgettable and ruthless side characters like Aiden from book 1 playing an active role, the book is filled with twists and turns, making it impossible to figure out what happens next in this mind bending story First, this book was very, very different from book one but I loved them equally Aiden Rebecca s story left no room for romance or soft hearted feelings, nor did any of the characters feel remorse and regret over their actions This book had just a tinge of emotion mixed in with the dark stuff, enough that it satisfied the romantic in me but I still have to say, always expect the worst when reading a Lily White book.It s important to remember that Lily will always stay true to her characters no matter what happens and is consistent with their behaviors it s a quality that many dark books lack as usually the anti hero suddenly goes soft or the heroine is described as tough but acts like a baby And just like the first book, this second one tapped deep into my own psyche and made me question my sanityHer Master s Teacher is book 2 in the Masters series and while it focuses on the dynamic between Holland and Claire, I am strongly emphasizing that this is not a standalone The backstory along with the heavy presence of previous characters from book 1 can only be fully understood if you ve read Her Master s Courtesan I beta read an advanced copy of the book.

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    Okay so I haven t actually finished writing my review for this book yet It s not an easy book to review, not because it was bad but because it was so complex and had so many dimensions to it Whenever you read a book by Lily White, you can always expect something completely different and she did it again with Her Master s Teacher It s Dark Erotica, but it s not as simple as that It s so much than just dark, the dark genre has grown so much and as a reader I ve started taking how dark a book can be for granted The gruesome the shocking has always been what gets me going But after reading a great deal of books from this genre, it started becoming mundane The story would become lost behind a bunch of shock factor tactics and by the end of it you don t have a story you have a bunch of shocking scenes.Now don t get me wrong, this is not for the faint of heart, trust me Her Master s Teacher is a dark book but Lily took Dark fiction, erotica, angst, drama , romance and mystery and gave us what every reader is looking for when they choose a book to read Entertainment It s all here people.Are you looking for a Dark read Well then, here you go But you d better prepare yourself for way than that Let me say that this book this book is vastly different from Her Master s Courtesan, apart from the fact that it brings two new characters, Holland and Claire, there s so much The scenario itself is a taboo and dark lovers wet dream We have a younger lead male character and an older lead female character, this made for a very interesting read.Holland, is a man s man, he s arrogant, a charmer, intelligent and he has the looks to go with it But right under that outer shell is a man who is much sinister, seductive, he isn t afraid to use the same things that has every woman swooning to trap and ensnare the one woman who has caught his particular interest, Claire, who also happens to be his psychology professor Physically, Holland Strong was built for seduction Mentally, however, he was without morality or humanity He was a monster disguised by pretty wrapping A man who would take what he wanted and cause you to love him while doing so. I honestly wish I could give you a cheat sheet for this book lol But that would take away from your enjoyment, so all I can say is pay very close attention to everything that happens in this book Does that help No I didn t think it would grins Now apart from the fact that Claire is a college professor, she s also a psychologist It s a completely different dynamic, like I said I d tell you to forget about Her Master s Courtesan when you started reading this book, but no don t do that but don t expect a repeat performance Claire and Hollands s relationship was so different to what you d expect of a captive and her captor I can t explain it In the comfort I felt being held by him I realized right then that I hadn t been careful I d allowed myself to forget his part in this I d let down my guard and found peace in a man who d hurt me How do you review a book like this without spoiling You know what that s all you re gonna get from me, because quite honestly I have no idea what to say aside from.1 If you read Her Master s Courtesan, then you have to read this book.2 If you haven t read this series then get to it 3 If you re a lover of great writing and an amazing plot that keeps you guessing right till the end then read this series But.4.Do proceed with caution If you ve heard people talk about how dark Lily White s work is, believe the hype The awesomeness is pretty potent with this one ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review

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    5 MY BRAIN IS CRYING STARS She believes she knows everything about how the mind works and I believe I can prove her wrong I can t remember the last time I hyperventilated like a crazy woman, let alone acting this way over a book But ladies, I swear over my dead hamster s body that THIS BOOK IS FUCKING BRILLIANT ON SO MANY LEVELS.I couldn t stop shaking once I put it down and then I questioned my sanity for a good 5 minutes before I started running to Lily White herself and spazzed all over her God she was so freakin humble The first thing I asked her was if she secretly had a PhD in psychology which she humbly said no BUT HOW IS IT POSSIBLE Well, lemme tell you Lily Okay I ll try my best to sound as coherent as I can possibly be in my review as I have a plane to catch in a few hours time and I just can t leave GR without posting a review on this one So please bear with me This time around, Her Master s Teacher centers around Holland Strong At 21 years old, he s one of the youngest Master in training within their society of wealthy and influential men The target of his choice is his psychology professor who is the 31 year old Claire Elliot Having both beauty and brains, Holland sees Claire as one of his greatest challenge yet In a game of seduction and domination that pushes all boundaries in terms of psychically, sexually and emotionally the question is ultimately who is the student and who is the teacher. If you ve ever read Lily White s writing before, then you should be well prepared that her books are NOT for the faint hearted I expected nothing less from this brilliant woman after putting down Her Master s Courtesan and I thought just MAYBE that this one will leave the same effect on me as it did for HMC.But how terribly wrong I was So SO wrong.This book blew everything I thought I expected out of the freakin water I feel like it s important to tell you that this one was so VERY different than the first book Yes, the darkness is still there which will make you cringe squirm.Yes, the erotica is still off the charts hot.Yes, Aiden is still a fucking crazy bastard But Book 2 brought the psychological element to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL whatnot with Claire being an expert on the subject itself The mindfuck we re dealing with throughout isn t the usual explosive wtf just happened mindfuck but it s of a literal I am thoroughly fucking your mind right now with my words and actions mindfuck. Who am I kidding though right Put a bunch of psycho experts under the same roof, of course it s gonna be an ultimate mindfuck I would love to say about this book but doing so might spoil the experience for you And trust me, this is another book that you just have to go in blindly and take it for what it is I m not gonna lie that I struggled a little at the beginning because honestly I had NO IDEA what I was getting into It really brought on a different set of feels than what I felt during Book 1 that threw me off a little But you know what That was exactly what made the book worked for me To expect the unexpected is an understatement here Lily White will throw you into an intricate web of thoughts which made this read so brilliantly complex that definitely questioned my sanity by the end of it all.Before I leave, take my word for it READ THIS BOOK In fact if you haven t read the first one, READ IT LIKE YOU NEED TO JUST READ IT PEOPLE But this goes without saying that PLEASE ENTER WITH CAUTION.

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    Genre Dark Erotic Suspense Type Book 3 of Masters seriesPOV First Person Dual Rating To everyone else Holland Strong was just a popular student But to those in the know, he was an underground prodigy As the youngest Master in training under the tutelage of the best Master, he had a reputation to uphold especially that he chose someone that proved to be difficult to train.Claire Elliot was a psychology professor Having knowledge of human behavior, she thought she was prepared to survive when she was taken But when she s thrown into the situation, theoretical knowledge didn t hold value and she must learn to submit in order to get out alive.I love the first book and was hoping this one would deliver Even though it wasn t as dark, I was pleasantly surprised by some of the elements in the book She believes she knows everything about how the mind works and I believe I can prove her wrong. Being young, Holland had that playful cocky persona that I like But when it came to business, he knew to perform with what s expected of him.Claire was in a unique position Her knowledge of human psyche could actually make her situation difficult because she had to fight with her instinct He was breaking me as much as he was breaking her and he knew it. This book is certainly not what I expected, and that is a good thing The most interesting element in the story is the dynamics between the characters I like how both of them were in training, so both of them were in transition, still learning their limits and what works best The gasps that echoed in the room were quickly followed by a confused silence as we all attempted to realize what it was we saw. The story was psychologically dark compared to previous book, but there were still some cringe worthy moments One of my favorite scenes was the one with the male courtesan Very interesting lol But it was my life s mission to understand the thoughts and actions of the worst types of people in our society. Her Master s Teacher is a story of adaptation and manipulation It would appeal to readers looking for unconventional dark story.Books in the series F BR With Twinsie CC For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    4.5 Stars I am a Master I manipulate every person, every situation and every thing It is what I do

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    6 Masterful Stars My name is Claire Elliot I am a daughter, a sister, a friend I am 31 years old I am a teacher I am not property I didn t think I could enjoy this than Her Masters Courtesan but I really did She caught my attention the first day I was seated in her class.Her dark red hair fell in waves down her back and her alabaster skin appeared to sparkle under the lights of the lecture hallI d admired her from a distance, never speaking or doing anything to draw attention to myself.Each day that I spent watching her in this room, I noticed how her eyes would flick up to me She was weary of me frightened and she had reason to be.Allow me to introduce myself My name is Holland Strong and at 21 years old, I m the youngest Master within a society of wealthy and influential men.Claire Elliot is my psychology professor in college that is, at least, until I make her my first courtesan.She believes she knows everything about how the mind works and I believe I can prove her wrong My ThoughtsWhere do I start First of all in my opinion you do need to read Her Masters Courtesan as characters from the first book play a major role in this story,I honestly loved Holland we try and delve into his mind to see what makes him tick, what he s really about, who he is Don t be taken in by his smile, his boyish charm Fuck You are everything I fucking imagined Yes Holland oozes sex appealhe may only be 21 but he left me flustered at times. Claire is fantastic, maybe this time the Masters have bitten off than they can chewAs most of us who have read or know of Lily Whites books, they are dark engrossing and with this particular one I felt apprehensive and intrigued at the same time They don t always end with a HEA this one certainly blew me away I just hope there are still to come from this series and we get to meet Masters sometime in the future. Complimentary Copy provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 Totally wiped out and gripping stars Wow I m speechless with this book lets just say this story was EVERYTHING and I starting reading dark because I read HMC I was gripped to my very core when reading that and have been in anticipation concerning this really I wondered how Lily was going to make this any better or enjoyable as HMC but she did this is a different read for me that maybe because I ve come accustomed to Lilys writing but all in all this to me I loved the nurturing Master that Master Holland is rather than the Sadist Master Aiden IS So what s it aboutHolland strong is 21 years of age and is being taught how to be a Master by our one and only Master Aiden Ollier, Holland is although being taught how to be a Master within the group that live this lifestyle he has to continue to get his education and in that he s being taught by a striking, sexy, red headed Teacher This teacher knows everything about behaviour, about psychology and about the mind and that is another charactistic that Holland is attracted to Claire is Hollands Teacher and Claire will become his first Courtessan Claire is a strong person, a very likeable character and all in all I really enjoyed her strength and her ability to continue to be herself She is captured like Rebecca was and its Hollands time to Break Claires spirit down to become a sexual courtesan to be used which every way her Master chooses, saying all this Holland methods in my opinion are not as barbaric and gruesome as Aidens are, I found myself actually liking Holland yes at first I wanted to be cross with him from ripping Claires identity away from her butttt I will say he became a much nurturing Master a maybe D s relationship where he wanted to love her and yes he continued to be taught by Aiden in every way but underneath Holland had a caring nature I truly felt that throughout the book I don t really want to give much away about the plot lets just say this is much of a MindFuck I believed something and then events occurred and Lily has a way to allure you into that path that s it, I true puzzle On a side note Aiden and Rebecca have a big part in this story this is as much about them as it is about Holland and Claire and Aidens Sadist ways will continue to come forth but there is always hope isn t there All in All this is a fantastic series I really have enjoyed being through the emotions with all of them but this was definitely a great ending bringing it at full circle in a way This is part of a series although this is a different couple Aiden and Rebecca are very much in this story so please read Her Masters Courtessan to understand what is happening here. Here is my review for book 1 recommended read to all dark lovers, BDSM lovers and anyone who loves to read out of the box gripping, thrilling capturing stories That is all

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    4.5 Master, Pet, WTF Stars 1 2I read Her Master s Courtesan in February of this year I clearly declared I was not a dark reader but was compelled to read it due to all of my pals singing the praises of the book and author, Lily White The read was strong, well written and captivating.Well, I still do not gravitate to dark, sex slave, Stockholm Syndrome stories but when I found out this second part in this twisted series was out I pulled up my big girl panties and dove in This did not have the same sense of shock for me once you have learned of this society and experienced the first book, it would be very hard to top This took a different approach and it still held my interest and attention.It is important to note, you must read the first book to understand and receive all the essence of this We are dealing with the original characters from the first book plus the focus of a new Master in training, Holland.Holland is young, in college and in training with the infamous Master Aiden He has been with him for about 3 years and is almost done ready to be considered a Master As he sits in his Psychology class only interested in the way the body of his beautiful professor moves across the floor his ears pick up with the new assignment she tells the class is going to do research of the Stockholm Syndrome and its use in abductions and captive sex slaves She spouts some of her theories of how the victims may not have had the right mental tools to fight it, etc Holland is amused he throws some odd questions to his professor, Claire causing her to be on guard hyper aware of him Claire, focused on her career and life, has had no time for relationships or anything, really Holland, a student, is off limits but she can still look knowing not to touch Holland is told by Aiden a request has come in for a beautiful Redhead with womanly figure Holland takes a beat and then suggests his teacher Aidenquestions him but allows it to pass They scheme find out all about Claire and pick their time to take her and then do.Lily While takes the psychology, Stockholm Syndrome arguments and research to weave this tale She took the obvious, planted it out there and then used it against the reader keeping them on edge She worked her magic as an illusionist does with her tricks causing readers to look over here while making the foundation for other actions over there this is a tricky process and for the majority of the book I felt she was on course She also did a lovely turn on causing us to wonder about Holland We were directed all over the place so she accomplished her goals As to Claire, she was primarily strong and fought the process trying to maintain who she was We were left with curiosity about another Master which means, I will continue to dip my toe in the dark supplied by Lily White.I would be remiss in not stating this is a book which has a serious warning It is well deserved and should be heeded If you are not open to rough sexual actions violence capture etc., then this is so not for you and do not pick this series However, if you are open to experience a psychological, sexual, captive read then this series is the way to go For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    OK, so I know that it s all kinds of wrong and morally objectionable but these Masters series books from Lily White are like literary crack for me When it comes to dark erotica, these books simply just push all the right buttons she really does seem to have the combination of taboo erotica and abject horror down to a perfect balance I definitely don t agree with sex trafficking, rape or any of the subject matter in the book and, for sure, I wouldn t want to be abducted from my life at the whim of some rich man to lose all freedom of choice and to serve that man sexually but, heck, does it make for some incredibly compelling reading.Lily has followed up the highly controversial Her Master s Courtesan with what can only be described as a darkly twisted and wickedly erotic novel in Her Master s Teacher It s a far complex novel than it s predecessor with a plot that will keep you guessing right until the very end Lily really did a number on me with this one I constantly thought I had things straight in my head, knew who was controlling who but Lily was regularly turning the plot around when I least expected it I was getting and intrigued and by the time I hit the 60% point, I was quite literally GLUED to my Kindle It didn t matter that the clock on my nightstand had slipped past the witching hour, I was going to finish this whatever I think it s the hallmark of a perfect match of a book for a reader when you just can t put the damn thing down and never was that true for me than when I was finishing this book The darkened world around me simply melted away all that remained were the words on the page and the story, living vividly in my imagination.If you ve read Her Master s Courtesan, you ll be familiar with Aiden quite possibly the devil incarnate himself He s a fully fledged, highly respected Master within the secret society and he is also training Holland Strong, the youngest Master of the group at only 21 and the book begins with a certain amount of familiarity as Holland abducts his psychology college Professor, some 10 years his senior, and takes her to Aiden s house to begin her training Make no mistake this is training in the loosest sense of the word so please heed the warnings that come with this book This is brutal and controversial but, as I mentioned before, so incredibly compelling.Clare is the latest Courtesan to be procured and we follow, at least at first, a now familiar path with Claire awakening from a drug induced slumber, bound in Aiden s freezing cold training room to begin her transformation from free thinking, independent woman to subservient and obedient Courtesan BUT, she s quite possibly going to be the most challenging woman they have ever chosen for the role As a psychology professor, she s researched Stockholm Syndrome extensively and is determined to use her knowledge to keep her sanity and integrity to prevent herself from being broken down She s mentally very strong and able to calm herself, think rationally about her situation and is determined not to let these men win this will be a Battle Royale between Master and reluctant Courtesan.As Holland learns the ropes he takes a softer approach than Aiden but just wait for Aiden to step in and dish out his brutal punishments This man is every bit as dark as he was in the first book and then some I am actually quite afraid of Aiden I shudder when I think of him and I think this is what makes Lily white s Masters books into perfect dark erotica I m at once terrified and turned on by what I m reading this is exactly what dark erotica should do to the reader.I don t want to give too many plot details away, as I said, I was never really sure right until the end of the book quite what was really going down here but you should expect an onslaught of sexual violence, a distinct lack of consent and plenty of mental torture but also one woman, finding strength in the awful situation she finds herself in and choosing to fight There s a lot to admire in Claire as she goes head to head with the men who have taken her freedom and a lot to fear in both Aiden and Holland and other equally terrifying Masters that we meet Rebecca, the Courtesan from the first book, features heavily in this one and it s fascinating to see how her life is now If you ve read that one, this is a must read for sure.As always the writing is super tight Lily s beautiful style always sucks me in and keeps me captivated If you enjoy a walk on the darker, no possibly darkest, side of erotica and the explicit violence and mental cruelty that goes with it and are looking for an intelligently written yet very taboo piece of erotica, then look no further than this series As I said earlier, Her Master s Courtesan was very controversial and subsequently banned by but it is still available for sale at Smashwords. I sincerely hope she carries on with this series can t wait for from these devilishly dark Masters.

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    Dark, twisted and intense, this book left me than one time with my mouth open This is without a doubt one of the best dark romance I ve read so far Holland Strong is a 21 years old Master in training within an influential society of men He s the youngest, but he had the pleasure to not only witnessing, but participating too in the systematic breakdown of a human being Physically, Holland Strong was built for seduction Mentally, however, he was without morality or humanity He was a monster disguised by pretty wrapping A man who would take what he wanted and cause you to love him while doing so Claire Elliot is a psychology professor, Holland s college professor Claire is attracted to Holland, but she has a strange feeling about him What she doesn t know is that she s so right to feel that way, because Holland s next target to create a courtesan is her Holland is intrigued by Claire, she s smart, beautiful and she teaches psychology He knows she will not be easy to break, but he loves a good challenge As Holland stoles Claire s freedom they develop a complex relationship and not only Master Courtesan relationship I ll give you one chance, Claire Tell me the truth, or suffer the consequences The choice is yours Her Master s Teacher was very different from book 1 If book 1 was a dark read, this one was a dark romance The premise was new for me in this subgenre, dark romance, and I really like it.I absolutely loved how the author developed the psychological aspect She s the best I loved both the main characters and I found them really well developed Holland is handsome, smart, polished, confident, arrogant and despite his age, he is mature and calculated I really felt for Claire and I really admired her strength One of the side characters is Master Aiden He s the same crude, manipulative bastard He can teach the art of manipulation anytime He will play an important role here, but if you want to know , you have to read the book The last two chapters and the epilogue are amazing I didn t know what s happening next and all the suspense and mystery are so well done Loved the fact that this book wasn t predictable at all I also didn t expect the twist in the end WOW, just wow I liked the ending, I m happy with it, but I wish the epilogue was a little longer Can t blame me for wanting Lily is a great storyteller, her writing is captivating and her choice of words to create the mystery is fantastic Overall, an amazing read Loved it Highly recommended

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