The 7 Day Startup

The 7 Day Startup . Despite what you might think based on the 7 Day Startup title, it s not a gimmick by any means sure it sounds like a dream to start something in 7 days but with Dan s advice you ll be setting a good trajectory if you do and honestly probably better off than many of us who normally overthink it and make a whole lot of assumptions without testing any of them Even if your goal isn t starting in 7 days, his is a very practical book with quality advice from someone who is transparent about their mistakes even in the midst of current successes I initially stopped reading when I hit the Day 1 part of the book where Dan guides you down the 7 day runway for starting your business because it was the holidays and I wasn t ready to follow each of the steps to take it seriously but then I thought why not read ahead and get the principles and come back to follow the launch sequence when I m ready So glad I did, there s some brilliant advice for my current businesses and having started a few things in the past myself I agree wholeheartedly with Dan s approach, having learned some of these the hard way as well If you are thinking of starting a business this year of any kind, especially a startup software or service I highly recommend giving this short but informative book a read If you don t know of Dan, he s recently launched WPcurve, a wordpress Service as a service business which has grown quickly into a profitable business which is the inspiration for the book after a failed business, Dan started WPcurve in 7 days and was profitable by day 23 but he s not selling some magic formula here, just trying to help you avoid the pitfalls by learning from his mistakes and applying principles along with some real work to get your idea off the ground One of the most important things that I came away with, might be summed up in a quick quote from the book A common Minimum Viable Product mistake is over emphasizing the minimum and under emphasizing the viable This I think trickles down into another key point, Build a business with growth in it s DNA All in all, a great book to start my new year and I would highly recommend it to any business owner at any stage of their startup. 7 Days startup Notes1 Business ideas are not business Need to launch a business to see where it goes and learn from it Wantrepreneur have ideas and want to start a business Entrepreneur actually start a business 2 A business is way different than a startup A startup has High impact potential High levels of innovation High levels of uncertainty It s not ideal to do everything on oneself own find somebody to go with 3 important factors a startup needs Ideas Execution carrying out the idea Hustle getting customers 3 Market validation test whether the startup idea is of interest to a given market Avoid failed validation techniques Most ideas are not viral Face it Signup totals do not indicate purchase intent Some postive feedbacks do not mean it s really good Media attention or press coverage does not mean the startup will go well Targeted surveys not always work Pre selling is a flawed experiment Sometimes validated does not mean it ll work many factors contributing luck, timing, ability, Need to launch to really test the startup ideas otherwise it s all assumptions Set a deadline to work efficiently4 7 Days startup Day 1 Think of an idea9 elements a bootstraped business idea should consider Enjoyable daily tasks you need to passionate on growing business Product Founder fit is important too beside product market fit what skills you have where you can provide value what you are known for Scalable business model be able to grow bigger and bigger in future be able to monetize from the startup Operate probitably without the founder be able to hire a staff or establish a system to do things for you An asset to sell assets are build over time in favor of a bigger and long term vision Think of what kinds of assets your business idea will result in list of paying customers product design intellectual property employees, teams websites relationships, connections Large market potential be able to grow into a large market Tap into pain or pleasure differentiators what customers really care about what the business idea offers to customers Unique lead generation advantage how you generate leads prospects for the business what unique or different about your business from others Ability to launch quickly Day 2 Think of an MVP MVP Minimum Viable Product a fairly decent product, which is built with a least amount of time Mimic customers experience as quick as possible, as much as possible Nothing fancy needed at first Guideline for your MVP how to perform service or offer a product to customers how to get customers to pay even after just 7 days how close MVP to the final vision of the product what can be automated, what can be done manually what you can do by yourself, not delegating how to make offer as real as possible to end customers Day 3 Think of a business nameSome tips to create a name A place, a thing Combine 2 words to create a new one An acronym or a industrial term Do not spend much time on this.And also Is the name taken Is the name simple enough Is the name easy to remember ot to say out loud Do you like it Does it make any sense for your idea Use a generic name instead of too specific ones Day 4 Build a website Build a landing page A place to communicate with customers Know what they respond Landing page needs A place to capture customer email A place to pre sell the product An actual sales page Steps Register a domain Setup hosting Install wordpress or whatever as quick as possible Choose a theme put up Coming soon page with lead capture use Mailchimp, Drip, to capture lead emails A marketing funnel a process that a lead have to go through to become a customer Offer a freebie something free and solve the lead problem when they come to visit the website in exchange for opt in emails Over time, send them or full information about that problem Finally, when they are ready to buy, they visit the payment page 3 important keys A page that can collect email address from leads A system that can send email to people MailChimp, An actual payment page where the product is sold PayPal, Tips Put up some intriguing content refer Dane Maxwell s copy writing checklist Select good themes and also professional designed images Setup Google Analytics to track the site set some conversion goals Day 5 Market the business1 Create content on your siteContent marketing is a cheap and long term strategy Create in depth content based around customers problem that your business solves Make content as actionable and useful to the target audience as possible Create something interesting to potential customers Optimize the website for email op ins for sending emails to them later Focus mainly on creating content Do not worry much about SEO Try a bunch of content mediums onsite written conten, infographics, videos, podcasts, ebooks, and see where the traction may come from.2 Start sending emails Build your email list starting with people you know Setup landing page to point people to Send out only high quality and relevant information Give away something relevant and valuable to get people on the list plugins, software, templates, ebooks, Create great content on the website and give away something related to that Keep the email list personal and encourage people to reply.3 Forums and online groups Consider joining some relevant forums or online groups.4 Guest blogging5 Listing sites Find some potential and popular listing sites and put your product there For example,, 6 Webinars A seminar conducted over the Internet.7 Presenting Put on some local events, workshops, meetups, conferences, and present your business.8 Media coverage9 Doing free work10 Podcatsting Hearing your voice builds people trust Open up to new marketing channels iTunes, Day 6 Set targets One Metric That Matters OMTM should be a financial metric MRR monthly recurring revenue, number of paying customers month who signing up should be people you don t know different metrics for different times Assessment tips Problem Idea validation do people really need this product MVP launch how many people sign up for it weekly, monthly Business model validation profit margin with founders and without founders hire employees Growth customer CPA cost per acquisition and LTV lifetime value CPA LTV Day 7 Launch Put everything together Putup the website with payment buttons Prepare contact points as many as possible live chat, email, phone number, social media, physical address Email everyone on the pre launch list Post an update to any social networks, forums, groups, websites, blogs, that allow you to do that Update any electronic signature from email, forum accounts, Tell your friends, press contacts 5 Refine your business Build a business that can grow Profit margin have a reasonable margin Large market have enough potential to grow into a large market Asset building pay attention to assets you build with your business Simple business model a simple product value proposition is easier to pitch or to manage Recurring or predictable revenue think of ways to make customers come back.6 14 business rules to live by Test every assumption Ask questions like why people in the industry do things in certain ways what customers really like about your product service why they buy not buy your product how they use it do they love it Solve problems as they arise Do not do premature optimization Most business problems can be solved quickly The most important problem for a startup is not getting enough customers Do exactly what you promise to customers Benchmark against the best Learn also from others and yourself Look around to see if anyone else has solved the same prolem as yours Outlean your competition don t assume build measure learn Consider the business will look like without you what fees costs there are how much cost for is reasonable how many employees and which kind of people you need Look for sources of momentum Manage your motivation Cull difficult customers Focus on retention churn rate Do everything to keep customers If someone leaves, find out why they leave Focus on product think of ways to make it better if possible Avoid short term thinking Be patient to build a long term project Be always motivated Use a spreadsheet to prdict growth Love your work.7 References Get off your ass You only have 7 days to launch It s amazing what you can do when you have a tight deadline It gives day by day actions to get your startup started. Easy to read and very helpful for any entrepreneur at any stage I finished the 7 day startup written by Dan Norris yesterday, and I have been eager to share some thoughts on it This book touches on probably one of the most popular subjects to talk on, and I was a bit disappointed I had expected him to upon up the world of startup, but I left empty handed He writes superficial and way too simplistic I did get some good things out of it, as he was sharing a lot on his own personal experiences in startup It is clear that this is an independent production, and I missed in depth teaching and lessons to the world of startup that so many of is do not know anything about It was also toooo easy to read through, and I even felt that I took to long time on each page I am also not a fan on all his unprofessional wording and how he thought that he could explain away super deep and important issues in business and startup. The 7 Day Startup is a simplified manual on how to get your business from idea to launch in 7 days It s a very quick read I got through it in one sitting but doesn t lack value The book is packed with tools, resources, interesting perspectives, and practical actionable advice Although it doesn t go super in depth on some of the facets covered, I got the impression that was intentional The author references several other business books throughout the duration of this book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries is quoted numerous times I was pleasantly surprised with this book and found it to be well worth the investment of time I spent reading it. Sports Car From Generating Ideas To Gaining Your First Paying Customers, The Day Startup Is The Bootstrapper S Bible For Launching Your Next Product In The Day Startup, Dan Norris, Author And Founder Of Wpcurve, Shows Us Exactly How He Built A Cashflowing Small Business Startup From Scratch In Days And Has Since Grown It To Over , In Annual Recurring Revenue In A Few Short Years What You Ll Learn In The Day Startup Why Validation Isn T The Answer How To Evaluate Your Small Business Startup Idea How To Choose A Business Name, Fast How To Build A Website In Day For Under Proven Ways To Market A Business Quickly And Much, Much Who This Book Is For Small Business Founders Entrepreneurs And Wantrepreneurs Freelancers And Agencies Bootstrappers Additional Resources Included In The Day Startup To Help You Build Your Startup Idea Evaluation Spreadsheet Business Name Checklist Growth Tracking Spreadsheet Marketing Idea Checklist For Your Small Business Startup List Of Over Startup And New Business Resources

, A WordPress support company that he grew to 45 team members in 7 countries, thousands of customers and a million dollar AUD annual run rate in less than 2 years Dan relied solely on Content Marketing and word of mouth, and used the techniques documented in Content Machine.

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